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the firm behind the notorious trump of russia dossier will face a grilling on the road as it's caught up in a defamation lawsuit brought by a russian entrepreneur. little confirms the wiki leaks chief julian our songs will need to eventually leave the country's embassy in london. and russian president vladimir putin says that he is ready to go to washington to meet donald trump and invites the u.s. leader to visit moscow. good evening thanks for joining us this is r.t. international first this hour the firm behind the infamous russia dossier will have to face questions it's been long trying to avoid this is after a judge in the u.s.
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ordered fusion g.p.s. to give sworn testimony in a lawsuit brought by a russian tech guru alexei guber of has filed a defamation suit against the dossiers all along with the media company released it buzz feed the document claimed the entrepreneur's firms used viruses and malware to infiltrate the systems of the democratic national committee and also claims that goober have worked for the russian intelligence services he value mentally denies all accusations. go live as washington our correspondent there samir a can joins me said mirah what does this ruling mean. well fusion g.p.s. will now have to answer questions regarding its role in compiling the still dossier the trump russia dossier the very dossier that made headlines worldwide for its unverified salacious allegations about donald trump before his inauguration lawyers
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will be able to ask a fusion g.p.s. representatives about its clients how they verify their claims and why they hired christopher steele and they'll also be able to find out the nature of the firm's interactions with government officials and media outlets the russian entrepreneurs lawyer who filed these claims against buzz feed and still called it a fichter e. this ruling gave us everything that we had hoped for after a year of trying everything they could think of to avoid being deposed fusion is finally going to have to sit down and answer our questions. and fusion g.p.s. hasn't revealed any information regarding the dossier claiming that it would violate confidentiality clauses and free speech rights the firm was hired in april twenty sixth by the clinton campaign and the d.n.c. to investigate trump's allegedly to russia for a fee of about one point eight million dollars then fusion fired former m i six
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operative chris start high here former. operative christopher seale but buzz feed published the dossier even though it wasn't verified now fusion g.p.s. will have until august thirty first to sit for the deposition but it's possible that the revelations that will come out of the have come out of that might even be more scandalous than the dossiers so many things. in the washington. it. seems that the wiki leaks chief julian assange may have outstayed is welcome at the ecuadorian embassy in london once after the country's president said that he will need to leave the building eventually and has been holed up there since twenty twelve in order to avoid arrest and potential extradition. to put this situation cannot go on forever a sense will eventually have to go all right it will keep yes indeed yes but his departure should come about through dialogue this isn't the first time we've heard
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speculation of a song just six year tenure at the ecuadorian embassy coming to an end it is the first time such hints have come from such a high official the president of ecuador himself saw and of course has been a asylum seeker effectively at the embassy since two thousand and twelve he fled there six years one month ago afraid that he would be extradited to the united states where he's wanted of course for publicly leaking those military and diplomatic cables which celebs war crimes and human rights violations now of course all this comes in the light of those reports about negotiations between the ecuadorian government and the british government to come to some sort of conclusion to bring this matter to an end the u.k. government has denied that this issue specifically was discussed during president rose recent visit to the u.k. but they have confirmed that negotiations have generally taken place and are continuing to take place to resolve the matter lamoriello himself it has to be said
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it's not a big fan of assad she's criticized him describing him as a stone in the shoe as a hacker while you labeled as an inherited problem inherited because of course assad was granted asylum under the presidency of rafael correa there now though from with this administration it has been far from smooth sailing for the whistleblower for a person to stay confined like that for so long is tantamount to a human rights violation the only concern i have is that i have never agreed with the sundries activity i don't agree with hacking private e-mails to be able to obtain information no matter how valuable it is to expose certain undesirable acts of governments all people of course six years of confinement have taken their. toll on a song to have been concerns about his welfare just last month in fact foreign office minister alan duncan expressed those concerns to parliament stating assurances would be sought about his welfare should he leave the embassy. internet access was
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recently cut off and the visits available to him by third parties have also been limited leaving very much questions both from the public and the media about just how and when this six year saga will finally come to an end. the government. loyalties traditions. are inside one of the diplomatic
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missions decided to give the site. where. our. position was planted on the ground will descend into civil war incumbent is empowered to grant national. because of great regret the judum of. your embassy it's about time. the old man before it gave you sabra just a. former m i five intelligence officer
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says that this development in your son's case is a bad sign for the wiki leaks boss. i think it's only worrying for us and yes there's no doubt about it because the incoming president in ecuador seems to see him as a problem he's also under pressure from the americans and from the international monetary fund to raise funding for his country and apparently it's been speculated reporters that been threats that this might be withheld if they don't if he does not resolve the stand case but i think he's right to be worried about being extradited on with the united states where his organization wiki leaks has already been categorized by michael compare as a hostile intelligence agency where politicians been calling for his assassination for the death penalty for the rest of his life in prison and all for publishing just as any other media organization publishes so i think the concern is what the british will do and of course the british government isn't also a very difficult position with practice it they can't afford to annoy their
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american cousins too much at this juncture of british history so it's a bit of a mess every which way. they were put in so that he is ready to travel to washington to meet donald trump he was speaking at the brics economic forum that is it has gone off reports from the event in south africa. putin's media conference became something of a final note of this three day break summit here in johannesburg now the russian leader talking to the press focused a lot on what was achieved in such a short period of time here in south africa he talked about the deals or the agreements that were signed here but when it came to questions from journalists well somewhat inevitably the subject of his relationship with donald trump the u.s. leader came up there is of course in the context of their meeting in helsinki the question was basically whether or not lattimer putin was ready for more of such meetings with his american counterparts and well. was yes.
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we're ready for such meetings we are ready to invite president trying to russia he already has such an invitation i told him about it and i'm ready to go to washington if the proper environment for work is established in general we'll have meetings on the sidelines of other upcoming forums. donald trump is quite a controversial figure of course but the russian president gave him some credit for putting his money where his words according to the russian president donald trump please at least trying to follow through on the promises he had made before he was elected back in two thousand and sixteen speaking about the bric summit as a whole its main focus was on trade wars and ironically enough donald trump was the subject of that is well because after all it is washington that is so trigger happy on imposing new tariffs on the e.u. and pretty much all pleased according to you i've spoken to a number of south african ministers here in johannesburg i've spoken to
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a number of experts in the euro they've all said that well brics nations economies were in a way to a certain extent damaged by the tariffs imposed by washington but as always every cloud has a silver lining and so in this case it's the brics nations here in johannesburg. stressing how these should stick together how these should bond with each other more and work closely so basically these sanctions are bringing the brakes member states closer to each other and also are encouraging other nonmember states to dealing more with the brics nations instead of world seeking trade partners elsewhere so no doom and gloom here in johannesburg in these three days none of that scene and with the whole summit wrapping up on a rather upbeat note of putin added his voice to that. meanwhile the white house to said donald trump is open to the idea of visiting moscow president putin's invitation. and to the news the un's human
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rights chief has urged the west african nation of cameroon to investigate alleged abuses by the country's armed forces comes after video emerged of what appears to be the extra judicial execution of two women and two infants a number of rights groups have confirmed the military was responsible for the atrocity i must warn you may find this video coming up now disturbing this was a video that was obtained by the intercept. really marc racicot of the irish. drama group thanks. it is. now these shocking images show soldiers from cameroon executing women and children now a uniformed demand is narrating their actions he says that the women and children
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are part of the boko haram terrorist group after the first round of bullets one of the men wearing military fatigues acknowledges that one of the children is still alive so he shoots again first the government claims that the video was fake news but now it's been reported that four soldiers have been detained keep in mind that cameroon is a key ally of the united states in the war on terror cameroon is advice to partner in the fights against boko haram isis which suffered another violence extremist organizations in the lake chad basin region a relationship with cameroon is designed to promote stability and security within the region now cameroon host hundreds of u.s. troops and the us drone base and at this point the usa continues to supply cameroon with military planes and other assistance even though it's been pointed out by the ambassador to the country that the military has been involved in targeted killings there's going to start with governor perry to do so every excuse in
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the u. t. t. t. t. three. to four years to the families even to this is. now the u.s. state department has expressed concerns over the video that seems to show one of its key allies committing a savage act of brutality we call on the government of cameroon to investigate thoroughly and transparently the events depicted in the video make its findings public and if cameroonian military personnel were involved in this atrocity hold them accountable this is hardly the first time that cameroon has raised the concerns of human rights groups and amnesty international report documented over one hundred cases of murder torture and abuse we used witness testimony and photographs from the social media accounts of this soldier to digitally moto the site and locate incidents within it the legs if they stay taney abound in a stress position known as the position. detainees report being held in this way
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for days at a time. and first there were reports that the u.s. state department had temporarily suspended aid to the country but the pentagon was quick to dispel those rumors there has been no change the assistance the department of defense provides to cameroon as a direct result of violence in the angle friend regions of cameroon the united states constantly tells us that its foreign policies are about defending freedom it accuses geo political rivals of violating human rights but it looks like cameroon past friend of the pentagon has anything but a clean record they would mop and r.t. washington d.c. . a researcher at amnesty international claims that human rights violations by the country's army are systemic and go unpunished it is indeed one of the most shocking and despicable the just that i've ever watched in my entire career we spent a lot of time at amnesty to analyze didio we have collected on testimony sent in
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from our sources hundred ground and we have compounded these testimonies with the analysis of our experts including military experts in terms of weapons for example you can hardly be mistaken. the video depicts uniformed personnel from the army weapon such as in just over twenty one which is a serbian made weapon consistent with those used by becoming. very surprised and shocked by the fact that the minister of communication s dismissed the d.d.'s fake news even before launching an investigation on the case and recorded systematic torture extrajudicial executions. arbitrary arrests cases of enforced disappearance and all these cases have never been dealt.
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we asked the office of the country's prime minister to confirm whether the government is launching an investigation so far we've had no response. an increasing number of high profile people in london themselves in hot water over their old tweets but in the united states it seems that your political affiliations will dictate just how much trouble you'll be in with more is probably. it's become a sport watch someone climb to the top and then knock them off the perch using their own less than savory quotes like t.v. . who lost her long time job a.b.c. following a very racist tweet it also happened to katie mchugh a journalist who used to write for the breitbart website after her tweets came to light the same fate be felled the sisters stars of the go with no job instagram
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account they used to have a talk show but it was canceled because they were old. and islamophobia tweets resurfaced on top of that left leaning liberal media outlet found out that the sisters have a conservative news pundit for a mother who likes donald trump a lot in fact one thing all those disgraced stars have in common is that they're politically conservative although recently the liberal camp has been hit by a string of very similar scandals james gotten big hollywood film director made guardians of the galaxy turns out ten years ago he was making jokes about rape and paedophilia his bosses at disney had to sack him the creator of reckon morty end of the harmon town podcast dan harmon he had to apologize after an old sketch where he rapes a baby doll called the attention of the toy to spare the host of the daily show travel no recently faced criticism when his old sketch poking fun at aboriginal
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women in australia cropped up online who dug all this up the conservatives to find some politically incorrect skeletons in the liberals closets might you know of it all right blog keen to get revenge on the left was the one who found the james gun tweet he's loving the fact that the lefties are getting a taste of their own outraged medicine. i enjoyed just the wrong human visceral reaction of jumping into the arena and just swinging the hammer and seeing what is left over afterwards twitter is just modern day gladiatorial combat but there is a slight difference in how the conservatives online misdemeanors and the left wing liberals offensive jokes are playing out trevor noah and dan harmon have managed to hold on to their jobs james gunn did get fired but a lot of the so-called liberal elite standing up for him james gunn is one of the
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most loving caring good natured people i have ever met he's made mistakes we all have are not ok with what's happening to him james gunn i think you for your tell and your decency and your evolution as a man i'm pausing myself to take everything in the forest because of term i just want everyone to know i love all members of my geo t.g. family some have even started a petition to rehire him but to it's fair wasn't quite as forgiving when it came to roseanne barr's hateful language shame on you the real roseanne and a.b.c. network not a single apology can get me to respect your despicable racist character and racism in mainstream media now i'm hurt embarrassed and disappointed the racist and distasteful comments from rosie are inexcusable a.b.c. and disney do the right thing there is still bone drees in the age of trump that
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cannot be crossed thank you for putting values above money roseanne herself has picked up on it i'm disgusted to read all the support for james guns paedophile jokes as the same people supported blackly sue me for a joke they didn't even understand digging up dirt is one thing but it looks like it's more likely to stick if you're on the right side of the political spectrum. french president micron has expressed concern that a comprehensive trade agreement between europe and washington macron said that the u.s. had to first make some concessions if it wants to enter negotiations with the e.u. a lot of europe and france never want to trade war but a good trade discussion can only be conducted on a balanced reciprocal basis and in the case of any sort of threat in this regard we have a number of questions and concerns that we will clarify i'm not in favor of us entering into a vast trade agreement because the current context does not allow for that on wednesday
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donald trump and the european commission's president struck a surprise deal on trade issues under the new agreement the two sides will seek to cut or eliminate import taxes trade barriers and most subsidies in addition the e.u. will expand imports of u.s. liquefied natural gas and certain food items in may the trouble ministration had slapped hefty tariffs on steel and early minium products coming from european countries p. you responded with three billion dollars worth of tariffs on u.s. goods and president trump appeared pleased with the new agreement even tweeting a picture of himself and it in a friendly embrace adding the u.s. and european union quote love each other. ok let's bring in a guest they can speak to alan scared he's professor emeritus of international history at the london school of economics very good evening to you alan is this not a good thing averting a trade war what is
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a manual micron i'm happy about. well mr michael is i'm very unhappy because he thinks that the negotiations of benefited germany but not fronts that the whole point of this is to try obviated twenty five percent tax by trump tower of by trump on german cause and goods but in return for that. said the he will a lot of american agricultural exports into europe and soybeans and other things the great french fear is the germs are sold a lot in that the fed should have a very protective towards culture will be betrayed in that huge amount of american food grain soybeans would have a window into europe undercutting the french. opposition after that meeting do you think he had no idea what you think it was actually going to see all for donald
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trump. no idea if he did i mean i'm not even sure that you had because not let's put. the best of times he went along and i think the great feat obviously being primed by merkel the huge fear. with. threats of a twenty five percent on cause was the bricks of bricks in the german export market to britain break at the same time it was twenty five percent tariff on german cause the be huge unemployment germany. i think had just as his first priority the need to save the german position obviously to do that he had to give something in return and in return he's enabling america to support supposedly export huge extra months of soybeans and other agricultural
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products to europe which would mean that the french will primarily suffer on the germans do you think that micron is likely to get much support. well the present you see it's all just negotiation tromps modus vivendi seems to be that he stirs up trouble he makes outrageous statements he gets people to come to the negotiating table in the mean time he can of immediate headlines immediate tweets he claim he would success he can claim everybody loves and he's made a deal but then he sort of loses interest and for the next few months we're not never quite sure what happens so just as another case is this will go on for a few months and then it might be that he'll suddenly hit the european union again and slap on the tariffs anyway say it's all very nebulous just often in.
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the european union does because of its caved in and the people who've paid to play the price european farmers particularly french ones it mean if a deal is actually made yeah you said it that it whilst on paper or in discussion they may be struck some kind of verbal agreement is a long way to go before this could actually become reality. well yeah i mean it's just like the deal with north korea i mean you get media headlines he's a peace maker you've brought peace to the world and he's a great international statesman he loves the reaction but you know and since then what exactly has happened in north korea. the very mixed reports an elusive you know kim is playing him along and just as he played previous presidents along in the sub times dismantling then there's other reports that you could institute in some nations and north korea iran should being built up and expanded so i guess trump seems to think these are off the ball he leaves it to secretary of state some
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deals to deal with and i think the same sort of pattern will be repeated here he's got use headlines is supposed to go to deal the suppose a day defeated in the european union and you know in the end american products will go in great strengths into year but what exactly will happen we don't really know alan good to speak he appreciates i'm alan scott my guest professor of international history at the london school of economics. thank you and as always i said i want to say it again we always appreciate you joining as you watching on t.v. to national latest headlines and updates coming your way just over half an hour's time i. will do. a look at it is. my last post has.
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nothing. to. do it a little too cool. doesn't go to the it is really nice for you. it's only about the looking. forward to one of the ninety one columns on the wall. you'll see i. is democratic socialism the future of the democratic party the future of america is moving to the left a winning strategy to take on donald trump's vision of conservative populism one
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thing is undeniable mainstream politics in both parties for under pressure to evolve and become more accountable. some for something. they use in big. people. in. the trees. that. came. out of a sudden. just. simple be there jerry would. be in there they would not alarm. me if they will shoot.
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you. if you didn't run it. down the. army. and did it on the world map into the.


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