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we are. losing our r q. a new grown up to be a true. feeling. is no cure and see the. rounding. you. stand. strong. for. in two thousand and thirteen and the clinton young who was on death row in texas and making
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a documentary on the death penalty to talk to him about his situation but he has been here for anti-rape of his two thousand. i was not a much better off it seemed as if they are there now thirty thirty just are very alive. our present i'll just say regulations but at the. present past our mayor. had some i want why they gotta make it to thirty you know and now that later this i was going on my twenty's on never off. and has been convicted of murder being involved in gang culture he refuses to talk to the police when he's arrested and he's also on trial from juvenile prison where he had done some time for burglary. and there were tears had a reverence for clinton it goes without saying that you don't inform on others but the other young three men arrested with him have no such qualms. that clinton is
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the killer. around our use i know i grew close to those cars by walking around on this one clean up shop. for. all the. care of her. after the car got back to the cold. after i told clinton asks me in a letter to look at this case with an open mind he says he is not the killer and claims his co-defendants make plea deals with the da when i look at this case i immediately know something is seriously wrong there are no fingerprints or d.n.a. or any other evidence that clinton committed the two murders only statements based fellow suspects mark darnell and david which show substantial discrepancies. they realize all the stuff i have my base they don't want me to get it before the
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course so they don't know it when i say it's not about justice it's about. the statistics i wanted your vehicle power. ok the best for years i examined testimonies and got a good health information such as crucial ballistic research i also talked to involved parties and witnesses i hope to get an answer to the question could it really be that the wrong man is on death row. to go get into bigger. still put your eye on him and this dear he'll. be is no excuse. but. my big fancy is i didn't kill nobody in the number i was
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on back and the way it was posted. you know who's going to go bottom line marijuana cigars. and things the guitar my gosh. and then at that point i was worried i get in trouble. they would patient a mouse on the corner a mark or a shot and later on this is what happened i don't have a fear from the troops. everybody or know all the we all love the movie and i was in the middle of this time in the movie and mark was right j.r. . in the back seat so this is the same. time now he should have seen what happened right so he was meeting he was about where he was
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sitting it and i guess he was in a middle and it was on the middle he said directly behind me because i turn like it is and talk to all of them because my brain says he was there they wasn't my right arm i was and i guess because he thinks i did it so he'll want to be land grab behind me in case i need he was in the middle so he can ride a rag and i guess that that's the only thing i can think of that he would not sit in and out of that car i don't overwrite the car sitting what do you think left the car sitting in our memory of course it was the old me david page mark rey darnell mccoy ok so no one actually said that that was the car and i don't but i must say it four versions i may have i remember like i can even say this song and it was playing on the radio at the time i have was a superman about three doors down i mean i just lost our remember i have i guess i got a better memory than him right when you know that out of everybody in the car. go out into jr went around the house jr get out and
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while you walk around out you know there's a lot of the we are from the south. they are viewed as more of a real threat. and so that leaves the three of you also a car or whatever that. jr comes from around the house and he's kind of like grew close to the car while walking around in one place. and they were paid less than it outside the car walking up to the car. they had paid yes as i said the window was rolled down and they like that and we had a. natural reflex a door step back up and fell forward and as one pace i'm going to back ahead and i jumped out the car so when we played jr somewhere out of our own here or there and one place. it was then right and right in front of them to reach them in their
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own plane is a conversation on your shirt around right about what well conversation going on in the car ride before and during the past that point. she thought wow. ok before you were sitting like clay was at that event as planned way like this and he has a gun under lenses and when he is gone this one is going to dulles and attention to two of the jr reached over the door to jar which will open the door. so i quit flying he said when he did he says sarge on. the surface are an orange. can you remember how you felt when the first shots were fired it was like. i don't know i mean.
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i can't really describe. our listeners thinking. you know and. i don't know if it's because of common sense to be in a social extremely violent environment that it actually i mean in some ways non-meat sort of violence i mean but it's different when someone right before your eyes gets shot shot in the head right i wasn't looking so i mean it was i got hurt i was looking out the corner like this and i heard it. first i mean it's not what happened. in this dude shooting into the core so i started because they paid i didn't know what he was doing i just as i look we're going out of the door and i was like man.
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likely is it because the two co-defendants who a lot of time they said that clinton was sitting here pulled his gun from his waistband and shot him twice in the head how how likely is that is it possible. it has this number here if you shot from right here there's no way why would you hit me if i do this probably won't even hate you because you probably mission because you're not a man on this then you can assume this is yes if you just don't like this you could miss this person. trying to shoot the head the body you can hit the head it's harder to hit because it's moving right but it's if you miss yes if he has shot in
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the head twice and kind of close the bullet holes are kind of close there's no way he could have just pulled it out in chart like that because that's what they said they pulled it out of his waistband kept it there and shot him from that point. underside of the head was he an expert shooter no he was eighteen now ok there's no way he did a shot like that and hit the person twice i'm here because you have to be an expert you had to do a lot of training and eighteen years out there's no way he could have done it there's no possible way. because bullets do not shoot around a corner. are you saying that your own was good with it because with. those. sources that. we. saw there are good in the car. when.
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the first my favorite picture of him this is. this is probably one. that was and how how they feel here. probably first grade yeah first grade and there's the one in the state that's not. used but there is one that's really by my favorite favorite one with the all dressed up for just for to go get a picture. he still has the same smile need to stay smile. how is it for you to visit him. can't wait to get there and hate to leave it's real emotional. thinking in the us
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every time you know. every day you know he's a limited. amount. he's a being. so you're the president or he'll pick you up to come home. to. look at it. must. know that.
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you. could. do it he. doesn't go to the religiously if you. will for school it's only about the mother of the going. forward to one of the. swans. so what we've got to do is i. done to fight the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race to move his arm off and spearing dramatic development only personally i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time time to sit down and talk.
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some for something. they use indigenous people as you know we that they bade in the. trees. most politicians say that only behind but the kids. all of a sudden a man just. temple be ok with. i said i will enter it even if they will not allow me. if they will shoot me.
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i don't know how long a million million indeed i'm not i'm not young menominee been thought to be have been killed by the young men on my own without a fight i mean you don't look a lot i mean you can be are you. i just remember being so typical like. the older brother little sister i mean we. you know i remember playing together are a member. yeah skate riden by saying. i am going in the woods and build a fort and. i also remember you know me locking him out of the hells sin as five men. play and. baseball.
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game he has to use to get better he is the brother. joe like i was that way. then they got him out. jr play that him out put him out in a golf. cart you know all those sort of point and then jr. next victim of it carried him to the side of little river and they rode a lot of that way you'll probably see the drown. if you don't. drown first the next mark great shoes and one great attitude to.
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luck or a shot in the back to get. your daughter voluntarily banned for happened out here where everybody worked their regard for that effect brick. road where the body was found. to have walked the walk all the motorcycle over. to the front which are done by both. there are got first. he pulls the trigger or. body after body and i am always on my. bike upright. myself. so. using any of that it kills for.
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our what talk about the back of a car anything like that or when i was away from home or i don't know what i was driving around pregnant they all had a loaded gun. or. there was armed. margrave's on. the. car with. to flee susan. or. lead to the spread it was. well known no. point to go you're sure that. on. the like a revolver it was a two too short. and were twenty two short way so that will assume are right. there are those.
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position. the. position of the. drafted marva for where to draw are all the job market office house a job right there on the top of the heel did our there really after they dropped the all where they were go or whether it was or they talked about. she talked about it he was busy. it was do have to do so yes. you were. going to use. the.
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and some of thank you already what they hope was i was properly actually right i mean i've been up for days i was home and then for me i wasn't in the clear state of mind. at that point i just wanted to get away from everything and that's why i left east texas and that's what i don't get why you don't just get away from the stance that he's date with one of those they would want i asked myself why are you man same question you know why i am this time around or whatever right. i know that any normal person would have said i would call the police you know but i don't have a normal life you know i mean i mean i'm not i'm really blame it on my life so i was but the conditions are certain things you know as the way you respond to critical situations. i just want to go to sleep as that's all i want to do that's why did i want to sleep.
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i just got a gas. station. i could have a guest in a parking lot this wasn't always car right and i was over and i got out when a cyber stars and i got this fright the sunflower seeds and the buy one get one free pack of more cigarettes my come out and that's when page was already in the truck. and its truck with a tree yes and so when i seen a situation i recognized it was something that was what was the situation he was there while he was in a drug he was. he said and so it's only right and they tell us their adventure with it in the best i see. and so i look over and i'm like man i was up and he said when he said when he in
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the vehicle and so on i was like and. hopped in a car took off right. amount of time on to the second murder and went to sleep and i just awful. i jumped on the trot and i seen a lot of one person stand there very wise from why he sued them and he said he knew my name ages bribery and when samuel patrick. is shot.
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they took a toll on me because i'm like and this doesn't own i have a family i mean this is a type of man and i was raised to respect. it and now i sit in there a shot and i again tore even more codefendant. who is that david page. it was i didn't do was not supposed to die ok he's not somebody to do anything or harm to anybody in any kind of way. and so on like and then reality said nian. everything's gone come back on me too so self-preservation with their self-preservation kicks in i mean people say why do you call the police what it was an option i mean i mean that was what i considered option. i said look i don't know what to do when to get away from me yeah and to get out the truck and did he tell you i'm going to turn myself in and he hasn't yeah he did but i went i mean i went thinking my they look like they're going to get it out of
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me right now and then so i was like ok i don't care what you do is get away from me . and i was wondering what are the odds that that they've it page will tell what happened i don't. they. i don't know i mean i guess s. between him and whatever god he's choosing a warship right now you know. the marines are after him how are you i mean any sissy can get to see you in the seat. so he drops you are afraid. but how much sense does that make if
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he if he held to a gun point or he didn't he gun point right he just felt afraid because he was carrying a gun around the senator really like anything you try to try to get away with and get away from like so if i had a gun and i'm holding you. or even if i'm not holding your drug along with me and you know i've done killed two people you're going to try to talk your way and get away from me. whether or not work we're cool or not you're going to try and get away from one form or fashion and it took me that long to figure out ok cool that's the way i'm going to be able to do this and be able to manipulate him letting me go by telling him to get out get away from here you know martin him in my opinion yes . one person who works with the police to. say why did you run and if you're not if you're i could see but i did not know i was wanted for murder alone for. there's
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a gun of a drug i'm going to marry the deal i'm outside of the city limits of world supposed to be i'm going back to do. refuse to talk to the police about you know i refuse when i was with reza if you talk to police period. i mean because i know how it is my sister is charge and i've been involved because i know how they do things so i'm not talking we all do without an attorney. but why didn't he when he don't hate us because. you know i said. i was caught up in history cultural my ass it we don't talk to the police you don't form one of the people right but if you know it it can be and i mean i'm not saying it's right or wrong you know sam i mean if it was like a child or some might that some might hurt a child as different you know i mean this is i'm thirty one years old now so i see the nonsense and these quote unquote rules all these drug dealers and stuff and
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gamers stuff. i'm not saying it's right but it's what i'm here to at the time and at the time it was to me i'm not so it probably is nothing and so i didn't know that they would put it on me and i will get these people in trouble to get myself out of trouble it was my whole business and writes i'm not going to say now had i known that they were going to stay was against me already that i want to say hello to love you know but at the same time i'm doing as a mom i'm still a mom. so you know me. but i think he's one of the first told the police it and i read a statement. no i'm all where it came from or why it happen that way but i mean as a sister or. anybody. you want to clear. the.
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it's a very rough terrain you so it's rough but it moves and you have to fight to be able to verify. it was gunshots going tomtom and so many friends who would have been going to have been. don't think anything will back up bernie you know i don't want to see it but it will be in the trailer and it's ready to participate in the good. old to new board will meet in the open if. you don't think about this leave this old coat on no you got three teeth like a penny on to another patient.
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join me every thursday on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. this is says harlan kentucky. over all of this move the boys it was very funny. a co money city with almost no coal mines left. the jobs are gone all the coal miners have said that there was a lot of these people the survivors of disappearing before their eyes. i remember thinking when i was younger that if anything ever happened to the coal
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mines here that it would become a ghost town but i never thought in the million years i would see that and it's happening it's happened. bedouins in our t.v. u.s. president's national security adviser confirms that a second trumpington meeting will be postponed until quote after the russia witch hunt is over that is secretary of state might pay was grilled in the senate over that so you need this recent meeting in helsinki. has the president told you what he and president for discussing their two hour closed door meeting good to what took place to speak to the translator was seen any of her no more should we be doing as you put it everything we can to push back on the likely election interference by russia. and as donald trump tries to weather a political storm at home fresh concerns over the possible russian interference in the upcoming midterm elections are raised by them in.


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