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it would have been may have been you don't. know i think going back a week you know i don't want. one like i manage to be here for you and then we get the municipal. ok going to go. on that one would. have been calling well you wouldn't get the new little awkward jacqueline when you were looking to me. but i can. go public in a. minute that go with them ok mr man one of the nordic. yeah you know when you look at the bottom i suppose. there's no phone coverage as often during a conflict because either communication infrastructure was bombarded destroyed or the authorities in charge themselves shut them down to make sure that no military
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information comes and on the outs of the place the both sides understand that we're not here to support the position we're not here to support the government we're here to help the people during this difficult time. when. they meet him and if we didn't you know they want to meet equipment and want them second. meeting and i meant a lot of whatever the gloveman i took the most by they do you come left me to you that i'm meeting a bit of them i then bob and i want them by me what that can mean a minute ten twelve and one things we get them up and they take up and made by me as i met with them isn't it wasn't technically about a minute she began with me if i must be p.d. ok game of them have been coming to me and was going to give. me a very new management and then i got an emmy and. yes. i
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know i don't call it. quits with the. innocent. picked out minimum time people to put them on top of the one we've all been to the woman cannot handle this better. than value. yoga a one in the mail order nguyen who are now moving a best. with no one when you get banned by you know it could be a look at the would have been good got big and been. mad of all the time what we were doing will fight him on freedom oh i know guys that. i know him a boom tell a good deal about him. a blue together we get back out and get good on it i'm going and i go on the other end and it's. going to isn't really the loudest but man i would. meet him in the gym and give the phone to cal and get a good thing. with
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the situation though is excellent there is no mood. to do with them they don't know when you when you could into the you do know would want. to militarization prison children. go to it is not in a good because you know if the would just work on doing that mean would be due could have been the next year to. do still be demanding to be given so this is the informer.
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you're no good she was. a good. idea she was right. because most of the. fighting to the core issue of. russian. must must must more work but. one.
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must insist. you. really think if you are still coming in monday we'll be ok. oh. well you know. if it isn't. true your chicken means it's going to shoot you.
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i believe you know this is a form. of racial norm. for us that they share over and out. of some of us to. be just you know a little bit you. just feel some of the only approach to this is in you he said. i promised him i said the day you read it peace my mind i'm a pretty. much to do it i'll send. you some reading but. ted least i know that every day you should improve something and not only include you in maintaining every field of the way if you think i'm trying to tell to my
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kids that you every day to be to be happy to learn something new but to me today if you can get the kids to go to try to explain them. i mean this may you're feeling that you're doing it continuing something challenging and then you feel really like click which are most likely to call guy who finished everything in a confused way. ok we'll start of this you. know somebody who was you know. nothing to you was a disappointing yeah i don't know what john i just don't think you need their. ability to spin that your favorite quote. but isn't your bosom good message. so. breadstick going to see if there
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is. no baby. so the evidence. says. what is this what are you going to do about the slow going for good in the. good grief feel. good that's all this from outside you can grow see if you still are strong and clean from the side to look right in your joints or maybe you could be of use and you can try to see if you could be good enough to be penetrated because. it's been crucial trying to get it done aren't cool i suppose doing i'm assuming the room at the bottom knowledge
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of the because you know it's. cool. you know. here you. are supposed to be guarded. by. god to do this my group which you do control strike out you. will persevere with the parishioners that do gooders. who you. know do you know what because of the look you for centuries was happy for my. own. on the.
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culture. here one feels. not easy to be somewhat trained. so if you really need to get one if you think you can do such and go house to house on the side i can do it jean. and i'm. toast thirty has been. so the last four years i'm doing typed on a high demand so it's to be applied. to every my. nephew who can petition that him and you feel like you can do it was. just. you know you did. good. it's already it's right yeah more to try to be more than the fact.
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anyone. about it from the. area. it's. a family my family's in serbia. sometimes you feel like a lone and then you think you crossed and you miss them but on the other side the theme is three nice and even the theme is not so big here in two thousand here some kind of. nice social life.
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we are going through dramatic economic and social and cultural transformations now women want to participate gay lesbian people want immigrants want rights in many cities are saying that's my way but there are more traditional parts of society that are saying no i don't want that i live in a more of a world community i believe we should have one now i believe in a country that's divided as much as any in the world we actually have to localise our government. some people come on. indigenous people as you know we that. in the. trees.
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most politicians say that the only. out of a sudden a man just. told be there was time. i said i will enter it in if they will not allow me. to if they will shoot me. at all i'll among a million million indeed i'm not i'm not picking on you need to be indicted have been killed by the illuminati man i got a fake i made it look and i'm a me and you got me i used. to.
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right we're also starting to thrive yes to something that the studio house has signaled. he's not going to talk about the no fly list just reviewed right after the mars explorers one who would have their own unique. cooler rocket. to use to let people know. how to tell us room welcome to sophie and co i'm so sorry shevardnadze said today woke up lots to talk about in our program and our guest is. good luck little.
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this next was called a truly. i would say cult. a
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bit of a strip club looser like to. live . on. your. own. palace and. you guys want i owe you money today not yet ok now some people can kind of. and i'm here looking for a sense i have heard there was a great sadistic they were very gunshot wounds. to the shoulder who was here but. little. lemonick oh so come to see the father there before it's the. same old love for the.
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shit that showed up. in the notion that it is going to try to ask god if you got stranded maybe he should. tell you. that he or. she gets a lot of good enough to. look at. it off i'm on the phone so. if you don't just want to. transition education. of any church the idea that most of us needed to go off to say that it's just. the conflict is not far away in the that and we don't rule out the possibility that
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could not be. has been attacked is not the possibility that we're taking seriously and we have to plan ahead of its. we want to make sure that's actually in the first place would evacuate the patients with a minimum of staff staying in conduct until the last moment and when indeed we visit not enough security guarantees for staff to stay there then will that i treat also . just michelle so she's going to do to make up for the founder who was more than usual but as usual they were going to move. this along to do it with only me and the bucket of soup one of them once and if you took more than the motions of forty two tone to just across women again we would you steve.
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but the moment i got out before the end of the fourth of you're going to be identified because you have. some patience for so many vehicles wow ok yeah yeah and i thought it was a story very simple some initial carrier there were three of. those who were in the host were done do the first go did they do brad manson or had a guy play seems pretty. thorough right near his grown nerf injury or is it was a whole. ok so to show and so this on occasion next to just get away. with. it it's not penetrating down to. a soft tissue on. the next one will be if you said.
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to his mates you know let's let's play something came out. why don't they when i'm not sure they're let's put this on i don't. know if he really believes it but like i was talking about ten dollars loan i mean i went out and you know i try to help you but your idea. that we'll all get one two three let's go slowly or come come come come come. come come come i'll be an alcoholic you're going to come from ok. ok put him here on the ground this year the. only good thing is going to come from now but we we're falling into places for this treacherous and i was. so this is new on this one in a way you tend to model the future and. if he's in pain all it can can ask of his. i imagine i go about it in the way. i
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make you some injection here we live so if you don't feel just like you will see think when it's much more quiet. until my friend was going to go to. and you know it's not for painful dawns on me but i think. that's also something. so they'll still be on the stretcher while we fly them no response you know yeah you'll be sitting so cool this thread just a little bit on the chair in the. am so in the other night she's at this point correct. he just can't permit to that's what we got. actually we have so full house yet and if you.
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think about us a. mistake to make. sure. that. he was. saying. it's time to. give you the whole response from the start just first richard ok let's put this let's. first talk with him on the fly yeah ok. how can you not. see the one by one. but your head watch your head maybe when you have that kind of you're ready for one more. ok one more so go to marvel
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sixty nine it was for the. grammy and. police and she has been made of course we are here to share it i mean
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if you look at media easy i mean anybody that is in the beginning oh yes i mean not only is. she good on the beach and maybe dirtier i'm ok that is here. maybe because you think she is. the live in the nation yet again like ok can. we hear. the last. letter which didn't say a shooting game a lot so she wrote. that. you don't believe. the body type. doing. a. job.
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how many by now they are only asking if you. must be put off so they arrive in december man and then they're about to send overcome many many problems. i believe myself going to. you know just give them time with your time to recover or to do it go in the mines they recount the recovering the bodies so just the continuing they would give up even in this situation and since desperate in the beginning.
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to. close. some for something going on. using the genius people as you know we that the speed in there was the patri. most politicians say that's only behind but yet. out of a sudden the man just. unfold be there. i
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said i will enter it in the if they will not allow me. if they will shoot me. out all along on a million million indeed i'm not i'm not picking on you need to be indicted because have you don't punish your man on man you got a fake i'm a little i mean you got me i use. a muscle. lucas there it is. my. nose it. could. do it.
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doesn't go to the destroy it. all for school it's only about the looking. forward to one of the. boys of. cut. up. for a man or sitting in a car when the phipps gets shot in the head. all four different versions of what happened one of them is on the death row there's no way he could have done it there's no possible way because the owners do not shoot around a corner. just borrow. down
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there. he does the dollar vigilante and he's an actor against and that is. it's anarchy in that there is no centralized authority that is corrupt and all that leads to all kinds of bad outcomes when you have anarchy you got to centralization of power you know you have the wherewithal to have a more peaceful existence. with this manufactured them sentenced to the public will. when the ruling classes protect them so. when the final merry go round if suddenly the woman said. we can all middle the roots to. the real news is really.
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up stories here on our two palestinian teenager. killed by israeli soldiers on the gaza border with eighty other protesters being a journalist working with he was caught up in the press. we just woke up from hitting its effect i think it was. doing. it from behind the notorious triumph of russia has summoned to court in the united states offer of lawsuits brought by a russian entrepreneur who was accused of being an intelligence agent. facebook looks hundreds of right wing activists accounts in brazil just ahead of general elections in the country and what it claims is a bid to stamp out.


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