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authorities have been secretly tracking american travelers under a surveillance program called quiet skies the move targets people who haven't been investigated by any u.s. agency officially but still may nonetheless pose a risk suspicious behavior like strong body over. irregular sleeping patterns changing estell even close its seams could flag up someone for surveillance the unit then compiles individual daily reports about it after the story broke the agency issued a statement claiming indeed this is standard procedure. most was me deeply influence in food the roots of the t.s.a. mission to ensure the safety and security of passengers crew members and it crossed through the aviation six. reactions the from investigative reporter dave lindorff on the also from political commentators the. t.s.a. has determined that yet actually attitude on interstate four that there actually are that is saying that ugly ravel patterns and maybe changing it and maybe
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changing hair color which could be suspicious and it's not only have color and body odor those are two to promote examples but you know what let's take a poll of the american people and overwhelmingly they'll say do what it takes to keep us safe how you want people to be able to save while walking through an airport to because they can't get arrested they didn't catch a bunch of people with their no fly list they were busy capturing nuns who were going to protests and people like mike. schmidt book barbara old shinseki who was every time she she had to make sure she had good underpants because she was strip searched every time she would fly because she was a lawyer for the center for constitutional rights people have to understand is that you don't have any right to fly in the united states certainly it's a privilege to fly and you don't have a right to say whatever you want on a plane or in an airport you don't have a right to move about the way you want so your freedoms are severely limited to
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begin with for security purposes and i believe most americans would agree rightfully so these things get out of hand if people don't get to know that they're on a list and get to challenge the list and that was the problem with the no fly list that's the problem with this list that nobody you know i hear out of ten maybe or so then they say why isn't it we know maybe they're watching you know maybe they're watching probably if i don't know their air marshals who are armed on my flights most of my flights i don't care who they're watching as long as they're there so i don't have a problem with this what is some i think even trying to saying they're saying to t.s.a. maybe singling people out and if you think about according to race or some of that is that the fact is we might be might be keeping people safe but is it a case of they're focusing on the right people. yeah of course that's what i was talking about when they went after the nuns and the political people they weren't going after the people that were the real problems and risks and look i got a i got a beard i look like maybe you know some jihadi that list goes to law enforcement in
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the united states it's going to stay there and it's going to impact your life in some way because you're not going to know it's there and they're going to watch you in different ways that may affect your employment your promotion could affect all kinds of things you should have a right to know once they decide that you're not a suspicious person supposedly after ninety days that you're on that list and then it gets wiped there's nobody saying that happens this is an out of control problem already and it's going to get worse to say it's out of control to say that we've missed to say that we've missed people at the because we're watching this one we miss that one there are no new point to the shoe bomber it was a long time ago they say people are going to get promotions people are going to get not get jobs there's no evidence of this this is massive state this is not mass it's hysterical and everyone getting to fly all the privilege if you don't want to every car you don't want to be on a list don't fly don't fly trucking this next spain's to open special senses to
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identify migrants now it's part of a new emergency plan approved by the government after a jump in the number of new arrivals the country fight is a video posted on social media i've seen so many love this over the years but this bodes just made landfall in a beach in the seventy's if you could does the bikers they run off in different directions presumably to avoid the authorities best they can what they've already been through that hugely dangerous trip across the med boat well the number of migrants that arrived in spain in the last six months alone equals the whole of twenty seven so you can report other countries are also under pressure too from an influx of refugees italy comes a close second numbers they're expected to grow further too but the migrant suffering doesn't necessarily and why. they get to europe far from it it appears in italy a charity there now is claim that refugee children being sexually abused when they arrive in that country it says youngsters are being exploited if they can't pay for basics like food and shelter. when we arrived at the last italian station we
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realized that we cannot get on the train to germany because it's guarded by police to check not only tickets but also the documents for all travelers not knowing what to do we asked for help from a compassionate at the station waiting for another nigerian girl the man offered to help and said he would shout to me in exchange for sexual services. during the trip i was kidnapped my brother was killed in the attempt to free me it was horrible says dan i have been alone with my father's friend who before continuing the journey subjected need to do ritual and abuse me i was not even eighteen but when we arrived needle this man rainey declared i was nettled and his wife after escaping from my father's friend he began abusing me days of terror when i did nothing but think how to survive. according to save the children in italy almost two thousand girls have been sexually abused hundred sixty of them were children others either pretended to be adults or just recently turned eighty two political
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analysts were office told us europe's incapable of solving the other another problem of the own going migration crisis i think in such a chaotic situation. when you have to handle many incoming refugees it's hard to determine. actually what is the present age what is the real age of the migrant the whole migrant system and the way how the authorities take care of those vulnerable migrants all girls. under age of eighteen is very alarming. really for that macro interest to come to europe is whole situation shows that the migration to europe is a human tragedy policymakers in the european union and the national states they are largely failing to solve this problem. sixty minutes past eleven mosco
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time folks watching of you two did run the world ahead continue to try those west coast wildfires in the u.s. they're still pretty was raging out of control is one of the stories often this break. of the people in you know. we were. all day experience is the oldest. of the group that's. not.
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what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president and should. somehow want. to go right to the press this is what before three of the more people. interested always in the waters out. there should. the u.s. midterm elections on the rise of the republicans are calling for all the information on the democrats' alleged illegal snooping on donald trump's presidential campaign to be released but next is to me a con explains that if it is the whole issue could be buried. here's the fi suffocation that allowed the f.b.i. to spy on former trump campaign advisor carter page republican say that it was
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a political operation against then candidate trump but the document could contain some interesting information but it's hard to tell because hundreds of pages were redacted now devin nunez chairman of the house intel committee thinks that the public might never find out what really happened there's a stall game going on at d.o.j. and f.b.i. they're trying to stall as much as they can hoping and betting that republicans would lose the house in the fall so transparency in this particular case will only happen if republicans stay in power after the midterm elections in fact calls for transparency in washington seem to work on a partisan basis just this month the democrats called for transparency after trump met with vladimir putin in finland some even asked for transcripts to be released and the interpreter to be questioned we want the interpreter to come before the committee we want to see the notes we we want we're going to have a massive effort to try to get to what happened but guess what even that wasn't enough after house and don't you think americans deserve to know what seem
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president trumps tax returns some business interests that are into twined for the russia let's remember this document it's a memo released to counter claims of bias against president trump and the f.b.i. and the justice department it was the democratic party's effort to convince the public that the f.b.i. could be trusted but that can't be but it was redacted too and in this case as you can guess there was no right just anger over that from the republicans apparently some redactions are more problematic than others usually when a republican is talking about transparency they want the democrats to be transparent democrats and republicans tend to bring up popular issues like transparency near an election but the fact is when it matters they have nothing to say about transparency and the you. us as a major history of major transparency blunders if republicans were serious about transparency they would start with themselves but the simple fact is the republican
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party and the democratic party have pushed a lack of transparency in such extreme ways one simple and basic example is the ways in which they have restricted freedom of press for the military actions now been going on for nearly seventeen years they have are accusing the press out there preventing proper reporting and what this is doing is preventing the american people from actually knowing what's going on in these areas. of north korean leaders an open pride at pyongyang successful missile launch is probably not what you'd expect to see in japan but that's what you will find in one small community of ethnic koreans there however now they fear the growing tide of the far right in japan after becoming the focus of the nationalist anger the redfish investigative group found was behind all this animosity.
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this is a song from the d.p. r. k. along with a few other relics mr pic keeps this is one of the ways he keeps up his connection to his homeland. this is always listen to this every day. mr picks life has not been easy year and for younger koreans it's not getting easier. japan is experiencing a resurgence of the extreme right both foreigners known as guy jing in japanese are increasingly frowned upon but it's koreans or those who identify with it. who are in the most danger might have a small sound and hide it out of a. car. pupils are too afraid to even wear their traditional korean uniforms called the two gori to school here they are wearing japanese uniform and here now their safety through the school gates
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changed into their to cory's and so ready to have their things the same and it's also the it's in the hands of the so many that i think about that in the sea have made a difference in modern japanese racism as an extra could be tied to in japan was just foremost imperial power until it was defeated alongside nazi germany at the end of world war two during the time hundreds of thousands of koreans were forced to work in steve like conditions and japanese mines and factories as the country industrialized at breakneck speed the even have to change their names and japanese ones while their newspapers and schools were shut down so kids were unable to learn korean but they were taught on terms of nazi germany and japanese schools. whole.
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the popular you want your chosen g m q no the court of germany took you must go to the home so all sunk is human to the media that you don't chose a second car company you got the hockey quote i saw acuity of that in this. soccer i is a poster boy of the japanese far right taking his cues from donald soccer i launched the japan first party in two thousand and sixteen and quickly became infamous for his xenophobic use and escape coaching of japan's ethnic korean minority the latter anti korean voices get the closer the chunkier community comes to get. to the bottom as it was isn't. needed to do to win the seat. and it is easier than consuming want to move and
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that is in the woods even to normal who didn't. wasn't in the clear and that even. in this area good news i didn't even. falling for those months for the break track of those a wild fires in california firefighters and federal troops battling devastating fires there in the u.s. state at least eight of lost their lives so far at least nineteen are reportedly still missing it started a week ago authorities say they've only managed to contain less than a quarter of the moment they estimate run about twenty three percent it's already destroyed more than seven hundred homes and forty thousand residents have been
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evacuated from the. each and keep track of all the stories on line twenty four seventy dot com why not download are up and i was given on saying thanks for watching. one else chose seemed wrong. just don't hold. me. to shape out just because i took it and in detroit equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. zia says harlan kentucky. we all knew the voice it was british very funny.
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a co money city with almost no co mines left. the jobs are gone now the pay rises said i'd. love to see these people the survivors of disappearing before their eyes. i remember thinking when i was younger that if anything ever happened to the coal mines here that it would become a ghost town but i never thought in a million years i would see that and it's how it's happened. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race based on often spearing dramatic development only personally i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time time to sit down and talk.
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the thing got a. muscle for me and i'm going to be on all. the money i think. he got on. a lounge chair. and. there was no move. to put that. most fully the. only behind but the game. it's. not intended in the modern mining of the hyatt up non-mental meant that the nominee of . the state and the nominee might actually go to the branch of government gonna put
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a model bill. lann. it's forbidden to fell jungle trees on pollo on the islands in the philippines in theory the landis protected by unesco but in recent years sixty thousand hectares of a choke rain forest have been destroyed many say the tawana suffering a corporate onslaught as the forests are placed by the coal mines and plantations the. damaged areas and often. gives us a very. lean over the last seven when we told you in the boy i what i really need but i don't know in all i don't know. if it's not. learn
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new school. from full company formal. or margaret then from africa on a. bus. coming from iran on my office from moscow i've got my mom wired for not. thinking about the one i'm in london my longman a fired. up all. wrong. there have been several attempts to strip out of one of its biosphere reserve status a local ecologists have fox to pretend that you can see from them and from the right it's. then lost among reporters and project that they started. first only if there are still poor you know and it helps protect us from the.
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good but again there are new system and plunderers to select for example does this building here because this is these are all illegal and you can't know the monk moves that's where sometimes they're. losing. one general the west here the high ranking general for. the beauty or discover the malaysia when you know. ahead of the money there is no illegal things and you know and they're trying to. piece the poor piece if they saw him with the money. they will obey the order let them sign in a place of birth and they never thought that that he lund's are only beginning taken out so that yes he learns that. life sometimes is by force should
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normally be the arms but then the dems. have managed to do my you. know mine in an. arc which i'm sure not that will ban it but why not. by the boundary and. i don't know for your mind i mean you know. that i mean it's not the person. you know one point a lot of. people. i and i don't i mean don't back it going to go popular must have been there to put it . i intended to go to. the knowledge that well i did. but honestly not one more go what.
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are you. going to. write. a million million indeed i'm just i'm not in the new we don't you know me. in crime you go to a large army and. hearing groups point their mining companies in the most serious problem that you have rate now in this. corporation before you can secure this i think there should be a municipal endorsement there should be public consultation there was none. told me from being are that fifty million plus who are some of the officials in the in our for that think we need to be sure.
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that people as an alternative to poaching tribes people are recruited to work with tourists from. the table and a button. on the. bottom and. the. gun. in the gun. only. no. no. no i was going on only. only.
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the mark each one on t.v. bought one for your help on. and. on with your. hundred seventy four yards are you. that is. why i know i don't. think you. can open. the. mop. i can a lot of. the. rest
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i. like. now. that not. so much. now. i think. i've been. annoyed.
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not. that i know. i don't know. what exactly are you. going to. be.
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going to be the last six. years until missionaries are. to have been conceived. by the. but it won a gold medal that's not always updating your mama. but the nine. eleven on three will be a no no and i'm not the one. i'm up on my battle with another couple of thousand of them. in the going on the. morning in town for. the. money lead by me and i need this i mean the you. will.


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