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last month the end of the tournament of the russian mission to the united nations organized a very special reception. we all saw the night we were the first i see maybe a mistake i'm told in a city matches both in europe and in asia because one which was what one city that participated was you could to do in the world which is so geographically situated in the in the winners of the world cup so we are even more free but i think the
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entire world recognized and appreciated the. pretty really good job that russia has made all along as opposed to the kids well those are the headlines for this hour we're going to be back at the top of the hour with all the latest joys then if you can. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy foundation let it be an arms race in this on off and spearing dramatic development the only
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really i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time time to sit down and talk. next time just by the national survival. when customers go by you're just playing. well reducible our. that's undercutting but what's good for food markets is not good for the global economy. right we also have started five guys. that signal. he's not going to talk about. just new credit for the arse explorers one who would have their. food
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a rock. to sink plan b. . out a list. told them to sophie and tell him says the sheriff not said today we've got lots to talk about in our program and our gas this move good luck little. thirty two to sixty four games of finally concluded the fateful world cup huge congratulations to the french national team i get a second gold stroll on those famous blue shirts commiserations to grow i show that i don't think i will be back soon a fall. you see. this
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is the same in england football without fans is no fun and that's very true and coming here to russia there was a lot of trepidation particularly a lot of the western media england germany france. about what was going to be a lawyer quit going to be russians white european football fans with really cold
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halts and called cold spices the opposite sap and russia has embrace this tournament quite incredibly it's people have the right now up watching us film. sky doing here they're just very polite into their football and from day one when we met at a club just of the back saw it there of red square we met colombians thirty thousand of them. twenty five thousand peruvians up to fifty thousand and to get on the metro with local russians to talk to them about moscow about some of the great cities we've been saying and to see these fans enjoying russia and russia are enjoying them will live with me for a long long time. and over the years. on the stone cold wish of dumping helping to russian air a dozen times going backwards and forwards doing t.v.'s. my hope was to say the mosque in the cathedral with lots of football fans around me because i'm not
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happened to see quite incredible some petersburg with its policies and it squares pretty much like red square full with fans of different countries and cultures that happened. but after site perhaps the most powerful. russian city in terms of what it meant to me was to follow my country to volgograd in one thousand nine hundred eighty one of the bloodiest battles of mankind raised for seven months in what was then known as stalling grads in front of the mother russia statutes it commemorates not loss i'm here to support my country here the world and russia. to pay our respects. has been incredibly sobering experience here in focus drug scene it's a new flame and seen the respect the people from around the world have shown this
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quite incredible city. russia has proof even they have qualified for the second stage of the free for all cope and they slant would have been mightily prayer the great let us in the only cockchafer ever to weigh in the balance your means large. in a situation to say russia big spy in a more russian producer is why it's my left russia jumping for joy in my spanish project the addys had any fans who is what football is about i knocked out one of. the favorites the people dance for the sky why even the flags honking the hones russia welcomes the world cup finally with
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a chain that i could be proud of what they were hoping to do was to come out of it with a lot of pride and if you walk around red square now you see the guys playing football lots of russian flags painted on cheeks lots of rossi. they've looked this woke up to woke up as love then and people have come to the woke up having had the house nation enjoyed themselves as well as from some of the countries. simply a from the from coming. you know irish fun for fun twenty pounds which is about two hundred rubles. needs a ticket can we help him it's going to be terrible when tickets ago we focus on this and four hundred tons of free. twenty that good english camp twenty pounds no . longer. absence you know i'm sorry right.
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right. here in the us to last put it this i haven't got that right. to live life or put it to live joy we played with each other aston villa for two or three years he had the double bonus of not just being australian book from croatian heritage so he could go over whites the following oh my beloved england in the one i. were fantastic go like we haven't worked together for twenty five years but we worked together on the stand calling was shown he's a fantastic addition. it's clearly no more it's called me knowing. it's coming home oh no they see.
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some really tricky family care is done caring for them with the first world outside of your feelings about the guy. i'm quietly confident. in some also three full cup semifinal. the expectations being the national scene were low i would have been happy with getting out of the group a might be losing a classic guy to a colombian or a brazil in the in the second stage we go to a semi final all of my england friends and colleagues came in and said like
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everybody else about what we've experienced while fantastic country russia race. we are here at the great moscow state circus. so. don't be scared ok he's a good guy you can touch him. the way. chill with the force. and no don't say that. i.
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right. and you know time to get the mind silo let's do some proper cycling so basically we tried to do. it on brought this all just a little bit too strong unfortunately this is the line breaks in school. where you have. bad in moscow gamey. belief. i don't know what is it. what's. serious and we are told him because on i think the fact that we traveled around that we. we embrace the culture is what russians wanted and that for me again was another fantastic experience.
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so. the full design submissions. seven thousand pilings. to china touches. eight hundred sixty nonstop days of. a
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russian w.b. h.m.p. . and a russian stuff. show you how. long the crimean bridge was built. witnessed the construction moving you need to transport. that will help the crimea . most of those you know won't go for more snow yet it abuts clear. the new global economic war is unfolding in the realm of education the right to education has being supplanted by the right to access education low high education is becoming just another product that can be born and sold but it's not just about education anymore it's also about running a business and what you're good at regime like when it's almost enough lucrative
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they could to me. what is the place of students in this business model before college i was born now in an extremely more high education the new global economic war. one of the things that every loved about the stan collymore show is the ability to go and make football agents not run academies will forget the premier league let me go countries around the world spend a lot of money on academies but some explains do it themselves michel salgado do blackout to make constanza in romania the great shield you had you perhaps my favorite in to do our role why did you decide to want to start an academy could have gone carried on coaching or become an ambassador or a million things why did you want to have an academy. for the whole of those of my
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mind to. care for the kids to go paternity to be king became his is the key. to him because. my time there coaching they helped me to became bigger and for this reason i think it's good to have the football to start to put one of them with me with the concept and with all of the facilities. and give for the kids the opportunity to became one of the big. yes. how gionet had you in the book you say yeah. well he was the boss. yeah this was the philosophy beyond the academy because we've had a chance already. to start the. same but try to be the best.
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and the philosophy. that this knowledge and then taking. out for bullets. position the patient. some of the scariest environments of brain european life football environments one in particular policies on belgrade against red star belgrade might somehow milosevic took us around as a form of paul some belgrade legend still is a legend and we went pitch saw it in fines were fighting and flags were going off and the police and the fire brigade who then that was fairly hairy on the other side walking down manhattan beach with alexi lalas very relaxed both of us some glasses on could have been in the middle of anywhere other than
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a football shot so we've been to some fantastic places but for may the hair is the scariest would be policies on both right against red star built right into. the gulf. yes. yes. the. credible scene sunday school of the coast watching we've been very lucky to be invited to a lot of charity events on the stan collymore show particularly involving kids the one that struck a from a generation amazing which is kids all coast. babson passes now from here in russia tickets or the next will call an initiative to get kids in the middle east and asia playing football feeling a part of a beautiful game and the other one was st charles we started off at wembley stadium on a cold wet morning and the guys there to move them fourteen marathons fourteen days in fourteen different cities on my way to moscow all of the kids lived there we
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played for over i met legends like john wall opportunity for kids and in the st charles chill birds are played for arsenal played for brazil a world cup winner so for those kids to come from very difficult backgrounds in difficult circumstances and to get to make childhood heroes and to feel like people are involved in the sport was absolutely fantastic. i sling and going to reykjavik and see the world smooth ever country to qualify for a free for woke up three hundred thousand people to be a part of the journey to go to the game to be with those famous tall van. and then to chat to the manager on the pitch the next day after they did it was my personal highlight day the iceland show a pizza moist everything good about the stan collymore show business just meet up here and we sing we have
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a great time i think it will be done in about an hour the national coach actually comes by congress of an international football team could be for a guy in what is in the zone his country to chat with the fans and gives them the team this is the team. is the motivation of the other issues the players and basically two hours before everybody is here getting us ready for max quite incredible things to do to kind of shows the team spirit it's not just the fly yes it's not just the slams it's the whole collaborative effort absolutely it's the whole nation combine this one so we're going in the money just to stall and founds off my family switched off self-confidence in your life i'm going to get the same and now with a straight face book's instructions were trust between malaysia and funds quite incredible. there's only one interview. usually i'll go and i'm very well prepared the last five or six questions and i prickly footballers can get one hundred twenty three footballers thirty sports journalists
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we had on the show. and one bad boy ran he gate which is if i got the idea of a needle. which i just get there. after i get over that yes they do with. this. what can they say they don't call him a loco for no reason to like why. this is hard and we are through yet. because of the political situation in syria they can't play in their home country so we went to malaysia where they played in a fifty thousand seat stadium with their own three hundred. syrian fans and they were within a whisker of getting to the free for world cup they lost in a play off to the australians had no right to get there so that was one story.
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really. i don't see why these things funds are struggle with mental health issues one in four people in the u.k. and i would probably say one in four people around the world and i know that clock college joined us for thirty minutes an incredible thirty minutes so for me it was a very personal show it was an interview that i loved doing i don't know the feedback i got from many many of viewers there was a show that i remember with a lot from this and a lot of insights as well we have to focus on relative expectations now when you sold a career in football everybody knows football is a global phenomenon and the riches and fortunes the can come with it can make you superstars sets you up for life so as a nine ten eleven twelve right through to seventeen year old i have been set aside from my peers and being taken out of school i've been put in the local papers i've been on a pedestal because there's an expectation for me to achieve so when this person at
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sixteen has that dream taken away. from there they don't drop down to the level that this is all over the little. these guys who will once look you know to them and i like look at you you thought you were going to be the next best thing and you actually dropped off the face of the but there are cheering to be perhaps standouts where boyle didn't say that eleven year old child but we all day when we get into our football the first one was a car he took as the ranking child's look at this if you're talking about food football historical documents it doesn't get much better there are journalists that will of course write great books about football and there are many many great books but for one of the fee for greatest players of all time to document his own goals his own performances i have never seen this before so this is the world. i grew up watching in this incredible team so we have. ours and seven new
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against the irish one four one. one free kick nobody. yeah argentina in barcelona three one and then one of the greatest world cup games not perhaps not for brazil but for. delhi you my friend yes yes eleven giorgos eleven again this. yes i go yes yes that's this is. cheating the system does their jobs is that one of the you know official ever head in the national scene. where you have to say is the player that perhaps more than any of a pizza moises what the three four world cup is about a three time winner
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a winner right seventeen. a quite incredible person he's got you know now he's seventy seven years of age still travels around the world with a real passion and a real spirit for a guy and we opened the stan collymore show series really with him on the essentially dragged all of our other interviewees in they basically said to me when he was on board we were on the boat and that man is the greatest world cup player that's all he really ever lived. edson around says the nasa men so the one and only power like. the would. wish to.
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see all of these images side is trying to to everyone also you for all of us almost on calling will show. you i think hiding this catastrophe of falling in britain for the past fifteen years or so was its connection to the e.u. and the ability to have the teller currency and yet passport rights into the e.u. to take those away and you have essentially greece on steroids and all those banks and the e.u. and america are going to attack the u.k. a worse a play and drive into bankruptcy. i've
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been saying the numbers mean something they've matter to us is over twenty trillion dollars and more than ten point zero or more in temping each day. eighty five percent of global will you long to the old prove rich the point six percent market saw thirty percent minus one of your home with four hundred to five hundred three per circuit per second and bitcoin rose to twenty thousand dollars. china is building. two point one billion dollar ai industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only number you need to remember is one one business show you can't afford to miss the one and only. right we're all set to start in five guys. here has
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a signal. to talk about. just maybe right after the mars explorers one knew it would have their. own rocket. to send. out a list. told them to sophie and tell him so the shevardnadze said today we've got lots to talk about in our program and our gas to. the uk that. it's hard to imagine the decades after the war a nazi doctor was still active rich in the nineteen seventies current all had as the chair of its board a man convicted of mass murder and slavery at ash was
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a german company developed from the divide a drug that was promoted as completely safe even during pregnancy it turned out to have terrible side effects what has happened to my baby is anything but all you know she said is just good choice for minix a little mind victims i have to this day received no compensation and never apologized for the suffering that not only want the money i want the revenge.
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donald trump is about to meet with the u.s. congress members after his talks with president putin sparked outrage in american media. graceful performances by an american president who showed cowardice on the world stage with the president looks like a weak. it's a disaster. facebook admits classifying thousands of russians as interested in trays and supposedly for advertising purposes raising concerns over who might really want to target such news is. also this hour full of french honors the victorious world cup team returned home to a hero's welcome.


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