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people there are very bitter and if you motivate them if you educate them then mr trump it will be a history very quick so he's in a very tough spot and i think his desperation his tweets or a reflection that if the role the fakery of the language he's we'll options are not looking very good sobering but very informative thank you pressure richard wolffe appreciate being with you in person thank you very much for the opportunity. hacking has become a grim reality over the past few decades a new methods are being developed and deployed all the time however in modern times new targets of come into scope to take a deeper dive into the tech security industry we have things over to our t. correspondent treated each other. experts are warning consumers and corporations to
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be aware of crypto jacking as corporations around the world begin to move more and more of their ideas state same data to cloud environments cloud infrastructure is a growing target for cyber hackers. while businesses have embraced the digital age just so have cyber criminals according to a new report criminals are turning to the cloud to exploit businesses as well as consumer data through malware malware ty's ing phishing rogue gaps in domain infringement and social in person ation these cyber hackers who consumers and businesses access personal data and sensitive information cyber security firm check point software's two thousand and eighteen media report of cyber attack trends detected an increasing number of attacks targeting cloud infrastructures criminals turning to the cloud to exploit its vast computational power and multiply their profits the report details the cyber threat landscape breaking down to. mall where
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categories which include crypto minors ransomware banking and mobile the researchers found that the first half of the year the number of organizations impacted by crypto mining malware doubled to forty two percent compared with twenty point five percent from the second half of two thousand and seventeen the research found that the top three common malware variants in the first half of the year were all crypto miners according to the report many of the attacks were because of the organizations for security practices but others like crypto mining are leveraging cloud infrastructure which leads to much greater profits for quote threat actors my heroines checkpoints threat intelligence group manager noted that attacks on cloud infrastructure and crypto mining are the latest generation of cyber attacks which the company calls gen vi and companies need to adopt cyber security strategies that prevents these attacks from taking ahold of their networks and their data reporting in new york tonight each other as r.t. . for
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a brief pause but hang here because when we return we're joined by tom talked with the c.e.o. of could nice's limited to discuss a new crypto currency and monetary system we're back in a flash. this is says harlan kentucky. over all of this group the boy says it was very funny using. a co money city with almost no coal mines left. the jobs are gone all the coal was the fed i'd. love to see these people the survivors of o'boyle disappearing before their eyes. i remember thinking when i was younger that if anything ever
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happened to the coal mines here that it would become a ghost town but i never thought in a million years i would see that and it's how it's happened. you see it. is a. church secret indeed just like priests accused of sexually abusing children can get away with it quite literally i like to call this the do graphic solution so what the bishop needs to do then he finds out that the priest is is a perpetrator is simply moves him to a different spot where the previous standard was not the highest ranks of the catholic church conceal the accused priests from the police and justice system to that end of that's known as the i intend to include at tuesday's out in.
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its path. a few months ago we met the c.e.o. of conies is limited and we spoke about crypto currencies in general and some about conies to itself but today we focused do a deeper dive on what is nieces and for the help we're joined not from london like last time but we have time cough when the c.e.o. to right here in our studio todd welcome thank you very much things that hold me back again so let's talk about this if you don't could he says it's more than just a crypto currency right it's more of a currency system and actually sort of a banking system so explain it for viewers sort of encompasses all those elements it's a full monetary system actually we're focused in on being like fair and honest and
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a secure efficient and rewarding and really for the benefit of all both collectively and individually so how does it how does it actually work it walk us through it show well we have a highly unique sort of a market structure if you call it that. the talked is the primary market and the second tier is the block. and basically the primary market is where the average person the average mom or pop can actually go and mint or create their own money so the average person can be their own but central bank effectively is minting different than mining you just minting it because it's gold it is a little bit different because the gold's already above ground it's already there so it's just like really a conversion between another currency be it fear currency us dollar and a conversion into basically a gold currency and it's something real something real you can touch and feel as opposed to something crypto that you would mine which is based upon i guess computing power and time at a computer that can ease is based upon something you can touch and feel in this
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case gold and so you meant that you meant the gold the conies as coins and then what happens. in the secondary market which is the block china and this is a highly efficient ryle systems. i mean we've focused in on what makes money successful and we're talking about gold it's the greatest store of value that the world of a sane ultimately valued by human civilizations for thousands of years and held its value over time and in the case of crypto currencies it's a new experiment but we're backing it by something that has a proven track record so then it submitted into the book shine and that's a highly efficient rail system so that's where we make an inefficient medium of exchange ultimately to be able to transmit or transfer value between different parties within the book chain system now the folks that are involved in crypto those and i am too and i think they have lots of attributes and the main thing is
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that i talk about is how it's decentralized in so it's not necessarily held by the powers that be enough that i'm opposed to the powers that be but i like the fact that the money and currencies get out there what other sorts of problems is kiddies is trying to addressed in the current financial system is certainly i mean we address problems across different sectors i mean one of the sectors is the banking sector so i mean i go to put money in the bank. actually giving the money the bank transferring title of my money to the bank and so i'm holding counterparty risk against a bank yes sure in different regions around the world it's insured deposits are insured up to a certain level etc but there's also a lot of other scary provisions like bio in provisions and this and that and there's a lot of scary things like what happened in cyprus as world with haircuts on the positives and stuff so i mean in a day central system such as els. the gold is actually and the will the gold and silver currency is held in total is allocated to the ultimate beneficial ana so the
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end user ultimately so you know holding counterparty risk in addition. transfer value. between different parties is a lot more efficient from a spate spain perspective if with us it's two to three seconds anywhere in the world. from a cost perspective we're much more cost efficient now because it's only zero point four five but if you want to transfer cash say with western union it can be anywhere up to twenty five percent quite typically thought the feet for transferring that's correct and so what did you say yours was as a zero point four four so miniscule compared to that and when people talk about people taking title after they've meant a coin but is the is that the gold there used or is it warrants on gold that are held in places around the world how does that work the bull at all times it's held the taught all is held by the end user the ultimate beneficial i
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don't never sits on our balance sheet and it's honored by the way for a lot of our summer of years you may not know if you're trading on a crypto currency exchange a lot of times they because of transfer ability they have the exchange are actually holding the title and you have what amounts to a warrant but the titles with the exchange you don't actually hold it's not changing in the block chain on to your hand so you this is an attribute that could he says is addressing one hundred percent yes i mean and that's what crypto exchanges get hacked because the treasury account of whatever the hassle can't gets hacked and next thing you know the deposit is coins are gone that doesn't happen with you reminds me of that old famous quote of john dillinger the famous bank robber in chicago you know why you rob banks is that that's where the money is why do you why you hack crypto exchange that's where the block chain is that's where the money is well let me ask it we've seen accounting problems speaking about problems and attacks etc recently and we have seen hacks but how are you going to
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be set up with accountants and making sure that everything is done ok and how you can protect yourself against these gosh awful hacks show. oh so there's really sort of. aspects to this with with us so we have face see clearly the way the total is formed and transferred through digital currency. through the net all through smartphones etc now that's transparent distributed legit technology and you can see it basically on the block and so i mean that's something very transparent who else is out there in this sort of space looking at physical like gold or silver and doing crypto with it is there's a number of other different parties one of the first in the market would digits. but. look in the case of a lot of these different parties we don't really have competition with everything
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we do i mean we the crypto part of the crypto currency part is one but we talk about a monetary system that's unique to conies that's that's correct i mean we have a full closed loop monetary system with a primary secondary market with crypto exchange with the primary exchange at the top with the mobile banking sector. component and also. we call it a can he says commercial center as well which links into merchants and everything like that and full close loop in the case of some of these others like say for example gold money it's a central centralized platform in addition to that we solve things that gold money haven't been out of solve which is like gresham's law about money growth draws a good by actually incentivizing the money to move we incentivize participation in the system where the only monetary system in the world where people get a benefit by actually spending their money and in perpetuity so if you spend a thousand dollars within our system then you actually receive
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a benefit on the thousand dollars that you spend in perpetuity forever you keep on receiving a portion of the transaction fees in the entire system so instead of a traditional. bank getting a transaction fee when you use your a.t.m. or something you are getting a large portion of that fee brought back. and this is something that's really held . at currencies in the case of you know gold and silver being remodeled so as it's really held them but because i mean ultimately they hold for people who wish to make the transaction and convert figure currency into say gold a lot of them don't wish to actually use gold as a transactional currency so we've looked to really combat that problem and really incentivize the gold to actually be used as a transactional currency so when presented with an option to spend twenty u.s. dollars now or i can spend twenty dollars worth of can a service but i actually receive a benefit in perpetuity on connections and one choice can
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a service so that's how we put it into motion essentially like a rebate on your use now are the tokens or those of lost city tokens that i've read about or the conies as velocity tokens they are and what sort of value would you have i mean. when you talk i know you're talking in the aggregate about gold holding value for thousands of years but had done so well in the last couple of months it was at least a year low not too long ago you know where are we on the what would the value of the last it can he says velocity token equal the value of an ounce of gold know what this actually is a need to make a disclaimer first that these are only available to credited investors in the u.s. so in the case of the can a says the loss of the token whoever boys into these is buying into twenty percent of the revenue of the entire monetary system so as you can imagine a monetary systems a business with pretty big bones and if we if we follow through with a with
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a vision mission and aspirations and is going to be quite a large business ultimately we get a really good traction so yeah that's investors and not basically get. a share of twenty percent of all the transaction phase of the entire system so it's worthwhile looking it up and doing their own research and saying with a worthwhile investment for them so where when you do your launches just as it's going to be targeting investors in the e.u. or in asia you're going to go after some institutional investors in the the u.s. what's that is certainly yeah i've got two weeks of. back to back meetings in the u.s. with institutional investors that's why i'm here now and also to make you. but yet all around the world luck there are some limitations obviously as i mentioned some made it need to be accredited investors or sophisticated military investors that sort of thing in many in many countries not that's not the case but yeah welcome to inquire and will give answers based on all the legal and how are you dealing with
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this you know as a former regulator i'd like to think look i'm you know want to be accommodating but you know we certainly nobody wants anybody to be ripped off in this space and there's been so many bad examples of crip those that went bust except how are you dealing with it so it's very expensive to deal with the regulatory aspect how are you dealing with that here or in the e.u. or u.k. well we have a bit of advantage over other cryptocurrency start ups put it that way because kony says has been born out of an established organization allocatable in exchange which was founded in two thousand and eleven basically it's a full institutional exchange for sport physical precious metals gold silver and platinum and with a track record and we have some of the largest entities in the precious metal space plugged into us and tried in with us. you know there's a there's a lot at stake we're not in the business of trying to do anything nefarious or
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anything like that and of course i want suggesting that you think it's really expensive to do the right thing sometimes and and that's why i think there's so many bad actors out there. because it's so expensive and takes a long time and you know people are like do we get the product out there whether or not it's a crypto area saw melt or do we you know it all our i's and cross all artes and you know what's the risk reward of the regulators come on us so anyway well it sounds like you're doing everything right that's thomas kaufman the c.e.o. of can he says limited thank you very much. luck was thank you. and that's it for this time you can catch boom bust on you tube that you took that com slash boom bust r.t. will catch you next time so on.
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so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy to for him to let it be an arms race in this on off and spearing dramatic development only personally i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time time to sit down and talk. modest some full complement on. indigenous people as you know we've that. paid in. the trees. most politicians say the only guys but the kids.
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all of a sudden the man just. simple be there. i said i will enter it given if they will not allow me. even if they will shoot we've . got all along a million million indeed on the market now in vietnam in the been thought to be chubby don't panic don't feel me no man got up by the government it will be like i mean you got me are you. still up.
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in headlines this morning weapons used by rebels and terrorists in syria traced back to some western countries including the u.s. and independent investigations track the serial numbers on those missiles we'll tell you all about it coming up to u.s. authorities have been secretly following american travelers even those not under investigation but officials saying it's common practice we brought the issue for debate. this is yes it's hysteria and i will get into fly all the privilege if you don't want to get every call you don't want to be released on why don't fly on the telly in charity organization reveals horrific details about migrant children being sexually abused in exchange for food and shelter when they arrive in the country.
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the man offered to help and said he would challenge him in exchange for sexual services has been alone with my father's friend who before continue the journey subjected me to. and abuse me. and also coming up to a special report on how the rise of the far right in japan is affecting the north korean community there. good morning it's. tuesday the thirty first of july live from our team. with you with the world news update for the next half hour first in the large weapons discovered in the formally terrorist controlled areas of eastern aleppo. syria came from the west according to an investigation by the war correspondent robert fisk he tracked serial numbers on the missile casings and tried to find out how those
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weapons then ended up in the hands of terrorists caleb maupin looks more closely at the results of the probe this is a weapons factory located in bosnia most likely you have never heard of it but it's here that the weapons were manufactured for one of the bloodiest battles in syria lots of homes were destroyed and lots of civilians were killed in western aleppo by those questionable rebels. we got it almost exactly eight o'clock in the morning and it happened at the worst possible time just as thousands of children were killed in the school the first shell actually came in between these buildings and you know that then the children were on their way to school when a mortar shell landed. a few of them were killed that if i knew them they went to mar school the thirteen year old lost her foot in a rebel shelling three weeks ago and it did this to.
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the rebels launched the rocket it's ten o'clock in the morning seconds later it hit the national school of aleppo three of the children died on the spot so the rebels and now pushing closer and closer. we're in the al assad cell. and the rebels are pushing into aleppo again. by sunset nine dead over one hundred civilians injured. now most of those rebels are tied to the al qaeda linked al nusra a terrorist group but let's focus on those weapons that they used robert fisk an investigative reporter was able to trace those weapons back to that very factory in bosnia he was able to get
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a hold of the factories logbook and getting in touch with the former weapons control director the director recognized his signature in the logbook and from there was able to determine who the buyer was it's a warranty for the hundred twenty millimeter shell this is standard it went to saudi arabia it was posts of a supply of five hundred moves as i remember the sale of the shipment well the saudis came to a factory to inspect the weapons at the beginning of the. twenty sixteen but the response from saudi officials was pretty much a denial they said that the investigation was vague and undefined however their response seemed pretty vague as well saudi arabia is a leading voice within the international community in support of a diplomatic solution to the conflict in syria while at the same time working with our neighbors and allies to counter the growth of forces of extremism but it's not just saudi arabia the former weapons director says that nato and the united states
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pretty much run the show at the weapons making facilities when the saudis came to our factory to inspect at the beginning of twenty sixteen there was a saudi minister and some saudi officers who was they came to inspect the weapons before receiving them the offices will civilian clothes the minister was in a robe or production off to the bulls and war is under the control of the americans and nato who are always coming here and they know each and every piece of weaponry that leaves off factory. we also asked nato for a response but they didn't have any details to share even though the weapons were actually made to the nato standards need to doesn't transfer arms or i mean nation for and for the questions we would refer you to national authorities now another trace from the basement of this former terrorist base in aleppo is the markings on the casing of a missile now if you take a look the first number here this represents the type of missile the second number
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however is the stock number you'll notice that it contains the figure zero one now that's the nato code representing the united states it turns out that this t o w anti-tank missile was manufactured at a facility in the united states by the raytheon systems company this missile would have been manufactured and sold by huge raytheon absolutely legally to a nato or friendly on the pro american power government defense ministry you name it and they will exist for it's an end use this is if you get an e.u. see a document of impeccable provenance which will be signed by the bias in this case by the chaps who purchased the town missiles in very large numbers stating that they own the final recipients of the weapons this is not the first time this has happened syria is actually littered with weapons that are made to nato standards and some of which have actually been manufactured in the united states the question
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now is how much do washington and nato know about their weapons falling into the hands of the very terrorists they claim to be fighting there is a deafening silence a purposeful lack of interest a purposeful apathy and the reason for this is simple the us government and the military industrial complex and the corporate owned media that functions as an echo chamber for the military industrial complex actually does not care the us gov. prosecutes those who they say aid and abet terrorism well guess what american war contractors are aiding and abetting terrorism but the u.s. judicial system the justice department the long arm of american law enforcement will not be used against the same military corporations which in fact are subsidized receive a form of welfare from american taxpayers every year. so they syria too for next story the battle against militants and rebels are still ongoing in the northwest
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and it lead province which has become the last bastion of the country civilians are now able to leave the conflict zone via a humanitarian corridor that's been set up. to . the minute and secure and they demanded six million liras they to call it two songs when we reached the checkpoint they threatened us and have to turn back now we're going home we have from i won't. she. wasn't much help to detect explosives kind of what we press the button and scan the
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object as the special implicates this call is one hundred percent clean but we've seen close up with the full. film that most of the majority of people come with skin the breathing problems all children and the mothers have. and checked over words and they were given recommendations and madison to start three of them if you want. but you. know. it's been revealed that u.s. authorities have been secretly tracking american travelers under
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a surveillance program called quiet sky now the move targets people who haven't been investigated officially by any u.s. agency but still nonetheless may pose a risk suspicious behavior like strong body odor a regular sleeping patterns and changing hairstyle or clothes could indeed flag up someone for surveillance it seems the unit then compiles individual daily reports goes on to say that it's standard procedure here for most rules may deploy on flights in furtherance of the t.s.a. mission to ensure the safety and security of passengers crew members and aircraft throughout the aviation sector good idea or not will kate partridge got reaction to it from investigative reporter dave lindorff from political commentator steve malzberg t.s.a. has determined that he actually had a change of diversity before that in the ad we are that is saying patterns and
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maybe changing at an.


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