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see terrorists in the united states presidency has created a new form of anxiety disorder democrats now claim that russia tampered with the vote tallies during the twenty sixteen presidential election. cambodia's prime minister has won a landslide victory. over shadowed by a security crackdown the claims of. a u.n. resolution on tuberculosis removes a key power groff calling for treatment to be made affordable it's on the request of the united states. and washington is in cahoots with a billion dollar. industry. and the canadian government acknowledges a post-war years when unmarried women were forced to give up their babies we speak
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to one of the victims. there was no conversation with me about how i got pregnant all they cared about was the fact that i was. pregnant and that i had a baby that they could. take. no one on monday morning here in moscow this is international from all of us here a very warm welcome to you. donald trump has created a new form of anxiety disorder among americans that's according to media reports citing therapists in the country apparently it affects both those who support the president and his detractors now the disorder is said to cause different symptoms from fear of the world ending to social isolation which in some cases even lead to
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job loss and even divorce therapists now saying trump's policies make their patients feel on edge u.s. democrats also appear to be suffering recent polls show they believe russia rigged the result of the election that got into office and often explains. well the ideas that are commonly labeled as conspiracy theories at this point are most commonly associated with right wingers and top supporters in the public mind however it seems that liberals also have their share of tinfoil hat thinking polls show that fifty five percent of democrats believe that russia actually did tamper with the voting results only thirteen percent of republicans buy into this idea which is pretty universally rejected even by the staunchest russia bashers stari know of no evidence that through cyber intrusions boats were altered or suppressed they did not change any votel ways or anything of that sort so if russia did indeed
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carry out election fraud on behalf of donald trump why would james clapper and john brennan and the intelligence community say that they didn't do that are fifty five percent of democrats actually convinced that the cia is covering up for russia that's quite a conspiracy theory we decided to ask new yorkers about it do you think that russia changed the voting results in the last election no no not at all ok and fifty five percent of democrats apparently believe that why media that's why. propaganda fake news trump says it best they're delusional misinformed or they have their own agenda beyond that something else do you think that russia changed the voting results in the last election yes can you tell us now well i'm sure through technology they were able to somehow finagle possibly i think so i've heard that a lot so. yeah maybe but i don't know that they found.
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one story that he keep bringing up and attack president trump and i think they're going to try to milk as much as they can. i personally don't see any evidence of fresh million or elections i live to prove. evidence that. our media is a pearl and wall in the united states if people don't know the truth about what's really happening fresh is not the enemy that they make it out to be some people think that the moon landing was fake others think that nine eleven was an inside job and it seems that the majority of rank and file democrats believe that somehow russia got into voting machines and changed votes for hillary clinton to vote for donald trump the truth is out there but perhaps people should look for it someplace else. artsy new york meanwhile was supposed russian to trump appears to have taken on a new form with the russians literally guarding his name.
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to make sure this doesn't happen again the president now has security out there are those guys will be there to say yet.
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incumbent prime minister hun sen has won a landslide victory in the country's general election challenge from twenty rival parties as well as accusations of rigging the vote trying to reports from the capital phnom penh. so prime minister who. charge of combo thirty three years ago will rule the country for another five years final official results won't come out till mid august the only official number that we've received for now is the turnout eighty two percent plus it is still unclear if any of the other nine competing parties will really make it there and when at least a few parliament seats well tim bodi and politics just ahead of the campaign began to turn absolutely toxic on sunday i was all over polling stations in the capital have a look at that the general election and it is so different from anywhere i've seen
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people vote this is a polling station by the way. doors here open at seven in the morning and close just after lunch time at three the party that came second to last on securing almost forty five percent has vanished from the ballots with no success or quite a few things though are way too familiar. cannot stand in cambodia democracy and. the prime minister's government simply wants to silence the opposition. collusion meddling cracking down on critics.
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that is so mainstream before changing the top level we need to prove that no one we need to change. in the us say that his assisted me me to take the model from yugoslavia. i have experts university professors in washington d.c. montreal canada hired by the americans in order to advise me on the strategy to change the lead to this but that was the year of come bodie as national rescue party runners up and twenty third thing talking once about us backed regime change and so on charges of treason come so it was thrown behind bars last year the government then went after the whole party for what it called conspiring with america so right now there is no such name of c.n. r.p. on that list uncle sam has been trying many tools to scheme and can both like
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n.g.o.s or foreign media so say local officials that's held it just defied cracking down on a handful of american funded outlets and groups which include radio free asia or the national democratic institute you team up with the opposition to overthrow the man in charge you leave cambodia that's the gist but never stop made clear as want to continue demolition to topple the government has to be a young boy and you are big boy how can you you're pushed out of the old boy and you're asking for democracy and human rights so prime minister who send who first took power more than three decades ago after once losing in ny in combat ended up running for parliament with no mighty enemies on the ballot box battlefield the most daring political opponents of his can bodie in people's party have been silenced or jailed another option is to be banned from politics like this former phnom penh city council member from the c.n.r.
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peak to make ends meet he now has to endure the south asian heat driving that took to doing that they've got mandates and i don't care about losing power i'm sorry for not being able to serve the people who elected us that democracy in cambodia was dead when the government got rid of the opposite. represents almost half the country i say it's time for a prime minister to step down. for peace and development country needs to keep going without any violence or war so we need to concede it would have been ukraine in the middle east. with wars started by the us still not over. under the c.b.p. government has shown steady year on year economic growth however it is still among the three poorest countries in the region with a depleted and impoverished countries i believe a train go reporting from can both. day. the world's deadliest infection may become more expensive to treat that's after the
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us requested a paragraph be removed from a un resolution draft the initial resolution from the tenth of july which was obtained from a source involved in negotiations on the matter contained a paragraph calling for affordability and the removal of various barriers for the production of tuberculosis treatment drugs but on the request of the us the paragraph was removed the final document from the twenty of july does not include leonardo pomo from doctors without borders explains why this paragraph was crucial for combating the disease. thank you really is allow. her and she has to be able to. to take measures to. engineer generic manufacturing their words competitions for. for jobs when medicines are unavoidable for a country or when there are new generic versions available it's
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a part of. international intervention probably even more arms in every country if around the room has agreed that countries have the rates to do the use of these folks here this. is an infection that kills three people every minute it mostly affects the lungs but all also can attack the bone joints and even the nervous system in the past twenty five years the world health organization twice declared tuberculosis a global health emergency and it's not a cheap disease to cure treatment over its latest forms seen in south africa costs around fifteen thousand u.s. dollars. now the pharmaceutical industry invests heavily in lobbying in the united states in fact a drug maker spent over one hundred seventy one million dollars on lobbying in twenty seventeen and we spoke to easter real also from doctors without borders the things that the u.s. was lobbied to amend the un declaration on tuberculosis. this is not
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a new element i mean those of us who have been advocating for affordable access to medicines globally for the past twenty years know that a number of countries are very very strong pressure of their pharmaceutical industry who are constantly asking for much more police stronger monopolies longer monopolies because of course that it's much more profitable for themselves and we know that the united states is very strongly influenced by the pharmaceutical. and it's therefore that they are bullying other countries to accept. the deletion of troops x. ability. monday marks one year since the death of. an r.t. contributor who was killed by islamic state shelling in syria he was twenty five years old in his honor r.t.
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set up a special award for the best reporting from war zones the first prizes will be awarded later today here in moscow r.t. has made a documentary about khalid's work in syria here's a quick preview. but you know i know where his body is buried deep in my heart i'm still hoping he's a life on that day he called me and asked me to pray for him i asked him to be careful and not risk his life being
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a hero i didn't want to lose him i was so afraid to lose him. but he loved lie the morning of the day he died i was worried my mind started to come up with the scariest of images i was afraid he'd be captured by ice so i had a very bad feeling. we were near the front line the syrian army was battling i still our work was over and we were about to pack or equipment khaled stood near it i put helmets on him i just wanted to take a photo as a memory of my work with the film crew when the explosion came. along i realised something had happened i didn't know what exactly out of habit i started to film everything after i began filming i saw
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a lot on the camera. i tried to room them. realized i couldn't move my legs i couldn't see anything my eyes were covered in blood mixed with doest a coup for khaled but nobody also. going to check his facebook page and saw his old photo and the text below said john was khalid al had died a hero i started to cry my husband fell on the floor i just ran out of our house and screamed. i don't want to go on that mission but how do you get your head of me she was bright and very determined she was a good journalist and you could see that by his reports he did
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a lot not only for john ways but for his model and as well he helped people soldiers she would bring them food and prompt mind. action all my friends know that i want to do something good for people. who did a lot for me and now i'm trying to do everything for my loved ones that's my main goal. and still to come here when i'm under a program on a teenage palestinian activist released after an eight month stint in an israeli prison will give you the details in just the life.
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but the whole existence to do something. they put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. or somehow want to. continue to be close it's like them before us three of them or can people get. interested always in the waters in the. first six.
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just one in twenty foster in the russian capital the canadian government has acknowledged that the stubbing practice dating back to the postwar period when married women were forced to give up their babies as babies with and given to married couples in a bid to promote the nuclear family and some women were even tricked into giving up their kids and we spoke to one of the victims. as soon as they found out i was pregnant they mark my records b.f.a. baby for adoption. i was a fifteen year old girl pregnant i was pregnant from a sexual assault. and. there was no conversation about with me about how i got pregnant all they cared about was the fact that i was. pregnant and i had
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a baby that they could. take. help feed one together who are beautiful babies. if you will forget the child go home get married and have other children or if not get a puppy to. that is what i was told to get up top eight. was a very abusive and there. we were isolated from our life i was isolated from my family its like community my sisters my parents. i was completely left alone.
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with my parents were not could instead of those where they're from your parents my parents believed that they would get deported if they did it would follow that. what the governors wanted at maternity homes mothers who were denied their right to see their babies there are still some mothers who do not know what is there to deliver to girls being told well that's none of your business i offered to hold my daughter and i actually had to three times my. first i said it quietly and i said it all louder and then the last time fast i had to yell and i had to yell bring me my favorite now. and then the car stopped looked at the doctor for permission and i was quite surprised that the nurse would have enough for me to hold my own daughter and by her of the call guardian my daughter in my arms.
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and then the room went to. the rock i started to get i started to pass and then they took her away from me. by that naive starter she said she actually found me. so old she told me these. and she said. you don't want to walk around and as soon as she said that i knew who she left with. means to talk on the phone for about six months getting to know each other getting familiar with each other buildings trust she needed to feel safe because our children were told that it was something wrong with us they were told and alternate story that we were. drug addicts prosecuting.
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mel to the middle east a teenage palestinian activist who. is a symbol of resistance has been released after an eight month stint of the prison. but it was going to be one of the worst did not do justice to it was. time eleven person with a mother who was also jailed they were both met by supporters of a military checkpoint in the west bank. but the man that i hope has a campaign says were stablished for me to continue and carry on for the other prisoners because there are more prisoners and i stand on them in these campaigns in support of their families. became a little resistance and this is a symbol for resistance by young people who refuse the procedure and existence of
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the patients and challenge this will keep patient. was very cautious told. the circumstances that she leaves her to become a symbol for the difficult life israeli actions which they not always mean her race who always says and reach out to the world. the seventeen year old was arrested in december along with several of her relatives she had been filmed slapping and kicking israeli soldiers off to her cousin who was shot at close range during protests a video of the incident went viral. there. still i'm not that. i'm not to me is case number of protests in palestine as well as in europe israel's practice of detaining children has been criticized by rights groups however some is ready product arsons claim to me means eight months in prison was too lenient. so sure you see this relaxed to
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mercifully with these types of terrorists israel should treat hoshi those who hate soldiers and we can't have a situation where there is no terror lack of to tears leads to the reality we see now we must change that. and to me it has a long history over existence as she was filmed a number of times shouting it is ready soldiers are trying to take them even when she was twelve. i want to expression of support has been a john mural of the girl which appeared on the israeli west bank barrier. didn't go down too well with israeli authorities. a. little.
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longer so it was a beautiful day and a stunning fireworks show in the evening rounding off russia's navy day and operates were held all across the country on.
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a parade and on or of russia's navy was also held in syria according to the russian ministry of defense it took place alongside military drills and russian ships going into an operational units in the mediterranean have been stationed near the top of this. well it's a wrapping up your monday program just for now though plenty more of your headlines at the top of. the. we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race is often spear dramatic development only closely i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical of god i'm timed to sit down and talk.
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with lawmakers manufacture consent instinctive public wells. in the room in closest to protect themselves. with the financial merry go round me the one percent told. to ignore middle of the room signal. going to the real news is really. seemed wrong. rowles just don't call. me. yet to shape our disdain comes to educate and in games from an equals betrayal.
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when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. this is harlan kentucky. with all of this movement boy it was very funny. a co money city with almost no coal mines left. the jobs are gone all the coal was assured. that it was love to see these people the survivors of a world disappearing before their eyes. i remember thinking when i was younger that if anything ever happened to the coal mines here that it would become a ghost town but i never thought in a million years i would see that and it's happening it's happened.
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again this man show camera. roughly once they showed some movie for them. to joan cool videos and so mom with the broccoli string up and. down more on string i don't rightly don't t.v. . welcome to sophie and co i'm sophie shevardnadze with climate change upon as green technology is becoming all the rage but our being overly enthusiastic about renewable energy while i ask financial guru and. her.


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