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from their residence and they could not get out all this happened because of the aircraft the city decayed bodies decomposed there's even no estimates on how many movements graves are still to be found houses off people who were killed during the battle to retake the city. many were buried has to leave but also many remain in the rubble so there are at least nine mass graves each one has to have dozens to hundreds of bodies and it was really hard to make such as to beaches but that's what we know who authorities are struggling to cope with the logistical challenges because they are many of the catered to conduct examinations because they are landmines around there it is clear from what we have seen on the ground that they are working to exhibit but it's far more creating a technical assistance but until someone says the pleas of raka citizens they must live amid rubble and stench the stench of decomposing flesh.
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and iran has erupted between the french ambassador to the u.s. and the host of the daily show trevor noah that's after he made a joke congratulating africa for winning the world cup and a reference to the origins of many of the players on the french team but the ambassador failed to see the funny side. of one of the well. i get it i get it they have to say it's the french team but look at those eyes. you don't get that tan by hanging out in the south of france my friends the rich and various backgrounds of these play is a reflection of france's diversity but cooling them an african team it seems you will do knowing that frenchness this even in just legitimizes the ideology which claims witness is the only definition of being fridge. trevon i have sought to clarify his earlier comments although he did not offer an apology you've seen or
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played i love them paul pogba. i watch all of them like i love those players and i love how african they are and how french they are don't take their french as a way but i also don't think any take an african as a way out human rights activist named video believes that it's important not to ignore people's origin what the french ambassador is saying you know he's starting about some kind of i delegate in france or with the about assimilation and the rich and but this doesn't work because what is important in france it's a talk about differences because if france is strong today it's because of his difference is big because of term the people who is coming in who are coming from everywhere we cannot deny today that if there is there is a african blood. african french or international team is because of france
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it's because the story in france france invaded africa years ago this is from go to the least we can talk about that but still we can say that yes they are french but we have to talk about their origin too it's very very important. that tag walk away used by people abandoning the us democratic party has been people picked up by the media which you have suggested the trans actually work of russian automated accounts or but trying to sow discord we spoke to the creator of the walkway movement to find out more. anybody who thinks that a walk or a campaign is comprised of russian bots i would suggest that they check out our facebook page which is where the campaign really takes place that's how i want to wait campaign go there on facebook and what you'll find is video testimonials of actual human beings who are looking into their cameras and telling their stories
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and then i say friends the deal i was instantly hoped to his message that democrats don't care about us not one bit they walked away from us a long time ago and it's time for us to do the same i chose to walk oh they're telling their stories about why they're walking away to the left and there's people in the raid were also telling their stories about reclaiming their voice and the nairs of what it means to be a conservative which has been hijacked by the left they're telling you know what it means to be conservative and what their values are and welcoming people who are talking we last so i mean this is a pretty easily disputable think these are real people making real video testimonials and you can see them with your own eyes. the movement whose motto is not just a hash tag has gained a strong following online with more than sixty thousand subscribers on facebook new cases of former democratic supporters abandoning the party's ideals are emerging
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every day and the media is pinning walk away on russian bots as the movement was mentioned by a site that tracks twitter accounts linked to alleged russian interference called you haven't in project but the site itself says the media has gotten it wrong most of the third party reporting on the dashboard continues to appear with some variation of the headline russian books are pushing x. this is inherently inaccurate they're not all in russia we don't even think they're all commanded in russia at all we think some of them are legitimately passionate people that are just really into promoting russia. here is brandon struck again on why democratic officials are trying to run down the movement for i think it's an incredibly desperate attempt by the left wing politicians and the democrats to explain away the fact that people are leaving their party and they're no longer happy with what's going on on the left. you know it's like they tried every every
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trick in the book to sort of dehumanizing people first it was you know calling people to get it's calling people racist calling people nazis you know anything that they can do to dehumanize people and that didn't work so now they've actually doubled down and religion really started calling human beings robots all of this in a desperate attempt to cover up the fact that their party has no plan their party has no appeal to people anymore because they really just become a party of reach hostility and now tory nonviolence people don't want it anymore people are leading the left is they're not robots these are actual people who works at the democratic party abroad and. dutch foreign minister stephan blog has faced a storm of criticism after saying that there is no such thing as a peaceful multicultural society. it's.
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good for her. to get out of. this in order for her. there are fewer of these. already being her for. her health. bill for. a minister also dismissed of the former dutch colony of suriname as a failed state due to ethnic divisions refugee groups and politicians alike have expressed dismay over blocks remarks gloating orderly offends people that look like me but a whole national history and identity this isn't worth you have a government official minister block is undermining efforts by this government to make joint agreements in europe on the proper reception of refugees and bloc has apologized for his remarks saying that they were meant to spark discussion it did
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not offend we put the issue up for debate with independent journalist lucrative a and un coordinator on minorities mohamed their call. he says things which up and former unfortunately real is that dean multicultural societies that were promised to the perfect twenty first century site is don't function in the west at least in western europe i think the remark you just based on. ignorance of how can societies can bring together big example i can ensure we can witness is the work of the french team for example look at french team french team contains a multicultural society france beat another team from a small country in the balkans and all the players in this small team of the country of origin so there is no rule to be taken out of that to meet the multiculturalist that doesn't function is what you have communities living next to
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each other and not mixing it is very easy for example for asians to. melton and become members of society but we have some some part of the population that refuse it to want to impose their culture in the public space like the slum for example democracy can only be based on respect respect of the art each other culture respect it comes also from form not to fear from other people culture from the other society we import misery we have a social security system which is based on the contribution of everyone and the problem is that the millions that come to europe never participated they never contributed they come with families look at with examples off the continent of africa if we have left africa alone would not have seen african migrated to to to europe if we had not it would not have sucked the richness of africa there diamond the gold the oil and those people who stayed in their own country that would be
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years and years no no if you have. been in your result one the last the world to try to invade other countries and quicker of please countries and they complain. why am i going to come back to europe because you're conquered they conquered those countries and they impose laws they believe come back to with us if you when it's right in england does this ice cream is migrating they ask you for the black in the sixties to come and work in england same for the india this is not people are how the choice is by force is not a choice minorities are welcome when they are minorities when it is a real inflation in millions say no it doesnt stop living there for thirty years in europe before thirty five years i believe because the multicultural has made europe as rich of this country is not by wiping someone else and is not about. you know imposing someone else culture another i didn't see that i would like to see or read integration more. and there's a for me i'll be back with more news at the top of the hour you are watching
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international stay with. u.s. president donald trump is repeatedly said he wants better relations with russia he did finally how his long sought summit with lot of your food and both presidents called it a success the american political class and corporate media describe the helsinki summit as a failure and probably worse. seventy four design submissions. seven thousand pilings. to join judges. and eight hundred sixty nonstop days of. the russian w.b.
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. and a russian. show you how. the crimea bridge was built. witnessed the construction moving you need to transport. that will help the crimea . most all those you know while google more familiar quite a bit but he'll. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see you then. cameron thankfully wants to show some live leave for them.
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to video someone with the eastern. down on string i don't roughly don't t.v. . thank you are on the yeah the. car we're going to back to the night there. were americans in america covering american news are called foreign agents. i've recently covered the corruption of the trumpet ministries have done a lot in the past few weeks have called them disgusting i've called them greedy bastards i've called them a bucket with an i.q. of a bucket of. ok very have a read over to the last i've ever ever did you guys you are barking. could be i can have a garden. ok. good
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to get that off my chest so for this segment let's spend some time on the obama administration where are they now rights we're led to believe the obama administration where these wonderful public servants who fought for truth and justice and say the pledge of allegiance quietly to themselves before masturbating . so where are they now i mean i mean they tell us trump is a fascist a dictator destroying tomography then shouldn't obama and joe biden be like storming the white house on some sort of mad max vehicle with spikes sticking out of it should we see hillary and eric holder like bolted it trumps motorcade with our buccaneer knife in their tasers sextet prior to iran i. or maybe the obama administration were such wonderful peace loving people that nowadays their busy volunteer ring of fire departments. working in homeless
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shelters it and knitting doilies for the underprivileged who have been married to a week. but no no that's not really what's going down journalist zack harder and paul blumenthal did a little digging and here's what they found is a little where are they now for the obama administration janet johnson obama's head of the department of homeland security and sole proprietor the name jack these days . these days johnson received two hundred ninety thousand dollars a year to serve on the board of lockheed martin the largest american defense contractor and the world's biggest weapons manufacturer the world's biggest merchant of death show much more aggressive than the doily thing.


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