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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  July 25, 2018 7:30am-8:00am EDT

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team will go down in the history books as one of the stand out years in the new renaissance of black culture like a phoenix rising out of the ashes galvanized by the black lives matter movement black artists entertainers and political figures have been dominating the headlines and box offices like no other time before starting with the global box office supernova that was black panther even before its release last february the growing buzz around the film was deafening featuring that rarest of rare and hollywood a major studio film made with a predominantly black cast and crew black panther broke down barriers and defeated expectations delivering a hero's journey to a marginalized movie going audience so often resigned to seeing the characters that look like them cast as the sidekick or comic relief to the white character in the lead role but it wasn't just the movie screens that were showcasing the new black renaissance music sod's revolutions as well with the continued rise of artists like
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carty b. and childish gambino challenging the narrative and party b. we saw a powerful black woman who wasn't beyond say revolutionize the hip hop game and once again proved that talent drive and fearlessness can indeed overcome the patriarchy that dominates the rap game and well carty b. was standing tall dominating the charts over the corporate song birds like taylor swift a shot of truth like a diamond bullet between the eyes was delivered by actor and rapper donald driver donald glover aka childish gambino whose song and music video this is america perfectly encapsulated the black experience in these united states of america in the early twenty first century so today we celebrate this new renaissance of our song and film as we start watching the hawks.
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but like you i got. this. is exactly. an epic roar echo throughout hollywood this weekend hawk watchers as the marvel universe superhero black panther was finally unleashed in theaters here in the united states and around the world and the benchmark of success in a capitalistic culture is money then without a shadow of a doubt black panther is in just four days of release a smashing success by pulling in a record breaking two hundred thirty five million dollar opening weekend at the box office black panther shatter not only box office records alon held movie industry beliefs and a racist barrier is about the amount of green a film of color can bring in especially one featuring a black superhero fighting for the safety of his powerful and technologically advanced african home country not exactly hollywood storytelling is bread and
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butter to say the least but for many black men women and children both here in the u.s. and around the world even before the film was released the success of black panther was about more than just being another hollywood hit and joining us to discuss black panthers true success is georgetown university professor chris chambers a few wow the you tube does a big price that's a big number oh it is blows away every every you know and it and you there weren't any rappers in the movie right there weren't any bizarre stereotypes in the movie there were some hard questions and issues to debate in the movie all the things that you know the go counterintuitive to what hollywood over and over again in all the years leading up so let me ask you you know why why do you believe you know why is black panther success this week and so much bigger than just dollar numbers like what what actually was a success it's a perfect storm i mean we have we have the current cultural and social and political. climate that really where i think african-americans needed this kind of
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a pick me up but black people alone can't create these kind of domestic numbers you're going to see that repeated i mean this is a character that was invented by white people in the sixty's by stan lee but i think the time is now for for for this kind of a of a movie that be transformative in a lot of people movies for being transformative but if you look at the negative side look at birth of a nation look at. you know gone with the wind i mean they were culturally transformative in a negative way and colored the way we think of american history will you know a movie can do that in a positive way and i think when you have this cast this kind of writing you know it can transform people that's for that's for true do you think this is step one of sort of pushing that that idea which is an old held belief years and years in
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hollywood i can tell you the ten plus years i spent in hollywood there was one thing for certain is that any white male executive which for most of them will tell you. black movies don't make money over and over and over get it out and that they just they don't make any money overseas they just do domestically and it's fine so they're not a good investment is this sort of at that perfect sort of question that you know we had oscar so way and that you know moonlight when you know the success of get out now black panther do you think that this is like that first proving what i think we've turned a corner because this has a broad appeal and it's a piece of a larger marvel universe so you know it's a good litmus test to overseas because if it goes to a place like china and the chinese say well we don't want to see it then they have to we've pretty much laid bare where they're coming from but i don't think that's going to happen i think that because it's a part of a larger marvel universe because the writing the issues you know that this is.
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you've got to hit the face with issues it's there but and you can kind of roman aid over it but if you can you can do it in the course of this like amazing ride i think it's going to turn the corner it's going to blow away a lot of people and we're seeing this now i mean i've never heard of hollywood exact say oh well gosh you know maybe we need to put a panther movie in between the you know the city wars which are well they're not going to do that but i mean now they see you know i hope that they did kill him off of the if in a few wars but you know now it we don't want to be here but you know it you know that's going to be that's and that's going to be screaming or it will look if they can put you know christopher plummer you know into ridley scott right here right behind her you know remain a slayer here yeah you know what's interesting too is without giving away specifics because we believe that we want to protect spoilers here you know we won't about you know the government what they do but. what about the representation of of you know the character of black panther you know the home country of what condon even
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the villain was eric kill monger what made that so game changing him groundbreaking for this type of movie like what what in that representation really jumped out well you know if you look at that stories that resonate and we look at the batman origin story of how his parents were killed or even superman coming here i mean you had these people try to make a child and kill monger into like martin luther king and malcolm x. and which is which is stupid there's no there's no comparison there are contrast and kill monger is a a psychopathic murderer but he had this the in the movie you're asked to say well how did he get that way we're we're in a because when i used to read black panther when i was younger i'd say how could this country that had this gift of the you know the vibranium you know you know meteorite how could they sit back and watch so many of their brothers and sisters and slaved thought for a thousand years how can they sit. and watch you know european powers come in and
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colonize and tear apart the continent which was which was a viable continent before you know colonialism a lot of people think the whole there was a tarzan movie before then and it wasn't know it and i used to sit there and think well how how would they treat that and ryan coogler in this movie addresses those issues and makes you debated but he doesn't sit there and say well you know kill monger is a hero for saying i want to help all my oppressed people that he gets comes out and says the guy's a maniac but how did he become a maniac and i think that's a very compelling story there's a very compelling story most definitely there's a feminism aspect to it too and we're going to i'm sure was a. favorite of the so right about so that was my big thing about this movie is that i tried to stay away from the marketing as much as possible i know what i know about the comic from before and start to like us and keeping myself open to the story and what i what i've seen come out and what what finally sort of struck me
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the most is that the women these are so these are amazing women and i think even beyond what was you know wonder woman you know for this idea of strong women this is huge an intersection feminism kind of way these are strong black women they had up armies they're not sitting there arguing over a man they're not you know fighting with each other they're fierce and bald black beautiful and they are just you. know whether this is the you know what you're talking about his younger sister who's into actually or the door and allows you who are his his bodyguards i mean that that's something that you didn't even see in the comics the core of female bodyguards that were that surrounded him all the time and and quite frankly i mean you know when women in general look at this i mean these are the people that when this disruptive force comes in to tear this kingdom apart these women are the ones who say no we stand for the rule of law we're not going to just go. for whoever is popular we're you know we have you know we're going to
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stand up for what's right and that's a very strong statement it is it is and i think you know it's interesting because i'm not historically i think that black women are often forgotten sometimes in the historical aspect of say the civil rights movement where you have young malcolm x. is and that i think sometimes the women don't get noticed for that and i think this was that moment when you realize like that was such a big part of that story was it was it was it was you know they were the ones who were concerned with the rule of law and what was right and what was just you know what did did you you know you said it kind of this is like was it was this something that was like the perfect storm or is this you know or is this something that really does have legs i think that's the most important thing i think it does this i mean i think it's a perfect storm in terms of the hype of the build up but i mean but marvel and you know we still have to remember this is this is a money making exercise this is this is this is walt disney or horrible and i think that they probably were savvy enough to see that now was the time to introduce this
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character. break him out from from the winter soldier movie which is where you first see him and you know with the you know i think not that they were breaking him out at this time but more like oh great you know we're going to break him out and all the all the stars are in alignment we're going to make money money money money money and look like good guys doing which in a capitalistic system is a tough thing to do is tough it is tough i mean the biggest thing for me is always like you know how much did it mean to the kids who go see exupery movies at the end of their for their ultimately for kids at the end oh this is this is a minnow ever and yeah and i think it's a beautiful thing to see whether it be wonder woman last summer or black panther this were now you suddenly have representation for little girls you know little you know you know black men and women things like that we can look up and say oh no i haven't i have a superhero now who is not white who does not. looks like somebody else who
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actually looks like then i can jump up and follow i mean it's for for women of any color children of any color and even you know ryan coogler wrote into this with kill monger even urban youth because you know this this kid became who he was because of the forces that you know there are still tearing up urban youth so i mean some kids can watch this and say you know i can tear up i can take the message that he's trying to give away from the lunacy you know i don't have to be like that i can i can i can attach myself to the positive message without the anger and the destruction and i think that even that will help some kids are watching this so well there's tons of sequels and i can't wait to see what the what that you know kind of filmmaking team doesn't that show you clearly kugler and jordan michael b. jordan are a tandem of actors already there that we haven't seen in a long time you know where here's these two guys getting better and better with each so yeah you know well it's one day nerd out and yeah well you know a lot of good you know if we make a shoot from the creator of the real for
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a day i will go running through the game thank you chris chambers always a pleasure i think don't take yourself and we'll be back with a sequel. as we're going to read hark watchers don't forget to let us know what you think of the topics we've covered on facebook and twitter see our poll shows at our t.v. dot com coming up we continue our episode on the new black renaissance taking place here in the united states as we talk the rise of hip hop artist party and the message childish gambino is this is america with author and educator do you want to stay tuned to watch. everywhere in the world my guess is that probably just about. we're women expect
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men to make that first move and here we are in an age where men are scared to make the first move don't know how to make the first move don't know what's right to make the first will. or will. look at it is. that. you could. do it a little he. should. let me go to the new destroying my food. well it's only about that we can all move out and heard the going. forward to one
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of the more cones around the. world. really i. welcome back and now we present our discussion with author and speaker do you want guns and how respectability race and politics fit into the rise of hip hop artists like r t b take a listen i want to start and this is interesting story that came out of like the kind of rise of carter i never thought i'd be talking about pretty boy but the rise of the you know this. this woman and her talent and all that is
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a vast exposure specially when you see culture reacting to it that's what really got me and one of those things was anti-pornography group the national center on sexual exploitation basically kind of browbeating household wal-mart the retailer so what they did they remove the cosmopolitan cover that she was on it and you know from stands at the front of the store they were put in the back citing them as you know sexually exploitive influences but what's interesting to me is the you know they didn't seem to care about the cosmos cover had like you know this is a star mandy moore or big bang theory is keli kuko showing more skin than carty be did and you know and that and that is ridiculous to me so deep rap and hip hop always been that like you know something scary to white america but yet they buy it and eat it up all the time. you know and the whole fear is what is going to turn like the most white kids in america you know gangsters or some horrible terrible
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cliche or you know. where does that come from and what effect does that actually have in the black community when you see this kind of reaction sort of funny thing for me is why would you get excited about moving someone from you know a wal-mart right with no one's excited about moving thomas jefferson off of money right i sort of like you know more of a negative impact on people but you know i think anyone who is party is just a definition of being american this is an american story this is what this country promotes a person from the bottom drawer what it takes to get to the top and she did it in the legal way she used the tools that was in front of her and she's creating music that are committed that's connecting people from all over the world so people who are in talk i just don't understand i'm in a kind of i don't. it was so strange to me because you did see this thing where i'm looking at you know even if you know. outlets that are usually very pro woman
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or you know things like the route i'm seeing like carnie vs trashing if you think you like or you're trash too and i'm like yeah and like i was someone who was always called white trash growing up because you come for the wrong side of the tracks there's this idea that oh you're well spoken even though you came from the country came from a thing and then i found that that is one thing that intersects with our experience is that if you come from the wrong place or you're not you know you're not classy enough and one of those things i noticed was in party g q interview. where they of course signed a female writer to do this but the female writer spent the first three paragraphs. just in specific detail about carty views body. then she this writer lets everyone know that no car to be actually knows a lot. presidents in american history and actually knew something about the social security system that the writer didn't which is fascinating oh she was fastened
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leaders as person and the for the only reaction the next sentence after this you know did you know the writer admit i didn't know that that's personal security came from f.d.r. and the first thing she talks about as she was she goes on to say her baby doll features big eyes round face minimal chen the minute this white girl saw that this girl knew more than she did about history and it seems so crazy. is that this is part of that sort of fetishization of black women by both men and women that is there's a shot at this idea that oh my gosh she can read she knows thing he knows the words work and. what he drives me crazy and i have how how do we fix that how do we deal with it is this unusual was even more scary is that i read the woman's biracial group and they're in a black neighborhood so she's influenced by black culture the bigger problem is that you can be a person who looks black and identifies as black but still subscribe to the same.
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the same ideas that suppress black people who don't have the luxury of coming from the black elite that's the problem if i can sit down with them people they will look at me like i'm crazy but if i could sit down with the i would straight up see cody be to me is as important as billie holiday only in a so long she is telling stories that is getting a whole lot of people excited and having fun in it and delivering truisms there are some most celebrated artists have done in the words of right wing culture warrior andrew breitbart politics downstream from culture the phrase meant to describe why conservatives were perennially getting crushed in the culture war by ignoring the importance of the media pop culture is growing more and more accurate every year with online platforms allowing art music and pithy means to spread across the country like wildfire and. the nation's narrative and a previously on imaginal way kanye dons a red hat and the ensuing debate fuels the nation's social media rankings and news
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cable shows alike and now artist ana glover delivered a somewhat more philosophically charged pop culture critique of society's race and gun violence issues from his alter ego childish gambino with many americans debating the music videos underlying message and symbolism author and educator d. walk ins joins us to weigh in on the conversation d. always a pleasure to have you on first i just go say out the gate this is a credible music video amazing i mean well i mean not only unlike the technical level of just pure filmmaking but just on the the metaphors of the issues raised and all that so i want to start and ask you you know nobody's quite on the same page because it raises so many issues and as somebody brilliant visuals and a lot of metaphor you know. in this is america what did you take away from it what it what did you have for seeing it what did you walk away from viewing the video so you so i felt like after watching the video. dorst what
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we try to do in media we see the big stories that everyone wants us to talk about from this day trial to this trial did this so what. what about the everyday people who are suffering who's going to tell their stories who's going to care about them who's going to love them and he showed us how you can just dangle something flashy in wow in front of people who are interesting and will totally turn a blow to the things that we should be looking at and i think i think it was brilliant. you know makes me excited for our interview it is going to be a it is yet when you watch people with. their reactions and you're seeing some of the reactions from people. you know from piers morgan who you know to scare us down think since. it is so they don't get it though that is it is not
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a time to this country this country is structure for piers morgan and alex jones to win you know worry about the same things that a person with black skin or a woman is going to worry about they just don't know but i think the hard part is in them being so uncomfortable because it works when i see that when there are those people are scared of my good you should think about so fair one of the things and that reaction it didn't really fall neatly into the categories of sort of race and politics some people you thought might be a little put by it weren't new yorkers during say felix noted that quote a lot of black people hate it and the music video forces viewers to relive countless traumas before immediately forcing them to then dance what is your reaction to that. covers approach to getting us all to talk about these issues. is it insensitive or needlessly overly sensitive is there this idea where that trauma
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is their thing where you read traumatizing people in trying to tell the story or at the end of the day i don't even know when you get the quote a lot of black people hated it who are these people you know you are a lot of people hate everything just like a lot of people love everything so that's really like a fair thing and even that type of thinking is what's wrong with this country today the idea of you can just put all of these different types of black people in a box and think that they are all of the black people spoken to like you a lot of don't like it you're not going to you're not really going to say that about any other race you're not going to see you know oh yeah you know a lot a lot of curious you know you're not going to say that what you're going to do that to black people so that person is proud instantly problematic and the reason why we need videos like this i mean and when you look at like sort of things that glover was doing in the video it's really incredible i mean because like i said everyone can kind of watch it and see different things that suddenly speaks to them and that's the strength the powerful are you know when i saw the video and saw how he
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was moving the facial you know what he was the faces he was making things like whoa you know that reminds me a lot of like the jim crow era you know what i was like where alex jones. minstrel just. the letter layer. to when i look at it's job. because he screams and he turns really silly skin is about the pop like he's he wants to be ric flair or something you know just like summarize this this whole thing what donald glover did is what kanye west is trying to do here is speaking directly to the people and the issues in a way that's brilliant and transformative he's been with illusions you know people say oh my god he shot the people to deliver fell. ship what those people before he murdered them in cold blood before those offices picked him up and what i consider to be like a silent you know thank you they bought him a burger yeah this is america this is what happens here in itself alex jones peers
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web it guys at that ignaz stuff the things that they say it could never hole in white and that is our show for you today remember everyone in this world we are not told we love the naacp so i tell you all i love you tyrrel but for that top of the lists keep on watching those hawks and have a great day and night but. four men are sitting in a car when the phipps gets shot in the head. for different versions of what happened one of them is on the death row there's no way he could have done it there's no possible way because the list did not shoot around a corner. i've been
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saying the numbers mean something they matter to us is over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten thousand dollars fine tempting each day. eighty five percent of the global wealth you longs to the old for rich eight point six percent market saw thirty percent just last year some with four hundred to five hundred trees per second per second and bitcoin rose to twenty thousand dollars. china's building two point one billion dollars a i industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only number you need to remember is one one business shows you can't afford to miss the one and only lubov. the birds. are some full complement on.
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indigenous people as you know we've that. paid in the oil the trees. the books most politicians says that only the kids. all of a sudden a man just. simple dream girl jerry was. i said i will enter it to them if they would not allow me. to move they will shoot you in. our hour long a million million indeed on the market now menominee been thought to be to have been killed by the human one man got up by the government it will be like i mean the country i used. the.
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child's name wrong but old roles just don't call. me the world is yet to shape our disdain comes to advocate and engagement equals betrayal. one song many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. please. shut the. heat.
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there is still some fear is possible for groups of militants to go into houses and slowly see entire families. the islamic state terror group doubled the number of attacks in iraq a government security advisor says the state media there is trying to avoid panic by keeping quiet about the true level of violence the number of feisal kidnappings to search since may now the special forces to not have enough resources to harm them it's in style is they're hiding out some remote mountainous areas. the u.s. media and politicians lash out at the idea of a second summit between donald trump and vladimir putin despite a recent poll suggesting most americans are in favor of closer ties. and facebook is mocked for banning ads featuring classic works by the flemish artists ruben's due to the.


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