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visit to the u.k. so called russia gate heats up and the trump putin summit to discuss it all iran crossed. this is our to international coming to live with me jacqueline vogel welcome to the program we are currently waiting for at the joint press conference between donald trump and lot of your putin to begin in helsinki these are live pictures from the hall where the press conference will be taking place we've been seeing a reporter's filing in little by little over the past hour and it looks like almost everyone is seated so that is awaited imminently at the two sat down for one on one talks for just over two hours and then sat down for a lunch joined by six aides each that was taken place in the hall of mirrors of the presidential palace in helsinki after the two had their one on one meeting trump did say to the media that it was
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a very very good start for everybody so of course now the question is what will be said during this press conference here's our tease if a train go who is at the press conference for us with the latest. so the meeting lasted two times longer than originally expected and we were only allowed to film the first forty seconds oh you're going to be. mr moved on from that she was on we don't say that there was a great start to the summit. here's a sneak peek of the preparations made for the joint working lunch enjoyed by the presence and their teams they were both joined by six aides. in the private meeting vladimir putin and donald trump gave brief speeches beforehand the russian president said it was time for talks with his american counterpart while trump stressed the need to now improve relations with moscow. president trump
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and i have continued to have contacts over the last few months we've spoken on the phone and met a couple of times during international events but the time has come to have a solid talk about our bilateral relations and sore spots in the world. you have not been getting along very well for the last number of years taking here not too long but it's getting close to you but i think we don't have you. just been saying and i'm sure you've heard on t.v. and there's a campaign that is getting along with russia is a good thing not a fit. before the talks even started putin and trump shook hands twice the first came when they met in helsinki and the second one happened in front of the media before the start of the talks and of course such a topic always sends the media into a frenzy. and
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. unlikely that the president will confront putin is going to convey to putin that he's weak. from what is now our american perspective to see earned a face to face full scale bilateral meeting with the u.s. president. the president's trip abroad will also include a meeting with russian president vladimir putin who works with the leaders of these
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two countries i'd like to hear someone say this is a bad idea when he goes with this nato conference who well he represents we represent the united states or we represent moscow the former k.g.b. colonel in the kremlin could be doing some important intelligence gathering. on his american counterpart people are terrified the best case scenario is a scenario where basically nothing terrible happens in iraq and the days ahead of the summit some media outlets work themselves up into a state of sheer panic claiming that donald trump could be a russian agent artie's came up and takes a closer look. the helsinki summit is no ordinary meeting it's a vast conspiracy against america and the entire free world at least that's what you think by watching some of the channels we're getting played by our president and certainly we getting played by putin you're saying that russia's roulette also is an asset that's that seems to be the that's the appearance to me the worst case
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scenario for compression occlusion but donald trump has been a russian intelligence asset since one thousand nine hundred so the president of the united states is actually an agent of the russian government that's quite a dramatic claim to make and it's all over us airwaves here's the lady who made it popular putin rather have a puppet as president and they know it looks like the american people didn't exactly buy this claim at the voting booth however long after trump took the oath the allegations are still with us the thoughts are connecting russia assault the criminal clan polluted with a foreign government this could really leave a stain on his legacy we are already on the precipice of losing breed him and independence but a should so if trump is actually a russian agent then anyone could be working for the kremlin apparently a number of americans are part of this sinister russian plot including those who support the second amendment now it's emerging that the n.r.a. may have been under the influence of russia those who don't want nato to expand if
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there's objection. you are cheating you're just a flat or maybe a rapper or a journalist writing about the clinton foundation and don't forget hillary clinton herself everyone is colu doing with russia you go the him read campaign you've got the d.n.c. you've got the f.b.i. during the cold war u.s. authorities gave instructions about how to nearly two weeks ahead of today's summit a delegation of u.s. republican senators i apologize we're now showing you live picture. from the hall where the joint press conference between the two presidents is that set to take place that looks like some people are actually being removed from the hall but it's full of reporters from all nations. not exactly clear who that is that's being removed currently.
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again we're showing you live pictures from the hall where in the presidential palace in helsinki where we are currently awaiting the joint press conference between president trump and president putin just now a man was removed from the hall. he was trying to make a statement about nuclear iran nuclear deal is what i'm being told currently at the moment and was quickly removed from the hallway this may cause a further delay to the joint press conference that we are waiting for to happen at any moment now. just a reminder of our top story we're showing live pictures of a hall in helsinki in the presidential palace where shortly donald trump and president putin will come out and talk about what they discussed during their both
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one on one meeting earlier today that lasted just over two hours and then there further meeting with a. during a lunch lunch meeting in the hall of mirrors in the presidential palace. here's the hall where we can see. a large number of reporters waiting for the presidential press conference to begin just a few moments ago a man was removed from the hallway after trying to make some sort of statement about the iran nuclear deal it's unclear whether or not that will cause. a further delay in this press conference that was already delayed by quite a few quite a large amount of time. president putin and trump were meeting for about two hours before after they met one on one came out saying that it was a very very good start for everybody. before the meeting took place the kremlin
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president putin's spokesperson said that he was hoping that this would be a baby step in improving relations between the two countries. we're now joined live in the studio by artie's worlds apart host boy to discuss this further so you again and again lovely to have you again again we've just seen. a little bit of a show in the hall over the commotion of well i think that's pretty understandable the world's attention is on this press conference and it's hardly surprising that many people are trying to use that opportunity to. voice the issues that they care about deeply and from what i had. many people in helsinki also. took a political stand though we are being told that lots of political advertisements around health and address both to president trump an english and to president putin in russian so it's an interesting political event that everybody is trying to
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capitalize on the media attention that he's being paid to yes of course is a huge of many people are saying this is really the meeting of the year we don't know exactly what's going to come out of it but all eyes have been on it because everyone wants to know exactly what the to discuss and hopefully will be hearing about that soon now as you're mentioning this is something that everybody has their eyes on including the media that's really given at least the western media has really given a very negative spin as to what might come out of this well i would say liberal and progressive western media because i would assume. that we do have the. now coming out both president trump and let's listen in to their press conference. much of that over the can we start. it was very mixed been pretty distinguished which the president believes in german. if you go to the negotiations with us the president. been held in
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a sincere and straightforward manner and i believe the very successful and useful we review its current state of the prospects of russian u.s. ties and also the key issues of the international agenda in which. biological child is undergoing a difficult stage but closure of three celebrities difficulties the tension between our countries do not have any objective all around us for it was the cold war. with the ideological confrontation someone asked me if the situation in the world has drastically changed russia and the us are facing a completely new challenges. including the dangerous. balancing of international mechanisms for global security regional crises the
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spread of terrorism and transport of crime you. probably. melting the difficulties in the economy environmental issues and other threats and we can only. overcome these issues if we stand together and i hope that we'll reach this understanding with our u.s. counterparts negotiations reflected by shared wish to improve the negative. to you because i didn't defy the first steps it. was a change it. wouldn't make confidence to go back to the previous level across all the issues. if your biggest nuclear powers we have the responsible. global security i feel it is important we talked
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about it we want to establish dialogue on strategic security and not proliferation of weapons of mass destruction we have handed over a. list of proposals to our u.s. counterparts on this regard which should be in the aquarium and then we believe it's important to continue working together along a military political and disarmament or gender we need to expand to extend the agreement that strategic weapons and that's this new start treaty we're also having issues. with the us missile shield the i have treaty. because we. are also need to talk about the issues related to the deployment of weapons in space we favor continued cooperation in fighting terrorism or jointly and in providing
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cyber security and our security agencies have been working successfully. and the recent example. of the markup aeration we've actually security. officers from the u.s. expansive full fee for two thousand and eighteen world cup that concluded yesterday we need to make it is systemically and i reminded the u.s. president to really establish our answer terror group we're also talked about a regional crisis we don't want have the same approach on all the crises but we still have a lot of shared interests we need to be looking for points of convergence we need to be working together in a closer way including international for. talk about regional crises with you including syria. has for syria. we need to establish
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peace and i called the role model of joint carburation russia and the u.s. . definitely. take leadership in this area and establish interaction. and overcome humanitarian crises and help refugees go back to their homes if. we can in order to provide for a constructive cooperation in syria we have all the necessary components the russian and u.s. . military officers have a very good experience in terms of recorded nation they have established very good channels. communication that. collision and unnecessary dangerous incidents. on the ground in the after terrorists were destroyed in the southern. zone when the situation is so high
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in the golan heights. you can see it with. a line with a nine hundred seventy four treaty. helped to ease tension. in. is that it was the tension between syria and israel and provide security for the state of israel and its distinguished mr president pay particular attention to it like to reaffirm that russia is interested in its own will stick to the policy and the going forward but this will help to pave who're an equitable. peace and security based on the un security council resolution one. it's good that the korean peninsula issues are finally being resolved and to
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a large extent it's been possible thanks to president personally one activity. with them to international has been focused on easing tension and on a confrontation. we're also talked about. the u.s. . decision to pull out of iranian deal. and we've got on the glide to confirm once again that iran has been a. country. biggest scrutiny of the i am that has helped protect the nonproliferation treaty we also discussed sleep training and. we looked at the. needs for a conscientious implementation could call the u.s. troops have been. more firm achieving that pushing the ukrainian authorities to comply with the means could call its we also focus strongly on
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me we'll do you have. been true i mean for carp ration on both sides of the atlantic the u.s. business delegation was one of the biggest one the st petersburg economic forum in may. feature more than five hundred senior executives from the u.s. we need to spur investment and trade alone to do this we need agree to set up. a level working group that would. combine captains of industry from both countries. business leaders know better how to establish a copper a trade in investments that then think hard about it and provide proposals on the way that squirrels president raise the issue of the so-called alleged russian
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meddling in the two thousand and sixteen election and i have to repeat what i said several times including my one on one meetings with him. russia has never interfered and will never interfere in. fares including election campaign if there are there is any evidence we are ready to review together you can . especially as part of the nie it's part of the sober security group that. needs to be set up which we discuss that when you are also you need to do you freeze. the u.s. and russia ties in the humanitarian air. in terms of civil society. we. received. a delegation of the u.s. congress and the events was perceived as an extraordinary event but that should actually
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become a usual routine. for it and that's why when we are asked to use president trumpet to think about the philosophy as a vision for our chinese going forward we need to engage. a lot of. history on the specifics of the russian and u.s. relationship we need to engage influential. former diplomats so in the military after. your story and who would try to identify points and confirm convergence and way to. reverse a negative trend and move towards a sustainable trend overall we are satisfied with the one on one meeting previously we had meetings you during international fora we had a very good conversation and hold that we better understand and really appreciate.
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what we have for it and it's usually. there's still a lot of issues we're not able to clear out. but it's a very important first step in this direction and finally i'd like to say that we used our bushman so working with you and environment has been largely due to the finnish hosts who we really appreciate the efforts of people with the helsinki residence of the nation of fin learned we would sorry for the inconvenience to the residents of helsinki thank you so much. thank you have just concluded a meeting with president putin on a wide range of critical issues for both of our countries we had direct open deeply productive dialogue. went very well before i begin i want to thank president
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namely still of finland for graciously hosting today's summit. president putin and i was saying how lovely it was and what a great job they did i also want to congratulate russia and president putin for having done such an excellent job in hosting the world cup it was really one of the best ever and your team also did very well it was a great job. i'm here today to continue the proud tradition of bold american diplomacy. from the earliest days of our republic american leaders have understood that diplomacy and engagement is preferable to conflict and hostility a productive dialogue is not only good for the united states and good for russian but it is good for the world. the disagreements between our two countries are well
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known and president putin and i. discussed them at length today. but if we're going to solve many of the problems facing our world then we're going to have to find ways to co-operated pursuit of shared interests too often in both recent past and long ago we have seen the consequences when diplomacy is left on the table. we have also seen the benefits of cooperation in the last century our nation's border alongside one another in the second world war even during the tensions of the cold war when the world looked much different than it does today the united states and russia were able to maintain a strong dialogue. but our relationship has never been worse than it is now however that changed as of about four hours
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ago. i really believe that. nothing would be easier politically than to refuse to meet to refuse to engage but that would not accomplish anything as president i cannot make decisions on foreign policy in a futile effort to appease partisan critics or the media or democrats who want to do nothing but resist and obstruct. constructive dialogue between the united states and russia affords the opportunity to open new pathways toward peace instead. in our world. i would rather take a political risk in pursuit of peace. than to risk peace in pursuit of politics as president i will always put what is best for america and what is best for the american people. during today's meeting i address directly with president putin
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the issue of russian interference in our elections i felt this was a message best delivered in person. spend a great deal of time talking about it. and president putin may very well want to address it. and very strongly because he feels very strongly about it and he has an interesting idea. we also discussed one of the most critical challenges facing humanity nuclear proliferation i provided an update on my meeting last month with chairman camp on the denuclearization of north korea and after today i am very sure that president putin and russian one very much too and that problem going to work with us and i appreciate that commitment the president and i also discussed the school of radical islamic terrorism both russia and the united states
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is a horrific terrorist attacks and we have agreed to maintain open communication between our security agencies to protect our citizens from this global menace last year we told russia about a planned attack in st petersburg and they were able to stop it cold. they found them they stopped them it was no doubt about it i appreciated president putin's phone call afterwards to think and. i also emphasized the importance of placing pressure on iran to halt its nuclear ambitions and to stop its campaign of violence throughout the area throughout the middle east as we discussed at length the crisis in syria. is a complex one. cooperation between our two countries has the potential to save
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hundreds of thousands of lives i also made clear that the united states will not allow iran to benefit from our successful campaign against isis we have just about eradicated isis. in the area and we also agreed that representatives from our national security council's will need to follow up on all of the issues we address today and to continue the progress we have started right here in helsinki today's meeting is only the beginning of a longer process but we have taken the first steps toward a brighter future and one with a strong dialogue. and a lot of thought. our expectations are grounded in realism but our hopes are grounded in americans desire for friendship cooperation and peace and i think i can speak on behalf of russia when i say that also. president putin i want to thank
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you again for joining me for these important discussions and for advancing open dialogue between russia and the united states our meeting carries on a long tradition of diplomacy between russia the united states for the greater good of all and this was a very constructive day this was a very constructive few hours that we spent together. it's in the interest of both of our countries to continue our conversation and we have agreed to do so i'm sure we'll be meeting again in the future often. and hopefully we will solve every one of the problems that we discussed today so again. thank you very much. for the brazilian visitors released his movies where they put up right now
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journalists would be able to. ask questions so we start with journalists from the kremlin pool please introduce yourself my name is alex amish cough. interfax news agency i have a president who us president on trial during your european tour. the implementation of the north stream two pipeline project makes europe a capsule of europe and you want to. help europe. to get rid of this dependence by supplying l. and g. american l.n.g. . called wind proves that the current energy security system. really better than what you're offering and the us had to buy dish an avoidance of gasoline from russia.
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so. what do you think that your proposal could lead to a gap. in the energy security system to will make europeans more exposed and my second question you called president putin. competitor but you said you'd be able to. become friends with him and have you achieved that competitor and a good competitor here. and i think the word competitor is a complement. i think that. we will be competing when you talk about the pipeline i'm not sure necessarily. say that. it's in the best interests of germany or not but that was a decision that they made will be competing as you know the united states is now. or soon will be but i think it actually is right now the largest in the oil and gas
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world so we're.


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