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tv   The Great American Pilgrimage  RT  July 29, 2018 9:30pm-10:01pm EDT

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buy in that approach but. the circuit breaker break that number down max i think he's one of us. it's a new day on the great american pilgrimage and our heroes are entering a new way arizona. i don't think it and another what you're looking. at while texting while driving while talking. on the lawn go over the tell me means anything's possible. to cut and have a. test. first
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words my daughter will never spoke to seat belt. like. she's going. to get in the car we're driving for thirty seconds in the car seat billy baldwin goes. on the court i would say seat belt first worshipers of the seat that's ironic that they could be your last. even heroes get a little tired so the r.v. pulls over for stephen to get some rest maintaining energy is essential for the pilgrimage to go on. back on the road next can't help but notice the glaring desert sun sparking thoughts on energy for america's future. coughing like everything else.
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the free market capital i think it's going to putting a road better seller. safe and energy generated. they must've been attempts to take a cat. who's driving your guess is good this might be and if you sat here at the windmill to capturing it. you could cover half the state. with some amount of power the entire thing the energy in it. might. make it everything cheaper and more efficient so that you get well distributed or even leave the. revolutionary work for. all over again. maybe. maybe. maybe on the strip the biggest part of the great american military which could be the great american
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revolutionary declaration. of war against all accomplish. the people it becomes obviously the cactus doctors the. gallic cactus doctors the rule by the least qualified so we got. good. got to take. stephen awakens from islam but anyway. look at let me point something out here that is a green plant. how does a green plant work photo synthesis it takes in carbon if parts oxygen. we are breathing clip art. that's what we were lucky to survive on the planet. is that it's a completely efficient market there's no wait. that's we can do we can do right now . cept we're. all wrapped up in
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a little petty division. little infighting. stillness did. you join in. close to the field. where we go from there ninety five year old.
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missing arizona max we missed. those in good times young riders josh brolin all my old friends and i just remember some of them focus on the pilgrimage i don't know if they'll talk to us though because. the other thing i'm a little coco is just. which i am. so on the jury years in tucson my eldest daughter alive just got married with born here in arizona. well it's good to be back on the pilgrimage and still. brings back
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a lot of fun memories for me so it's a bit of the most a bit of a pilgrimage in its own right. but red charger was a cover up. that's a result a rose you know flashy lights on the back when to. pull it over. ok. as they close in on their first stop in arizona our heroes can't help but focus on the political topics ahead of them the citrus farm yesterday got me thinking that agriculture in agriculture were quires labor cheap labor a lot of cheap labor so if you clamp down on the immigration you're going to kill the farmers the lot of what what he did but meat packing this is a guy goes all the illegal immigrants nobody wants to go pick up a minimum wage to put their in a pants on it chopped up and end up against burger for somebody who's dog in san francisco so if you get rid of the immigration you have to accept that these
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businesses are going to fail so flipped on its head for me dr max and tell me show everybody stanchest we need the workers and that's a conversation that should be happening in other words if you're going to make a decision about immigration the ball scope of the problem should be laid out in full so that people how it impacts this justice and that's right well. i don't know enough about the sleeve don't know as much as you i sure would like to have a conversation. with a metaphorical hunger for knowledge in a literal hunger for food stephen in max visit a local restaurant to talk with an immigrant couple who would she be american dream . untrue this is the best place in town their name media million stephen baldwin nice to see you next kaiser ali on our show sam and. stephen where you and that's. the same is true all you girls
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a stick please welcome thank you ok. well good. where am i in phoenix arizona what is this place not just you know is this going to be fun for but one of my favorite things it's a big surprise in arizona was the pits. the best pizza in the state of arizona if i understand correctly is penal code. right here. and do i detect a bit of an accent sure you from. my browns moved his plans when i was twelve years old. after all dads i have a good situation would sponsor be company. i sold my company in one thousand seven
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tonight i decide with my wife to leave paul did leave. to come to united states beastie kids the kids in the old age to two years old. to my mom came with this it was an eccentric and would take no it's that. same with my wife and so it's good to learn but when i have to do something and do it i don't think about it too it's still a gap to me we have no choice we need to make war we walk a does a week and we have no choice. if we can is that we can do we can't fault the kid the kid that did believe you maybe did you have to be citizen to me i think we should do the work.
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drawers of paper well i do have the light for fifteen years but we do still sleep with my wife we came to united states receipts to wednesday. and all did with state we did get seats at the time in one nine hundred eighty one we become fixed why because i did my bill my father told me your good time when you see a lot of power we're not of course rich and the business is good i'll go see the ice you logical solution they're not the dollar old enough to have been doing you know the decision is good to say are immigrants but i am indeed because i came with these eyes to my possible was. at the time when i pass the ball that we talk about names you. see it you want when it was a ball bill i was naked. community need. it america.
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there is the most noble political deciders to have more green energy but if implemented in the wrong commercial way. it will over the next few years say with enough of the time frame of three four five years you will have such amounts and all subsidized projects etc that are unlikely to be able to stand on their own two feet. i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter the us has over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten thousand dollars for in tempe each dish. eighty five percent of global wealth you long to the ultra rich eight point six percent market saw thirty percent minus minus two years some with four hundred to five hundred trees per second per second and bitcoin rose to twenty thousand dollars. china's building two point one billion dollars ai industrial park but
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don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only number you need to remember is one one business shows you can't afford to miss the one can only. exist says harlan kentucky. overboard this move them places in the world ministry families leave. a co money since it was almost no co mines left. the jobs are gone all the coal miners are said. that it was a laugh to see these people the survivors of disappearing before their eyes. i remember thinking when i was younger that if anything ever happened to the coal mines here that it would become a ghost town but i never thought in
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a million years i would see that and it's happening it's happened. we're going through a dramatic economic and social and cultural transformation that women want to participate gay lesbian people want immigrants want rights in many cities are saying that's my way but there are more traditional parts of society that are saying no i don't want that i live in a more of a world community i believe we should have one national policy i believe in a country that's divided as much as any in the world we actually have to localise our government. in a world of big partisan. logs and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door. on the shouting past each
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other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. in america. when i was a ball girl i was naked. completely naked well stephen has his own stories about being naked something we won't get into he remains in awe of this immigrant couple my ip did was does the donate though just possible and they put on the garbage i paid with an american passport that's all it was very much a night for your forest and yes a news outlet mall we just absolutely. follow us and it was not fan me you
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you you accept everything you accept everything you accept all of the county when you decide to live could you immigrate today and kill american as in the same way no no is more difficult. because i think two people from all your to remediate for united states how do you how do we how do we feel about this i feel good because you know what i think of the console of. germany you see is a sign outside open ousts is the same thing all discomfort open knowledge you come and you say you come from everywhere and you still don't come close a border are gone and that is very bad and from my good girl i apply for the us citizen and fifteen years after i get my green my us citizen the nine hundred ninety four and i he says by the senate of the consignor the time to flog the united states was flying in my name. in washington full citizenship
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is a big honor was that just for you he was because. my story. didn't really sign me when they kissed a jew a flag a flag and this flag here is a yes. what did that. gives it too big for the just seen. any american and put in your heart by see exactly that i love you just said more than he replied yes i feel more americans than if we measure emily then any american living here and i was very very very. yes william we can't thank you enough my pleasure now. the true test begins of how amazing you are to even make a pizza let's go. i love it while gearhead city kitchen to give
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steven a cohen lesson next practice is french with lily at the end. of this is open to. the mob boss espanol to put a stepfather out of money spent. his fish on sea so don't lose me did loughner arizona. hunted down likely won't sit in the middle we don't want to come out in it or any way to. lose any of his attention he say don't want to serve only. one out immediately ask. the police he some business if we have a capacity. to be pissed off and. ask you to desist or that the decision to sell the stuff. it will be an unknown id be they don't get back to be any. don't look at. exactly that things are going on this notion least.
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of these are the. companies to put them to. put. it don't kid and i decided to give. you an idea about the steel was it doesn't need to have an experience to get up to twice to denote the tribute to. the name because. it's one sit down. with a fire extinguisher close by steven to enter the kitchen it's cool. there's one voice this young man that is you. are you sure isn't deaf who would like to hear the make of people some desire to be what kind of pizza we do among the. beats out to people so why who is going to make a second pizza do. you make want to make one.
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so you start to ask you see do we do you find. this is really space well. no you open you. slow to find the size. that's the best size. long to ask me just this. is difficult because. you put yourself on to both. and you go along like that. you're like me give you like a little extra sauce yes always. you can do cheese on top. and this is just a normal. and cheese is the most. like she did to his great. who just by trying to my turn it's going to try. you show me
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a job or to watch out i don't want to hurt you. and who feels because we need to take from the. money he knows exactly how he likes. to put a. few of them close to crayfish a. good way. to keep a specific ias i love it. who fled from school that's. perfect for i can do it. be careful you know. when i was young then so i started to forty five. good. to be good for me does work at go over there yeah clear that we could be finishing. off a good job good job. i didn't ruin when you stop and.
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have a job in phoenix so yeah i know them. well steven in the way for their normal pizza to cook mix continues his butchering of the language of love isn't it awful it. must be for if you still don't see it that must be bad with the kids she stood alone would have been insane about an elderly people say defense us basically. if he said to me trace who did so he did much on t.v. and the moment did it we did this at home. and if it can't be done don't leave it it must be because somebody caught him on the. census are they. now call phone did manage to america to call say officer and see if they're cancelling then they meet it is. to move. to montana under fire. save it to send it on in the city please don't sit on it not
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even you said you'll meet the some of this something then you get to sell appears on to the business of a prison at least see some because i'm too sentimental up to say shit to moan to montana to zero nine about. me while we reach the beats oh yes. to dread a second question. one of the topics is border. security you know what you think but i want to know. it's too much. it's not enough. what do you think is no no no. i think when you come here to boardroom you create a life like any company that can back any company you need to these pictures and go there when possible though you need to pass mr jensine and make him pay payment as
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the board will not give legitimacy for now and i still do live on the coast. i think you have to create a pizza called the walk here. i do my own venues not think enough but they opened it up there that was funny yet the good. she's usually come on the political trip and. these other companies are even see so many de mint in mississippi to see them up on it want measures to that good disc. in of a life support the please don't even use it as you to deceive me if possible to much seclusion did you feel it is going to be any good to see if they could finish simple but it. may have made an impact nothing on my own positive play beyond fiction trance impromptu discussion on this than they appear.
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the pleaded espana and i don't feel so sit down and then come up to the senate. to tell them to shit on me a scientist your mail in america and now you're asking me out is a big piece is simply. nothing but a very divisive. how would you say but you know what i mean when you're just afraid to fire sit down and tell us if. you think that is happening. what's happening what's going on jillian tell me you're from the war on tell me what's happening here is what you think because at their first visit in new administration. has to be given that was i. was the start of the. leg at least a shot but will use a past couple submissiveness the new man and i'm going to do a little bit more the son doesn't believe in him and his does the idea to get him
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at all fancy impulse to come can't miss should. be his own blog post just to eat the system rashida honestly we're not because it's mostly them on his feet and superman to publish it and keep it simple second any of it good to perceive the point and i'm in it too much to perceive it to to pursue libby and the magic it was actually a national joke finally i must ask. how in june great french. he. did. not let her. help him make that as strong as your break up and i know. there's a looks amazing image of the lizard look at it. with your own mid east the army truck mullet. it's all good. news.
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just good. luck. just lets go maybe do you know you. as the sun sets in our intrepid travelers we leave our heroes a little more wise and a lot less home. but with more to explore new a zone a stephen a max size will stay another day. next time on the great american pilgrimage may i speak with you imam lincoln. baldwin when we they said they can't. say yes defensive. talent than a sample of all beliefs a. lack in
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a full complete most. basic. oh. we're going through a dramatic economic and social cultural transformation that women want to participate gay and lesbian people want immigrants want rights in many cities are saying that's my way but there are more traditional parts of society that are saying no i don't want that i live in a more rural community i believe we should have one that i believe in a country that's divided as much as any in the world we actually have to localize our.
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some people come on. people as you know we that the. people treat. most politicians say that's the only thing i do but the other thing seems. out of the side then the man just. simple be ok with. i said i will enter it in if they will not allow me. if they will shoot. at all i'll. meet you and indeed i'm deaf them not to need to be indicted b.t.w. don't mind if you only know now that i think i made it look a long time in the economy are you.
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there is the most noble political desires to have more green energy but if implemented in the wrong commercial way. it will over the next few years save was enough of the time frame of three four five years you will have such a melanson all subsidized projects etc that are unlikely to be able to stand on their own two feet.
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doubleton been flooded made putin look ahead to his second summers as they seek to mend their country's troubled relations. meanwhile the u.s. president claims the kremlin might try to interfere in the upcoming midterm elections to help the democrats as allegations of meddling in the rain a fiercely contested issue. if you meddling in the way that osama bin ladin meddled with the world trade center. all. palestinian teenage girl is seen as a symbol of the resistance against israel is released after eight months behind bars.


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