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but. he didn't kill only a leading voice here a little while ago a wrong or. lying one weekend a week at the. police how wonderful a one. year guy ending minimum on our mob and i when we can all of them then i'm giving it would have been me. and you don't. plan don't think going back on me you know i don't want. one like i manage to be here and you haven't and we get them and yes that's my fault. ok going to go. on that one. over you have been calling well you wouldn't. know what we're juggling with you were looking to me. but i can. go public in a. minute that go with the image among one of the nordic.
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you know when you look at the super. bowl but. there's no phone coverage as often during a conflict because either communication infrastructure was bombarded destroyed or the authorities in charge themselves shut them down to make sure that no military information comes and on the outside of the place the both sides understand that we're not here to support the position we're not here to support the government we're here to help the people during this difficult time. when. they meet him and if we didn't you know they want to meet equipment and want them second. meeting men and then awoke to whether whatever the glove might i took almost like they decline left media that meeting a bit that made them bob and i want them by me want to check in with him in a ten or twelve and i was in quicksand. them up and make a half hour made by me
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a map of the maze and give us an ethnically divided many be bound. by democratically p.l.t. game of them have been and will soon be. again. and then i went out and in the end with. the new i don't call it. quits with the. innocent. kicked out mina much i need people to have money for what we do i want a woman. who gunned down. in yoga a one in a mail order nguyen who are now moving about. with no one when you get banned by you know it could be and because the would have been. a big and been. middle of all that time what would be will fight him on demand i know guys that. manage him
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a boom gelug and do about him. a bloody other work get back out and get good i'm going to hire an i go me other than to jam. the lattice but man i would. meet him in the gym give a phone you get a good thing. with the situation always excellent purpose there is no mood. to do with them they don't know what you would do you could into the you do know would want. to see in prison children. go to it is not in a good because the would just work on doing that mean would be due could have been this nothing. to still be demanded to be given so this is informer.
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if. you're good she was. a good. idea she was right. because most of the. fighting to the question of privacy advocates. first question from for me the most money was more work to. talk. to someone.
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you. love to insist. if it. really. did come in monday he'll be ok.
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oh. well you know. when. you take. your chicken needs from this year will you. fight. because this is a report. oppression or. that's a. major over and out. of some of us to look to just you know a little bit you. just feel some of the only approach to this issue is the issue. i promised him i said to tell you we did
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peace my mind that we're pretty. much to doing. some reading but. at least i know that every day you could improve something and not only include you in maintaining every field of the way if you think i'm trying to tell to my kids that you every day to be to be happy to learn something new but to me today if you could get the kids to go to try to explain them. i mean this way you are feeling that you're doing it continuing something challenging and then you feel really like like we can't look like we call guy who finished everything in his way. ok we'll start of this. somebody who was. nothing to you was explaining i don't know what john i just don't think you need.
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i believe it's going to begin with your favorite quote from history is about what is in your bosom good message. for. the red sox going to see. there is. no baby. this will go the way they did. if. it's time for this what if it was a restless leg for good in the eyes. good grief feel. good that's all this from outside you
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gross you think you still are strong and weak from the side of the right in your joints because you could be yours and you can try to do is the you could be good enough to be penetrated because. it's not going to school i should go is doing my most in the room and that's a lot of knowledge of the physical. how . cool. you know. how out here you. are supposed to be gardeners. the right. time to do this my book which you do on tools type not you. but. with the book out there so there was the pushchairs to do gooders. who. well you. know do you do
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a book out of the book you say centuries. of the. culture nikita here in one field. not is to be somewhere you have to and. so you really need to get on if you think you can do that and go house to house on the side and i can do a gene. and i think my. post thirty years back. so the last four years i'm doing start on a high demand so it's a view of life. after every american nephew who competition that i'm in
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you feel like you can do everything. i know you could. get a good look at so it's overrated because right. or didn't try to do more than the fact. that it's my. family my family's in serbia. sometimes you feel like a loan and then you you think. cross and you means then. others said the theme is
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very nice and. the theme is not so big. and the. nice social life. became a camera. run through once they showed some loose need for them. uncool videos and film with the broken eastern apps. going down more on string i don't rightly don't t.v. . you know world of big. lot and conspiracies it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the back and
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shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. some fool come on. people as you know we that. treat. most food and say that's only behind but he did so. out of a sudden a man just. told be there was
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a time. i said i will enter it seems to me if they will not allow me. to get those should we. i don't. mean you indeed i'm not i'm not young you menominee been taught to be chubby and you don't want to go your midnight and i got a fight you got me to go i mean you got me i just. hit. exists is harder than kentucky. we've all in this group i'm going to sue you can be very funny using. a co money city with almost no coal mines left. the jobs are gone all the pay rises showed that there was a lot of these people the survivors of disappearing before their eyes.
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i remember thinking when i was younger that if anything ever happened to the coal mines here that it would become a ghost town but i never thought in a million years i would see that and it's how it's happened.
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these nights was called actually. i would say call. it could. get up at three o'clock the moon was surprised like to. live. on. mars. oh you. know i think. you guys want i owe you money today not yet ok company and one of the.
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i'm here looking for a cent there was a parade said yesterday were very gunshot wound. to the shoulder who was here with . the manic osa coming to see if i had a difference today. a model for the. should shut up. in the night shift to try to ask god if you got if you don't stranded maybe. she should tell you. that your. that's a lot of good enough to. look at. it and
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i'm on the phone so. if you don't that are going to. transition to gauge. of any such trivialities i get most of us needed to go off. say that it's just. the conflict is not far away in the that and we don't rule out the possibility that could not be. has been attacked is not the possibility that we're taking seriously and we have to plan ahead of its. we want to make sure that's actually in the first place would evacuate the patients with a minimum of staff staying in conduct until the last moment and when indeed we visit
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not enough security guarantees for staff to stay there then will that i care it's also. just a show so you're going to do so when it's on the phone to you is more than usual but as usual no we're going to move during this follow to do it only on the bucket of soup one of them once and if you took more of my motions of forty two tone to just across women again we would you steve. but the moment i got i've been formed in the form of you're going to be identified because you have. some patience for so many vehicles wow ok yeah yeah. what was the story there is super bowl some initial carrier there were three of. those were in the host was done deal that we did the first go we did to do grade
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meant for her and it got tracy. really. her right knee has grown our finger or is it was a home. so to show and so this one occasion next to just. play. with. it it's not penetrating down to. a soft tissue on. the next one will be if you said. to his mates you know let's let's play something came out. one day when i'm not sure there let's put this phone i don't. know if he really believes it but i'm like i was talking about the last ten dollars loan i don't like you know i try to help you but your idea will level out a one two three let's go slowly or come come come come come come come come come
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home i'll bring alcohol if you're going to come from ok. ok put him here and on this for the. whole a good thing to come. now but to me believe me be a funny little places for the stretches and i was. so this is new on this one you know we're going to model the future and. if he's in pain i'll can can i ask you his. i imagine i go back to the way. i make you some injection here we live so if you don't feel just like you'll see think when it's much more quiet. until my friend wanted to go to. the water and yet it's not for painful thought on the other side.
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so they'll still be on the stretcher while we fly them no response you know yeah he will be sitting so too will destroy just and that will go on that you're on the. take a swing at night she's at this point correct. he just you know can turn to that's what we got. actually we have so full house yet and if you. think about us a. mistake to make. sure. that. he was.
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saying. it's time to. give you the whole response from the trenches first pressure cooker ok let's put this let's. first up with him on the fly yeah ok. how can you not. see the one by one. much your head watch your head maybe when you look at the bottom of your ready for one more. cup. one more so. than the marble six nine it was for the.
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grammy and. police and she has been made of course we are here to share it i mean if you look at me here you see any money that is in the beginning oh yes i mean not only is. she going down on the beach and maybe derek here i'm ok that is here. maybe because you think she is. living in the neighborhood yet again like ok.
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yes. the last. letter which she didn't say a shooting game a lot so she wrote. that. you don't believe. the body type. doing. a. job. i mean by. having them on the. bus people are wrong they still live in despair my man and then they're about to send overcome many many problems. i believe myself going to.
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you know just give them time with your time to recover their to do it go in the mines they recount the recovering the body so yes they're continuing they were gave up even in this situation and since desperate the beginning.
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to do. the locust bit it's just the. muscles this. time nothing. to. do it i think he was. the. best. even though it's really naive to. well it's only about the looking on the mother who couldn't fulfill one of the well columns on the old. boy. code.
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the idea of spending money to acquire region to acquire territory to acquire wealth is an oxymoron there is no more wealth to acquire the ecosystem is collapsing the economy is flooded with worthless paper and the species is migrating over to the digital sphere feasibly these networks and platforms people are uploading their minds into cyberspace and hope to become immortal so every dollar spent on defense every dollar spent by the pentagon is a wasted dollar it's a nineteenth eighteenth seventeenth sixteenth century mindset it's completely antiquated and it's utterly worthless. he. says harlan kentucky. over all of this group want to see you go green street.
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a co money city with only months new coal mines left. the jobs are gone all the coal was to. live to see these people the survivors of disappearing before their eyes. i remember thinking when i was younger that if anything ever happened to the coal mines here that it would become a ghost town but i never thought in a million years i would see that and it's happening it's happened.
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donald trump i'm glad to meet putin look ahead to a second summit as they seek to mend that country's troubled relations. meanwhile the u.s. president claims the kremlin want to try to interfere in the upcoming midterm elections to help the democrats as allegations of meddling remain a fiercely contested issue. meddling in the way that osama bin ladin meddled with the world trade center. palestinian teenage girl seen as a symbol of the resistance against israel is released after eight months behind bars. and cambodia as prime minister is reelected in a poor.


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