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mavic and. i want to come down on my office. and. that one. i'd love. to have been several attempts to strip the lawn of its biosphere reserve status a local ecologists have to pretend that you can see from them and from the right then lost among will work for certain projects that they started and. said that bob first of all if there are still poor you know and it helps protect us from the. good but again there are new system and plunder your sister like for example does
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this building here because this is these are all illegal and you can't know the mungle because that's where sometimes they're. losing. one general the west come here the high ranking general for. the beauty or discuss the malaysia when you know i'm on. ahead of the money there is no illegal things and you know they're trying to do. the eyepiece the poor piece if they saw him get the money. they will obey the order let them sign in a place of birth and they never thought that that he learns are only beginning taken out so that yes he learns. yes sometimes just by force and nobody really. but. it's.
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not going to give. up on you no no no no no. not. by the ground or in. my own. bed i'm here in the position i'm going you know i'm. going to go popular must be new to the mining and indeed while. i'm filled with michael i will be going to disarm him in. the knowledge that what i did. but i am damaged but that was enough for one more guy what. are you.
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going to. write i don't locking you began your lamp it i write i don't know how long a million million indeed i'm just i'm not in the new we don't quite neutral you may not know that i got back to you can you go took a long time in. here in groups playing there. mining companies and the mole serious problem that you have right now in this. corporation before you can secure this i think there should be any indorsement there should be public consultation there was none. but he told me from the in our that fifteen million plus. some of the officials in the in are for that i think we need to be sure.
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you know as an alternative to poaching tribes people are recruited to work with tourists. but. i. only know. i was. only. only. what i'm
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going. on and what i'm doing moneymaker. the movie. really. going to. see it again and a. number. of my gun when you. go. out and young. graduate program we don't yet know who falls off on little man. oh my. god not.
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an operatic but. the word. back out there. by the end by the. fab four being down on. the number. one. i might be going up on. the mole
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hill back there. and by the way to the markets he did one other thing on t.v. about one for your up on you tube. and david. you know you are. english and i'm making sure. he doesn't mean for you. that is. what i know i know well i did. the i know nomani out of iowa dick an open mind. you know by the. number. mom on a little. piece. of i've been a lot of not to date lol i know i'm like the. guy. on your. now.
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that's so much.
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you. know is going to. go. well so. many will cave dwellers
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until missionaries of all age in the one nine hundred seventy s. most rituals are now forgotten or performed only for tourists to have been consumed by civilization and culture quickly the full. belly. up on and on but it one of the. not that's not. enough money nine. and up on and on but he will be on the no no not the one. i'm up on the bottle with one of the two thousand of them. in the gun on the. warning for him but on the. money it's not on me and i. mean the. bottom line on the.
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the idea of spending money to acquire region to acquire territory to acquire wealth is an oxymoron there is no more wealth to acquire the ecosystem is collapsing. the economy is flooded with worthless feed paper and the species is migrating over to the digital speer feasibly these networks and platforms people are uploading their minds into cyberspace and hope to be comfy more cool so every dollar spent on defense every dollar spent by the pentagon is a wasted dollar it's a one thousand eight hundred seventeen sixteenth century mindset it's completely antiquated and it's utterly worthless. i've been saying. the numbers mean something they matter the u.s.
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has over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten like her prime stamping each day. eighty five percent of global wealth you longs to be ultra rich eight point six percent market saw thirty percent rise one of your some with four hundred to five hundred three per circuit first showed him because he rose to twenty thousand dollars. china is building a two point one billion dollar a i industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only numbers you need to remember is once one business shows you can afford to miss the one and only move . in a world of big partisan moves lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the back and shouting
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past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. the towers of confiscated chainsaws have become the hallmark of the piano and i environments organization but as strange as it may seem can annoy doesn't just cast poachers it also represents them in courts and i say since these are all poor forced to cut down rain forests trees as ficta of the corporations and corrupt politicians in our gov. current meet and eight there before. he won the projects crossing forest and all the world bars there meaning forest them. in his third. it doesn't matter there are all development. development in terms of plantation.
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if the areas are the ones that are forest. and now. these are plantations. they use indigenous people as the no way that they in the. trees. are. clearing the area in favor of their. pains they need eunice people's birdie as a bird to hide trees every week there is a report on illegal logging activities after cutting trees when the area is being cleared already that's where the companies go in to have their own tragics but then usually the ones who are being caught are the bees or the poor farmers.
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all. over. your. whole. body is having the most honor every couple know we've heard him are locked the door for you to speak. to not only on which i'm pretty much i'm simply going into much of the language. in there now only the. minute somebody on the. internet come on here and the. host is for me she likes him very much like needs. my going and. going the whole feel. that i'm content that will. add up and.
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the one muslim the one other member of the group that we have for you money because for. some simple market out there. you can't remember. what the will of god of anything is them up because you need to speak for all based on how even you think you. stand on. it and we're going to get these things that are all. these stuff that most of what . i'm on this stuff was really known for some things that you. have to the poachers become gods they often end up so i think the caller just offer
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an information about illegal logging but that can prove fatal. the philippines the second only to brazil in the world for deaths among environmental activists. here and by law and it is very risky last year we have our environment that i mean he was shot an operation on the same year we have all sort of the indigenous peoples leader who are also shot there and on the previous years also. well when we for happened i was down here turning my practice in getting married men in and all of a sudden a man just found and told me that jerry was shot in my mind i was thinking to be so gay probably just a minor minor wound but then i ran to the area where he was shot i saw him bloodied underground. being in the medical field i somehow know that he's
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a goner and i cannot cry it to save the spirit of it me in anything to be strong he has exposed a lot of things specially on gann stubborn man the government our politicians oh do a lot of corruption and the biggest exposure was the milan fire by a money which was not utilized properly for defeat it was bankrupt and by politicians and and specially the one who is now suspected or alleged mastermind you. i don't believe then maybe it's before him then. he was supposed to come to money and then half an hour and a nice wife called me up she was guy said why are you crying gerry you were shot i said what i just talked to him broad daylight he wanted to start a. signature campaign to stop the mining and we did it for
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a. while and by your exposure i'm no no he's there. because he had this radio show and he kept on hitting the politicians primarily joy when i think of these documents. i cannot say that it was regrettable. that he did what he did because somebody has to do it and also i believe in what he said. and after he died i took over the committee because dana walters the projects and i told the people not to be worried because we have to. give them important information about how important the environment is to their lives their sustainability their survival.
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i mean my mother turned down on new tomorrow morning nine you know. where i'm. going along the hill with it don't go to. talking about it was. too much. too big now mingling. can be good to. have and i mean. someone i don't mention. you know me. now i mean. you've been up. you.
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know on. the link below one we're not. going to vote but our two minutes to. report you don't want to be able. to call those you know. where you. were in a really. long really short. they did it in. your living in the. only real hour here. in. jena lopez lost her job as the environmental secretary because of her uncompromising position on illegal mining the situation is like the philippines it's so blessed with the you would be with gore and at the same time god gave also
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a lot of men around me. the right choice has to be me the areas which have my like but that. they have two minds there it's already one of the best minds in the country they've built the whole down there based on their mining thousands of people just based on their mining so it seems good. it seems good but the economic growth is negative zero. and i talk to people that they're living nearby the silkies alter the gardening to their families and this number they cannot be not before i see it nine five ninety five percent of them i may be earning goes all the no going to go on to me so that's why the people did mean war and by law when there should be zero poverty very need. to google to not begin a mine when you know fired up non muslims they still. don't want. them
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fled the middle not from not on i'm not on this in. unbelievably good in its socket . no no no no no i don't know. the secret and i'm not going to. go to one of them has a gun on me and they gonna put a bong build up a little i want to move. on that i. will. finally get some of. the farmers reported to me that they started cutting to trees and when i went there together with our policemen they did not allow me to enter so i think for three times i went there and i was not allowed to enter it and the guards are armed. so i am also afraid to go there but just me and my the guys.
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on the fourth time. i said i will enter it even if they will not allow me. even if they will shoot me i was so mad. at but they have seen. a good one. and together with the farmers and indigenous people we were able to get the side and saw that the prestige on the. west side close to the forest is so close so comedically for what they believe was. wearing firstly again. and then after that. time remaining terms. however even if they held the more than eleven hundred dollars one day how.
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the trial number of priests on that day on that there is. a balcony is more than twenty six thousand trees so if you would include the small trees i said it's more than one hundred thousand. large and is kind of political. but then i think. now that i learned more banging on a little bit of good logical from i want to find out for months. but also you know . maybe. eighty. eight you know not for you know a. one of them but it's very.
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that was. actually kind of my order oh sure it's ok i'm ok i'm quite what i. was for you know guy you know. i know you are from what i've been mario the third i knew i took two hundred out of my to know the place without me about real but. probably my number. that i knew i didn't want. a million miles i didn't check the blank. but i look at mother bonds yes. that's right more down to earth better come back. to break the law. let me finish me up i know i'm not built but i'm working here to get you know or.
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you got quite a life. where your back. pocket kept me up but i'm a bit i don't lash out because of having. to put the bank. higher it's going. to set up again i think the punishment. fit the legal. i am. right we're all set to start in five guys. house a signal. he's not going to talk about. just
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maybe brighter for the mars explorers one new put of their. record. to say last week no. i am. ok in this room full welcome to sophie until i'm so three shevardnadze said today we've got lots to talk about in our program and our gas. good luck that. exists is hotter than kentucky. overall in this group the boy says it was very funny.
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a co money city it was almost no coal mines left. the job to grow all the coal was it showed. that it was a love to see these people the survivors of a world disappearing before their own eyes. i remember thinking when i was younger that if anything ever happened to the coal mines here that it would become a ghost town but i never thought in the million years i would see that and it's how it's happened.
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you. know. good. life. good. good good food russia shimmering goodness. the canadian government to acknowledge is a horrific post-war practice when unmarried women were forced to give up their babies here on the program we speak to one of the victims there was no conversation about with me about how i got pregnant all they cared about was the fact that i was . pregnant and that i.


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