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threatening with tariffs and he has become sort of a tool a diplomatic tool in his hands so now we've already seen brics nations kind of bonding even closer together in the face of this new challenge that they're facing and the experts that we've talked to that i've talked to at the summit at this point the leaders of bricks are very clear that we will not be in position to tolerate what is trade protectionism like we're seeing from the u.s. but also we're also looking at alternatives to say that i mean you have brics which is a conflagration almost forty percent of the world's population it's a huge play let's look at how politics has changed in the states they want to make sure that. products somebody fractured in america for americans and not getting goods manufactured outside the united states and brought back again exotic prices back to the united states the emerging markets are starting to see the dangers of.
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unilateralism collateral damage that we are suffering is trade wars we should talk about we're not the cause of everybody's problems but we're all being affected so we're not very happy about it we're also not very happy about what we see. as the intended a dissertation which is to rekindle the multilateralism in favor of unilateralism or by. the favor of that this is a signal that we need to strengthen our cooperation as brics huge number of areas so here in south africa it's business and politics going together hand somewhat a decade ago skeptics were looking at the brakes and they couldn't really pinpoint the purpose of the book as they viewed the united states as the sort of hub nation that would bring smaller economies together well now what is happening the aggressive stance toward trade in washington is scaring and is causing concern among businesses and among emerging markets and so ironically now the turn towards
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brics. meanwhile the leaders of the five countries were taking part in the traditional family photo not everything to plant. some six hundred migrants of moneys to jump a border fence separating the spanish territory of i'm a rocker this is after they fought off patrol officials with makeshift flame throwers a molotov cocktails and it led to chaotic scenes at the border. that was
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spanish police say the migrants mostly from sub-saharan africa turned violent throwing stones and projectiles at officers at least one hundred thirty people are said to have been left injured your town i'm a citizen of soter i'm a leader of the e.u. is only land borders with africa leading hundreds of migrants to try and jump the fence is there every year the latest incident comes just hours after spain's foreign minister has raised the alarm over the situation. this is more serious than the euro crisis the migration problem must be solved on the ground and the countries of origin otherwise we're just shifting pressure from one place to another. and it has been out of keith best he's the former chief executive of the immigration advisory service in the united kingdom good evening is this a summer evening that the migrant crisis is getting more violent migrants now resorting to what as we heard their makeshift flame throwers molotov cocktails as
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they try to force their way into europe. well the more you build barriers of course the more desperate people become and the more willing they are to take exceptional risks and that's why we still see this tragedy of the loss of life in the mediterranean. also people the word spreads very quickly as to where the weakest point saw so with the spanish government having done the decent thing and taking in the aquarius with the hundred migrants on gold recently of course people now see space in as a better bet than italy who's trying to close its borders completely this again as always and this is been going on for years and years and years without a successful resolution and it is because the e.u. collectively in the member states have been unable to come to a proper equitable burden sharing of how to deal with migrants coming into
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europe the numbers have actually gone down dramatically i mean long since the time when i'm going to merkel famously said that eight hundred thousand could come into germany and there in that trial little getting about a million migrant principally from syria trouble spots such as that coming in view those numbers have gone down dramatically but people are prepared to take very substantial risk and will have also probably paid a lot of money up to ten thousand or more europeans to smugglers to try to get them to the shores where they then get consigned into these leaky and dangerous spots of course many of them coming from landlocked countries don't know how to swim and if those vessels capsize then they drown and that's the tragedy talking at this point about the people who are taking the risks what about the country you
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have to then deal with the mistakes successfully make it in a spain's reported to have overtaken italy now as the biggest entry point in europe for migrants but can it cope with those people coming in. well i have considerable sympathy with what i might call the front line states like italy and spain and those who are on the borders as it were of europe and who therefore are seen as the weak points and therefore attract the great majority of migrants now long lost see come up with some proposals for control centers within the e.u. boundaries where asylum seekers would be processed quickly and those that don't establish themselves as genuine refugees with then be sent back the trouble is there is no e.u. states so far there's agreed to have one of these control centers within its borders the talian and the austrians and others want to have what they call
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disembarkation platforms these are outside the e.u. boundaries where people would be processed in camps outside i don't see how that could possibly work frankly it's far too much of a problem what is needed is to have a proper dispersal program that when people come. through lampedusa say on the southern part of italy and come up through italy or come through. into spain there is a problem dispersal policy whereby other countries take a quota of those people coming in and process them quickly or you have those centers in those countries where the processing to be done quickly and those who establish themselves is genuine refugees within the one nine hundred fifty one convention can then be dispersed on a more equitable basis around different parts of the you you know britain afraid to say it's taken a few hundred syrians i mean nothing compared with the numbers for example that
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both sweden and germany have taken a lot of the states are not pulling their weight. offering a solution to this problem by way of. case greatly appreciate you taking the time to give others the benefit of your experience keith birth is my guest former chief executive of the immigration advisory service over in the united kingdom. and to other news now syrian president bashar al assad has said that members of the activist group the white house who refuse an amnesty will be wiped out like other terrorists he says our correspondent and this is he joins me in the studio with more on this of going to extremely hardline stance and isha what information do we have on this well the syrian president bashar al assad has reiterated his position on the white house it's being a controversial group now in the past he's regarded the white house myth of agents of western powers that have links to jihad this great he said that the world has
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been warned of the great dangers but now he has given them two options to lay down their weapons and surrender or be killed. the fate of the white helmets will be the same is that any terrorist they have to pass on to lay down their arms and take advantage of the amnesty or be wiped out like other terrorists now this comes as the syrian government has condemned the evacuation of the white house minutes from the south of the country and damascus has described the move as a criminal operation by israel and its tools but the israel defense forces said that they were acting on a request by the u.s. the u.k. and other european nations as well but the evacuees were taken to jordan by the i.d.f. on washington's request and it's thought that the plan was to evacuate around eight hundred white helmet and their families but the number now seems to be about half of death and the number of them are expected to resettle in western countries such as canada germany and france ok tell us
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a bit more about this evacuation why was this needed well at the moment the syrian army is currently advancing on one of the last rebel centers in syria. but this aside for the year is the white house myth groups have ties themselves as a volunteer force and they get a huge funding from western countries and the groups also being praised by the west as well they've even received an oscar for a documentary but the group's been repeatedly accused of cooperated closely with jihad is groups and effectively serving as their media branch as well stage and rescue operations the social media as well so that all this all adds up to the controversy surrounding the group. i. look at all you saw with nora
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they would bring cameras set explosives something to destroy for example this building here they'd find people in the streets and promised the money will food just say whatever they needed. to. the syrian first responders who risked their lives to say about theirs in the war torn aleppo in the face of relenting brutality heroes have emerged. whenever food aid was brought into the white helmets and the rebels would take a call for themselves to give us nothing not even bread. they have all chosen to risk their lives to save all those. who fall into that of usually when we go out to buy food we'd see them if there was a collapsed building off drugs shelling they've cordoned off the area and safe
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rebel fighters people they cared about they would leave the civilians same happened not far from here the building was destroyed in shelling and they came just to pull their own out as usual they live studio. we've been able to get these brave people and their families out of syria after the extraordinary work they've done saving five star of the y. helmets those people beheld the rebels only did in save civilians the locals out for rebels. the british home secretary has commissioned a study into the profiles of child abuse is among the characteristics to be considered is the country of origin of the perpetrators. my fishers have been working with investigating officers in relevant cases to establish the particular
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characteristics and contexts associated with this type of offending we're looking at what this data set can tell us about characteristics of offenders victims and the wider context of abuse all of which have a critical bearing on the effect of targeting of prevention activity. child grooming scandals that are a topic that have attracted a great deal of emotion controversy and debates in the u.k. public and media as well rotheram rossdale bristol peterborough the list is endless and will be familiar to many here in the u.k. this is the first time though that many would say a government in office indeed the home secretary in office has ordered an investigation specifically into the ethnicity the racial background of both the victims and the perpetrators involved in these crimes it's not the first time investigations of happened it's not the first time the issue's been raised just last year in fact a labor m.p. and former minister sarah champion wrote an article in a paper in which she unequivocally condemned pakistani grooming gangs and said the
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issue must be debated openly and honestly the backlash she received the criticism she received from many quarters in the end caused her to resign from her position and indeed received death threats after which she had to receive extra police protection what strikes me about this whole debate is that we've reached a point in this country and possibly in the west where we can't really talk in a relaxed way about race so this would write something which a lot of people would say is a statement of the bleeding obvious and ends up losing the job now the media and public outcry has stemmed from the understanding that a sense of misplaced political correctness of fear of offending of racial backlash of stoking ethnic and community tensions had previously prevented law enforcement social services and local government from taking the necessary action to stop and prevent these horrific crimes i think there was a culture of not wanting to rock the multicultural community bode if i may put it like that this has also come from the horse's mouth just quite
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a number of years ago there was a police report released under the freedom of information act in which the police themselves had said often there was a very lucky that it's a hesitancy to take the necessary action because precisely of the stone. of racial or ethnic tensions over the years the discussion about the racial ethnic background of perpetrators and victims of these crimes and that specific link has been quite to boot it's been discussed with a great hesitancy or been confined perhaps to the margins of the political spectrum now though with the home secretary's investigation given of course sergeant javal himself has pakistani roots that discussion seems to be going more mainstream and earlier we heard from david kirton he's the education spokesperson for the u.k. independence party and see believes this may.


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