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tv   News  RT  July 26, 2018 2:00pm-2:30pm EDT

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is that jake tapper is easy even handed he is neutral he's all of that but one of the things you talk about and one of the things that's really important to look at is how that even handedness that guy is that neutrality is actually pretty morally dishonest can you kind of walk us through that idea yeah i mean first of all could do goes on a date with one woman and then writes a whole article about it like that's bizarre like you just ok that's just weird i don't even know what else to say and he's not going to go down this date to write the article but do you really tell her that yet you know but well i mean the reason he writes it after lewinsky becomes this at the center of a scandal really that perfect for his you know social climbing in washington and so is his centrism and he'll go wherever the center is and as we know the center is constantly moving to the right especially on foreign policy so tapper is affected this image is trump's greatest untag interest in mainstream media is his ratings have gone up something like fifty eight percent since trump has been elected and then he tries to convey an image of objectivity but as we know in washington
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objectivity is just a guy's for deep seated establishment tarion conservatism which jake tapper often takes out on the left on particularly in social media and he chooses his targets carefully he likes to show that he's attacking the left and the far right equally meanwhile his guests consist pretty much of neo con marionettes whether it's adam kinzinger from illinois who just never met a war he did like except maybe with north korea because they have to turn a capacity john mccain adam schiff who is kind of the adam kinzinger of the democratic party and loves bombing countries and jake tapper has personally clamored for a military strike on syria which would have been you know turned a country in the heart of the middle east into libya and afghanistan. and that is our show for you to remember everyone in this world we are told that we love the lord told you all i love you. and that happened wallace keep watching those hawks and over great. day and night everybody. thanks.
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join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to us from the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. zia's says harlan kentucky. over all of this move them places you go three families leave.
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a co money city with no coal mines left. two jobs are gone all the coal miners have said. that it was a laugh to see these people the survivors of disappearing before their eyes. i remember thinking when i was younger that is anything ever happened to the coal mines here and that it would become a ghost town but i never thought in the million years i would see that and it's how it's happened. to. us president's national security adviser confirms a second stroke and summit has been postponed until quote after the russia which is over. meanwhile doubletalk claims that russia will interfere in the upcoming
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midterm elections to help his rival so the democrats rush but it remains as defined sivan issue has ever asked me here later. it's meddling in the way that osama bin ladin meddled with the world trade center. the tenth annual brics summits of emerging economies is underway in south africa with america's trade wars high on the agenda. good evening and welcome you watching our interests. us national security advisor john bolton has confirmed a second meeting between donald trump and putin will only take place after the end of what he called the russia which chant it comes after the secretary of state was
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grilled in the senate over the recent meeting in helsinki between the two leaders. has the president told you what he and president putin discuss in their two hour closed door meeting and did you did he tell you or should we be doing as you put it in everything we can to push back on the likely election interference by russia where did the president say we're going to change our force structure in syria good what took place you speak to the translator do you seen any of her know that the president discussed relaxed relaxing u.s. sanctions on russia and i understand that i understand the game that you're playing no no you know mr secretary with all due respect i don't appreciate you characterizing my questions my pompei of face some tough questioning in the senate foreign relations committee he was essentially forced into revealing a secret deal made between trump and putin just last week in helsinki but in general come pale held his ground occasionally snapping back once or twice to
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assure everyone that trump did not show any weakness or approach has been the same to steadily raise the cost of aggression with aggression until vladimir putin chooses a less confrontational foreign policy otherwise the administration will continue imposing tough actions against russia in response to its malign activities and i personally make clear to the russians that will be severe consequences for interference in our democratic processes and they'll say keep we sought to explore whether russia was interesting in reproving our relationship but made clear that the ball is in russia's court pompei also reiterated that trump does agree with the intelligence community that russia did hack a b. twenty sixteen election but his sentiments last week were a bit different i have president putin he just said it's not russian i will say this i don't see any reason why it would be there was no collusion at all it was a clean campaign i beat hillary clinton easily the song that led to total hysteria in the u.s. the media called trump a traitor
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a crime one stooge putin's puppet and some even accused him of treason. instead of standing up for our democracy and democratic principles president trump cowered in the presence of putin it was a ho sale betrayal of the values and interests of this country president sided with the enemy and with the perpetrator of the election interference i was sacked he is unable to confront russia after helsinki trump invited putin to d.c. for another summit however another wave of hysteria ensued but just an hour before pompei a scheduled testimony john bolen trumps national security advisor announced that the summit would be postponed john bolen explained the decision citing the current political climate as the main reason saying that the meeting should take place after the quote russia witch hunt is over so this decision appears to be a move to calm down his domestic critics it's clear that the pressure has worked i
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mean all this these claims about treason and being traitorous worked to pressure him to back off normalizing relations with russia. i believe this is being done in the interest of continuing the us on a permanent war footing and wasting trillions of dollars on wars and military equipment that we don't need to and rush is an excuse for that. meanwhile faces a major test of his presidency later this year in the guise of mid-term elections they are widely seen as being a vote of confidence in a new administration but as aunties killem open explains whether it's republicans or democrats us politicians seem to know in advance who's to blame if results don't go that way was so much division on capitol hill the democrats and republicans have finally found something that they can agree on both parties now agree that the russians are coming more specifically they're coming to interfere in the twenty
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eight teen mid-term elections this is president trump i'm very concerned that russia will be fighting very hard to have an impact in the upcoming election. based on the front the new president has been tougher on russia than me they will be pushing very hard for the democrats they definitely don't want trump and this is his old arch nemesis there are some tax experts and silicon valley valley with whom i have met who say that you know maybe what they'll do this next time is to really disrupt the actual election shut down the servers that you send results to interfere with the operation of voting machines because still too many of them are linked to the internet so there we are still very vulnerable russia's meddling in the midterm elections may just be a hypothesis at this point but the trumpet ministration from the department of homeland security to the secretary of state are ready to fight the two thousand and eighteen midterm elections remain
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a potential target for russian cyber and influence operations i think we should be absolutely prepared to assume that they will try to interfere in all fifty states we will not tolerate russian interference in our two thousand and eighteen elections we are planning and preparing as if they'll try again this fall and beyond now it hasn't happened yet but the retaliate tory sanctions to be imposed on russia are all set up by congress we're going to pursue russia's energy and financial sectors it's overgaard it's parastatal entities it is my go along with senator graham to make sure that we're protecting the united states the friend in the united states folks in washington d.c. are manning their battle stations all prepared to face an on coming on slot but what are they worried about well it could be the twenty sixteen presidential elections let's not forget that james clapper the former director of national intelligence said that in the twenty sixteen supposed intervention none of the vote tallies were in any way affected they did not change any votes tallies or anything
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of that sort at all we had no we have no way of gauging. the impact that some of the intelligence committee can't gauge the impact it had on the choices you looked through me furthermore it's not exactly clear who russia is supposedly going to be supporting now the democrats say that russia is going to be supporting donald trump but trump says that the pending kremlin subversion will be in support of the democrats why would he say that well because it makes just as what sense is with the democrats it was true everybody wants to blame another country for the problem you know the reason why thirty million americans don't have health care is nothing to do with russia that has everything to do with the enemies of america which by the way are in america acts on the military industrial complex these are the enemies of america are tired government is bought it's legal bribery and they steal
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and cheat right out in the open americans car gobbling this up it's amazing you know we used to be afraid of russia because they had a communist ideology they're just kind of pressing that button on americans because we've been conditioned to be afraid of russia and their communism even though they're not communists anymore this will all be cleared up after the election whichever side loses can blame russia for it and after all it worked in the twenty sixteen presidential election for hillary clinton there's no reason that donald trump can't use it to his advantage ok with mop and r t washington d.c. . we have legal media analyst democratic political consultant richard goodstein why the issue of russian meddling is proving so divisive liberal politicians frequently blame russia for various things as well if you believe that's the real cause of the problems in the us though there are other divisions what do you think. look i don't think people are blaming russia for anything that happens in the united states
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other than what our intelligence community concluded unanimously which with the which is the russians attacked the united states to mock recy in the way that they . meddled frankly makes it look kind of pity. kind of really kind of piddly. it's meddling in the way that osama bin laden meddled with the world trade center that was an attack dick cheney. fan of generally ira had said that what our actions did was an act leak was of war against united states so so again but i think we should segment that out i think i think what happened was dates whether it's racial bias or you know in inequality in terms of incomes that's because of anybody from russia doing that or are little holidays that we're creating ourselves you didn't let me down. yet and i have parked i am my friend comparing osama bin ladin where the point you're russians buying facebook ads
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which brought down the entire election not because your gal the oven mitt fashion east lost a rigged election. but because the nefarious russians and the the is this necessary as cabal did cram lang how to get in there with you there was some hall as. well listen to me let me say yeah there was a whole thing out yesterday that by fifty four to forty one percent americans across the board think that donald trump is not standing up for u.s. interests most people in the united states think that putin has the good some dirt on trump so it's not just me this is what the public thinks look we live in an era right now where we love to. out me take something where you have a legitimate right to be upset but if you can really turn it up if you can.
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wail and scream if you can demand and require a screaming room and a padding god gave you good how lead and show this absolute out of control histrionics maybe somebody will pick up on that so i think that there are segments of this country that used to be the majority that see what they feel was their country slipping away from them the country you know within a few decades is going to be majority nonwhite and i do think that people here more so than was true ten or twenty years ago read and talk to and watch on television points of view that are just like there are so when they are.


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