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a palestinian teenager. killed by israeli soldiers at the gaza border with. protesters injured a journalist working for caught up in the arrest. we just. want to. hide the notorious russia dossier. in the u.s. it's offer a lawsuit is brought by a russian who was accused of being an intelligence agent. hundreds of rightwing activists accounts in brazil just ahead of the general elections in the country and what it claims is a bid to. fake news. saturday
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morning around eight o'clock here in moscow on this july twenty eighth let me show you the entire news team welcome to your top story. is already soldiers have reportedly killed two palestinians including a teenager and injured eighteen others at the gaza border a journalist working for i. was covering developments when the i.d.f. fired tear gas at the demonstrators. that. it made. for.
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doing it. with my buddy buddy. we just woke up from inhaling and suffocating here guys i think it's going to go to you guys one more time by all of the tear gas canisters and despite all of the life in unison the palestinian protesters continue to protest and are still very very close to the fence participating in the great much of return this is not the first time they have been facing this violence and business of course but they have been witnessing this for more than eighteen weeks now most of the injuries today have been injured in the upper part of the body where most of them are in the chest in the stomach conduct in that and the had this is one of the injuries that was shot with live ammunition from that is right the snipers that said this but a senior minister has stated that most of the injuries today are from live ammunition this is a protest that was killed to any his just then people are saying that he's shot and
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killed it's very dangerous for us to be here but despite everything we're still here covering all those israeli violence against the palestinians lawyer live ammunition we can hear live ammunition and more injuries are coming from the front line right israeli military said had responded in accordance with the rules of engagement they view their actions as a defense of the border accusing hamas which runs the gaza strip of using protest as a cuppa to breach the border now the protest at the gaza border have been continuous for most for months now people are demanding overtone of territories they claim historically belong to palestine.
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that has put together the infamous trump russia dossier has been summoned to a court hearing and judge in the u.s. ordered fusion g.p.s. to give sworn testimony in a lawsuit brought by a russian grew out of alexy group if he has filed a defamation lawsuit against the dossiers author of a long with a media company that released it buzz feed. claims he's been falsely accused in the dossier of being a russian intelligence officer now the trouble russia dossier also known as the steel dossier is a private intelligence report by a former m i six officer christopher steele it comprises seventeen memos that were written between june and december twenty sixth seen it contains allegations of collusion between donald trump's presidential campaign and the russian government the dossier was published in full by buzz feed last january before any of the
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allegations were verified as american has more on the story but fusion g.p.s. will now have to answer questions regarding its role in compiling the still dossier be very dossier that made headlines a world wide for its unverified salacious allegations about donald trump before his inauguration now lawyers will be able to ask a fusion g.p.s. representatives about its clients how they verify their claims and why they hired christopher steele and they'll also have the opportunity to find out the nature of the firm's interactions with government officials and media outlets now the russian entrepreneur is a lawyer who filed these claims against bosnian still cold at. victory this ruling gave us everything that we had hoped for after a year of trying everything they could think of to avoid being deposed fusion is finally going to have to sit down and answer our questions he was in g.p.s. hasn't revealed any information regarding the dossier claiming that it would violate confidentiality clauses and free speech rights but for some background the
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firm was hired in april two thousand and sixteen by the clinton campaign and the d.n.c. to investigate trump's allegedly to russia for a fee of about one point eight million dollars then fusion hired a former m i six operative christopher steele and then buzz feed to publish the dossier even though it wasn't verified now fusion g.p.s. will have until august thirty first to sit in for the deposition but it's possible that the revelations that will come out of that hearing will be more scandalous than the dossier itself. corporations like tesla and spotify are suffering shoojit losses in profit so ultimately threatening the lives of livelihoods of cozzens of their employees daniel bushell reports wall street soaring around all time peak and driving that growth locomotive these guys who corporations like tesla spotify and dropbox are invested darlings
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committing even the general public who use their everyday products to buy in whole roll. big pair to respond if i was the leader in streaming music they were birds one of the world's most disruptive companies that i say some sometimes the most successful american tech companies. just one tiny problem these firms are losing horrific money tesla is worth more than car colossus is ford or general motors despite selling a tiny fraction of the coals and losing billions music streaming joint spotify is just an out vast losses now the biggest startup in the world but it's lost money every year of its life and last year the worst and four and a whole of billion the whole of his one fine day will all book. in to cause
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while uploading spotify music to the dropbox cloud or something like that but new economy danger these aren't small companies anymore they affect millions of workers and users and cracks are beginning to show suggesting far from expanding some of starting to follow their work force and then the new economy relationships are shall we say complicated hundreds of thousands of paid for tesla cause the poor company hasn't even built if it goes bust. these ordinary people would likely be quote wiped out so definitely there's a there's a bubble not just in in the tech stocks but in the general stock market itself in the u.s. we're already seeing companies like general electric and caterpillar and some of the others. wells fargo in financial stress that there are signs of financial fragility as i call it where financial fragility is really
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a condition where the cash flow to finance previous debt becomes insufficient and they can't roll over the debt and they can't borrow that debt so then they have to default or sell off some of their assets first or better assets and then they did they default that after the can't sell off those assets well that financial fragility in my book systemically jilin the global economy is an indicator of pending financial instability and i think we're approaching that and we may see that emerge in the next year or two. to near zero has released a suspected islamist terrorist who was supported there from germany two weeks ago authorities claim there's not enough evidence against the man although he added an investigation is still ongoing sami id is an alleged al qaeda member and was accused by the german interior minister of being one of osama bin laden's
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bodyguards he had been living in germany since one thousand nine hundred seven and later applied for asylum there in two thousand and six although his beard was unsuccessful he was arrested and subsequently to portage from the country earlier this month. now in twenty ten the administrative court of does hold off prevented the deportation of sami ideality it was concerned he could be exposed to torture and inhumane treatment in tunisia at the time a number of german politicians said the court was in the wrong. what free to wait sammy in tunisia is not a problem of german taxpayers to protect them financially equipped and islamised well less and less remains for our own people is not acceptable but it suits chancellor angela merkel's vision for germany is allegedly a hate preacher he has al qaeda training and is said to have been the bodyguard have been lauded and anyone who thinks that we've done something terrible to sami a
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has to weigh up how long this man has already been in the country and how long we have tolerated this security risk problemas that he. should have been left in germany for ten years and secondly that the way he was brought back to tunisia where he was departed there is scattered it caused to question the rule of law in germany no one wants this man in germany but it is grossly illegal well here and there cannot be described as legal it anyway the court rules and how do you move government is bound by court rulings if out just disagree god of course yes this man must support. and whether that hagar the way the government respond it in a very matter well you know it's the fresh start it's all chaos now.
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french president to mind your back on twitter into a frenzy for a challenge critics to quote come and get him he was referring to an incident with his security advisor alexander but who struck a protester while wearing a police uniform. you can't just say this is something you. know about. admitting to being responsible in the event that the else us to come and get saved in that case let's get macro. we arrive together and united more determined than ever. i will security advisor had a man during
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a may day rally just to warn you the following video contains us some scenes of violence the president suspended his aide but many felt my call and haven't gone far enough in the video to alex on that about was shocked and a police investigation was launched on friday a number of demonstrators took to the streets in response and in response to this latest statement. that the president of the republic said that he's responsible to say it is one thing but in terms of the constitution he's held to answer before the people certain organizations called for us to gather here against macro's behavior he also challenged us to come and get. here it's not that we denounce banally we denounce violence and repression exerted by the state and the president. every single demonstration across from this season police violence it's been the law was my groans a says it's the same thing is the president of the reach
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of governance in favor of the we know i put the most or still to come here on the program on international law facebook for example blocking right wing accounts in brazil just ahead of the elections that's a part of a so-called anti fake news campaign more on that in about mine. just for a way. down there aka poco he does the dollar vigilante and he's an actor a guest and that is. it's anarchy in that there is no centralized authority that is corrupt of all that leads to all kinds of bad outcomes when you have got to centralization of power you know you have the wherewithal to have a more peaceful existence. what holds an institution. who put themselves on the line to get accepted or
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rejected. so when you want to be president and you. want to. have to going to be pros this is what will befall three of them or can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters of. course should. i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter the u.s. has over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten times champion each day. eighty five percent of global wealth to the rich the six percent markets thirty percent. some with four hundred to five hundred three per circuit first and one rose to twenty thousand dollars. china is building two point one billion dollars a i industrials but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only number you need to
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remember is what one does go forward to miss the one and only. you started a program here on the u.k. has suspended its cooperation with the u.s. over the prosecution of to form a british citizens who joined islamic state known as the i sold beatles accent the pair were caught in syria and could now face the death penalty in america and britain had intended to share intelligence to help the prosecution however london decided to take a short term pull a softer outrage in britain over the possible executions of the u.k.
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drop the death penalty in one thousand nine hundred sixty nine and is strongly committed to making sure that no extradite a person is executed in other country. because rights groups and a family member of one of the suspects have all appealed to the british government pony boy takes a closer look at the case. political rallies human rights taking a stand in case you missed it quite frankly a bit of a page when you want something about the terrorists taken care of. the isis b. cells not called back because most of the my dad in one is a terrible drama but because they carried out he must accept terroristic gruesomeness well speaking with a british accent grammar came up with that title has unfortunately made them sound a little too costly for a gang of murderous but hedges well two of them have been captured by the us which really wants to extradite them home and deliver some humane justice if you know what i mean well america needs is a bit of evidence to be sent out of from britain which is
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a real shame because the u.k. is a country of conviction political values and it doesn't contain the personal use of the death penalty in a situation there was outrage how could britain stoop so low i'm sure it even the lives of their beatles at risk they had already rescinded their british passports my god is not punishment enough. in any way of taking care of the likes of the isis beatles while at the same time keeping your values intact well luckily there are a few options. target the bad guys with anonymous drones while they're still in a sandy country that different tone sure is always tricky but if one of your intelligence agents happens to be standing in the back of the room well someone else from one of those developing nations happens to be pulling out the fingernails well that's different. freedom fighters with a picture of bin laden in that wallet to do some killing that. sending terrorists
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to stand trial in a real court or for a possible death sentence well not just. for the parts here in moscow facebook has blocked hundreds of right wing activists accounts. brazil as part of a campaign to tackle fake news of the move caused outrage in the country with many claiming facebook is deliberately trying to interfere in the upcoming presidential elections in the country later this year the head of the rightwing free brazil movement says the tech giant's decision took him and his colleagues by surprise these pages and profiles were part of a coordinated network concealed by the use of fake accounts on facebook which hid from people the nature and origin of that continent for the purpose of generating division and spreading misinformation or of course. was shut down and i was like what the hell is going on and suddenly i start calling wrong model friends
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who also went and suddenly we also realized that. maybe many profiles files for the leaders for. why and then we realized first even before the facebook he was an answer we realized that there was. a journalism paper writing that we. we were banded for facebook because we have like a network off three hundred facebook pages and profiles spreading fake news and we're like we don't spread any fake you know what the hell they're talking about brazil's a federal prosecutor has called on facebook to explain the deleting of the profiles without due investigation into the indicated violations he's demanded a list of all pages and profiles blocked as well as a factual justification for each decision his co-founder of the free brazil
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movement than santos again saying that the deleted pages were influential enough to attract facebook's attention. it was in the last three years the most influential of page on brazilian facebook and it's all sor of one of the most influential political preachers in the world actually or numbers of engagement used to be compared to. be here and inherently and we did a lot of transformation or calgary because of our job because of our natural because we fought the mainstream media the as equally the they knew that they couldn't wind a public debate against us so they decided to shut shuttle we're not to make or make us quiet and that's what they're doing is start to first of all putting down our reach on facebook we used to reach eight million people might even have people they meet only on our facebook page and now we reach one point five to one people
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and they are doing these because of what the air lectures and also because intern actual actions they are there and somehow they're trying to sure there are american elections that they are doing their homework using brazil as. an expert an experiment. powerful drug cartel in colombia has taken out a hit on a german shepherd and his canine anger the drug barons offered sniffed out a shoot stash of cocaine.
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now are dropping out the program just for this hour here on r.t. international they'll have to see what about half an hour with more of your saturday top stories. when lawmakers manufacture consent to stick to public wells. when the ruling class is a project themselves. the financial larry go around to listen to the one percent told. to ignore middle of the room signal. the real news is really.
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right we're all set to start in five. just so you know how the signal. he's not going to talk about. just need right after the arse explorers one knew it would have their new. food record. to say black people.
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know there's room welcome to sophie until i'm seriously shevardnadze said today we've got lots to talk about in our program and our gas to move good luck that'll. be gay this national camera. roughly once they showed some leave for them. to joan cool videos and so on with the broken string of apps. going down more on string i don't roughly don't t.v. . show me the. local still it's. my last. time was it.
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clear. it's gotten a lot cooler. this is. the single given that it's really nice to get through it. all for school it's only about the walking on the other end of the. full to one of the lobby while columns are on the wall. for a. couple. ah . this is says harlan kentucky. the boy says it was very funny using. a co
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money since he was almost no coal mines left. his job to get out of the pool was a said. that it was love to see these people the survivors of a world disappearing before their eyes. i remember thinking when i was younger that if anything ever happened to the coal mines here that it would become a ghost town but i never thought in the million years i would see that and it's happened it's happened. on the end of my. dream. we're going to have what i wish i would rush to tell me i did believe that so many it's only displaced persons that flee to
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a recently from clashes that happens. a lot of good people separate across front lines and they can cross the front line a lot of the people that fled without knowing where it has been where their child that child or dead their mother is. where they are with and they were captured over there are life most of the times we live with look at look for them it's very difficult actually i read if i families. that. have so we got precise phones to do we're just going to get up to jack and it will be ten dollars that will make it short three minutes per person so why do we have the most people possible can be able to make a phone call and then or if you don't manage today tomorrow we coming back with a team all day again and you'll be able to make phone calls tomorrow too for those
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who couldn't today and only four million years to hear from his rights well on the third but most up up. i know and i know why i do you. wish to pretend that i have any hobbies nobody. i knew. and i know. what little i do i look i know do you. like that i'm going to take to change it. well it must have. been killing a leading voice here little while ago they want to ban lang one weekend a week and a. police out one hundred they were. defining minimum on our mob and now when we can all of them done anything to me it would have been only one man and you
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don't. plan don't you think going back a. few no i don't when. one night i manage to be here for you and then we get them and yes that's my fault. ok going to. be on the phone i don't want to. know what we have been calling you wouldn't. you do coding to me we're going to. go public in the. middle of it. on one of the nordic. you know when you put it in my book i don't. suppose i'm. moving. there's no phone coverage as often during a conflict because either the communication infrastructure was bombarded or destroyed or the.


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