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tv   News  RT  July 17, 2018 2:00am-2:31am EDT

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more. i don't know where. facebook. really.
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completed his european trip. and. meeting with. steps. to describe something. a little. well i'm standing right outside the
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modestly looking presidential palace in the capital of finland where everything happened first two hours of a head to head tops between donald trump and a lot of our putin with oliva translators allowed inside the room this is really a special time for helsinki the city is living at the moment obviously the finnish capital is no stranger to hosting these kind of summits between russian or soviet leaders and american presidents so i've seen posters all around the city dollars on sale t. shirts about the historic meeting and one local brewery even came up with two new beer types one is for mr trump and one is for mr putin the hosts finland have even set up two saunas and the media center so i just made it to the area intended for the media very close to where donald trump will be meaty lot of
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our group and i see this so the hosts are sitting to the straight and perhaps that's a. security precaution very soon we'll find out whether the arrows can be pointing in the same direction on the president's feet so that the last two times longer than the originally expected and we were only allowed to film the first forty seconds of the launch the only other to be heard mr. actually it was only donald trump who said there was a good start to the summit there's something else i pointed out for myself the microphones for both theaters are different for some reason the one for donald trump looks to be much bigger and a bit more complicated. first a question for mr trump in english mr president. would you please. go in to the
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details of possibly and the specific the rage minutes for the u.s. to work together with russia in syria if any of these kind of arrangements were made today or discussed one little thing i might add to that is the. helping of people helping the people because you have such horrible. if you see and i've seen reports and i've seen pictures i've seen just about everything and if we can do something to help the people of syria get back into some form of shelter and on a humanitarian basis and that's what the word was really a humanitarian basis i think that both of us would be very interested in doing that and we are we will do the tune it will be two years since donald trump was elected but guess what still worries the. u.s.
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presidential press poll allegations of meddling and collusion there were sitting right here and almost all the questions from this part of the room were about that and it was rather fascinating to see how the two leaders almost teamed up to dodge these kind of questions however none of this seemed to convince american journalists and while i was looking at them when they were leaving the room they seemed to be even more for straighted then before the leaders met donald trump and vladimir putin though when they were heading towards the doors i could only see smiles on their faces. following an onslaught of attacks off of the media conference decided to defend himself in the usual way via twitter he stressed that he has great confidence in u.s. intelligence which has repeatedly stated russia meddled in the u.s. election trouble also said he can focus on the past as the two nuclear powers must
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get along it's something that everyone buys back at home america reports. the meeting was doomed before it began from the start the very idea of trouble meeting putin was denounced by democrats and republicans alike if president trump is not prepared to hold putin accountable the summit in helsinki should not move forward do j's criminal charges provide hard evidence that russian intel agents talk to america to boost their favorite candidates undermine others and influence our elections real donald trump cancel your ridiculous put in summit and get your bottom a plane back to the united states not only does the department of justice fail to provide any conclusive evidence linking the kremlin to the alleged crime it actually admits that the suppose of conspiracy did not affect the vote count or the election so a confrontation with putting over meddling was clearly the desired result during today's meeting i address directly with president putin the issue of russian
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interference in our election. and i have to repeat what i've said several times including in personal context the russian state never has and never will interfere in internal american affairs. do you hold russia at all accountable for anything in particular yes i do i hold both countries responsible i didn't know the president. there was nobody to collude with but did you get the idea that president trump trust me you will i trust him he defends u.s. interests and i defend russia's interests when that didn't happen q outreach i don't know which side is the bride and which side of the groom anderson but it sort of feels like we're at a wedding you have been watching perhaps one of the most disgraceful performances by an american president why is president trump putting himself in his a vulnerable high stakes scenario and letting flat in there put john brennan former cia boss and know how media darling even went as far as to brand trump's appearance
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treason donald trump's press conference before minson helsinki rises to that exceeds the threshold of high crimes and misdemeanors it was nothing short of tourism this not only would trump called in symbols silly his hole in the pocket of republican patriots where you so what is trouble learn from this historic event number one never question u.s. intelligence but you also mentioned so far in this program about the american media and that is a big problem because for some reason they're almost unanimously endorsing the idea that we have to have an enemy and at this point especially for the last twenty years they've been working very hard to make russia the enemy and i think this is this is wrong and it's not the democrats alone that do this it's the democrats and along with some disgruntled republicans who just they just don't like trump but no i was very pleased with what went on and it's
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a step in the right direction they i think the biggest thing that if it ever had a serious discussion i guess it would come out on how much we've been involved when we should be involved for instance in ukraine and how that occurred but if they don't have one. concentrate on those problem they want to look forward i think that is great but i would like to i think the next best day to step ever would be for us to reassess this and say that trumps going in the right direction and talk amanda getting rid of the sanctions on russia meanwhile vladimir putin took part in a heated interview with the american channel fox news in which he was pressed on key issues relating to russia. firstly russia is the state has never meddled in the internal affairs of the us and in particular has never meddled in its elections secondly why should just wait let me have some patients and to be distinguished because it be we really think that it was possible to meddle in the us elections from the territory of russia and to
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influence the choice of millions of americans people yet but it's ridiculous comes . at the prostitution but i'm not asking whether they influenced i'm asking whether they tried my romance and now what. the hackers about whom everyone was talking about would all return to that don't worry that they open the emails as they told us i'm going there was information that inside the democratic party they were manipulation was in favor of one of the candidates and that is all of that and that the leadership of the executive body of the party resigned so they admitted this facts and that was the most important thing but in a little of it that the manipulation of us public opinion must be stopped when you and they have to apologize to the voters what now mr miller has been you know better mr president let me answer. your set you're indicating that if you don't like my answer tell me and then i will stay silent but if you want americans to
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hear my opinion and have more patient with me and they're going to believe that being with you about mr miller and his colleagues was not good i don't regret it but why mr miller and his colleagues let me finish speaking disrespectful this time you won't stop me that we have to delete don't make the relations between the u.s. and russia the hostages if your internal political struggles. and what can we want to be given some documents on the issue at least similar tiriel because you see no one is saying anything specific because it's like in the case of the accusations against us or the meddling in the us political processes or we had not been given any documents you should watch it and now we see that more people became the victims of this so-called novacek but i had not even heard the names of these people for things who are these people and from what they suffered and joy that of that. they picked up the bottle that was used to attacks cripple i can't may i ask you one last question sir. but let us handle this issue first
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bottle who picked it up where from and what is its chemical formula. you know whether there are different reasons for which these people have suffered what i may be these reasons are inside the u.k. . but no one wants to investigate this properly they just throw empty accusations and for what sake why worse than the relations between our countries when russia wants to build them with the u.k. properly then you can work with that i hope that. you'll see this summit as a turning point ten and by effort of the effort by the west in recent years to isolate russia. you see that these efforts do not see any success and they could never have seen it given the size and the value of russia on the scale of global security and in economics and i mean the energy cost part of the world's economics on. the understanding of what is uniting us and what we have to work together and
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it is leading us to the idea that it's necessary to stop the attempts to fight each other and on the country to unite our efforts for overcoming common difficulties and problems i think it is so good start on that i'm cautious that. and i just was off to putin and finish that meeting new accusations of period of russia interfering in american affairs russian woman was charged by the department of justice with a conspiracy to act as a russian agent twenty nine year old maria bhutto who recently graduated from american university in washington d.c. was arrested on sunday she is accused of developing relations with those who have influence in american politics to advance russia's interests her attorney made a statement denying she's an agent you also said the woman offered to be interviewed by the special counsel's office but the office showed no interest in speaking to her we brought up the issue with political analyst live now but you're
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going to hear regarding this this russian citizen that she is called a russian agent what is missed completely is that agent should be referred to as a lobbyist and agent in law in american law means a representative. when american media say agent they thing secret agent. i speak in eyes agent you know something nefarious something involving behind the scenes something illegal something that is other than an age in this particular person was charged with basically being a lobbyist and asons without having registered with the department of justice could more indictments happen absolutely will the media american media clarify what that means absolutely not. hundreds of thousands of people packed onto the shores or leaves i am powerless to give
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a hero's welcome to the victorious world cup squad the winners were taken to the presidential residence where they were greeted by emanuel's macro. the little. they seize the moment thank you thank you thank you. guys even a seeing descending on they think she prayed to god she was a nice a cry for going. me while i. was a victory for ranks right in china spying over with the car lies on the french try to chill over my eyes these winners of the world cup he asked me to come down the street people be watching hakim for the last month fighting i'm praying that they
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would win the world cup and they have done the other was like it's just heating incredible although the energy everything seeing them coming here is was incredibly was the charm of the feeling was a sense of unity and everything was absolutely incredible i'm an american and i'm living here this is such a joy to see all this you know find it's really just great to embody the spirit this is what france is all about we do start to hold their words grow closer saying the only realizes this is beautiful they don't need to see only the actual growing rule sunk so i think it is the city of paris is actually renamed some of the metro stations you know not all of these places including i not try don't want to show up as being renamed as not tied to the additional thing or know that the manager of the will cup team of course he was also the captain of front says it will cup winning team back in ninety ninety eight was it back yet we got
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right it was there are any ecstatic. was. a similar scenes away to the croatia squad as they were a time cause the team was. the capital of an open top bus cheered on by about one hundred thousand people and getting to the final with the country's best have a performance at the world cup having reached the semifinals. of the tournament meanwhile decided to recreate the world. thank you. thank you. thank. you.
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thank you. thank you thank. you. thank. you. thank you thank you.
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thank you. thank you. thank you thanks. for the program. of the upcoming general election and. the full story.
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you know world big partisan. and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door. and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the troops the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy loon from day shouldn't let it be an arms race. spearing dramatic development if only really i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time time to sit down and talk.
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it is good to have you with us today facebook has admitted categorizing thousands of russian users as interested in treason supposedly for advertising purposes now this is not to concerns over who might really want to target these users as my dad explained. it's simple facebook exists to serve advertisers not users not you and i said a rerun of its. advertisers pay money they want direct access to the right users the target audience you might fall into the interested in islam category or interested in homosexuality group it depends on the things you click on line which facebook tracks and then advertisers or
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governments can tag you but one of those categories was treason interested in treason officially russian people who facebook deemed as anti government to the russian and facebook confirmed it to us treason was included as a category given its historical significance given it is an illegal activity we have removed it as an interest category that is their official statement they added that the key word was hardly ever used by advertisers which means that it was used there were people out there searching for treason inclined russians and serving them with presumably propaganda encouraging them to commit treason against russia months it was found out facebook removed the category but the pundits managed to twist even vat this isn't about sixty five thousand russians being
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targeted with foreign propaganda meddling in internal russian politics let's see they say the real controversy is that these people could be targeted by russian authorities imagine if ace book categorize americans as potential traitors advertisers that blog zuckerberg op i've expressed how upset i am that the russians try to use our tool to sow distrust what they did is room and we're not going to stand for it. and nabs the meat of it when it's russians being targeted by propaganda distrust in russia abs five until you get caught r.t. has sent a request to a number of human rights journalist groups asking for comment as to whether such a practice constitutes meddling of the country's internal of human rights watch the american civil liberties union and i'm going to international have responded to our
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request saying they are not in a position to comment and also spoke to former m i five intelligence officers and emotional she told us that facebook is a treasure trove for intelligence services i've been saying for at least a decade that facebook is effectively the spice fantasy because we offer up all our personal information for free and we know that facebook does cooperate with the state intelligence agencies in the west and it corporates with the corporate corporate world in the west as well to monetize and to use allies the information that we offer up to it they are now claiming that the six five thousand accounts have an interest in something called treason and it strikes me that this might well be another form of political meddling you know it's it's not the intelligence agencies necessarily it's not the corporates necessarily but it could just be a way of stirring up suspicion and discontent within russia. staying with
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facebook it's been revealed the british labor party members are happy with party leader jeremy corbin's policies tricked him with the help of targeted facebook ads during last year's general election artie's political explains what they were trying to achieve. this is all been revealed in a new book about the effect of the media on politics and the allegation is that in the run up to the general election back in twenty seventeen just over a year ago senior labor party staff members hostile to jeremy corbyn used targeted facebook ads in order to trick the labor leader into thinking that his campaigns were being rolled out nationwide online in actual fact the campaigns that jeremy corbyn wanted to push nationally but which senior officials didn't like they were being targeted just as jeremy corbyn and his closest aides take a listen to how the labor party leader jeremy corbyn was heard winked by his own
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party when they were told to pay for nationwide they're regarded as madcap such as one on the water registration they made sure that few saw such messages except a tiny slice of left wing activists if it was there for them they thought it must be there for everyone it wasn't that's how targeted it's going to work well a very twenty first century sort of sabotage and clearly quite dysfunctional relationships there between a party leader and the officials meant to be executing his campaign decisions but jeremy corbin is no stranger to hostility from within his own party he's loved by plenty of labor voters but not so much by the parliamentary party here in the u.k. this contains all the centrists that are unhappy with his left wing policies and perhaps he may be unfazed by all of this he survived several coups against him labor party or had a few raised eyebrows in response to these revelations it's bizarre that anyone
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would undermine plans to a good time as voter registration during the general election despite fighting with point behind our backs by some on corporates of senior staff we achieved a lot just increase in labor's vote since nine hundred forty five. well the statement we got from the labor party also said that the so-called uncooperative stars were proven wrong anyway because the videos that emphasized jeremy called it is left wing politics that were put up on corbett his own video and web site channels and on the channels of his campaign group momentum far outperformed anything that was posted up by the parliamentary labor party on its own website and video channel so according to the labor party all they have the last laugh anyway. the death toll in one of the worst terror attacks in pakistan's history has risen to almost one hundred fifty it has created tension and ahead of the country's
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upcoming drano elections here is a recap of the tragic event. wow . ahead of the july twenty fifth elections pakistan has not only seen violence but also political controversy the former prime minister nawaz sharif was withdrawn from office over a corruption probe he was set to spend ten years in prison and was fined ten million dollars a politician is trying to appeal the sentence. and now his party the pakistan muslim league is being led by his younger brother shahbaz
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sharif the main rival this cricketer turned politician imran khan he represents the center right pakistan movement for justice and we spoke to iran khan he told us pakistan should build new relationships with washington. we need peace stability we need good relations and we certainly do need good relationship with the u.s. u.s. is a superpower cannot be ignored unfortunately our relationship has been very one sided in the past the relationship has been whether you were us as used as a hired gun so we are paid to do their work you know to to fight their war this has cost by just on over one hundred billion dollars loss to the economy over seventy thousand people pakistanis have died they are still dying today terrorism is still a lot. being being overcome so what we want is
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a relationship with the u.s. which is mutually benefit beneficial to both. the u.s. has looked upon pakistan as an ally at one point and then as an enemy had the same time so it's the only time in history i can recall where and i keeps bombing you the same it's its ally i mean the drawings we're bombing killing pakistani pakistani people causing collateral damage and pakistan territory it's never happened i don't know of any situation like that which is have been before and that's why the anti americanism grows in pakistan thanks for joining us we are back soon with more.


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