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tv   News  RT  July 20, 2018 3:00pm-3:31pm EDT

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a robot to interact with some other species out there. breaking news these earlier forces launched massive air strikes that have massed targets in gaza or so exactly four years after a huge military operation the resulted in thousands of. summit take to the white house announces donald trump is inviting the russian president to the u.s. in the autumn causing outrage in the u.s. media. but to washington top spy in the united states he doesn't know how it's not possible that the president of the united states is inviting putin for a second in a couple of months in the fall all over the world. and three years of hardship under rubble see and for thousands of residents of two syrian towns after they were moved to government controlled territory in
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a prisoner exchange. giving thanks for joining us this is our international. i will start this hour with breaking news because the israeli air force has launched massive air strikes on how must positions in gaza let's go live now to auntie's all the slur. over there in israel what more can you tell us about these attacks. well for the last few hours there has been a massive aerial bombardment being carried out by the israeli air force of the gaza and again now we're hearing that new strikes are happening particularly in the north of the strip some fifteen targets have been hit now with this comes after the country's defense minister avigdor lieberman place and earlier that a large and painful. military operation would ensue if the mustard not stopped
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sending kites and that means it would tie to explosives from gaza into israel by flying days and that deadline has passed and we certainly are witnessing a flare up in violence a few hours ago the top echelon here in israel the military and political brass met in tel aviv we are hearing from a high ranking israeli official that in the coming hours the country will decide what to do in gaza and how to proceed it comes after the israeli defense forces threatened a response and they continue to blame her must for this flare up. the i.d.f. use today's. activity is treated by hamas throughout the last month with great severity hamas chose to escape the security situation and move the consequences for its actions. now israeli civilians who live along the gaza border have been ordered to stay near bomb shelters and at the same time hamas has
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been evacuating commandos and posts in a in anticipation that the violence could intensify now there has been massive strikes earlier in the week that comes after the country's prime minister benjamin netanyahu also threatened that he would strike back. during the summer we hit hard my policy is clear when anyone seeks to harm us we will strike back with great force. now late on friday afternoon there was again protests along the israel gaza border according to the gaza health ministry some four people were killed and more than one hundred and twenty injured that came in response following that what happened is that you had the israel saying that it was issuing retaliate three strikes after its troops had been fired upon and so that sparked the latest round of violence well we are also hearing reports that the i.d.f. has been accused of using excessive force in some cases live ammunition. all of
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these protests along the gaza border happening for the past two months and they come roughly to the day that operation protective edge the last when gaza in two thousand and fourteen began and if you remember there was a war that left more than two thousand palestinians killed and some seventy three israelis dead so there is concern on the ground that the situation is continuing and potentially could intensify in the coming hours and we could see a full scale war. correspondent paula with the latest thank you. in the meantime another four palestinians have been killed on friday alone that brings the total number of those killed to more than one hundred thirty since the start of the protest as part of the great march over to journalists include three has more from the israel gaza border. nearly one hundred fifty meters away from car need the fans and as you see the palestinian protesters are describing and expressing expressing their rage by climbing this fans i have to say that this is one of the hardest days
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we have been covering. the protests on weekly basis for than five months and this is one of the hardest days today we saw explosions on both sides scores were injured we have been also hearing airstrikes and artillery shell tell or read targets we have been also hearing explosions on the both sides and today is a very very hard day it's very dangerous and it was one of the toughest days we have ever witnessed by live in should here guys airstrikes and a lot in a lot of more weapons the israelis have been using against the palestinians. i can speak now to i mean or in his defense political commentator what do you think of these strikes do you consider them to be excessive. no well they're not excessive for two reasons first of all they were not initiated
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then terrorist collation was not initiated by israel and the air strikes come as a response to. a. incident this afternoon where israeli troops were shot at by palestinians whether they will come out so no israelis don't know but they hold hamas accountable and for a day have retaliated but the other reason. apparently not excessive is that both sides show no into the hours and to be drawn into a larger conflict and they're trying to limit i don't targets all the means that they employ so over the last few moments these really defense spokesman has reiterated that the target struck the rate of fifteen targets struck belong to a certain battalion headquarters of hamas which means that this is only a tactical target had israel wanted to go higher it could have tried to take out
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the leadership of hamas starting with the supreme leader yaki a scene where r. and his colleagues and going down to brigade commanders and their colleagues but the chose something between the major and lieutenant colonel. which means the t.t. signaling that it is willing to contain this particular flare up and if it doesn't respond to more morning we will probably be back to normal. how big a concern do you consider this as collation of the conflict at this point. these are major concern because israel has no interest in being drawn into occupying gaza it has telegraphed long ago come us knows it everyone knows it but nevertheless against its best judgment israel
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could still be drawn into gaza because it hasn't been able to protect its citizens along the border from allison cards the devices which have relieved the entire field along the border so because israel's defensive measures failed it had to resort to offensive measures and windows offensive measures because the out of sight will suffer casualties. responded by shooting at israelis and this is how disciple of violence goes on and. doesn't this look for israel you've got hamas sending out these balloons with explosives destroying what property hundreds of palestinians are dying in response. no hundreds of palestinians if you accumulate the numbers have either
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died or been injured at the demonstrations when they try to storm the fence or try to throw explosive charges at the soldiers and. just mention this happened over the last four months but this is not happened because israel has used force. to the contrary israel only reacted and israel tried to keep the entire border quiet if he's not the any interest to try and repel those or would be invaders by force sometimes after all other means have been exhausted yes it's true it's a don't resort to live fire. how would you compare the situation we're seeing now to the operation of almost exactly four years ago.
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the operation four years ago started by miscalculation and the background then was the abduction of three israeli youngsters in the west bank by a squad which belong to hamas and the deteriorated from the west bank to the gaza strip because of a chain of events over which neither side had control eventually when it come our squad came out of a tunnel on the israeli border and try to kill israelis israel was drawn into a ground operation this time around it doesn't seem as if we are in a similar situation but it will be enough if one rocket god forbid hits an israeli kindergarten and there are casualties when domestic pressures and political pressures from within prime minister netanyahu lesion could cause the government to
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order the defense forces into gaza to care about the possibility of the loss of innocent israeli life are you confident there is no danger to palestinian civilians with these attacks. they're definitely. dangerous to. the vicinity of the targets and sometimes. uses human shields in wide where the other for israel not because of some. high ground but because of some very practical calculations israel is trying not to hit any civilians in gaza because it knows that the response would be rockets against its own civilian populations and perhaps escalation into pledge campaign so israel is trying to. civilian concentrations not
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directly into them but sometimes yes the errant bullet. would be civilians and the rest is what you just reported a mere appreciate your time thanks for your views of me or of my guest defense and political commentator thank you. just as the dust started to settle on the trump putin summit in the finnish capital helsinki the white house announced it's inviting the russian president to washington this autumn in an interview donald trump or since confirmed his intention to meet again with plenty of entreaty. second meeting potentially with out of me. is that in the works is it planned has it been you know i would say it's in the works we had a tremendous discussion on many things but fact is we got along very well i think i'd have a good relationship with you so for the russian side as these are accepted no declined the invitation the decision to invite putin to the us is once again it's about outrage in the western media demand that even president trump now says
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interfered in u.s. democracy invited to the white house and now the president has apparently doubled down these kids by having him to washington so let's collude again like we did last top spy in the united states he doesn't know how it's not possible that the president of the united states is inviting putin for a second summit in a couple of months in the fall over at the white house because the president he works for is donald trump the white house press secretary said some disconfirmed imitation on twitter. in helsinki president of the united states agreed to go in working level dialogue between the two security council staffs president trump asked john bolton to invite president putin to washington in the fall and those discussions already on the way we have the announcement from sarah huckabee sanders the white house press secretary this comes in the aftermath of quite
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a bit of media hysteria in response to donald trump's a meeting in helsinki with the russian president if you look at time magazine or the new yorker there's been quite a bit of hysteria in u.s. media now in recent comments the russian president has actually warned the world about the hysteria in the us media and about you know forces that would push false narratives about the meeting in helsinki to advance their own political gain. there are forces in the us ready to easily sacrifice russia u.s. relations for their political ambitions a satirical novelist once wrote about these sorts of people as beautiful and pathetic but these people who are the pitiful nor pathetic on the contrary they're pretty powerful if they can fool sfi. stories to millions of the citizens and they counted in the aftermath of the helsinki meeting which took place on monday we've seen quite
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a bit of shifts and changes in how the us president has described that meeting his explanation and assessment of the events seems to go back and forth they have president putin he just said it's not russian i will say this i don't see any reason why it would be. i don't see any reason why it wouldn't be russia. sort of a double negative he would agree with u.s. intelligence that. russia meddled in the election twenty sixteen i would say that that is true but you haven't confirmed putin specifically do you hold him personally responsible well i would because he's in charge of the country getting along with president putin getting along with russia is a positive not a negative if that doesn't work i'll be the worst enemy he's ever had the worst he's ever had so this new announcement that trump is indeed planning to invite the president of russia to the united states to the white house for another meeting it
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fits in with a recent tweet from from he said he was looking forward to a second meeting with the russian president but many people are wondering what will happen next as trump seems to have gone back and forth and as trump faces widespread media hysteria and criticism for the fact that he met with the russian head of state. u.k. police have confirmed charlie rowley the man allegedly exposed to another child nerve agent in ames has been released from hospital his girlfriend dawn sturgis was was so poisoned in the incident died in hospital earlier this month the port and chemical laboratory has confirmed the nerve agent came from the same batch that was used to poison double agent so you screwed powell and his daughter in salzburg in march auntie's pull the boy has details charlie rarely is the man who along with his partner dawn sturgis was exposed to novacek in the village of amesbury which is close to souls very back on the thirtieth of june and they were both very ill they
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were taken to cells bree district hospital which happens to be the same hospital where. his daughter you were treated for exposure to the same agent back in march charlie rowley's partner dawn sturgis died as a result of this incident on the eighth of july and although he had been in a critical state and hospital for a number of weeks the hospital has now announced that he is well enough to go home and. he's been discharged doctors district hospital released a statement saying that charlie has been through an appalling experience that most of us could never imagine but this marks an important milestone in his recovery and they wish him all the best it also goes on to thank the clinical team however nice to local residents remains unchanged and that is do not pick up any items such as syringes needles cross medics or similar objects made of plastic and metal there is clearly still a degree of mystery about how charlie rose lee and his partner just became
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exposed to the nerve agent in the first place a week ago the metropolitan police confirmed that they had found a small bottle that they believed was the source of the contamination and that appears to correspond to interviews that charlie rose brother has given to the media saying that when he visited charlie rarely in hospital he had said that he seemed to recall giving his partner a small bottle just before they became very unwell whether or not that bottle was the source of the nerve agent used to attack the script piles or whether it was from the same batch is still very much unclear and in recent days there's been intense speculation in the u.k. media about the investigation into that original attack on the script pal's leaks from the police probe claim that investigators have used c.c.t.v.
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images to identify two russian culprits who allegedly fled the u.k. immediately after the attack on the script files but there hasn't been any official statements from the police tear or from the all storage sees to back that up in fact the u.k.'s security minister ben wallace has dismissed those leaks about these . ledge perpetrators being identified as eleven formed and wild speculation. about our breaking news story these really are forces launched massive air strikes on hamas positions in garza let's bring in mosen abu ramadan who's a political analyst good evening to you how severe do you think is the escalation that we're witnessing is there a chance this could break out into war out war. that
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is there are many options regarding the situation in gaza because of the skittish recently. conducted by. the defense minister of israel. because he it is of these threats against but a senior that a senior. but if that is. the atmosphere or the environment of the war and they are starting to strike some sites. around. the think about that the action about sort of. movement may be cleared in new atmosphere of the new escalation clashes between two sites the claim coming from the israeli side is that the reason the danger here to civilians is that something that you're worried about is certainly something that
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we saw four years ago civilians being killed. i want to know but they talk about that because siena says really and still now more than one hundred fifty civilians. and more than sixteen thousand were injured and that is a stand that the senior conducted its peaceful and popular resistance and its legitimate resistance base of the declaration of human rights that as of people do it is just in order to break that seed raising their. pay and to the public opinion and. then for the v.c. huge seat and the guests are fortunate to deal with the senior and for the freedom and. independence and self-determination so. just talking about there is a very deceiving indians but the ignoring that the union civilians and. a hundred. number of but the senior who show did differ on that the soldiers
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without any dangers. from him to the israeli disorders they are just raising slogans and raising their voices and asking the international community to work to pressure to israel to end the siege and get the freedom of movement and commodities to the palestinian to live as normal people for the human being and live in. the land so this is ridiculous just talking about there is already civilians and ignoring that the senior ones that the seniors we are conducting peaceful popular resistance. you say peaceful resistance the israelis claim that balloons with explosives attached to being sent over the border they said the snipers firing at i.d.f. soldiers you don't believe that that's true. well it's not at all but it is there are exhibit it could be about the cards and the lawns and the consider the military
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. actions it's not that or it's just. that they're thinking about that and other but the senior and the i have a consensus they are. one tormented in that peaceful and boggler resistance but there is one to execute the justification to to strike guards or to shield. squeezing. some of the rest that i showed against such a large out of get inch. board preventing all commodities and raw materials to come together include also the medical evidence medical tools medicines saw this collective punishment once tools executed in order to use these public to banishment and to strike there but a senior. international community is watching on these airstrikes take place what
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how would you expect the reaction to be from them will there be any kind of influence exerted any intervention. i think it will be the intervention because. you will and in for a mystery the minute the navi threat the warning. door to involved in such clashes military clashes. egypt in order to prevent a war and all sorts international community one to keep silence of the situation but you know. with ability and asking for for the soul think there are words of the problems that arose from the problem considered of the continual of the seed as a collective punishment. for the senior to have the rights for self-determination so if they are studying and if you listen right now maybe they
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won't succeed or not but it will be the scene and also the forty will in need. of the solution in order to establish. the situation we need to be the senior that's to be implemented and implement the international human rights law which give the. indian these collective punishment give them the right to communicate and to integrate with their colleagues and our people from west bank to have independent the scene and. she of the two state solution to implement security council resolutions this is which give the. mint in the situation and. lasting solution in the stood of fixing an economics if you will or. something in the area and solutions here.
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my guess is political analyst was an there most and thank you. and finally this hour all residents in the two rebel held towns of. in the northwestern syrian province of it lip have been successfully evacuated from the area under a deal between the syrian government to militants all residents were moved to areas controlled by damascus in exchange for imprisoned rebel fighters forces transported almost seven thousand people to safety the deal that ended years of suffering during the blockade i guess the explains. for three long terrible years the people of friar live besieged two pro-government villages in the middle of the. kingdom in syria and the islamists the warlords and the terrorists were out for blood.
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this is something they had been previous evacuation attempts last years five thousand civilians were being bussed out and the deal with rebels a suicide bomber blew up nearby over one hundred died. i met some of the evacuees last year they were clearly traumatized scarred here men and women and yes even children fought for three
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years they held out. of it you ill. i think i was too pretty for my family we've been sick again good to see each was. able to describe it is impossible to express it. this latest deal was made by the syrian government and yet the. previously. in syria islam ists let seven thousand civilians leave the two towns and the syrian government releases hundreds of militants from prisons the rebels have lost the two villages they used this bugging chips for years they have also lost swathes of territory and homes in southern syria. in a span of me a month's. after
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the evacuation rebels drove tanks into fool and trashing national flags and defacing acids portraits and damascus now has a serious problem. filled to the brim with islamists and rebels from all over the country and with nowhere left to run the stage is set for the last bloody showdown of the syrian war. an average of out of state job with the latest
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headlines in half of that. kind of. u.s. president donald trump is repeatedly said he wants better relations with russia he did finally how his long sought summit with lot of your boot and both presidents called it a success the american political class in corporate media describe the helsinki summit as a failure and problem worse.


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