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food and drink in particular is seen as high quality very high quality and the problem with we call the union jack really is that you diminish the scottishness of it and in turn that diminishes the attractiveness of the food and drink they want to be possible for people to put more flags on the producer saltire on one side the union flag and the other woman around well actually that is happening with quite a few companies and that's not a bad thing. it just actually the big problem is but exit and i had them but i accept be a fair thing for companies speculate on the projects any particular that is a real problem for scotland because scotland highs several items which are which have. what is called protected geographical indication not a member of us when i was first minister campaigning for whiskey to get one agreed by the chinese well good for you we won not one and scotch whisky is probably the
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best known certainly our biggest export but probably the best known export it don't mean british whisky are no they tried and i have very good authority that the sales of the british whisky. just were non-existent and they've gone back to scotch and this controversy actually ridge then to the committee rooms of the house of commons that it didn't need to and. gave evidence and she's one of the key campaign especially one of the key campaigners know and it all came from the grassroots such as saying that people should realise the skinflints decided that it was wrong that scotland's brand was being weakened the manhunt is that any academic or empirical evidence to show that putting an assault on your projects actually increases the sales quite remarkably al it came within the last few days and that has been the result of a sunday by. an organization called quality meat scotland they say the industry
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body for all meat producers they brought on sunday following their campaign to promote scorch beef scotch beef eyes protected geographical indication status and no one else can produce coach beef anyone know what the americans might like to because part of what they're wanting is to get rid of all of these as we call them but scotch beef over the last year and england no this isn't england this is not in scotland and england the sales of scotch before the resin by seven percent because of the campaign organized by quality meat scotland to promote scotch beef and what's even more extraordinary is that on average scots beef in london is ten percent the other than english not irish beef yet people have been queuing up to buy it sales are up and it's a recognition that scotch beef is a high quality product and must remain so after bragg's if we lose protected status
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for we think they'll be a disaster for the industry the success of branding products the scotties doesn't actually speak to something more fundamental but people are saying it is not just scotland but what scotland represents and you think is part of all the times of national desire for things to be the strength of the provenance of assurance to have quality is that is that what's behind this absolutely is hold by what is behind this whole thing is to promote scotland as a place that produces high quality food and drink scotch beef scott salmon scotch whiskey and we have been very very successful in recent years and increasing the amount of exports that. have gone to school and particularly if we can drink the more that we can prove that we have a distinct identity based on. things like quality food and drink the more we do that the more i. think that people school on to become confident about their own
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future and of course as a representative of the only dealing newspaper in scotland that supports independence you can bet i welcome that it would be better if scotland were well known as the court an american off of the country which invented the modern world as opposed to the country which produces could be from a decent whisky i think we can be i think we can both be both i think that we have a record second to none of producing inventors scientists. per head of population i think we've probably got more nobel prizes than any other country i think it's only norway has more better population but you would certainly advocate as people look at this desultory political scene that they should be driving the sort of quality scottish projects absolutely and i would forward to the day when we are independent and we can say salmon scotch beef scotch whiskey probably french wine. well i
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can't i can't recommend french why even this particular sceptical but if you want to use her delightful interview your title to the alexander mcqueen i thank you very much indeed alec thank you very much. i know from talking to a campaigner for scott in the blind i thought we'd talk to a practitioner somebody who actually produces the stuff the people want to see the scottish brand on german fairly foster the nation farm and i was pretty unusual mostly fourth generation of the survivor. i came into the industry i was born and bred in the town. in the city when i was eighteen. absalom a lot everything about it has got to me it's. a sense of purpose you go in the morning you walk in the stock there's a partisan it's not just about looking after that stock as a contribution to the environment that you're living in a context being to the to the food chain that we all that we all want to eat from. and just feels are those property office when you produce and stock the one.
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purpose is to stay in business which is not always easy primary producers so can you point to who bonding you produce so your beef with a scottish identity actually helps you in the bottom line. the scotch brand run by call in scotland the do annual. promotions and all the rest of it and they'll target specific parts of the country so they've been very strong for more beef in london so you're seeburg forster's going and they'll they'll tell you about growth between anywhere between three and six percent of growth of beef consumption there in the brands what whether anybody see it we been accused through the whole process where the brand has been. diluted try to dilute this brand if you want to open a burger stall and you put a great big yellow over the top of it the response will be futile quick and
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deceptive because your brand matters so whether it's the scotch but on with it's the germ theory but on whether it's the whatever the brand is if you get your brand rate it is the most crucial thing you have in your business your argument would be in the same way a mcdonald's would. scotland should be jealously protecting one hundred percent jealously particularly when if you go back to the where this actually started after the referendum in twenty fourteen you had in duncan standing in a room with a great britain campaign and it was all very low key but what you had was iconic scottish brands with union jacks all over them that were no problem with the union flag with the union flag on a product if people want to sell as a but i think that's fine but when you've got product that is on shelves but she should be uniquely scottish if it's come from come from fashion health then why would you put a union flag on it if you we've already got that. we don't really that but i hate
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looking at just the national food drink policy which a lot here gives them the scottish farming most yes he was the agricultural real affairs minister he introduced the the national food drink bowls for scotland and he set up the scotland things and that's no the chief executive that guy called james whether he was a fantastic guy and they have done an enormous amount to walk to grow the economy to grow the food industry as the fastest blue insect that and it occurred to me and they've just released their new document which is a question twenty five to and the whole point of invention twenty thought is that the farming community and the food industry have to collaborate what together to meet at the most dynamic diverse industry in the country if they get it right and turn if they have to it will mean that as they have to billion pounds a year of time know what and the food and drink in the street and we will employ a million people a population of one five point four million one million people will be involved as a friend of a country the supermarkets compute whatever lake on on on
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a packet and if they've put a union flag on i don't believe it's because they've got any kind of agenda against scott i believe it's because they believed that that would increase their sales and it would the school and food and drink. over that they've done i should clear indications in scotland that the saltire sales more than what it would if i were to get any of the likes of the salt ourselves the salt ourselves because we know that sells it and they want if you go any of them on that and i backpacked around the studio if you've got a saltire and you have a jack of all scots and they want to talk to you. i would be a lot of that to be sufficient why would we want to do anything other than promote that of a semi consolation i appeared of time when i represented the largest fishing community in europe and i used to think they were set there with a till the discover that selling a product the scots like was steen meant at least a ten percent premium instead of selling it as prawns i have never seen such
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a rapid conversion to the what language. do not be that your your fellow farmers second third fourth fifth generation if they could be persuaded to but the bottom line will be queuing up to support the bill we have to maintain the burned and we have to sail back and let all the visions of this hills and glands and nest and this iconic feeling of comfort that people get from scotland if we sell what we won't have to compete because we're going to sell a premium product that over the many people in this country will want to buy a place so that we can do a bit that there's a billion middle class consumers in asia by twenty twenty there will be a billion middle class consumers. the best the french champagne the drink in the finest scotch whisky we should be having a program to get needs of beer count back on terror hells so that we sale the best beef in the world bar none come from those who wasn't plains to the asian market of a billion middle class consumers so it's like
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a great ambition i can't i can't deliver that campaign of which you spoke but i come off of the salmon quick for something to wash it down with the scotch lama beef or stay with the best of the scottish product thank you very much it is so much for that has been life pleasure thank you the report from a campaigner and a practitioner coming up after the break when i hear from an academic on the national branding of scotland. it's a very rough furthur and you sort of throw flat emotes and you have to win fights to be able to reflect. it was gunshots on top of them and it's all very fresh what happened in the morning and i've been even not. going well back up but.
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you know i don't want to see a better body in the children is ready to participate in the good. old to me a good mood and if. you don't think about this leave this soldier or not you got three teams like any other and other patients. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race based on off and spearing dramatic developments only personally i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical of time time to sit down and talk. is this is harlan kentucky. over all of this move them
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poised to sleepwalk ministry fanny's remain in. a coma any city with almost no coal mines left. the jobs are gone all the coal mines are said. live to see these people the survivors of a world disappearing before their eyes. i remember thinking when i was younger that if anything ever happened to the coal mines here and that it would. coming down but i never thought in the million years i would see that and it's happening it's happened. welcome back considering what i seem of call the new brand alex my six academic professor to a cool black. professor you're one of the international authorities on brand image for tourism purposes but as
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a way to measure the success of this academically beyond just counting the number of votes those you get to your country actually measurement of tourism branding is relatively new and only goes back about forty years and there are multiple in dixie's that are used however in reality one of the most important measurement is brand personality. would you say that scotland as had substantial success or in this say there are do you think though still on the playing on assets for a nation of only five million people to attract twenty five million tourism. tourists annually in scotland punches way above its weight in terms of the tourism agenda and look at the last few years what would you could you identify seemed so events which have been particularly successful in and branding scotland well if we go back to two thousand and nine homes coming scotland this was really the seminal
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year which led to all of the theme years that followed as a result of homecoming scotland it's repeated again in two thousand and fourteen but this time alongside the ryder cup and the commonwealth games. does the countries sort of look at that and say how that's something we could we could do as well as. there's a lot of emulation goes on and the sort of branding visit to the some numbers that's a really good question because in fact other nations have tried to emulate scotland and not been successful so one of our opportunities is to. we have license help develop tourism branding around the world based on the scotland model scotland has a strong image for for visitors and a high percentage of visitors to the local population but the places were fair in scotland what would you point to as examples of cities or towns who've managed to make their mark. two cities in particular in scotland have risen very quickly first
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glasgow with their tourism branding slogan of people make glasgow which was developed by surveying hundreds and hundreds of thousands of glaswegians to come up with words that resonate with the local population so it's truly authentic as people make glasgow make glasgow that's right and then in the city of edinburgh the slogan is this is edinburgh which allows every citizen to contribute their own voice as edinburgh is doing now with the edinburgh twenty fifty project to develop the future of this street this great city so from what you say scotland has achieved a very strong brand identity and has a very high percentage of visitors to to the local population but as everything else scotland should be doing and from from year to sassaman to something else that could be cutting through on yes indeed we should continue to evaluate and analyze brand perceptions of brand scotland but in addition we should not only listen with
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our head but also our heart it reminds me of when the scottish parliament building that beautiful iconic building opened in edinburgh many years ago and edwin morgan wrote that wonderful poem open the doors he was the mark of the national police is that it was erected and mr morgan's ploy and resonated with the entire country so that today our tourism slogan is scotland is now and now it's all about opening the doors to everyone to say this is a welcoming caring sharing country we invite you to join us so from a vegetable point of view the strong brand identity does not carry forward to to people buying products the people see the identity as the reason for purchasing but let's say food products international yes people make their decision to purchase tourism items. not just based upon emotion but also based upon the economic offer
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so this is why the challenge of brecht's it and the challenge of trade tariffs could negatively impact tourism and it's very important that we soften this is much as possible i know you've talked about some of the successes that scott mossad in recent years is thinking not just about scotland but maybe internationally or of a catastrophic elements that you can. or attempt to come off or things that were a bit of a full power for any particular country many years ago i was invited by the world bank to assist with the development of the two thousand anniversary of the birth of jesus christ in bethlehem as part of the millennium celebrations and i advise the mayor of bethlehem not to release live white doves at midnight because they would fly into the large television lights and in fact be baked and he asked what i
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suggest as an alternative and i said similar to what they did at the lillehammer winter olympics they use latex rubber gloves filled with helium it created the same effect they could capture them reuse them it was sustainable of course he didn't like my advice and he released his two thousand white dove and they had two thousand roasted on international television and that's the only message that remembers sadly from that iconic event so you would have to just slogans carefully and don't roast just the stuff that's exactly right especially on the two thousand and a version of the birth of jesus christ so we could be by me mishaps but also being some outstanding success is not not just in scotland but of people's image of a country of the people is actually part of a well chosen and perhaps the same tick slogan for something has to be authentic to work doesn't it. two of the most authentic slogans that have ever been developed
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for tourism purposes are i love new york which has been phenomenally successful over the last forty years and will probably continue to be successful because again it was developed organically similar to this is edinburgh allowing the people to connect with the slogan because if the residents don't connect with the slogan or with the tourism branding the no amount of whitewash is going to make this authentic. i'm thinking of the great successes i mean the edinburgh castle for example that's a million have visit you wouldn't they be forgiven for saying listen folks are going to come to edinburgh castle where we mark the know it how do you stop people sitting on the lot of us to look for three hundred million years since that volcano erupted behind us here people have been interested in this city as a destination and because sir walter scott literally invented mass tourism with this publication of the point of the lady of the lake that attracted the english to
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come up to our beautiful country tourism is something that is part of human nature it will only grow from strength to strength and when the economy actually takes a nose dive tourism generally rises because people need more escapism and so you would say that will rest on your laurels always be looking to the fresher your image of france your bond and keep keep pushing on yes and one of the ways that scotland has not rested on his laurels is by promoting film tourism the u.k. recently did a study and they identified that forty percent of all tourists made a positive decision to visit the u.k. because of a film they'd seen in their local cinema well where are most of the films in the u.k. produced these days on these beautiful lands and so scotland is well positioned to grow from strength to strength well professor go blow your image of scotland standing there yourself but i've got one more piece of scottishness to give you
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a novice of course the alex salmond clique and i don't have to i don't have to tell you that but just the best whisky and olympia close friends and i thank you for the when we when we enjoy this quake at our home we will always drink in the traditional way. like this and think of you thank you very much i would some poor the gift to get us to see ourselves as others see us. so said scotland's national bar robert barnes but what is one's reputation abroad and how can that be used in utilized to sell scottish goods and services take a look at this recent question in the house of commons when michael gold was questioned by the firm of the west fife them be douglas chapman. introducing some of the finest their food and drink which is exported around the world i was disappointed well above our weight in terms of balance of payments and it's based on a value scottish brand could ask the minister what steps it is taking to protect scotland
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the brand to surely efficient quality food and drink is enhanced during and after the vexed process was a very constructive contribution actually because scotland as a brand is a very powerful one i mention risky and smoked salmon but it is the case that the high quality food producers of scotland from those who are responsible for. beef in the north east of scotland to those who are responsible for the the wonderful organic carrots and potatoes of aberdeenshire these food producers are individuals who work incredibly hard when it's my desire to champion and that's why i'm just a little bit sad little bit sad that the prospects for scotland have decided not to collaborate with the u.k. government in making sure that we have affected u.k. wide frameworks in order to provide a farm platform for exports and growth in the future that douglas chapman joins me now like to say you don't get too much make all go of the sure hope familiar
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michael gove who was brought up in the northeast of scotland seem to be with the range of scottish brodeur's well the range of scottish producers as far as fantastic and we all know that and the quality especially in the food and drink sector. beyond compare i would suggest but certainly the way that scotland has been promoted. broad needs to really get a big shot in the arm because we need to. if that's going to happen then we need to be selling scorched goods across the globe like never before and also keep retaining a european markets which exceptionally strong from the perspective but i don't go when i answer your questions seem to be running a product of an organic colors are wonderful in aberdeenshire believe me but i wasn't necessarily the first selection of range of products i would have gone to but would you say this is the case to a veteran s.n.p.
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campaigner and scott the notable where do you. stop the world scott wants to get on is that the sort of message you're putting forward well absolutely but needs to be really really pragmatic because what we should be about is making sure that we have a strong successful scottish economy and at the heart of that can be the different task to produce that comes from scotland not just an organic carrots across the whole spectrum of food and drink and other services and produce that we can produce in her. police chapman thank you so much like you as that connick image of scotland heather totten bagpipes wild man and wild women as well and they haven't got a castle the guardian of the nation now these are the images which have stood scotland the good stead not just in marketing itself for tourism but marketing its products what old way but from what we have today there is
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a more sophisticated underpinning of that brand of that image just scotland something that touches on scientific invention quality of food authenticity these are the things that cut through in the modern world so scotland the brave is very important but so is scotland the brand. so for myself and all the alex salmond chill as goodbye from my butt off. for man or sitting in a car when the fifth gets shot in the head. all
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four different versions of what happened one of them is on the death row there's no way he could have done it there's no possible way because the owners did not shoot around a corner. everywhere in the world my guess is that probably just about everywhere women expect men to make that first move and here we are in an age where men are scared to make the first move don't know how to make the first move don't know what's right to make the first move. close to. some people simply. use indigenous people as you know we that the. people treat.
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most flukey should say that only. the deeds. of a man just. simple be gentle with time. i said i when entering it's given me a new. allow me. if they will shoot me. i don't. mean indeed i'm deaf that my thinking on the nominee begins that you could have been killed by did you mean i'm i am i got i got me to go get i mean you got me i just. this is says harlan kentucky. we all in this group the boy says if you could walk three families or.
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a co money city with almost no coal mines left. the jobs are gone all the polarizer said i'd. love to see these people the survivors of a world disappearing before their eyes. i remember thinking when i was younger that if anything ever happened to the coal mines here that it would become a ghost town but i never thought in a million years i would see that and it's how it's happened. i did not go out with the money did. not want to come out. better get it out on according. to you. got caught up with it. oh boy do i look back on.
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this hour's top headlines here when are to the u.s. president's national security adviser confirms that a second. hootin meeting will be postponed until quote. which is over secretary of state. grilled in the senate over the two leaders recent meeting in helsinki. has the president told you what he and president clinton discuss in their two hour closed door meeting good to what took place you speak to the translator to seen any of her notes or should we be doing as you put it everything we can to push back on likely election interference by russia. tries to weather a political storm at home fresh concerns of a possible russian interference an upcoming midterm elections are right.


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