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tv   News  RT  July 24, 2018 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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well you know your side of the story no i didn't i. was going to let you do. a whole third you've got eleven. fifty and i just don't know how to go to the way they did go you let evil doesn't really know this little bitty little whole lot . of. good stuff. to know about this. this is. what i started working. at a production company in surprise i didn't i couldn't go. to
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work schedule was crazy like morning until my sometime my sleep also is on the desk office i was only one girl working at a company and i guys are sleeping sometimes but it doesn't matter like you know i it's just the work first work is most important saying i prioritize to saying dad didn't have time to make frowns hung out with friends i'm getting older. as i feel lonely when. we return to tokyo and wanted somebody to go cold. she's twenty seven and the popular model among japan's youth she lives with a doll masoud. dimanche
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it almost to a local on the phone. i'm all in. all this and it's like it will go what does still told me a lot of them would be to them cause them only for the. good of the criticisms is gone in another. time only thing. because if they get to study took over the most skilled who. need that studio conduit what would you like. the look to farewell concert following the don't always show you could all study. it or sort of. study all day you will bill is psychologist and also the local flu come to well known all this isn't the do this all of them live is
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a. sure way to go just so sick and a kid will get that quiet that you were by well. they'll say or do or addicted to cut out or let's just say just say no. this is the step. no can you this you know it was high dose of. the sun just say show us you still look good with us how do you look at that i need some doing well this isn't some little something told police to get there there's some generic i'm going to get this economy who gives it to. good use i'm insecure sure there's you know it's an execution.
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on. the week later and with the working day is over and i could see merit salary for taking a short break at his favorite hotel this time. i might. want to give the. same us. oh mamma. well the husband entertained soldi his wife has come to clean for him. more has and i think. felt. i needed to. eat.
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the meat i mean some. keep. it secret when you think you know what you'll stick with us and. skittish and. i think well you see me i hate you so there with you that. was forced to. go unsaid. oh. i think. i'm a part of that only. those who. come along. with
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me but. we've come to see a doll factory. you know that's our selling off. you know story. took so much going off to a song called i do that's no joke or. something done i do choose to go to school. if you know what you mean we don't. want to come the closest. mr sawiris says to customers order is a doll's conception and opening the mold is its birth. today we're honored to witness a new arrival introducing eugene. called
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but henderson it was just. the two chicks. he quoted dick good luck on that you must. come. to know my homie is introducing us to japan's most famous living dog. never. moves a mask in public and only talks through an intermediary. put up without looking up at all but he made up the out what they like this you know. it will sit well with the soon that cannot explain your game when you submitted to . the thing you thought you could use or you know neither do you yeah you're
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sure steve must. go through. the loss of picking up the can not get out of. this. and he. looked at. this hotel with its view of mt fuji have to be booked a few weeks in advance. for your mother. i was able to one of the ninety one.
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before. but. i. was doing and book the. union the force. of the war. that i. would see me a more. tonight miami is going on a date. i
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. know. it's. not it amounts to not. hot concept like it's.
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my only chance to invited to tokyo's famous robot restaurant. but no one ever arrive to to me. chose seemed wrong when old roles just don't hold. any to old but you
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get to shake out disdain you can stick up to it and engagement equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground the. this is headline stories the kremlin confirms president putin has officially received an invitation from washington to meet with donald trump for a second major summit later this year. facebook is mocked for so called cultural censorship after it removes on for its featuring the works of
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a seventeenth century artist known for his painting. the white house threatens to revoke the security clearances of six obama era intelligence officials using them of making baseless accusations against president. just a few moments into a brand new day here in moscow whedon's they july the twenty fifth i'm unit o'neill this is r t international a top aide has confirmed that president putin house received an official invitation to visit washington for a summit with donald trump in the autumn. it's ready to discuss the proposal. expressed willingness for another round of talks after the two leaders met in helsinki last week. second meeting potentially with with
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a lot of input. is that in the works is it planned has it been you know i would say it's in the works we had a tremendous discussion on many things but the fact is we got along very well i think i have a good relationship with you the next time the two leaders meet could be at the g twenty summit in argentina or right here in d.c. in the nation's capital and apparently john bolton national security advisor will be working out all the logistics the next time he's in moscow but the last meeting the helsinki summit that took place last week provoked a total hysteria here in the us of the media accuse trump of treason just for talking to putin calling him names like a trader a week poppy a kremlin stooge putin's puppet and even accused him of being affiliated with the f.s.b. and the k.g.b. so it was totally outlandish but let's check out what else they have to say.
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i don't know which side is the bride and which side of it is the groom enters a bit or sort of feels like we're in a wedding you have been watching perhaps one of the most disgraceful performances by an american president why is president trump putting himself in this vulnerable high stakes an area and letting flat in your putin lead. a man that even president trump now says interfered in u.s. democracy invited to the white house and now the president has apparently doubled down these kids by getting them to washington so let's collude to get. this top spy in the united states he doesn't know how the.


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