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tv   News  RT  July 29, 2018 5:00pm-5:31pm EDT

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now that i am a little bit like i mean you can be i use. the stories that shaped the week donald trump of blood in the putin six straight in the u.s. russia relations at their first summit in helsinki. while the us leader claimed the kremlin might try to interfere in the upcoming midterm elections to help his rivals the democrats allegations of meddling remain a divisive issue. it's meddling in the way that osama bin laden meddled with the world trade center. our. palestinian teenage girl seen as a symbol of the resistance against israel is released after eight months behind bars. prime minister is reelected in
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a poll overshadowed by security crackdown and claims of ballot bringing. thanks for joining as you're watching r.t. internet. says he is open to accepting an invitation from vladimir putin to visit moscow earlier this week the russian president agreed to visit the u.s. whether in washington d.c. or moscow the next putin summit will be the second official encounter between the two presidents the first held in helsinki two weeks ago to an onslaught of criticism in the u.s. media over the way trump handled the meeting was accused of not defending his country's interests during the summit. national security advisor john bolton later announced that a washington meeting would not happen until two thousand and nineteen when quote
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the russia which. some say encounter with putin in helsinki also became the subject of a heated senate hearing the u.s. secretary of state money plus we sent it is. has the president told you what he and president putin discuss in their two hour closed door meeting in helsinki did you did he tell you did the president at this meeting call upon president putin to withdraw from crimea and eastern you where did the president say we're going to change our force structure in syria good to what took place you speak to the translator that a president discussed relax relaxing u.s. sanctions on russia including cats as i understand it i understand the game you're playing you know mr secretary with all due respect i don't appreciate you characterizing my questions the literal meanwhile faces a major test of his presidency late to this year with the midterm elections the midterms are widely seen as a vote of confidence for any administration designed to scare them open explains
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whether it's republicans or democrats u.s. politicians seem to know in advance who's to blame if results don't go their way was so much did this isn't on capitol hill the democrats and republicans have finally found something that they can agree on both parties now agree that the russians are coming more specifically they're coming to interfere in the twenty eight teen mid-term elections this is president trump i'm very concerned that russia will be fighting very hard to have an impact in the upcoming election. based on the front the new president has been tougher on russia than me they will be pushing very hard for the democrats they definitely don't want trump and this is his old arch nemesis there are some checks experts in silicon valley valley with whom i have met who say that you know maybe what they'll do this next time is to really disrupt the actual election shut down the servers that you send results to interfere with the operation of voting machines because still too many of them are
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linked to the internet so there we are still very vulnerable russia's meddling in the midterm elections may just be a hypothesis at this point but the trumpet ministration from the department of homeland security to the secretary of state are ready to fight the two thousand and eighteen midterm elections remain a potential target for russian cyber and influence operations i think we should be absolutely prepared to assume that they will try to interfere in all fifty states we will not tolerate russian interference in our two thousand and eighteen elections we are planning and preparing as if will try again this fall and beyond now it hasn't happened yet but the retaliate tory sanctions to be imposed on russia are all set up by congress we're going to pursue russia's energy and financial sectors which overgaard its parastatal entities it is my go along with senator graham to make sure that we're protecting the united states the friend in the
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united states folks in washington d.c. are manning their battle stations all prepared to face an on coming onslaught but what are they worried about well it could be the twenty sixteen presidential elections let's not forget that james clapper the former director of national intelligence said that in the twenty sixteen supposed intervention none of the vote tallies were in any way affected they did not change any tallies or anything of that sort i mean you know we have no we have no way of gauging. the impact that some of the intelligence community can't gauge the impact it had on the choices you looked through me furthermore it's not exactly clear who russia is supposedly going to be supporting now the democrats say that russia is going to be supporting donald trump but trump says that the pending kremlin subversion will be in support of the democrats why would he say that well because it makes just as what sense is what the democrats it was true everybody wants to blame another country for the problem
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you know the reason why thirty million americans don't have health care is nothing to do with russia that has everything to do with the enemies of america which by the way are in america acts on the military industrial complex these are the enemies of america are tired government is bought it's legal bribery and they steal and cheat right out in the open americans car gobbling this up it's amazing you know we used to be afraid of russia because they had a communist ideology they're just kind of pressing that button on americans because we've been conditioned to be afraid of russia and their communism even though they're not communists anymore this will all be cleared up after the election whichever side loses can blame russia for it and after all it worked in the twenty sixteen presidential election for hillary clinton there is no reason that donald trump can't use it to his advantage came up and r.t. washington d.c. with allegations of meddling continued to be hugely divisive the views of legal
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media analyst and democratic political consultant richard goodstein liberal politicians frequently blame russia for various things as well if you believe that's the real cause of the problems in the us though there are other divisions what do you think. look i don't think people are blaming russia for anything that happens in the united states other than what our intelligence community concluded unanimously which with the which is the russians attacked the united states to mock recy in the way that they. meddled frankly makes it look kind of pity. kind of really kind of piddly. it's meddling in the way that osama bin laden meddled with the world trade center that was an attack dick cheney. fan of generally ira had said that what are the russians did was an act leak was of war against united states so so again ah but i think we should segment that out i
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think i think what happened i'd states whether it's racial bias or you know in inequality in terms of incomes that's not because of anybody from russia doing that or are little holidays that we're creating ourselves you didn't let me down. yet and i have parked i am my friend comparing osama bin ladden where the points are russians buying facebook ads which brought down the entire election not because your gal the oven mitt fashion east lost a rigged election. but because the nefarious russians and the the is this necessary as cabal did cram lang how to get in there with you there was some hall. by fifty four to forty one percent of americans across the board think that donald trump is not standing up for u.s. interests most people in the united states think that putin has the goods some dirt
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on trump so it's not just me this is what the public thinks look we live in an era right now where we love to me takes me where you have a legitimate right to be upset but. if you can really turn it up if you can. weigh all and scream if you can demand it require a screaming room and a padding dog a vivid how lead and show this absolute out of control histrionics maybe somebody will pick up on that you know i think that there is again so much awareness in a way that today there was the there used to be decades ago when we didn't have the mass media people can kind of aggregate to themselves and basically decide well we're right and that person who acted in a way that we don't approve of is wrong and that somehow or other that if users people thinking there is
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a heightened everything today not to not to say that people don't have a right in many cases to be upset but everything is overdone because you're not going to get media attention if you act reasonably and proportionately. palestinian teenager and activist maybe has been released after eight months in a prison in israel. but what he was going to. insist is was. support is welcome to a military checkpoint near qom in the west bank and gaza who became an calling for the resistance and the symbol for resistance by young people who refused the procedures and existence of the occupation and challenge this occupation their last hold. the circumstances that should leave then cause her to become a symbol for the difficult life israeli actions in the village day night always
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mean her raise her voice and reach out to the world. the seventeen year old was arrested in december along with several relatives she had been filmed slapping and kicking israeli soldiers after her cousin was shot at close range during protests a video of that incident went viral making a symbol of the palestinian resistance. there. was the case turned the global spotlight on the detention of palestinian minors by israel a practice that has been criticized by rights groups however some israeli politicians claim our heads eight months in jail was too lenient. but she is relaxed to mercifully with these types of terrorists israel should treat harshly those who hate its soldiers we can't have a situation where there is no terror lack of deterrence leads to the reality we see
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now we must change that. but israel's actions against the teenager being condemned by many world wide and pro palestinian activists the staged protests demanding her release. one expression of support has been the john picture of the girl which appeared on the israeli west bank border but they all work didn't go down well with the israeli authorities.
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cambodia's incumbent prime minister who would send this one a landslide victory in the country's general election sort of a challenge from almost twenty rival parties if you're trying to reports from the country's capital. so prime minister who. charge of combat thirty three years ago will rule the country for another five years final official results won't come out till mid august the only official number that we've received for now is the turnout eighty two percent plus it is still unclear and any of the other nineteen competing parties will really make it there and when at least a few parliament seats well cambodian politics just ahead of the campaign began to turn out salutes lead toxic on sunday i was all over polling stations in the capital have a look at that the general election and it is so different from anywhere i've seen
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people vote this is a polling station by the way. doors here open at seven in the morning and close just after lunch time at three the party that came second to last on securing almost forty five percent has vanished from the ballots with no success or quite a few things though are way too familiar. cannot stand in cambodia democracy. the prime minister's government simply wants to silence the opposition. collusion meddling cracking down on critics. that is so mainstream
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before changing the top level we need to our prove the low one we need to change the lower level first and the usa that has assisted me the osce me to take the model from yugoslavia serbia i have experts university professors in washington d.c. montreal canada hired by the americans in order to advise me on the strategy to change the leader this that was the year of come bodhi is national rescue party runners up and twenty third thing talking once about us backed regime change and so on charges of treason come so it was thrown behind bars last year the government then went after the whole party for what it called conspiring with america so right now there is no such name of c.n. r.p. on that list uncle sam has been trying many tools to scheme and can both like
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n.g.o.s or foreign media so say local officials that's how they've just defied cracking down on a handful of american funded outlets and groups which include radio free asia or the national democratic institute you team up with the opposition to overthrow the man in charge you leave cambodia that is to just never stop made clear as want to continue demolition to topple the government has to be a young boy and you are big boy how can you you're pushed out of the old boy and you're asking for democracy and human rights so prime minister who said who first took power more than three decades ago after once losing in ny in the combat ended up running for parliament with no mighty enemies on the ballot box battlefield the most daring political opponents of his can bodie in people's party have been silenced or jailed another option is to be banned from politics. like this former phnom penh city council member from the sea and r.p.
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to make ends meet he now has to endure the south asian heat driving a tilt. i don't care about losing power i'm sorry for not being able to serve the people who elected us democracy in cambodia was dead when the government got rid of the opposition party which represents almost half of the country i say it's time for a prime minister to step down. for peace and development country needs to keep going without any violence or war so we need to consider what happened in ukraine in the middle east in afghanistan where wars started by the us still not over yet under the c.b.p. government cambodia shown steady year on year economic growth however it is still among the three poorest countries in the region where the depleted and impoverished countries i believe a tranquil reporting from combat on election day are. now europe in the us a struck a deal to avoid
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a trade war would bring that story under this after this break. there is the most noble political deciders to have more clean energy but if implemented in the wrong commercial way. it will or the next few years say within the timeframe of three four five years you will have such a mountain of subsidized projects etc that are unlikely to be able to stand on
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their own two feet. welcome back the european commission chief. has reached a deal with donald trump to avoid a trade war they agree to cut remove key import taxes and subsidies for the e.u. will boost imports of u.s. food and liquefied natural gas comes after the white house slapped tariffs on european r.u. medium and steel in may and his new approach to trump is strikingly different from his earlier hostility. we have identified the number of areas for the rich to work together. to work to work zero terrorists on the industrial goods that was my main
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intention. from told me last week john clued you were a brutal killer but it is the first time that look somebody has become a threat to the united states of america he meant i think as a complement to them even though i cannot be sure. it's so now we will also impose import tariffs this is basically a stupid process the fact that we have to do this but we have to do it we can also do stupid we also have to be this stupid trump just roll over john claude younker and get concessions almost immediately the answer is yes john clause younker is as a surrender monkey it came to d.c. and he surrendered the white flag was waved and he gets nothing and it's got eight he has to get used to this because this is going to happen every few months it's going to have to surrender more and more and more the us is in the house america is back shock lot younger obviously at the e.u.
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is used to being kind of a very slow moving lafarge a bureaucrat what no accountability whatsoever is not elected he will say anything but generally that means nothing. if the deal is not the ink on the contract has to drive for us to say that there is a deal. well after the deal posted this expressing love between the two sides but relations may not be as rosy as the u.s. president claims after their joint announcement cameras caught refusing to take trump's outstretched hand despite both having quite a reputation for enthusiastic greetings.
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emanuel dramas lashed out at the french media over their handling of the scandal that involved his security aide show david he has the story. over the last week front has been in the midst of a media frenzy over to merge that a top security aide to president was caught on video during the may day protests
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beating protestors. was. well banal has since been sacked and on tuesday we heard for the first time what president mark or made of this of course laid blame at the press in the way that they covered this story essentially saying that the press and commentators were acting like the judiciary we have media that no longer seeks the truth the images are they showing with a desire to uncover the truth to present facts in a balanced manner no i see media powers he want to become judicial one we also know that president microns approval ratings have dropped since this scandal emerged and it now seems that that boy and that criticism is extending out to media outlets in
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france and in the same speech challenge the public to come and get him plenty of reaction on twitter. you can see. the. background admits to being responsible if. there be else us to come and get in that case let's get macro. we arrive together and unite it more determined than ever. it was on that the president of the republic said that he is responsible to say it is one thing but in terms of the constitution he's held to answer before the people
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certain organizations called for us to gather here against macros behavior he also challenged us to come and get him here it's not that we denounce banally we denounce violence and repression exerted by the state and the president. every single demonstration across france sees police violence being the law was micron's a that's the same thing macron is the president of the reach of governance in favor of the reach and. finally this hour a stunning fireworks show is rounded off navy day in thank petersburg praise were actually held right across russia throughout sunday.
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you brought it today joining me for the latest news headlines in often out. this is harlan kentucky. the lawyer says it was. a coma and he says he was almost no coal mines left. the jobs are gone all the coal was it said i'd. love to see these people the survivors of
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a world disappearing before their eyes. i remember thinking when i was younger that if anything ever happened to the coal mines here that it would become a ghost town but i never thought in the million years i would see that and it's how it's happened. with manufacture consent to public wealth. when the ruling closest to protect themselves. with the famous go round be the one. making the whole middle of the room sick. leave.
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children mitch children brought a pilgrimage citrus children into the bronx. everybody i'm stephen baldwin should test hollywood gun usual suspects favorite movie proud american first of all i'm just as george washington and are the two singers to uncle steve to me is a good story to big boy because this is my buddy max famous financial guru and will she's a little bit different on this day you can find her well no one knows the last but not least my larger than life. the knight and aspiring star rio. with all the drama happening in our country i'm shooting the road to have some fun . meet every day americans who know. what's america to our ancestors suffered the most and see how things come
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so crazy i was naked. to get my finger on the start to bridge the gap this is the great american pill which. looks. at my beliefs for my children to get. to serve the trust of the good lord on this one who comes time to play like this to me to carry three six. foot. by in that crowd why.


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