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in japan with never people getting married among fifty or one in five has never had a family. that's one reason is the country has consistently had an extremely low birth rate. in the next fifty years japan's population may decrease by. mass production of marketing of a new generation of six types of heralded in an era of relationships between doles people. this is my me our japanese production assistant here in tokyo. she is thirty four and single. miamis invited us to visit her. home to this
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house maybe just a couple of years old and as an example didn't really. know this is only one. year out these are all that not a hell of a foundry oh and we want to show no sister no grocers no protests so after my parents start i see i'm also a few hats like this is not just because it's not fit to vs how you up. the manger are oh. the pressure it's they don't make enough money. like where have. i don't want to be. interesting i'm finding out that japanese people having trouble connecting to
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people and not being active communicate to. the caller got up my office and get this kid to come out to talk to my pos passed it by tossing a positive. thought to the. other. here. that. today we're meeting a dull salesman. mr tanaka sells them online. the market is very high at the moment only last week they were completely sold out. over a lot of other muscles over the us and it. all you know. who
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must reverse their. well you know they'll use it. to money. in must see all the you see. money on it or. some of. the most you'll do. it's just that it. was artists who must. say. the. same thought early. middle. condit. bought out a little at sea salt can't get it. mr
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tanaka has a showroom right next door. i watched it i watched. the signs and there was. a young team i knew. so all. the anyway you know. so they were. slow all. it did see made war sounded good but. it made. grail silvino almost egypt. caught the group.
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in the book and the much. missed in a consumerist sixty two. his children have long been grown up and now live in another city. he's happy to sell what he now they enjoy absolutely neutral understanding and live in harmony. and so you. know he doesn't it. doesn't live up. to do with what is in the. forthcoming trip to the foothills of mount fuji with his sweetheart will be a special time mr mackenzie has spent
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a lot of time preparing for this weekend and he has big. plans for tonight. miami has found an expert in demography and we're on our way to meet up. it's good that's you know what i know that you know that if the dollar the ok yes. and the one you. want i will. tell you i didn't win the shorts. i think they did seal. gotten
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a little cool so this is all. you want you must. have cited. if you think. this is mr miller's house. mr carruthers has come to visit the homes of quite close to each other and they both live with dogs. here. as well. i will tell you the real debate is. also let's go to your. tell our viewers who don't have a little business you know you do do it is because you know you. got.
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to listen to. this whole thing with the connector and i understand. you. but that's not what the local g.p. told other people do you know no more proof that that this most of all to no no. no not that there's a little no no no. no. no more about it so sure what will. get so stupid. that it just. so you need to go all. study. on when the court will see it outsourced solo or not are all who watched it from want to know and i don't know if i'm stumped i don't know what the passions are. in the us and i thank. goodness you know
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this little thought conal while i was still kind of cut open to do good in school yet this little of you get. to. know what goes in the us are you going to chose that is the. one that muscular standstill and all the other you know you're right that's not it's not have a. lot to do with it but that is good for you but if you. give it a problem in a minute that you feel. if you shoot. almost enough when i'm done well. and who. did. you sign your. school.
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to do it then what they must. tonight we're. going to. really. get your sense of just massive. meanwhile mr not good zuma has arrived in the foothills of mount fuji where he and some hoary got about to have a photo shoot. so . good.
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only moral. of the. good old. is. the old. me. today. took a look at the. the idea of spending money to acquire region to acquire territory to acquire wealth is an oxymoron there is no more wealth to acquire the ecosystem is collapsing. the economy is flooded with worthless feel paper and the species is migrating over to
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the digital sphere feasibly these networks and platforms people are uploading their minds into cyberspace and hope to become immortal so every dollar spent on defense every dollar spent by the pentagon is a wasted dollar it's a nineteenth eighteenth seventeenth sixteenth century mindset it's completely antiquated and it's utterly worthless. zia's says harlan kentucky. the old disprove them boys you go grocery bunnies leave. a co money since it was almost no coal mines left. the jobs are gone all the coal mines a sudden down that it was a love to see these people the survivors of disappearing before their eyes.
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i remember thinking when i was younger that is anything ever happened to the coal mines here that it would become a ghost town but i never thought in a million years i would see that and it's happened it's happened. miss and i could see it is married but he lives with dole's and not as a wife. she's here as usual at the agreed time maybe it's out of habit old lingering worry about. husband but she still helps with his household. if you want to try to convince. us. that. it's the. need for somebody so. if you some will.
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enjoy taking their girlfriends for a forest ride. that's what kind of has brought his convertibles of the park. these domes weigh about thirty to forty kilograms making wheelchairs to easiest way to meet someone to. just lock you up. for that i think it is you know yeah yeah yeah. i'm. assume these pictures will be added to mr carrados family album he has twenty dolls and all and everyone especially. with. young just looking
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just like god as i go you know you know. look at that you know it's you know like you're up but it's a little you know it's you know nor. did he. get to the focal you money so i. thought it was she just. you know now i. wasn't able to. hold on the eleven. fifty and i just don't know where to go to ensure they did go in their evil doesn't really know this little detail the whole lot.
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the stuff. to know about this. is. when i started working. at a production company in surprise i didn't i couldn't go. to work schedule was crazy like morning until my some farm i slipped off on the desk office i was only one girl working at a company and guys are sleeping sometimes but it doesn't matter like no i it's just a work first work is most important single prioritize to saying dad didn't have
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time to make frowns hung out with friends i'm getting older. as i feel lonely. we return to tokyo and wanted to be to go cold but. she's twenty seven and the popular model among japan's youth she lives with a doll masoud. demotion almost zero local on the phone. i'm all in. this is like it will go what does any tumult of them would be to them cause them only for the. good of the criticism is going in another . time only that.
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condit they get to study took over the most skilled who. do you know going through what when she finally did the almost a farewell concert now if. you don't always show me could all study. it or suitable folks chioma study all day you will is sign like this and also the locals who come to the well known else isn't the old alive is a. sure way to go just so it's a good day kid going to get that choir that you were by well. they'll say voters who are addicted to. oil like that and just say.
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this is the step it's you know can you assure you it was hijacked. just say show us you stand looks good with a southern iraq that they need some really well this isn't some loop someone told police to get there there's times you know something let me guess and if they're going to get it it. doesn't take you should they feel it's an execution. from. a week later and with the working day is over i could see better and salary but taking a short break at his favorite hotel this time. i
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might. want to give a quick. listen. well the husband entertained soldi his wife has come to clean for him. more as and i think he. felt. the need to drive to eat. at a meet some. key. words. she knows. when you think you know what you'll keep going stick with us and. skittish and that. and i think well you see me i
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hate you so the wish is that. it was the first. glance at. all. do not. panic on the thing i'm a part of that it. will come a little more you know. the sooner this. suspect to. come with me. we've come to see a dog factory. you know that sounds good so i'll. do a story no joke so much i know the song going to that's no joke or. something
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done i do choose to go to school so did. if you know what you mean we don't use. mr sawiris says to customers order is a dog's conception and opening the mold is its birth. today we're honored to witness a new arrival introducing new gene. called ok a little bit more subtle just so you know the two chicks. he. must . keep.
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going to miami is introducing us to japan's most famous living dog. team never removes a mask in public and only ever talks through an intermediary the civil put up without. going up to all but he made up to what they want just you know. it will sit well with us you know not on the course explain on its image if. you don't know it is really not either for you yeah steve. doesn't talk. picking up sticky notes. say a lot of. money. and he was still. looking.
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rigidness hotel with its view of mt fuji have to be booked a few weeks and the bumps. problems. will be all other. i'm also able to one of the ninety well columns on the wall achieve an article that will send. out so the question. that we don't have the full. list. but. i will bear a link doing until the. union that forced a little of the war well comes out old flugel name that all that i like.
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it to me and more easy to do i see this. tonight miami is going on a date. to. be . sure to keep.
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the long. just. kitchen stuff that is. not good honest enough. cause i'm constantly it's. my only chance even trying to tokyo's famous robot when a strong. no
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one ever arrive to me to fill. there is the most noble political deciders to have more green energy but if implemented in the wrong commercial way. it will over the next few years save was in the timeframe of three full five years you will have such a melanson all subsidized projects states a drug that will unlikely to be able to stand on their own two feet. close. some people come on down. they use indigenous
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people as you know we that. paid in. the trees. most flukey and said that the only. so. out of a sudden a man just. told me there was a time. i said i when entering in the if they would not allow and. if there was should we. find out all i know. indeed i'm not i'm not young you need to be indicted be to have been killed by nato i am not a fighting crime you don't look good on tommy you got me i do. what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected
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. so when you want to be president one should. want to be. the two going to be first to see what will befall three of them all can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters in the college. there should be. it.
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was. donald trump unflooded to putin look ahead to a second summit as they seek to mend their country's troubled relations. meanwhile the u.s. president claims the kremlin might try to interfere in the upcoming midterm elections to help the democrats as allegations of meddling remain a fiercely contested issue. if you meddling in the way that osama bin ladin meddled with the world trade center. all. palestinian teenage girl seen as a symbol of the resistance against israel is released after eight months behind bars to. become bodi as prime minister.


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