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tv   Cross Talk  RT  July 23, 2018 3:30pm-4:01pm EDT

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form two well germany as a country though prides itself on being welcoming and tolerant of individuals of turkish descent faced increasing tensions since merkel urged on the turkish president since they really began and not done word slope in terms of relations. and under tony i don't think that the end turkish population of the minority and that's the biggest point of my majority and the term population is facing some hate or some aggression or some resistance from german people no it's not this thing it's going much deeper we have to have a lift for you you case the impact of. the multiculturalism was basically the. elements of the media of the green party of the established our social credit party and there's a split with the rain away it is getting thinner and thinner especially after two
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thousand and fifteen after the we have set the influx of one point five million. refugees and my migrants from north africa and from sub-saharan africa and while i'm elsewhere i think the reality is now that we have to live in that under certain conditions and the reality is that two thirds of the german population do not have anything in an aggressive. mind agents people who are really in need who are real asylum seekers but they have absolutely something in mind against migrants who just come out a bit alike and therefore or the concept of them is getting basically the wiped out and the next and the future a just briefly if you well do you think that other players what a face the same kind of a piece because we know this german team is going to real mix our players with african descent also all the european countries but it seems that have been solely
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on from what we heard we've about thirty seconds or. but this is of just basically no home to every european country which has an option on. an object it's also an asylum seekers or. migrants there's a belgium this is france's germany there's austria that sweden and and of course i mean the people are not group anymore to accept this kind of. situations which is becoming an end to this story and if you look at the demographics figures especially from africa that basically forty to sixty million people are sitting on their own or they are to come over i mean we have to react to the thoughts of peter shilton professor of international ations at the university of gottingen thank you very much. last week's historic summit between trump and putin is in the spotlight next on cross talk you're watching r.t.
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international. hello and welcome to cross talk we're all things are considered peter lavelle some call donald trump a traitor and the helsinki summit treasonous as the media continue their meltdown a second summit is in the works to be held in washington what was accomplished in helsinki and what is the point of a sequel summit. talking summits i'm joined by my guest mark sloboda he's an international affairs and security analyst and in cyprus we cross to alex kristof or he is the director and
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writer for the duran dot com all right gentlemen crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciate alex let me go to you first in cyprus i want to in this program on talk about what was and what could happen so let's pack helsinki. i don't necessarily think that it was a failure for donald trump as it was a failure for the media and their continued meltdown go ahead. yeah i think it was we don't really know many details as to actual policy that was discussed between the two leaders in helsinki and one of the reasons we don't know that much about the meeting which we should be discussing policy because after all that's that's why they met and that's the important part of this summit all we're hearing about from the media is is the meltdown over how trump is a traitor how quittin is a how trump sold out the united states of america and this mass hysteria is clouding and it's fucking up any discussion as to what the policy that these men
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discussed was what do they talk about regarding syria regarding ukraine regarding nuclear proliferation no no one's really discussing any of the details and the important stuff and all we're hearing is this complete hysteria about russia about trouble about how he's a puppet of the kremlin and it's reached the point where it's madness i mean you have to be beyond stupid to believe that trump is some sort of kremlin spy some sort of kremlin puppet it's beyond dumb but that's the narrative that they're pushing peter twenty four seven yeah i know i know it mark you know your take on this because i mean i don't know if they believe it but they want the public to believe it. this is the ultimate expression of their rage over the two thousand and sixteen election they still haven't gotten over it and it has done a. good poem as well as that's a very good point now i agree with alex because the world's last thing that
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the idea that if it is see that he's some type of manchurian candidate or something but everything else i disagree with. of course there was no policy being discussed because there was no policy settle there we don't know that there was any policy talked about i'm not quite sure that donald trump really has the capability to do. discuss policy on a level and a par with vladimir putin certainly no deliverables no preparations were made anything that trump and putin to agreed in private if they agreed to anything doesn't it doesn't exist so trump is partly responsible for the really the media reaction yeah yeah yeah absolutely i think performance was incoherent unhinged it showed how in secure he was with his own electoral victory he's standing there next to the president of russia and evolving in the conversations about how he beat hillary ranting about the electoral college and so on i can all i don't know what
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was going through putin's head as he was standing there but all i kept thinking that putin would think is my god they really will think that you are my puppet after this and perhaps a little bit of of schadenfreude this is russia's adversary on the world stage and its leader is completely melting down standing next to me it's not let me go back to alex it is not. donald trump didn't perform as well as he should have i think a lot of it was self-inflicted mark is absolutely right i mean here he is at a summit in helsinki standing next to vladimir putin and he's talking about the electoral college i was in utter shock ok that he said that however the media you know he the trump was triggered and then the media was triggered i mean it was this kind of a mutual decision. destruction ok everybody was triggered and you have to kind of you're putin kind of stepping that connection with what the hell is going on. well
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i mean i think no matter where trump goes on no matter who he speaks with on an international level it's always going to go back to to this narrative that's i don't think there's anything the media can talk about anymore even wants to talk about whether it's stormy daniels and creepy poor lawyer or russia meddling or or the fact that he's very children away from their their moms and immigration it's no matter what trump does it's always going to go back to these basic narratives these basic points that the media continues to push and these are points that the american public especially the flyover states that people are going to be voting in the midterm a large amount of those people who could be voting don't really care about you don't care about the economy when they do we need to that's a real that's a now and it's a really interesting point because his base i'm going to turn to mark now bay seem since that mean you know so what ok donald trump promised to engage the russian
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leader he has and for again i will do it he checked it off on the back of his envelope in his jacket met putin this keep going yeah i agree completely let's talk the numbers i thought a trance performance was horrible unhinge incoherent but i'm no longer the target audience let's discuss the target audience ok so. paul published in newsweek shows that seventy nine percent of republican voters thought it was a successful summit and that trump did well i don't know how but that's what they think and the and the presumably these are a lot of fun as viewers to now the opposite polarization ninety one percent of democrats did not think so and sixty two percent of independents also did not think so but this might give donald hope some trump going into the midterms independents had not the vote during midterms and he makes a gallup also has a poll out that's very important it asks the question of all whole series of issues
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. series of issues what do americans feel is the most important problems facing the country their government in leadership was high at the top as was immigration as was racism down near the almost absolute brought them bottom is problems with the situation with russia in fact the numbers were so small. it didn't even register statistically so i think to a large extent he's right that this. again foreign policy is not necessarily the most important thing on americans minds either during the elections or in between them and i honestly think that most americans who are not part of the active resistance conspiracy theorists are a little tired of the whole thing you know alex you know you literally just go ahead because if we're going to kind of broaden it out of context just go ahead put some perspective yesterday on c.n.n. michael up and i was back on discussing that's already down you know stuff in the
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stuff it's just in a continuous loop the whole thing if you're absolutely right but one of the things alex that i think that you know the liberal media doesn't want to talk about is the donald trump's popularity is higher higher than it is with congress hired is that is with the media so i mean again if you kind of step back you know there there's a broader perspective here in the second half of the program i want to talk about the washington summit but alex i want to stay with you one of the things i found kind of curious and looking at cable particularly at fox i didn't see a lot of people coming out defending the president very few accept gorica came out rand paul you know what but that's a different ok because that is the he's not part of the drama team but i didn't see a lot of the. trump world people coming out defending the president i found that odd alex. well i think when it comes to russia. you're going to get both left and right speaking out in unison and i think it's
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a situation where trump cannot win when it specifically comes to russia and what it cost the intelligence community because in today's world if you say anything today's america if you say anything it gets the intelligence community anything it's heresy it's you just could not do it doesn't matter public or democrat i find it i find that absolutely hysterically disappointing mark there's a lot to criticize the intelligence community or a lot of it here decades ok i mean this is the how the manufactured consent that the media is complicit with we should be having a conversation about it ok but i know that's politically risky and i'll give trump that he just stumbled his way through that criticism that's what disappointed me never never mind how many times the intelligence community in recent memory has lied to the american people from the iraq war to james clapper lying on
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surveillance to libya talking about genocide to syria moderate rebels right we you know we've heard all of this but it's pure partisanship right in the run up to the election when democrats believe that komi is investigation of email servers which really wasn't an investigation at all i mean now they were the crying the intelligence community at the time they thought it was sabotaging their their queen to be a victory so you see how partisan shifts opinions on this completely regardless of of any real facts i think the media i think we should stop talking about it as the corporate mainstream media and start talking about it as the media intelligence complex use of it when when john brennan and james was about to just get out of their positions as the very embodiment of the deep state at this. he and i and director of national intelligence are now the pundits giving you your propaganda telling you what you should think about such things perfectly foreign policy
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directly not even a middleman i'm going to be able to go to the break here alex komi clapper brand in not an un surprising they're coming out as a spokespeople for the for the intelligence community through the the good services of the liberal media they all need to be deposed and they all need to be questioned about their behavior during the two thousand and sixteen election yeah well one of the interesting things about trying to trump derangement syndrome is that every now and then it starts to unmask another member of the deep state in this this go around we saw brennan mast we've seen peter struck we've seen komi we've seen all these guys but in this particular case we saw brennan really lash out and now a lot of people are asking questions about brennan and his role in the entire russia gates steel dossier narrative that's been going on so grand it almost brought him brought focus to himself because that's his area john brennan
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being the spokesman and supposedly decrying trump's talk about a deep state he is the deep say i'm sure he's and i don't think i would posit he's treated treasonous marc i have to jump in we have to go to a short break and after that short break we'll continue our discussion on summit staying with. four men are sitting in a car when the fifth gets shot in the head. four different versions of what happened one of them is on the death row there's no way he could have done it there's no possible way because the oldest did not shoot around a corner. welcome
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back to cross talk or all things are considered i'm peter lavelle to remind you we're discussing summits. ok let me go back to mark here and right before going to the break i i think you mentioned the washington post so i mean the western media was decrying this summit as pearl harbor the gulf of tonkin night eleven kristallnacht these are the descriptions i heard of it it wasn't any of those things it might have been embarrassing to what trump wasn't prepared for it but the washington post summed up
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i think the idea of their view coming out of the summit perfectly washington post article by eugene robinson yesterday god bless the deep state oh my god i think that only the deep state stands between us and the best at this point they're not even hiding it anymore i mean the are not even pretending otherwise meanwhile russian media has the exact opposite perspective they have a very sober and muted respect coming out of this summit they do not regard it as putin's a victory over the united states or anything like that and fact they worry that trumps performance was so bad and he faces such significant domestic part of his own political hurdles over it that it may end up hurting u.s. russia relations rather than moving them a step forward you know including go back to you in cyprus mark sums it up very very well there why this second summit so quickly on the heels of helsinki
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as you point out in the top of the program we really don't know what policy was discussed though i haven't we mean to me. talk later i have many a feeling that some of the ideas that were surrounding syria are already being in acted ok you can talk about that a little bit later but i mean why so quickly destroy one another by the apple go ahead alex i think this is kind of typical trump in a way in that he had his performance in helsinki after that performance and after probably a lot of pressure i imagine from his from his own insiders and from his own staff he gave kind of a quasi apology quasi walked it back a little bit and walk it back full but he did kind of apologize a little bit to the to the intelligence community and he did say i recognize that russia met only election i felt sad for like a hostage video i get there i you know i'm with you had i had to pull it off can't
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got you pointed them back even said i had been you could tell trump wasn't buying into it you could tell that he was just saying it because he was he was probably being obliged or forced to say it's but and that and then you have the tweets coming out about another subject and so i think this is very much trump's way of just kind of maybe you know pressing forward and as we said he hits that checklist and no matter what hits he wants to tick off those things on his checklist and he wants to also stick it in the face of these deep state guys in this media and to show in a way that look i may have given a little bit of a walk back but i'm not backing down and i think the next move for trump before he goes to any kind of summit in washington he needs to hit that base he needs to go somewhere middle america and give some rabbits give some speeches that's where his wheelhouse i think rock started to realize and understand that trump at this moment as us president going on these summits and meeting with these world leaders is not
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his forte this is not where he's at his best when he's out his base at this race talking to his base is talking about things that are important to him the wall immigration these things. tell he cares about these things and that's when he's at his best you know mark i mean first of all what did the media expect from helsinki they want a meltdown summit i guess that's what they want and what would that achieve if there were and they were afraid that the united states would trump would recognize the reunification of crimea with russia or that some deal would be reached in the dawn boston ukraine or or that trump would do what he actually said he would do and pull u.s. troops out of syria something like that so this is what they're afraid of none of this that we know happened with then it didn't happen so what's your crystal ball tell us about a summit in washington because that what has to change for a different i believe the optics to perception i think that's why i'm very cautious
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about this you and i talked before many times we were both equally basically in the same page it has to be about policy and what he would chance yeah i don't think this is a good idea for either side i think chris to for was exactly right trump needs to attend to his midterm elections domestic politics is all he really well seems to get and i know you and so when is this summit before or after the midterms if i would think the smart thing would be to put it after the midterms he seems to think otherwise and that he can spin the what will surely be the mainstream media fury to his advantage me ask for about that what do you think alex i mean i think they're being very cryptic on purpose some of it before i think it's after i can't i can't imagine him fitting it in. but i just i mean he's got the supreme court justice to get into place he's got he's got to he's got to rally he's got to go to get the
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republicans elected to win the house of the said it i just don't see how trump can possibly even get it even if it is a good idea i don't think he can fit it in after way after the midterms yet let's not. talk about waiting the house and senate let's not talk about let's talk about not losing them too badly as is normal for a president's midterm election generic vote is actually favoring. a middle decline for the republicans but we've got a long way to go we've got a long way to go and we learned in the last election that polls are not the end all be all of everything so i think from a russian perspective they're actually interested in getting things done the western media seems that all russia wants is legitimacy as if the only way the russian president can get and legitimacy is america's imperial grace descends on him and they judge and he blesses him with the chrism and of legitimacy and so on this is ridiculous russia once it's national its legitimate national security
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interests are respected and compromised and dealt with on by a rogue hyper power that thinks the whole world is that sphere of interest and it's above international law so there was one good positive thing i heard coming out of the summit very quietly not being reported on by the western media the russian state as information service has it closed door meetings finally about a new. new start and every new all new start and a new intermediate range nuclear forces treaty are going on if they're smart it will also include so arbor warfare which the u.s. has already always denied but that is that is positive but that doesn't need trump and putin sitting down to do that that can be done should be done at a lower state department and other security have to go to you know absolutely right now so get back to i don't understand i mean it seems to me that trump wants to
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paper over what he probably believes deep inside the less than stellar performance in helsinki he wants another shot at it and but mark is absolutely right i mean we know what the issues are they have been again a fight and now we need to get the state department in the russian foreign ministry to get to work on them i don't understand why they have to meet again so shortly ok . well maybe maybe right but maybe trouble also sees it as being in washington and he'll be more comfortable and he'll be in better form when it's in washington you know he always did not grow it in d.c. and obviously trump is more comfortable in that element but we also have to remember russia also has to agree to some sort of summit in d.c. so i just don't see it as something that's going to happen in the near future and i hope it doesn't happen in the near future because i think that trump the united states as well as russia whether they're dealing with their own stuff or what they're working on stuff together have a lot of stuff to do before these two leaders meet again frankly from just the
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russian very pragmatic standpoint on top of of maybe hurting more domestically and and the issue can any policy be done. there's also a question of basic security with the hysteria the neo con title in current russian security would have been really beyond all of the caring for anything i thought of absolutely the first thing i thought oh my god i can maybe flesh this out a little bit more how do you think vladimir putin understood the summit because is trump a president because of the hostility of the deep state and of the media is he in a position really to move the needle in one way or the other on any of these issues the official word from putin is that the sub's the summit was more substantive than he thought it would be. i don't i don't want to you know presume to know what how substantive he thought it would be beforehand i don't see much substance coming out
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of it at least not what we know publicly. but i think i think what a lot of the russian at leat are at least worried about is that trump is not a a a a partner who can get things done yet that he's not in control of his own foreign and security policy that anything that russia any meeting any photo op. like this the trump sees the crave you know the limelight of the camera what it would actually hurt him more than harm him and he isn't going to do russia any favors as well but i think we should talk about what trumps motivation is i mean i think it's clear he's got personal grievances against many of the leaders of the e.u. and his own intelligence committee over the election i think he doesn't mire know that's an unpopular political opinion in the us i think he sees what what what the russian people see how much putin has done for the russian people since the catastrophe of the one nine hundred ninety s.
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how far he's brought the country back both on a domestic individual level one more talking wages and so far all the way up to russia's you know strength in the world but henry kissinger has been pushing the idea that what should be going on a grand strategic perspective is a realignment of the u.s. geo politically trying to drive apart the growing alliance between russia and china don't you think it's too late oh i think it's too late i had a lovely think it's really i hope it's too late i think that putin is far too intelligent to this point he knows that the next election is going to see a reversal but kissinger said back in one thousand nine hundred ninety two he said in twenty years speaking to nixon your successor if he's as wise as you will wind up leaning towards the russians against the chinese because it was kissinger who helped lead nixon to me live here in the last thirty seconds go to you maybe the
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summit in helsinki in washington is the plan is to make sure that relations don't deteriorate more just damage control and if that's the thought i think it's. wrong headed go ahead alex. possibly it's possible with trump you don't know by my hunches there's so many actors that do have an agenda with interests inner circle let's that's not fair we haven't talked about mike pompei oh we haven't talked about bolton and what he wants or what's his motivation so i think there's a lot of forces at work that are also pulling and pushing trouble in different directions yet and i think you have trouble coups at the end of the day i just don't see he's as engaged in foreign policy and international affairs as he is with the chaos that is now alex we're going to jump in here and we've run out of time many thanks to my guest here in moscow and in cyprus this is the end of our broadcast segment stay with us for the expanded version on our you tube channel see you next time remember cross talk rules.
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to prepare the program i had to look at a lot of material listened to a lot of material and also read a lot of material the mood was appalling. and not only that when you get these images into your head and of course the images that i was you know far more graphic than anything i could include in a in a television. people criticize us or they question us and they want to know why we're not more book for a nickel of russia and the real question is how come we're not tooting russia's horn more because they are genius during this crisis but that would be i think a little bit you know over the top to simply point out all the good things that they're constantly doing so we just try to take a more balanced middle of the road approach that's you know the fact is that
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they're making all these other economies look stupid by comparison. in the region was standing five hundred meters so way they could see that civilians were around a few minutes later they began bombing the area and killing people a deadlier strike kills fourteen enough down this town with children among the victims r.t. speaks to witnesses the scene. best to give journalists group red face shining a light on germany's arms trade claiming that not all is above board. i don't really. understand why some. i think. that they own the. culture coming up on the program america on the west praised the bike you weigh.


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