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tv   Documentary  RT  July 27, 2018 11:30am-12:01pm EDT

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we're going to avoid a ship would rush to tell me i didn't believe that so many internally displaced persons that believe that there were recently from clashes that have been. a lot of good people separate across front lines and i can cross the front line a lot of the people that fled without knowing where it has been where their child that child or dead that mother is. where they are were even if they were captured or they are alive most of the time so we are live with look to look for the story difficult actually i read if i families. that. have been so we've got three such phones but because of two we're just going to
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drag it up to jack and it will be a technicality that will make it short three minutes per person so that we have the most people possible can be able to make a phone call and then or if you don't manage today tomorrow we coming back with a team all day again and you'll be able to make phone calls tomorrow too for those who couldn't today and only four million years to hear from his rights well in the third but most up up. i know. i know by ok do you. wish to pretend that i have any. kind of i'm going to have. i don't. want. my little i do what i love i know do you. like that i'm going to take to change it that. i don't like.
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he didn't get lonely a leading voice here while ago on or been playing one weekend a weekend of. your gaming minimum on our montana when we can all of them done anything for me it would have been me when i met. you don't. plan don't think going back and. you know i don't want. one like i manage to be here and you haven't and we get them and yes that's. going to. be on the one that one would. have been calling well you wouldn't. give it up we're going to limit you to coding going to me. but i can. go public in the. middle that go with the one of the nordic. you know when you look at the. super.
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bowl for me. there's no phone coverage as often during a conflict because either the communication infrastructure was bombarded or destroyed or the authorities in charge themselves shut them down to make sure that no military information comes and on the outs of the place the both sides understand that we're not here to support the position we're not here to support the government we're here to help the people during this difficult time. when. they meet him and if we didn't you know they want to meet equipment i'm one of them second. medium and i'm going to go back to whether whatever the flow might i took the most of the decline left media that i'm meeting a bit that made them bob and i want them by me what that could mean a minute ten twelve and one could get them up and make a half hour made by me as a member of amazing deals and have nuclear fundamentally bit down with me. i find
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that i'm acutely p.d.l. for the game of them have been and will soon be. and then them anyway and i've got an enemy and. i know i don't feel it should push with the. decision. to tell them in a much time to keep up the put them on hopeful that we've all been to the woman. is better. than value of yoga one in the mail order nguyen who are now moving about. with leonard or no one when you get banned by you know what could be and can the would been good got big and been. mad of all the time what we were doing will fight him on demand i know guys that. manage him a bumpy elegant deal about him. elegant a boo together we get back out and get good on it i'm going and i go mia they're
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going to jam. and then going to isn't really the loudest but man i would. meet him in the gym and give the phone to cal and get a good thing. with the situation always excellent there's no mood. to do with them they don't know when you when you could into the you do know would want. to militarization prison children. go to which is not in a good because the would just work and do nothing but mean would be do believe in the next year there's nothing. to still be demanding to be given so this is the informer.
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if. you're not good she was a. good. idea she was right. because most of the. fighting is the question of privacy advocates. first question for me we must must must more work but. one.
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must to insist. if it. really. did come in monday we'll be ok. oh.
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well you know. i don't know why don't you take. us through your chicken needs to us you will you wait. till you come this is a. ration or. for us. thank you over and out. of some of us to. be just you know a little bit you. just feel some of the only approach to this issue. i promised him i said to tell you we did feast my mind i'm
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a pretty baby it's not so smart to do it i'll send. you some reading but. at least i know that every day you should improve something and not only include you in maintaining every field the way you think i'm trying to tell to my kids that you every day to be to be happy to learn something new but to me today if you could get the kids to go to try to explain them. i mean this may you are feeling that you're doing it continuing studying challenging and then you feel really like like we can't look like we call guy who's who finished everything in a confused way. ok we'll start of this you. know somebody who was good. enough to want to you know say explaining yeah i don't know which i just think you need. a bill that's going to begin with your favorite quote. just use of it is in your purse and dissoluteness and.
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straight start going to. there is. no baby. this will go the way they did. it was. this what are you going to look for good in the sides. good grief feel. good that's all this from outside you gross you think you still are strong and weak from the side
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to look right in your joints or you could be yours and you could drive to see it would be good enough not to be penetrated because. it's cool i should come to do in my machine room and that's a lot of knowledge of the because you know it's. how . cool. you know. how out here you. are supposed to be gardeners. try. hard to do this my group which you do on tools type not you. will pursue that was the question or so do gooders. who you. know gave you a book on google took you for centuries to half. fortunately
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here one feels. not even to be so worried about two and. so you really need to get on if you think you can do such and go house to house on the side i can do jean . and ran marathons. post thirty years back. so the last four years and the entire planet had a man so it's a view of life. after every my. nephew who competition met him and you feel like you can do it was to. say.
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i know you. did good. over it because right. more to try to be more than the fact. any one. of the. family in my family. sometimes you feel like oh and then you think you crossed and you miss them but on the other side the theme is.
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the theme is not so big fish here and it's in the share some kind of. social life. exists says harlan kentucky. with all of this group the boy says people from st families leave. a co money city with almost no co mines left. the jobs are gone all the wisest. live to see these people the survivors of disappearing before their eyes. i remember thinking when i was younger that if anything ever happened to the coal mines here that it would become a ghost town but i never thought in
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a million years i would see that and it's happened it's happened.
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the next was called a truly. i would say call. it could have. been to strip clubs loose surprise like to. live. on. board.
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oh you. guys want to i owe you money today not yet ok come on of the. and i'm here looking for percent there was a parade said yesterday were very gunshot wound. to the shoulder who was here with . the manic oh so come to see if mother is dead they did for it's the. same old love for. trisha. shit that showed up. in the night shift to try to ask god if you gotta get into trying to get the. show.
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that in your opinion that's a lot of good enough to. take it. to the m one song so. i have to. take you to functions are going to. transition education. of any such trivialities that you get most of us in the medical ok got to go off to say it's just. me and. the conflict is not far away and the the and we don't rule out the possibility that could that be. has been attacked as not as a possibility that they were taken seriously and we have to plan ahead of its.
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we want to make sure that's actually in the first place would evacuate the patients with a minimum of staff staying in conduct until the last moment and when indeed we visit not enough security guarantees for staff to stay there then will that i create also . just a show so you're going to do to make it on the phone to me was more than usual but as usual they were going to move. this fellow to do it only in the pocket of so one of them once and if you took more than the motions of forty two thought it was just across from him and again we would you steve. but the moment i got i've been formed in the form of you're going to be identified because you have. some patience for so many vehicles rob oakeshott yeah yeah but i
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thought it was a story very simple some initial carrier there were three of. those who were in the host were done do their bidding the first goal would be to do grade meant for her and her play seemed really. her right knee has grown nerf injury or is it was a home. so to show and so this on occasion next to just. play. with. it it's not penetrating down to. a soft tissue phenomenons on. the next one will be if you said. to his mates you know let's let's play stay came out. why don't they when i'm not sure they're let's put this one i don't. know if you really believe it
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but i'm like a punk ok ten dollars loan i mean i went you know what can you have you play with your idea. level ok one two three let's go to a come come come come come. come come come from i'll bring alcohol if you're going to come we're going to go ok good ok put him here on the ground this for the. good thing is going to come. now but to me we've been here for only two places for the stretches and i was. so this is new on this one in a way you tend to model it shut them down. and if he's in pain and all it can can ask of his. i imagine i get it going very well. i make you some injection here we live so if you don't feel just like you'll see think when it's much more quiet. until my friend wanted to go to.
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the water and yet it's not one painful dawns on me but i think. it's also something. so they'll still be on the stretcher while we fly them or economic ones yeah he will be sitting so too will destroy just and that will go on that you're on the. way to swing the other night speech at this point correct. ok kermit to that's what we get. actually we have so full house yet when it came. to us a. mission to make sure. that. it was
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not. just a. deep. hole restored from the trenches first pressure cooker ok let's hope this let's. first talk with him on the fly yeah ok. how could you not. see the one by one. much your head watch your head maybe when you look at the bottom of your ready for one more. call. ok one more so go to the marble sixty nine for the sake of.
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grammy and. can essentially be made up of course we are here to share it i mean if you look at media easy anyone is in the beginning oh yes i mean not only is. she going down on
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a desk here i'm up here and that is here. maybe because you think yes dear. the live in the nation yet again like ok thank. you. the last. letter which didn't say a shooting game a lot so she wrote. that. you don't believe. to be tied. to. a. game until. you. minibike they. let me. just people off
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so they arrived in december man and then they're about to send overcome many many problems. i believe myself going to. you know just give them time with your time to recover. because they're recovering the mines the recount the recovery in the body so yes they're continuing they would give up even in this situation it's a desperate beginning. to
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do. the locals did it is the. muscles that must. find nothing. to. do it i think he was. a single even though it's really naive to do it. well collins a. lot of. cut. up
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. close. some people come on. people as you know we that. treat. most flukey should say that. all of a sudden. just. simple be there. i said i when entering its beginning if they would not allow and. if they will shoot we. had all along
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a million million indeed i'm not i'm not picking on you need to be indicted because how didn't don't punish. them that. army. is democratic socialism the future of the democratic party the future of america is moving to the left a winning strategy to take on donald trump's vision of conservative populist one thing is undeniable mainstream politics in both parties for under pressure to evolve and become more accountable. good. life. good.
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good good food russia sharing good mash. headlines an r.t. russian president vladimir putin says he is ready to go to washington to meet donald trump and in fights the u.s. leader to visit moscow. ecuador confirms that wiki leaks chief songs will need to eventually become friends embassy in london. and human rights organizations hit out in cameroon after a video emerges showing the execution of two women and reportedly by the country's military it is indeed one of the most shocking and despicable ever watched entire year career. in all the cases international that's documented.


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