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tv   Cross Talk  RT  July 18, 2018 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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they could to me. is the place of students in this business model for college i was born. an extremely bored education the new global economic war. welcome back thanks for hanging with us sir it's certainly been a lot made of historic meeting between us president donald trump and russian president vladimir putin we've covered it here as it does have myriad business and finance angles to it but why is it so very significant and central to the world around us well russia is higher than most other nations and we look at the nation from a gross to elect drastic product perspective in various rankings they range from number eleven to thirteen but russia is important because to steal it and co-opt
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the phrase it's all about the nukes there's really no comparison outside the us and russia each with more than sixty five hundred nuclear weapons russia by the way has about three hundred more than the united states when we look at some of the other economic powers around the globe china with less than three hundred nukes in the end pakistan with just over one hundred change france with three hundred and the u.k. with just over two hundred it makes all the sense in the world to have an ongoing dialogue between russia and the united states but mr trump has reached an unprecedented level of hostility and after money from a right white a ray of people regarding his handling of the meeting with russian president putin related to tampering with u.s. elections notably mr trump did not condemn the election tampering and has derided u.s. intelligence reports about the matter that despite mr trump's own director of national intelligence former senator dan coats saying after the joint press conference in helsinki yesterday quote we had. been clear in our assessment of russia meddling in
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the two thousand and sixteen election and there are ongoing pervasive efforts to undermine our democracy house speaker paul ryan a republican had this to say let me try to be as clear as i can to the world of the country we stand by our nato allies and all those countries who are facing russia aggression how many times have i stood up here and told you what i think about vladimir putin vladimir putin does not share our interests but to me putin does not share our values and that's certainly not how russian president vladimir putin sees it he explained his position in an interview with fox's chris wallace sit with that let's have a look at a dissuading. race people are talking about the prefer to interfere in some version of we have the election process in the united states and i've mentioned this in twenty sixteen and i want to say that now again and i really wish for your american listeners to listen to what i say right here at the street first of all russia as
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a state has never interfered with the internal affairs of the united states let alone it's election. and just before we went to air today after meeting with some members of the u.s. congress mr trump changed his view or he said he did saying he now except u.s. intelligence agencies conclusions that russia interfered in the twenty sixteen election stay tuned. and the irish senate has made history by passing a bill to ban products made in illegal jewish only settlements in the occupied territory the bill sponsored by independent senator francis black specifically bans quote trade with an economic support for illegal settlements and territories occupied under international law and passed by a vote of twenty five to twenty with fourteen abstentions the bill has support of several irish political parties despite the support from within the ruling party of the irish executive branch opposes the bill which says it was yet to pass the lower house senator black held
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a vote and pointed out that the european union united nations and irish government have all condemned the settlements which are illegal under international law she asked quote how can we condemn the settlements as a legal as theft of land and resources but happily trade in the proceeds of this crime israel has closed the only commercial tossing into the gaza strip stopping imports and exports with a pet within the palestinian territory some are calling the move a form of economic warfare and that may provide leet bay proved lethal to a number of gaza businesses are mahela but joins us from toronto with more alex we're glad to have you as always what's the latest from gaza. well we're six of the worst violence since two thousand and fourteen or day three actually of a cease fire but that seems fire still seeing some firing happening across the border there between gaza and israel so what is up with these economic sanctions of sorts of closing the borders down well today the newest is they do not want to allow any fuel into gaza that would be the israeli government and that is because
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the weaponization what type of weapons that hamas is using out of gaza be it in sydney area balloons or kites now these balloons are tried to fly into israeli territory and they've started fires there are seventeen fires right now that firefighters are working on as well as just today one of these incendiary balloons landed in a kindergarten playground fortunately nobody was hurt there that said we're looking at a situation that god's a massive population of people in a very small area of this world is being shut down defacto by israel even with just the sporadic things happening with hamas i mean israel has fired back its bomb the areas where these people are but now they're going against it looks for going for all the people of gaza every entry point and gaza has been closed for years except this one point which is a car on shalom this area itself fifty five percent of anything going into gaza right now is being stopped so we're talking about tons of goods going
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into that area can't go in any more this is since just yesterday when the president netanyahu made the announcement that the only thing that will be allowed to go in is humanitarian aid and food now all put aside we're talking about medical aid we're talking about we were putting livestock and up till today fuels were allowed but now we're hearing that fuels will not be allowed until at least next sunday for the businesses there which really hurting them here is construction materials furniture wood tronics fabrics all blankets also we're talking about generators all these things are going to be stopped from going in truckloads we're at the border and. they were turned back so this is the situation god of gaza was under siege before you can be sure that it's been up to bit by israel in the past couple of days alex you know there is always even in conflict ridden areas commerce sends to tends to have some sort of ameliorating effect on the peace process and while i
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don't think that you know the commercial aspects of this are going to somehow solve the israeli palestinian crisis what does it mean for some of these business as you alluded to a few of them what it means for the people there from businesses and the people living there and the gaza strip. well we're looking to write about eleven years that we've seen gaza basically close down so all the unemployment rates are through the roof and if you just look at the numbers here fifty nine percent of palestinians in gaza are unemployed sixty five percent of youth and seventy five percent or seventy seventy percent i should say rely on humanitarian aid so those numbers are huge and now we're talking about just the past couple days would prices going up thirty percent so when you talk about construction through the roofs of bent spiking as well so these are all things that are a part of an industry part of business their factories are really shut down the economy in gaza ready really bad so you're going and punching it even more nother
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thing which is absolutely unbelievable here is that this really government and i mean this is it might be i think some people would think that it's a little bit overkill this in areas for people the gaza strip which is one of the biggest area biggest industries have also been closed and because of what's going on now nobody is saying that you know hamas is a good guy and that sending these that these incendiary balloons and kites over to israel is a positive thing is far from that but as it stands right now we're looking at a situation where people are being hurt and that this is saying since around the world whenever you see sanctions it's not a good thing it's not the governments that are hurt it's people what does hamas want bottom line they're asking that egypt and israel open their bar borders and that they're going to stop doing what they're doing and hopefully for the people of gaza there could be some discussion here that will move things forward instead of putting them in a situation that just seems to be getting worse all the time always interesting insightful r.t. correspondent allison hela bench thank you alex thank you. and
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the first half of twenty eight team has been plagued by some of the worst cyber attacks and hacks we've seen millions of user data has been exposed due to the efforts of cyber thieves even major cities have been held ransom after just one employee opened. a bad email from an unknown source it seems like twenty eight hundred problem with cyber attacks may only be getting started to help make sense of what we're seeing and has the worst already have impacted us worker tart turn to the senior director of intelligence services at cyber reason t.c. ross welcome to the show thank you for being with us twenty eight has seen a lot of these major companies saks fifth avenue slash lord taylor losing more than five million credit and debit card numbers under armor one hundred fifty million users data exposed the city of atlanta held hostage by ransomware my heritage dot com had ninety two million passwords and e-mails exposed quine rail the south
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korean crypto exchange we've talked about on the program was act with the need to get away with more than thirty seven million dollars but one that has kind of flown under the radar at least here in the states or to those not in the know is the hacking of india's national biometric system odd har what exactly happened there ross. yes there with this particular system there are a lot of vulnerabilities playing it and the details are still emerging quite a bit even though the hack took place in january of this year but over a billion records were accessed and soon after the hack took place you're actually seeing the hackers try to ransom the data for a ten dollars a pop on whatsapp it's one of those cases that really shows the dangers of trying to build these massive databases of consumer information especially in instances where they don't necessarily have the ability to opt out we saw it with the o.p.m. breach we saw with the echo fats breach and now india is going through the same
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type of pain with their own national database system and as we see more and more data colocated without necessarily giving people the option to remove their information or have it segmented out to have more protections we're really seeing the hackers go after these types of things because of the large paydays you know ross i was in government when when o.p.m. was hacked and it's like regardless of what you do on your you know protecting your personal passwords and everything i mean once they get into something like o.p.m. i mean heck they got you know so security numbers date of birth all that stuff that they got they even got it at my former agency the financial regulatory agency would think those guys would have their stuff together and then what i got is a letter that says hey there is credit protection service we're giving you not much comfort but are we seeing any types of connections between the attacks in terms of how companies are being attacked and how hackers are circumventing the current defenses that are in place at these companies or governments. yes this year's
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really been plagued by two large trends one is the trend of human error and unfortunately that's one that we're probably never going to get away from but when you're looking at a lot of the consumer based tax it was a lot of unsecured amazon web service buckets and a lot of things where you just had somebody you miss configured something in the data was just hanging out on the web for anybody to access and then the other big trend is going after third parties as technology becomes more specialized as people . start doing more trusted connections we saw a lot of chat bot compromises the beginning of this year and that's what took down ticketmaster best buy dell to see years it wasn't that they had bad security practices themselves but through enter gratian they ended up getting own to buy somebody who happened to mess up that they had a trust connection with yeah and that wrong i mean let me ask you just gonna run out of time what about crypto exchanges army because because crypto is
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decentralized are somehow they more prone to potential hacks. yes so this is part of the emerging industry it's a very valuable target obviously for hackers to go after this is because there's a lot of money just sitting out there and that's brand new so everybody's trying to feel their way through the process of how to secure this thing and build best practices and it's also relatively unregulated despite the amount of money that could be had and so i don't think it's going to get better before it gets worse but eventually we will see more isolationist and we will see an increase in security capabilities as people figure out what they did wrong and how to do things better because it's in nobody's interest to have these exchanges get knocked over at the rate that they have been ross we barely scratch the surface we hope you'll come back that's the senior director of intelligence services at cyber reason russ russ t.c. thanks for being with us ross thanks for having me. and before we go tying up
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a loose end of a story we covered before u.s. commerce secretary wilbur ross has responded to a letter from the office of government ethics sent last week which said mr ross had failed to comply with required divestments of stock the secretary is now acknowledge what he called inadvertent errors in the divestment process and will now act to comply with the law a mere eighteen months after he made the pledge and that's it for this time you can catch boom bust on direct t.v. channel three twenty one dish network channel two eighty or streaming twenty four seven on pluto t.v. that's the free t.v. app channel one thirty two or as always you can get us at youtube dot com slash boom bust r t we'll catch you next time.
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