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tv   Politicking  RT  July 19, 2018 10:30pm-10:58pm EDT

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poynter we're going to get into my question i i have my my guess would be that our security team are you here to guess. at breaching our security from other foreign governments and confidentially even internally you know you're only here to. to condemn the russians thank you how about you mr pickles are you prepared to identify any other foreign countries are just here to help the democrats bless russia after seventy years of help and democrats make these decisions by the rules are very good at dodging that and refusing to answer the question of think tanks in your later questions while we were still with data. well i think the real really be extent to which those companies have used that they to. customers of a uses both for profit but also for political profiling and manipulation i think the the scandals that we've seen so far are the tip of the ice compared to
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what will come out over time when people realize the amount of information that these organizations hold on the average citizen it's surprising that facebook don't want to reveal that information because they know if that information comes out people will have a whole raft of questions about how their days are is being used and possibly misused. the international will be back at the top of the hour with the headlines. u.s. president donald trump his missions with russia he did finally. news being free how alexis de tocqueville for moscow was the story as to how it would have made a difference i mean the most impactful thing they did was to show that the
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democratic party was trying to rig their own primary against bernie sanders an election if it did it was minimal as frank luntz said did they have to re clinton schedule intel or not to campaign in wisconsin i mean the race was won on the ground in the states in the upper midwest had very little to do act doesn't mean they weren't trying to have some kind of on the left especially and well in that in the overall republicans who disagree with mr trump. a lot of the republicans are just frightened of their own shadows and i think one of the reasons he clarified his remarks if you look at the clarification it's not and he just said the word clarification so that they would calm down but i think a lot of the republicans who were lighting themselves on fire over the past few days over this are the same republicans who panicked when the x. factor them on issues that i think nothing do you make of those well you know i think in a certain sense the biggest influence russia had on the campaign was was enabling
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itself to become an issue in the campaign you go back to the obama race against romney tried to bring russia into the conversation and make the election at least in part a referendum on russian policy obama didn't want that hillary comes in she doesn't want to be arguing about russia on the campaign trail and suddenly that was the situation you saw in the debates and it wormed its way into the into the political conversation and i think what you saw then and what you're continuing to see now is a sense among a pretty powerful public constituency that that the reality of the world has sort of come unglued from the foreign policy agenda of the established elite and russia is a big part of of what to do about that and so i think you know i think russia successfully introduced itself as an issue in the campaign when hillary clinton who was at that point leading in everyone basically thought was going to win didn't want to be an issue why do you think the white house is having such a hard time dealing with this day and. well you know there are a couple of reasons one is that this is just
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a very nettlesome issue you know i mean. russia is hard to trust. the influence of russia spies on its government on its public policy and on its on its on its corporate doings is pronounced and it's it's one thing to make the argument that we ought to come to some sort of like understanding with the russians as the global order is reshuffled to catch up with what's going on in real life but it becomes hard to do. when you then inject into that process the trust gap and there just is a trust gap with the russians so that hurdle i think causes problems for the white house another source of difficulty is you know the president himself just doesn't want to do this by the book he doesn't even want to pursue a sort of reboot of the global order by the book he's not a by the book kind of guy and so even people who are nominally interested in moving the ball forward on things like getting nato allies to pay more and sort of moving
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europe out of this position that it's been and where it's sort of like in a sand box that the u.s. built and paid for people who want to see a degree of reconciliation with russia on on the grounds of you know perhaps china poses a greater geo strategic that threaten someone as perhaps the united states needs or wants to offload some responsibilities around the world and who is actually capable of picking them up those people have a hard time interfacing with the president on doing this to joe you wrote the other day. that this summit was a success yeah howell. i laid out a set of issues before the summit that i said they needed to discuss in their meeting in order for the summit to be a success and they had all of them do you know they discussed because putin came out and said they discussed it trump came out and said they discussed it they had no reason to lie about what they discussed they might present or how do you don't know the results of those discussions we know some of the early results and you're absolutely correct that the real test of anything they talked about will be what
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the actions are down the line but they talked about syria and iran israel and syria they talked about denuclearization in north korea and putin used that term afterwards denuclearization which is a big win i think for trump they talked about ukraine in crimea and they talked about the election meddling those were the big four i said they have to talk about those four and they did and i think there were some other subtle points that came out in the press conference putin said the cold war is over and it seemed at pains to indicate that he doesn't see his rivalry with the united states as a kind of ideological one he's not out to destroy to interfere with the way we do things at least that's what he says. he wants to succeed in his own sphere of influence he wants to protect russian satellites or former satellites he wants to pursue russia's commercial interests and actually on that point trump took the fight to him by saying we're going to compete with you in selling energy to europe and if you look at what the russian journalists focused on the very first question
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a russian journalist asked was precisely about that energy competition because that's very important to russia the american journalist all asked about robert mueller and interference not one journalist focused their questions on foreign policy which i thought was interesting given that that was the focus of the meeting but how do you think will the postponements oh i think you know the politics of the press conference are not good for the president and not good for the policy discussion i do think though that you know i mean we have even even people like like former georgian leader. saakashvili coming out and saying look the administration's actual policies on russia and in the totality of the u.s. government's policies are tougher now than they were under obama and there are real real differences there you know saakashvili is not a water carrier for trump he was you know doing everything within his power to bring georgia into nato so the way that trump attempted to to to make the press conference especially into into a characteristics or
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a televised event i think was was not successful it works for some people other people i think probably are shrugging and wondering when the national conversation is going to return to some more bread and butter american issues but there's an important slice of the commentary out there and political influencers members of congress who are who are genuinely concerned and if the president wants to be effective in in charting this course he's just got to care more about that than he has so far i think john mccain cold virus and. john mccain john mccain has not been right about every foreign policy issue and he went after the trunk today or earlier this week for something trump said about montenegro and trump said you know the difficulty with nato is we're bound to defend every member of nato and so if montenegro is at war small little montenegro
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we've got to go to war and mccain threw a tantrum about that but it really is a very serious question about nato maybe not with regard to montenegro but with regard to turkey turkey's moving in islamised direction and we are bound by our nato treaty obligations to come to the common defense of turkey that's a real problem we haven't really resolved this contradiction during the cold war it was clear what nato is purpose was and now with some countries like turkey moving in a very different direction with different conflicts in different challenges in the world we may have to look at how nato works that doesn't mean need to still doesn't have other very important purposes but i think trump agrees with those purposes and yet there are other issues with nato like the funding of nato like defense spending by the different country you trust do you trust our intelligence agencies. trust but verify you know the intelligence agencies have led us into war incorrectly in recent memory things would have been different i think of george w. bush had been more skeptical about the intelligence he had on iraq we've seen other
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instances where the intelligence agencies either gave incorrect information or missed something completely probably the biggest example in recent memory is they completely missed the indian atomic test which was a hugely destabilizing event and went across pakistan to go nuclear so i've no doubt they do very very good work and the people there are incredibly devoted and they risk their lives to serve the country but it doesn't mean they're always right and i think you need sometimes and that's why we have civilian leadership so that civilians can question what intelligence and military advice the person they handle that. he is provocative in combative and i think it shows in the way that that relationship has been handled. joel is right you know the intelligence is a difficult job and there's been a pattern over the you know people people act as if the reason why things are uncertain or working poorly is because of his in the white house right now and
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obviously the president's mention style is a massive departure not just of you logically but just in sort of the nuts and bolts from what came before but you know this is the same intelligence community and the same united states government that completely with on the arab spring and what that turned into this is the same sort of nexus of people whose job it is to see these kinds of things coming who blew it on isis there's sad to say you know a pattern of disconnect between expectation and reality in some of the most important parts of the world from a u.s. standpoint and so i think that there is warranted skepticism you know you don't need to go into conspiratorial territory to say like. an institution or arrangement like the five eyes sort of surveillance operation which is the u.s. u.k. canada. australia new zealand you know they pool intelligence they're supposed to have. a better idea than anyone else in the war hold of what's going on and what is likely to happen in the future and when that doesn't pan out there is a crisis of legitimacy and you know i hope at some point soon some folks in the i.c.
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are going to be able to to face up to that and to have the reckoning that needs to be had and to level in some way with the american people on it thank you both very much for the having your back those lows oscar winning actress mira sorvino will join us after the break stay right there.
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back to politicking on july twenty sixth the troubling ministration faces a court order deadline to reunite some twenty five hundred children with the families they were separated from after crossing the united states along the southern border some questions remain as to whether the administration can meet that deadline still other questions exist for what happens after these immigrant families are brought back together activists including leadings and rational
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members and able celebrities are joining the protest against the migrants treatment caught up in the trump them from. zero tolerance policy our next guest is one of those actors the oscar winning actress mira sorvino she serves as u.n. goodwill ambassador all to combat human trafficking and could be currently seen in the new a.t.m. t.v. audience network series kang bore it's a pleasure to welcome her to politicking last month you are a number of the celebrities went to the all paso juarez border protest to give up you know good families being detained in several what was that experience like for you. it was very intense it was extremely hot there it's like one hundred degrees in the shade at ten in the morning we weren't allowed any access to the camps but we could see them in the distance these white tents beyond barbed wire.
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and the thing that felt particularly bad to me is that we had no way of like sending our messages of solidarity to the kids inside we had been told that in the dark of night with all the lights turned off buses would come in bus loads of children would come in and they would turn off all the lights and you know some would say well that was for the child's anonymity but i think it was also the sort of the shame of it not wanting people to see what they were doing and i think that there have been a number of people who work in these facilities who have actually quit members key members of the department of homeland security have in recent days quit because of the barbarism of the zero tolerance policy and the seeming lack of an end in sight seeming lack of a a humane solution to this situation. why they do this. we could posit a lot of theories i think that there are. i think this was
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a very cruel way to send a message to people who were hoping to immigrate legally or otherwise to this country to not come here if you were coming via the southern border we will take your children away if you come here and that is barbaric i mean there is no foundation for taking custody of children without proving unfitness of parents you know illegal immigration is a misdemeanor it's not a violent crime and there is no evidence of threat to these children so how are you taking these parent's rights away it's cruel and inhumane and when you hear about the treatment of the children in the detention centers how old are teenagers are trying to change the younger ones diapers and then they're being forbidden to hug crying children children there are lawsuits now five children are suing because they were drugged against their will givens you know. some kind of drugs to calm them down terrible treatment this is not who i thought america was and i know we have
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a long history of of social ills and of terrible practice such as slavery such as the genocide of the native american people but i thought we were beyond this sort of cruelty i really did and i'm i'm fighting it you recently stirred up some controversy use some what was no had the united states is like free nazi germany. really you think that yes i'm not saying nazi germany were not at nazi germany yet but i see a populist wanna be dictator riling up our country with jingoistic slogans that a single out minorities as targets of. flaming the fans of fear of the other so saying that our problems are because of mexican immigrants or our problems or all of this there are good people on both sides there's no good people on white supremacist militant groups you cannot say that their goal is to promote violence and hate we just did polls show the majority of americans blame the parents and not
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the trumpet administration for these separations i think it's a misunderstanding of what's happening and i think you know most most of these families i think the majority of them are asylum seekers and asylum is a legal right that our country gives people from other countries who are fleeing from danger and to want to improve the lot of your family to take them away from grave bodily danger is every parent's parata tive and i think about my forefathers who came over from italy who came over from other countries i'm part of talian part english german french well scottish you know a bunch of things and they all came to this country because they were looking for a new and better life for their family free of the oppression that they experienced and sometimes violence in their home countries or poverty crushing poverty that limited their opportunity that's what has made america great traditionally make america great exploit all the wonderful talents of all the very people who come
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here you're a mom you're an activist you're quite a lady. what is your involvement in the me two movement. ok well first of all you know the me too movement was founded in i believe it was two thousand and seven by tirana burke who is an incredible woman an incredible activist and it started among women in the african-american community and this fall when there was this outcry that i was a part of where we denounced harvey weinstein for his behavior and then other women came out and denounced other people in the industry. you know i believe it was a list of mulatto who first started tweeting about hashtag me to if you are if you are a victim of sexual violence or assault or misconduct or harassment and i started using hash tag and then discovered to run a birth discovered her movement was already in place and. you know i'm one of many people who just decided that it you know we need to speak out about this and.
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you know looking back over my life there have been many things that have occurred to me some in the business some pre the business some quite violent i was sexually assaulted when i was a teenager and this is something i don't talk about that much but it was on a beach on a vacation and i did go to the police and i did everything right and nothing happened and that was sort of a terrible lesson for me as a young woman feeling like no one cares and nothing's going to happen if you do try and follow official channels but i think that the more we've been speaking out. the more we realize that there is enormous strength in numbers and that this is a worldwide movement of. outing the truth that this is a terrible pandemic sexual violence and harassment is a terrible pandemic that affects people all over the world in every walk of life every chanter every sexual orientation every age old young middle age people
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children they're all subject to this kind of thing and they have been i believe since time immemorial so we're at the cusp of this moment where because people are open about it now we're removing the stigma of shame we're saying i know it was a really horrible experience for me our experiences and i don't really feel like talking about it but if we do talk about it all of a sudden the predation slows down all of a sudden people feel like they can't necessarily get away with it that just because you have power doesn't mean you can exploit people sexually and we're working on legislation now and we're working on working with youth to change attitudes really early so that we raise a culture of young men that do not abuse and young other people who know what their rights are so they know when something bad starts to happen that they have a right to say no legally you can't actually do this to me but i am working on a slate of bills here in california with the hash tag take the lead. it's four of the strongest anti sexual harassment bills in the nation they've already passed the
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first house in california and this next month and a half is going to be crucial crucial for their passage and they deal with expanding the definition of who can be a harasser say like in hollywood for instance it doesn't just have to be the person who signs your paycheck it could be a director a producer a casting director and agent. but also an investor you know many many people across the country report that when they go and they have projects and this is not just acting projects it's any kind of project that often investors will try and have a quid pro quo deal that if i give you money for your project you have to have a sexual relationship with me which is insane that that is something that even occurs to people to think that that is a valid way to conduct business that that you can get away with that when it's your . new series condos on would lose their nights on a d.m.d. only in its network was the kind or is based on three days of contour the famous robert redford movie also on the book six days conned or and it's
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a kind of retelling of the idea that one man knows this state secret and is being hunted and framed for a crime he did not commit is that we hurt know william hurt is his uncle william hurt is a cia chief and he is trying to protect his nephew who was an i.t. worker who develops an algorithm to detect terrorist activity and that's being played by max irons who's jeremy aren't son actually he's a wonderful actor i play. i play a former cia agent who's come out of retirement to run a task force to try and find max irons because i believe he's guilty and i'm trying to catch up to him and i also happen to be william hurt's x. in it like we had an affair way back when i was his mentee and then he dumped me and exiled me to saudi arabia for five years so kind of ruined my career ruined my life and now i am and really i have so much feeling under the surface this
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character is not she she seems kind of cold and hard when you first meet her but she's actually so emotional she she has to batten it all down when she confronts him like she sees him and it's like sparks and inside she's still kind of in love with him as. he has a new relationship with the gloom of the world well here's how i see the relationship i mean this is all about the intelligence branch right it has nothing to do with any of the other branches of government but it shows how these institutions that we kind of have blind faith in we think ok our intelligence is doing their job they're keeping us safe actually can be warped by the agendas of a few very strong people who have very strong wells and have very strong wishes to see certain things happen and in this story. certain individuals within the cia and other intelligence agencies are literally changing world history with dastardly effect for their own purposes so it just shows that we have to be ever vigilant
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because government is not this immutable like structure that can withstand anyone that people with a very strong will to achieve power or money or some kind of gemini. will distort the original purposes of those agencies and really destroy things and i think that's what we're seeing right now i think we are seeing our american democracy with our executive branch and to some extent congress is ignoring the principles on which the united states was built on through our constitution and turning it into more of a money driven and want to be dictatorship great seeing you know and you can see condo on the new a.t.m. to your news network series on wednesday nights thank you for joining me on this edition of politicking maybe you can join the conversation on my facebook page or tweet me at kings things don't forget use the politicking hash tag that's all for this edition of politicking.
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some aides take to the white house announces donald trump is inviting the russian president to the u.s. and in the. wild speculation in britain security minister dismissed as media reports that police have identified the russian perpetrators behind the script how poisoning a time. french president under pressure after one of his aides is cold beating a protester to the brown. we can find all of these stories and much more on our
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