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it was unexpected to begin to unfold it all for a fight the power between mugabe's own wife and his right hand man the first lady also known as gucci grace and the voice present nicknamed as the crocodile and she accused the other of cody's names and death threats and it seemed grace had won how weight with a ninety three year old husband sent the vice president but certainly the army stepped it taking control of the capital just as the parliament was moving to impeach robert mugabe to quit to now a smooth transfer of power and the crocodile funny got his teeth into running the country. let's take a look at the main candidates for you anderson and then god is member of the ruling party and the incumbent president he was appointed after mugabe was ousted the front runner is predicted to take forty percent of the vote although and surprisingly he hasn't been given the backing of the gobby who claims that he had grabbed power illegally his closest rival is nelson chamisa he's the current leader
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of the opposition and a recently qualified pastor and if elected he becomes a barbie the youngest ever president of the age of just forty two candidates are polar opposites not only in the generations they're representing but also in their political views god favors good relations with russia and china while his rival shimmies that is pro western he traveled to the u.s. to meet state department officials and members of congress at the end of last year this clandestine or the howard feldman believes that washington has an interest in this election i think it's a fairly dangerous and fairly obvious if the us are going to have some form of influence recent days we have seen the withdrawal of funding from the americans from n.g.o.s we also do know that there are still sanctions that the u.s. have applied to this infinitely some form of.
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politicizing of the oil interference of the elections by the americans and i think america is playing a quite a dangerous game with this because if the wrong candidate as far as they're concerned which is been and if he retains power if he is able to succeed to it and it does look like he's going to that america will certainly be left on the outside of it having used the influence financial and political influence during the run up to the lip should i don't believe it's going to be viewed positively when it's a result has been announced. many countries have strict rules on what can and can't be done during political campaigns and zimbabwe is no exception some of it's quite unusual.
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said the syrian militants and rebels are refusing to surrender despite an advance by government forces towards the northwest and in the province locals meanwhile have been leaving the area russia sponsored humanitarian corridors. at.
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the minute. they demanded six million liras to call in to songs when we reached the checkpoint they threatened us and who had to turn back now we're going home we are from up wild. device helps to detect explosives and weapons we press. the button and scan the objects has the special indicator this court is one hundred percent clean but we've seen the holes you would be full.
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well majority of people come with skin and breathing problems all children and their mothers have been checked over they were given recommendations and medicine to start treatment because. if you think you. became. i expect nancy professor of international relations talk to. a lot good evening to you how would you assess the role that russia is playing here with these humanitarian corridors are sponsoring across syria. thank you very much for having me on your program. it's absolutely a theme the this is not first experience if you will. the story of this
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syrian crisis we should remember that this him corydoras. was used by. my head before i phones in the east part of our liberal view of we marked with i was sixteen after that to this here in. this him way we used in the east bottled water. and now i think in this now it's appropriation for the indian. market without these kind of humanitarian aid to for the want to go back to. their homes and villages especially after the terrorist organization control of these areas so because of that i think the second page it's not all the cause so i think what we are seeing today either there are other reports from the
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northeast it's called the diplomatic airports with jordan with live but on the future with the key for the returning of the few young people and the beaches and this is very important because some regional and international actors want to use these. these people or these here if you just as a political cartoon the future of syria which now is. the model or these is cutting the way for them other factor which we should mention that. some original. benefits for our. use of oil a huge. amount of money from international organizations why now there is a shortage of the financial support for this you reviews after seven years of the
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war the other factor which should mention that. reviews is inside or outside as a factor of pressure on local societies we could see that live by on jordan and. in turkey so i think the the russian being the russian a force generally either it helps the regional hits which now in a very difficult situation so it's not all the for you yet i'm for the either i think the left but no one. responded very positively with this of course jordan in their interest to do that. inside syria it's very important factor to return they would step by step because. speaking about the. future of syria without stability security and combating terrorism there is nothing choice or
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because of that i see is that it's very very important and it's at the end of the day have been the syrian people to get to war to make economy to to have a step after the civil years of. the fascist war against the syrian people and if you could we've got about thirty seconds left i just want to ask you during the health summit donald trump and let him appear to agree to to have joint humanitarian efforts in syria has there been any sign of an effort from the u.s. as yet. as we have heard and you know i have heard the minister bombay who in the congress who during his. during his meeting with the congress. i think there are some there standing between russia and see that they think this is the very source of the voice of present bush it was present in the.
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summit at the end of the day i think the american in. this situation is changing dramatically not in their interest in syria specially in the military of course is the second. is it their way and he don't want to benefits from the situation in syria there is no money there at the same time this. instrument was used to doing seven years i mean terrorist organization is already collapsed in syria by supporting the russian army in the russian government to the syrian government that they think those also do apologize i'm afraid we're just running over now on our allotted time for this segment we're going to have to wrap things up there my apologies stopped a law professor of international relations there thank you. very quick break up back with more news in a moment. what
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politicians to do something to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to express. something wanted. to do i believe this is what the three of the more people. interested in the logs. should.
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concern over global conflicts feelings of hopelessness and spending more time on social media could be symptoms of a new mental condition therapists in the us say that they are seeing increasing numbers of patients with what they call donald trump disorder apparently defects both supporters and his critics and those that dislike him worry that the world will end well supporters feel isolated from society and even their families democrats also fret about the origin of success the turn sixteen election we say in six was rigged by russia with more is on the scale of more than. the ideas that are commonly labeled as conspiracy theories at this point are most commonly associated
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with right wingers and top supporters in the public mind however it seems that liberals also have their share of tinfoil hat thinking polls show that fifty five percent of democrats believe that russia actually did tamper with the voting results only thirteen percent of republicans buy into this idea which is pretty universally rejected even by the staunchest russia bashers stari know of no evidence that through cyber intrusions votes were altered or suppressed they did not change any votes tallies or anything of that sort so if russia did indeed carry out election fraud on behalf of donald trump why would james clapper and john brennan and the intelligence community say that they didn't do that are fifty five percent of democrats actually convinced that the cia is covering up for russia that's quite a conspiracy theory we decided to ask new yorkers about it do you think that russia
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changed the voting results in the last election no no not at all ok and fifty five percent of democrats apparently believe that why media that's why. propaganda fake news trump says it best they're delusional misinformed or they have their own agenda beyond that something else do you think that russia changed the voting results in the last election s. can you tell us now well i'm sure through technology they were able to somehow finagle possibly i think so i've heard that a lawyer so. yeah maybe but i don't know that they found. one story that you keep bringing up and attack president trump and i think they're going to try to milk as much as they can. i personally don't see any evidence of fresh millionaire elections i lived through prayer. little evidence there you have it yes i think that our media is
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a pearl and wall in the united states if people don't know the truth about what's really happening pressure is not the enemy that they make it out to be some people think that the moon landing was fake others think that nine eleven was an inside job and it seems that the majority of rank and file democrats believe that somehow russia got into voting machines and changed votes for hillary clinton to vote for donald trump the truth is out there but perhaps people should look for it someplace else able to mop and artsy new york. brings you out of today they'll see with the latest news headlines in just over half. with no let me just manufacture come sentenced to full black will. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the flame and merry go round to listen to the woman who said.
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to ignore middle of the roots they. do need to be relieved. trumps imitation to prove me to visit the white house is postponed putin turns around inviting trump to moscow just trump out a grand plan regarding russia or is he merely cheap being a campaign promise this and much much more efficient across time. join me every thursday on the alex i'm i'm sure and i'll be speaking to us of the world of politics school business i'm show business i'll see you then. it. exists says harlan kentucky.
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we're all in this movement voices people were going straight fanny's remolded. a co money city with almost no co mines left. the jobs are gone all the polarizer said. that it was a laugh to see these people as survivors of a world disappearing before their eyes. i remember thinking when i was younger that if anything ever happened to the coal mines here that it would become a ghost town but i never thought in the million years i would say that and it's happened it's happened. i've been saying the numbers mean something they've matter us is over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crimes happen each dish. eighty five percent of the global wealth you want to be culled from rich eight point six
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percent market saw thirty percent from its last year some with four hundred to five hundred three per second per second and bitcoin rose to twenty thousand dollars. china is building a two point one billion dollar a i industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only numbers you need to remember is one one business shows you can afford to miss the one and only boom bust. p.j.s. man show camera. roughly once they showed some moves made for them. to joan cool videos and someone with the broken string apps. line down more on string i don't rightly don't t.v. .
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welcome to sophie and co i'm so. with climate change upon as green technology is becoming all the rage but our being overly enthusiastic about renewable energy while i ask financial guru and. her. wind farms solar fields fuel made from starch or hydrogen cells it seems that the future of never ending clean energy is already a promise but with the rising infused about going green bringing unprecedented caution into the young industry are the politicians just writing the green wave without thinking too much about potential pitfalls is renewable energy technology really ready to provide cheaper energy than coal or guess what will be the fallout after the burst of the potential green bubble. pear women are welcome to the show
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it's great to have you on our program so clean energy is being pushed upon as it seems with climate change now doing things well can no longer ignore but you sound skeptical about green energy as a whole calling this a green bubble so when we first are in amongst should we go up on green energy before it's too late. it's true i've written a book called the green bubble and the whole purpose of the book was to really illustrate that if we're not careful how we allocate subsidies and tax payers money it will become a bubble that is very likely to to burst costing lots and lots of money for the taxpayers however i do put forward a proposal where we focus on what is on the technologies and the types of green energy that are likely to be commercially sustainable. within the short to medium term and if we do that we have a solid future for green and i do want to see more green energy but i want to see
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it implemented in a commercially sustainable way but if one doesn't listen to you and it's not implemented the way you see one do you think the bubble will burst but i think if we do it wrongly the subsidies will just accumulate and build up and build up and build up because there is the most noble political deciders to have more clean energy but if implemented in the wrong commercial way. it will over the next few years say within the timeframe of three four five years you will have such a mountain of subsidized projects etc that are unlikely to be able to stand on their own two feet within the next sort of fifteen to twenty years and that will effectively to lower the burden that will then come pressure from journalist pressure from lobbyist groups and also just from normal taxpayers will say what am i getting for my money we're pumping in so much and we're not getting enough there was very important to be commercially disciplined so if we look back let's say ten
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years ago green energy was quite costly endeavor but with tech advances in wind and solar energy it's now getting cheaper former u.k. energy minister charles hendry told me it has dropped by house and six years so his costs are coming down these green technologies have a chance of becoming commercial a sustainable no or am i missing something here it is true we've got to separate the green technologies into two groups the group a which is the group that are likely to produce commercially sustainable energy without subsidies within the medium within the medium term call it seven ideas and the other group which very very unlikely to do so in that period now solar energy specifically is a good example of category a way of actually subsidies have helped courtesy of the figure of the germans. x. pay as you have effectively subsidize it so much that the cost curve has come down and you can in certain places have solar energy standing on his own two feet
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without subsidies for instance in certain parts of spain and that's why we need to get super soul injuries a great example of that on shoal wind in part also in particular if you use big big turbines like six megawatt turbines you will in certain places be able to generate so much energy so much win that it can actually be economically viable without subsidies and that's exactly what we need to get to that as a whole you're blaming politicians for giving green technology subsidies without really looking into whether it can become stable why do you think governments do that blind hope or political calculation. i think there's a general sort of desire amongst politicians to be front page front page news and as long as it's green and it looks good and there's an attachment with his good image. i'm not sure all politicians look through the actual economic side of it and
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that's what i'm what i'm asking for we need more commercial discipline here. but that's just political life political life is usually a cycle of four to five years depending on the country and therefore those of us decide to do good to be seen to do good but here i come in as a business person saying listen it might not be so good for the long term for the for the taxpayers so therefore let's be disciplined about how we spend our money and national renewable energy agency says a rapid scale up of investment in when you will energy infrastructure is needed had of the agency add nonna meaning tell me that total investment has already reached two trillion dollars but he needs to double that before the end of the decade to grow further to more than three times to current level in two thousand and twenty so is this a realistic goal. i think so it's certainly a goal to be desired we certainly need more green energy production and today it's still a very it's a small lower single digit percentage of the total energy produced so there's
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a bit of a task ahead of us if we don't do it we will run into problems of the year two emissions we have seen it already the effects the melting of the ice cap and the the the war with global warming etc so the symptoms of there so we do need to push ahead on it but it's a mammoth task is going to cost a lot of money globally fortunately we do see some countries really powering ahead now i mean look at china for instance was talking about making diesel and petrol cars. with within you know in the in the twenty twenty five or something you seem frons you see no way of putting forward initiatives in that regard so suddenly the whole transposition transportation. i have seen a massive shift in political sentiment and dishonor and evil it is slave to move our economy to old more green driving economy and i think that's a very good thing the is directly and indirectly subsidizes fossil fuels more than
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green energy direct subsidies worldwide are bigger than those for renewables so if we apply the same logic here are we in an oil bubble as well. you could argue so i mean energy politics is obviously is very strategic for a country very sensitive in a g. pricing i mean look at india for instance where those massive subsidies mean that that is clearly due to politics because you know your fuel cost is something very important just as well as your living standards so you have seen it also in the area of a few of those been massive subsidies i think we need to get into an area where we have a more equal level playing field. but in the short term we face the challenge of making green energy more attractive we do need subsidies i do acknowledge there is a need to to assist in giving birth to this massive new sector but it is in the long term interest of people on earth effectively because we're not getting less
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and less quite in the country is more people consuming more more energy so we do need to have more and more green energy in this world and it does require investments so that part is good but we can we just need to get more bang for our buck him over turn on our tax dollars invest the power make a what if you like the car you know a thing or two about both money and natural resources what's your opinion which create green technologies in particular are now worth putting money into but one area we like a lot is the whole area of efficiency the. technologies that basically make you do so use less energy for instance l.e.d. lighting by using that you effectively cost your consumption of energy by ninety percent one zero percent it's huge now these light bulbs will cost you a bit more in the beginning but over time you end up saving so much energy and what saved you don't have to produce so i actually have a look at the whole green energy market efficiency and small house solutions l.e.d.
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lighting such things actually account for about fifty percent of the whole market so i think that's of a. test a garret too to focus on secondly we do like hydro a lot hydro power energy why because it's baseload it's big it's gigawatts and it's green unfortunately you can only do it where you have rivers so you do need to be lucky enough to have a big river running somewhere but hydro power was fantastic and finally nuclear power we consider that to be green yes there is a disposal problem to a degree on the on the waste but net net it is still a green technology that today has become so much more safe over the years and it is a technology that delivers big gigawatts so if you can construct these power plans of the reasonable cost which seems to be a bit of a challenge sometimes around the world then i think that would also be part of the energy mix those three things hydro nuclear and efficiency those are the ones will
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move the needle big time in terms of green energy production globally now you have said before where we're having few infrastructure problems that hinder green energy development what do you mean it's existing alec tricity create infrastructure not adaptable to green energy sources. it is true the infrastructure problem is a big issue to be honest because it takes something like wind the wind usually doesn't blow exactly where it is consumed the consumption is in the big cities the wind would simply be out of by the coast or in areas where there's a lot lot of wind so you've got to transmit the energy from where it's produced to words consumed and someone's got to pay for that typically it's been the state or it's been the infrastructure providers but somebody has got to do it and it has to be economically attractive to do it unless the state is doing it but if you look at the build out of what is required if you were to switch say for instance you go to
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ten percent or twenty five percent wind energy production in a country like the u.s. you have to build a massive amount of infrastructure in terms of transmissions and that is vastly expensive so this is a big challenge so why do you think that's a problem because i'm thinking a hundred years ago there was no infrastructure for extra city and had to be built and it was built can't that happen the same way now you can make it happen and that requires political will to to make it happen because somebody is going to foot the bill. as to green energy the young fortunate thing is typically the production of the energy is much further away than if you use fossil fuel if you fossil fuel you can build a castle gas powered powered fire power station or indeed of an oil oil energy producing station close to the big cities just outside as it were so therefore the need for.


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