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tv   News  RT  July 30, 2018 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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people should look for it someplace else. r.t. new york while the frenzy over trump which even saw his hollywood star vandalized last week has sparked a wry response from pranksters. isn't there some more rush trump's star can be moved yeah destroying trump's hollywood star was great but have you tried voting in the midterm election. security out there on the board for protecting is.
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tuberculosis the world's deadliest infection may become more expensive to treat that after the u.s. asked for a paragraph to be removed from a u.n. resolution draft well. that was obtained from july the tenth was obtained by a source by r.t. sorry from a source involved in the negotiations it contains a section calling for tb drugs to be made more affordable but on washington's request that was scrapped doctors without borders explains why it's inclusion is essential. and she has to be able to to take measures to remotes and you know generic manufacturing
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other words to competition. for drugs when medicines are unavoidable for a country or when there are new generic versions available it's a part of the. international the actual program more arms in every country around the room as you read that countries whether it's through the use of these folks who is. or tuberculosis kills three people every minute and it mostly affects the lungs but can also attack the nervous system too has twice been declared a global health emergency in the last two decades alone but it's far from cheap to treat costing up to fifteen thousand dollars a patient now the drugs industry does lobby washington extensively over this and the industry spent a whopping one hundred seventy one million dollars on lobbying just last year doctors without borders adds that the u.s. was lobbied to amend the un declaration on taking. this is not the new
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elements i mean those of us who have been advocating for affordable access to medicines globally for the past twenty years know that a number of countries are very very strong pressure of their pharmaceutical industry who are constantly asking for much more of these stronger monopolies longer monopolies because of course that it's much more profitable for themselves and we know that the united states is very strongly influenced by the pharmaceutical base and it's therefore that they are bullying other countries to accept. the deletion of top sex ability. so that brings you up to date them to get more stories to add a website and find that at r.t. dot com.
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i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter to us is over one trillion dollars and. more than ten white collar crime stamp each day. eighty five percent of global wealth you want to be ultra rich with six percent market so thirty percent was one of your mom with four hundred to five hundred three first record first and one rose to twenty thousand dollars. china is building two point one billion dollars a i industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only numbers you need to remember one one so you know for them it is one and only.
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this is says harlan kentucky. in this movie the voices in the world ministry fanny's. a co money city with almost no coal mines left. the jobs are gone all the coal miners the said i'd. love to see these people the survivors of a world disappearing before their eyes. i remember thinking when i was younger that if anything ever happened to the coal mines here that it would become a ghost town but i never thought in a million years i would see that and it's happening it's happened.
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when the whole make this manufacture consent instant to the public wells. when the room in closest project themselves. in the final merry go round lifts only the one percent. we can all middle of the room sick. room in the real news room. in a world of big partisan movies lot of things and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that made stream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door. and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight. for the middle for the
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troops the time is now watching closely watching the hawks. game camera. roughly once they showed some leave for the. future own cool videos and so on with the roughly stringing. me down more on string i don't rightly don't t.v. . welcome to sophie and co i'm so ever nonsense with climate change of plan as green technology is becoming all the rage but our being overly enthusiastic about renewable energy well i ask financial guru and. her.
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wind farms solar fields if you will made from starch or hydrogen cells it seems that the future of never ending clean energy already upon this but with the rising of about going green bringing unprecedented caution judgeships into the young industry or the politicians just writing the green wave without thinking too much about potential pitfalls is renewable energy technology really ready to provide cheaper energy than coal or gas and what will be the fallout after the burst of the potential green bubble. pair women are welcome to the show it's great to have you on our program so clean energy is being pushed upon as it seems with climate change now doing things well can no longer ignore but you sound skeptical about green energy as a whole calling this a green bubble so when we first in the or in amman. sure you up on green energy
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before it's too late. it's true i've written a book called the green bubble and the whole purpose of the book was to really illustrate that if we're not careful how we allocate subsidies and tax payers money it will become a bubble that is very likely to to burst costing lots and lots of money for the taxpayers however i do put forward a proposal where we focus on what is on the technologies and the types of green energy that are likely to be commercially sustainable within the short to medium term and if we do that we have a solid future for green energy i do want to see more green energy but i want to see it implemented in a commercially sustainable way but if one doesn't listen to you and it's not implemented the way you see one do you think the bubble will burst but i think if we do it wrongly the subsidies will just accumulate and build up and build up and build up because there is the most noble political deciders to have more clean
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energy but if implemented in the wrong commercial way. it will over the next few years say within the timeframe of three four five years you will have such a mountain of subsidized projects that are unlikely to be able to stand on their own two feet within the next sort of fifteen to twenty years and that will effectively to lower the burden that will then come pressure from journalist pressure from lobbyist groups and also just from normal taxpayers will say what am i getting for my money we're pumping in so much and we're not getting enough therefore it's very important to be commercially disciplined so if we look back let's say ten years ago green energy was quite costly endeavor but with tech advances in wind and solar energy it's now getting cheaper former u.k. energy minister charles hendry told me it has dropped by house and six years so his costs are coming down these green technology. i have a chance of becoming commercial
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a sustainable no or am i missing something here it is true we've got to separate the green technologies into two groups the group a which is the group that are likely to produce commercially sustainable energy without subsidies within the medium within the medium term call it seven ideas and the other group which very very unlikely to do so in that period now solar energy specifically is a good example of category a way of actually subsidies have helped courtesy of the state of the german taxpayer as you have effectively subsidize it so much that the cost curve has come down and you can in certain places have solar energy standing on his own two feet without subsidies for instance and certain parts of spain and that's why we need to get through to seoul injuries a great example of that on shoal wind in part also in particular if you use big big turbines like six megawatt turbines you will in certain places be able to generate so much energy so much wind that it can actually be economically viable
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without subsidies and that's exactly what we need to get to that as a whole you're blaming politicians for giving green technology subsidies without really looking into whether they can become stable why do you think governments do that blind hope or political calculation. i think there's a general sort of desire amongst politicians to be front page front page news and as long as it's green and it looks good and there's an attachment with his good image. i'm not sure all politicians look through the actual economic side of it and that's what i'm what i'm asking for we need more commercial discipline here. but that's just political life political life is usually a cycle of four to five years depending on the country and therefore those of us decide to do good or be seen to do good but here i come in as a business person saying listen it might not be so good. the long term for the for the taxpayer so therefore let's be disciplined about how we spend our money and
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national renewable energy agency says a rapid scale up of investment in renewable energy infrastructure is needed had of the agency i'm not a mean tell me the total investment has already reached two trillion dollars but he needs to double that before the end of the decade to grow further to more than three times to current level in two thousand and twenty so is this a realistic goal. i think so it's certainly a goal to be desired we certainly need more green energy production and today it's still a very it's a small lower single digit percentage of the total energy produced so there's a bit of a task ahead of us if we don't do it we will run into problems of the year two emissions we have seen it already the effects the melting of the ice cap and the the the war with global warming etc so the symptoms of so we do need to push ahead on it but it's a mammoth task is going to cost a lot of money globally fortunately we do see some countries really powering ahead
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now i mean look at china for instance was talking about making diesel and petrol cause and with within you know in the in the twenty twenty five or something you seem frons you see no way of putting forward initiatives in that regard so suddenly the whole transposition transportation sector have seen a massive shift in political sentiment and decide and even legislation to move our economy towards more green driving economy and i think that's a very good thing he is directly and indirectly subsidizes fossil fuels more than green energy direct subsidies worldwide are bigger than those for renewables so if we apply the same logic here are we in an oil bubble as well. you could argue so i mean energy politics is obviously is very strategic for a country it's very sensitive in a pricing i mean look at india for instance where those massive subsidies mean that
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that is clearly due to politics because you know your fuel cost is something very important just as well as your living standards so you have seen it also in the in the area of a few of those been massive subsidies i think we need to get into an area where we have a more equal level playing field. but in the short term we face the challenge of making green energy more attractive we do need subsidies i do acknowledge there is a need to to assist in giving birth to this massive new sector but it is in the long term interest of people on earth effectively because we're not getting less and less quite in the country is more people consuming more more energy so we do need to have more more green energy in this world and it does require investments so that part is good but we can we just need to get more.


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