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tv   News  RT  July 30, 2018 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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civilizations all to quickly the full. belly. up on the on budget when the belt buckle up it's not all it's up but in your own mind i'm up i'm not enough money nine. an open on the table they now know and i'm not the one. i'm up on my battle with one of us on a thousand up on them. in the gun on the. morning in scotland and the only thing money about me and i need this i mean not the. little box playing on the. card. i've been saying the numbers mean something
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they matter the u.s. is over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crime stamping each day. eighty five percent of global wealth you longs to be ultra rich eight point six percent market saw thirty percent minus minus two years some with four hundred to five hundred three per circuit first started and good morning rose to twenty thousand dollars. china's building two point one billion dollars a i industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only numbers you need remember in one one business shows you can't afford to miss the one and only. one i'll show someone same wrong my whole goal just don't call. me old but yet to shape out of disdain. comes to advocate and engagement equals
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betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart when we choose to look for common ground the. truth. towers of confiscated chainsaws have become the hallmarks of the piano. but as strange as that may seem pinoy doesn't just tax poachers it also represents them in court and sees the rural poor forced to cut down. as corporations and corrupt politicians as our governor. before. he won the crossing forest it's an old world. but in
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his. he doesn't matter there are all developments to develop in terms of the invasion. it's the areas are all the ones forest. and now. you sell something. they use indigenous. trees. clearing the air. their. trees. on. the areas. that's where the companies go in. their own tragics
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but then usually ones who are being caught are the bees or the poor farmers. all. over the. whole. well you know what he's having them as an honorary of no really hurting him our look across for you. not only on him pretty much him simply ignorant of much of the language and they all can only in their now only they are now really and the minute somebody an era now going to encounter them or never never fished the. force is so much alike and room for. modern man brain the whole feel of our own
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well and i'm content that will. add up and us army. in one month some one are in limbo of people that meet the building one because you never knew and simple more than a year. we can remember. but i think there were more than anything if the marking of any fifty four hour day somehow even you think you know for. some time. but it will be good there are things that are go. through some tough love but many have come along in support really none far from in case.
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after the poachers become guides they often end up siding with the colleges offering information about illegal logging but back into fatal. the philippines the second only to brazil in the world for deaths among environmental activists. here and by law and it is very risky last year we have our end where. that you washed up on. the same. of the indigenous leader. there on the previous years also. well when we stopped and i was down there trying to bring my the fact that you know better united men and all of a sudden. just found and told me that she was shot in my mind that was.
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a probably just a minor minor wound but when i run the area where he was shot i saw him on the ground. in the medical field and somehow know the use of gondor and i going to try it to see if the spirit was at me and then you will see strong he has exposed a lot of things specially against government the government our politicians oh do a lot the four up shawn and the biggest exposure was the. money which was not utilized operating for defeat on the spot but then by politicians and especially the one we saw suspected or a legit mastermind. i don't mean it's before he died. and then me half an hour and a nice wife called me up she was gone i said why are you crying gerry you were shot
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i said what i just talked to him brought. he wanted to start a. signature to stop the mining and we did it. for one of our you expose i know nor the he's there for us when we got there because he had these three joe show and he kept. the. document. i cannot say that it was to get the world. that he did what he did because somebody had to do it and also i believe in what he say. and after he died i took over the community based on a well christian project and i told the people not to be worried because we have to . give them important information about how important the environment is to their lives and their
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sustainability do survive. i mean my must abandon all new model united on your. own. little while not going along the real point where you know it's only going to talking about going to. bug you too much. too big now mingling. and i'm going to get to. and i mean do you think. someone i don't mention. you know me. now i mean. you. you've been up. now you.
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go on. a little follow one we're not. going to vote but our demand to. report you don't want to be able. to call those you know. where you are wearing a really. long experience sure. they did it in. your living in the. only real hour here. in. jena lopez lost her job as the environmental secretary because of her
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uncompromising position on illegal mining the situation is like the philippines it's so blessed with the you would be with gore and at the same time. also a lot of men around. the right choice has to be me the areas which have my legs but that's really too bad they have two minds there it's already one of the best minds in the country they've built down there based on their mining thousands of people just based on their mind so it seems good. it seems good but the economic growth is negative zero. and i talk to people that they're living near by the silt he's already got into their families and this number that cannot be not before i see it nine five ninety five percent of the miami beer and goes all the no going to go on to me so that's why the people do mean war and by law when there should be zero poverty very deep.
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sea good will to not begin a mine mine you know fired up now muslims say. they're. not going to. lead on what an hour from now. on this in. unbelievably good in its socket. you know because of the number you know. the secret and i'm not going to. go to the president i mean we're gonna put a bong filled up a little i'm going to move. on that i'm. going to. finally get some of. the farmers reported to me that they started cracking the trees and when i went there together with our policemen they did not allow me to enter so i think for three times i went there and i was not allowed to enter it and the guards are armed. so i am also afraid to
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go there but just me and by the guys. on the fourth time. i said i will enter it even if they will not allow me. even if they will shoot me i was so mad. i thought they had seen. a good one. and together with the farmers and indigenous people we were able to get the inside and saw that their prestige on the. west side close to the forest is so close so putin called for what would they do you. wearing first see again. and then after that. time remaining terms.
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however even if they helped. more than eleven hundred dollars one day how the full time number of priests. there is. a balbinus more than twenty six thousand trees so if you would include the small trees i sense more than one hundred dollars on. the book. but the. narrative that i learned banging on from the fear of god logical from i want to find out for months. but also you know. maybe. eighty. eight you know not fun you know. one of them but it's.
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we gave them our stock was good i'm. glad my door oh sure. what i like to add to the. guy and. now i know you watch how much i've been mario. i took two hundred dollars much to know the place. but after. all when the speculation here that i didn't want. a million miles i didn't believe the second one. but i did could murder bonds yes. i did not bring more doubts about the back of. the on the day of the
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marketplace but it worked and i might be in addition. to bill but i'm working hard to get you i know or. you got quite a life. for you back. but with. me on my download i don't actually have a closer to having money to put it in the bank. finally going to. the senate you're going to get your punishment. the believe me.
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right now we're all set to start in five guys nothing to see a house no signal. to. be sorry to talk about no fly just renewed right after the mars explorers one who would have their. record. to say last week no. nothing less room and told them to sophia until i'm so feet sherrick not said today we've got lots to talk about in our program and our gaston. good luck little. zia says harlan kentucky. with all of this group the
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boys says you could walk through st funnies leaving only. a co money city with almost no coal mines left. the job to grow all the coal was it showed. that it was love to see these people the survivors of a world disappearing before their eyes. i remember thinking when i was younger that if anything ever happened to the coal mines here that it would become a ghost town but i never thought in the million years i would see that and it's how it's happened. the idea of spending money to acquire real. to acquire territory to acquire wealth is an oxymoron there is no more wealth to acquire the ecosystem is collapsing the economy is flooded with worthless paper and the species is migrating over to the
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digital sphere feasibly these networks and platforms people are uploading their minds into cyberspace and hope to become immortal so every dollar spent on defense every dollar spent by the pentagon is a wasted dollar that's a nineteenth eighteenth seventeenth sixteenth century mindset it's completely antiquated and it's utterly worthless. i i. i. i.
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was. reg's it remains as divisive said that with reports now stating the u.k. army is prepared to fly in food and medicine in case of a no deal with the european union some time it's fear mongering of the say the u.k. is effectively setting itself on fire. a shocking post-school practice encounter is exposed by the authorities forced thousands of single women to give up the babies we hear from one of the victims. conversation with me about how i got pregnant all they cared about was the fact that. i was. pregnant and that i had a baby that they could. take. also therapists in the united states say that the trauma presidency has created
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a new anxiety disorder that as democrats remain convinced russia tampered with voting machines something even the cia now rejects. plans for joining us here watching our internet. god help us british m.p. has tweeted that in response to reports the u.k. army will fly in food medicine and fuel for the country crash out of the e.u. without a trade deal of the military has since said that it's not received any such formal instructions the news has created panic with the country deeply divided over briggs it. has more. but this works a deadline fast approaching and seems this uncertainty about what exactly is going to be achieved come march next year has been peaking at the specially in light of the reports that have been circulating here in the british press over the last
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couple of days talking about how the british army could be involved if there is a new deal brax it in terms of helping provide supplies such as few food and medicine and certainly this is something that would usually be associated with an emergency and of course the reaction. has been very swift to these reports some saying they're shocked and others refusing to be manipulated with what they call scare tactics god help us this is not coming from remain as this is not project fear pro bricks of ministers a drawing a blueprint for the army to deliver food fuel and medicine if we leave you with no deal we have a duty to prevent the self immolation the plan of scaring the crap out of people with no deal horror stories in order to make a free trade agreement which will tank the economy look like a good deal is beginning to work well in reaction to all of this we have seen british prime minister theresa made was always said no deal is better than
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a bad deal basically try to calm down the public when it comes to all of this often being worried about preparations that we're making i would say that people should take reassurance and comfort from the fact that the government is saying we're in a negotiation we're working for a good deal i believe we can get a good deal but actually it's right that we say because we don't know what the what the outcome is going to be we think it's going to be a good one we're working for a good one but let's prepare for every eventuality while a threesome a there is obviously trying to convince the public that everything is going to be all right we do know that downing street have also said they've decided to stop drip feeding information in the time to come about some of the details about contingency plan. piece of a new deal bracket and of course we've also said that there are no. the british army and such situation following those reports that have turned up quite a bit of trouble however with all of that said it seems the public is not quite
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clear that the government knows exactly what it is they're doing in this situation seems a bit shambo makes me kind of you know reactions to everything. anyone in london or anywhere for that matter has really across from it really is do you think officials that are in charge of this process have done a good job so far figuring out what's going to happen and negotiating with the e.u. you know what i mean there's been no real negotiation and it's been quite a selfish. just one party even though in parliament here you know germany france getting a real understanding of how this will affect the country itself those are some opinions of the people we talked to here in london earlier today but we also know that there's been a latest sky did a poll that was released that said that only ten pounds of the people surveyed believe that the government was doing a good job when it comes to broach it and as many as seventy eight percent thought
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the complete opposite. the canadian government has acknowledged a disturbing practice that dates back to just after the second world war when unmarried women were forced to give up their babies which for them handed over to married couples some new mothers were even lied to and told that their children had been stillborn we spoke to one of the victims of the decades long practice that was meant to promote traditional families. as soon as they found out i was pregnant they mark my records b.f.a. baby for adoption. i was a fifteen year old girl pregnant i was pregnant from a sexual assault. and. there was no conversation about with me about how i got pregnant all they cared about was the fact that i was. pregnant and that i had a baby that they could. take. a healthy born
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haired blue eyed beautiful baby. you will forget the child go home get married and have other children or if not get a puppy. that is what i was told get a puppy. it was a very abusive and there. we were isolated from our life i was isolated from my family as my community my sisters and my parents i was completely left alone. my parents were not canadian citizens they're there from europe and my parents
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believed they would get deported if they didn't follow that time and what the government wanted and maternity homes mothers to routinely denied their right to see older feed their babies there are still some mothers who do not know where their delivers a boy or girl being told well it's none of your business to hold my daughter i actually had to ask three times and i. first i said it quietly and then they started a little louder and then the last time that i asked i had to yell and i had to yell bring me my baby now. and then the nurse stopped looked at the doctor for permission and i was quite surprised that the nurse would have to ask for permission for me to hold my own daughter since i'm her legal guardian and my daughter in my arms and. and then they really went. black i started to get i started to pass out and then
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they took her away from me. i met my daughter she she actually found me. so she called me. and she said. you don't know who i am and as soon as she said that i knew who she was. we talked on the phone for about six months getting to know each other getting familiar with each other building some trusts she needed to feel safe because our children were told that there was something wrong with us they were towards an alternate story that we were drug addicts prostitutes.
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so bob was going to the polls today for the first time since former leader robert mugabe was ousted lines of voters to be seen outside polling stations it's the first time in almost four decades. has not been on the ballot paper much hope both at home and abroad but this also a rebirth for the african nation is a breakdown of why this election. this election in zimbabwe is a huge milestone for what's been a very troubled country with an even more troubling financial crisis and here's why because the first time since one thousand nine hundred eighty the name of robert mugabe isn't featured on the ballots he was held in the country for almost fourteen years and it seemed nothing good choice in the way mccurry his departure from his presidential throne was as quick as it was unexpected to big to unfold it all for
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a fight for power between with his own wife and his right hand man the first lady also alone is gucci grace and the voice present nicknamed as the crocodile each accuse the other of poisoning is in death rates and it seemed grace had won her way with a ninety three year old husband sacked the vice president personally the army stepped it taking control of the capital just as the parliament was moving to impeach robert mugabe to quit now a smooth transfer of power in the crocodile finally got his teeth into running the country. let's take a look at the main candidates for you mison and then god is a member of the ruling party on the incumbent president he was appointed after mugabe was ousted the front runner is predicted to take forty percent of the vote although and surprisingly hasn't been given the backing off by gabi who claims that he had grabbed power in.


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