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no it's not happening now at all no no no it's not going to happen one of the things i think that's interesting is you know we were just talking about an article on c.n.n. money a bad side like people are prepared to march cash and never brag why aren't they investing which i don't know where you get those ideas this idea that we're not we're we're just saving too much money and letting it sit around it should be invested and that's kind of where this goes the one percent gets rich when when when the ninety nine percent and drops to every these little bets and then it grows to them make a while but it doesn't come back to those and when you're talking to people in rural communities it's it's a much bigger issue and i think it's kind of ridiculous to think that people actually doesn't exist it's pretty ridiculous for this day and age are if we go to break our bloggers don't forget to let us know what despicable topics we've covered of facebook and twitter so your poll shows that our tease dot com coming up comedian and activist on board on the side of the corporatocracy room to critique old joins us to discuss the latest on the fate of julia song and wiki leaks stay
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tuned to watch for the full. flow. little. some full length. and they use indigenous people as you know we that the feed people quite a treat. mostly. the only thing but yes he's. on the side and the man just. temple be. refined.
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i said i will enter it in if they will not allow and. if they will shoot me. out all. million million indeed i'm not i'm not picking on you need to be indicted how beautiful body feel manana am i got a fake i mean you don't look a like i mean you got me i used. to. join me every thursday on the i like simon chill and i'll be speaking to get off of the world of politics sports business i'm sure. i'll see you then. most of the people in the most amount to experience without the tummy bombing we were in you know the film visually all day experiences all those.
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months of when the group says and and all psyche would not slow down. supporters of julian us anja bent on pins and needles this week after reports surfaced that the clock is indeed ticking down on the wiki leaks founder is time inside the ecuadorian embassy after the new president of ecuador lennon marino implied as much as so much has been living inside the embassy since seeking political asylum back on june nineteenth two thousand and twelve that's over twenty two hundred days rumors abound that if expelled from the embassy assad could be arrested by u.k. police for skipping bail on a now drop swedish sexual assault charge and probably extradited to the united states to face long rumored charges on indictments earlier we were joined by
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a long time supporter of a sonder and wiki leaks activist and comedian randy credico. randi always a pleasure to have you on i want to start by asking where to things currently stand with the possible impending expulsion of julian assange from the ecuadorian embassy you know are we truly happy any day any hour any minute point. well it seems like that last week when president clinton was in spain and england and he made a couple of statements to the spanish press about we've got to do something right away it got a lot of us worried there is a growing movement out there right now there are demonstrations people are coalescing in support of julian as signs and all over social media and i think limit and no saw all of that and he's in a very tough position he can either mollify the brits and mollify the u.s.
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or he could just be you know one of these guys that stands up rather than being liked but tista he'll be seen like a butt tista or a true hero or somoza if in fact he would have turned julian assigns over so it's really not in his interests in terms of his legacy to do this and he'll be the scorn of south america he's got one card to play to maintain his dignity and that is not giving julian a signs over but you know i don't know there's a lot of pressure being exerted on him by the u.s. state department by the british government they have a lot of dirty laundry they don't want to get out that assad it may have his hands on i don't know what it is but you know and what's going to happen but the ecuadoran president under a lot of pressure a so far has not turned him over they put out a statement today saying it's got to be negotiated but eventually he's got to get
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out of there he can't i mean right now it's like one hundred degrees a london there's no air conditioning in that m. and it's a very tough situation for him i can imagine going to madrid no randi no one knows but a lot of people are assuming that if he is forced out of the embassy that julian and it will be at thirty and to the u.s. as one of his you have been one of his most ardent supporters what do you feel is the most egregious act fact of this scenario of him being kicked out of the embassy like that for extradition well if he's kicked out for extradition first of all he'll be debriefed he'll be put away by the brits may not have access to his lawyers he's got one of the greatest legal teams in the history of the human race at his disposal so there would be a big tug of war and england if in fact there is an arrest warrant on signs from the u.s. government is there one is it a bluff i don't know nobody knows for sure i've heard both sides of the coin and
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what would happen if he were to be extradited to the u.s. it would be a very bad precedent and the biggest problem here is is that the mainstream media is not circling the wagons they're circling the firing squads on the signs this in the end is a is basically mass suicide they're committing by not supporting assad they must support him just to protect their own and many of these journalists of course are on corporate payrolls or on government payrolls we're talking about the mainstream media but at the end of the day they will be next if a science is brought here and tried under the espionage act but you know it's possible they'll find a way to do it you know show me the guy and find a crime that he committed that's that's a kind of. a mole that they're running on another thing is is that the u.s.
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has a long history of trying to repress dissent particularly with journalists to go back to the alienness sedition acts and seven thousand nine hundred. and matthew lyon and jenna die of pack they were jailed for criticize and the alienness sedition act people were killed like the lice and lovejoy who was against slavery and many others mark twain was under a lot of pressure for criticizing the philippine war and it's gone on forever they want to kill the messenger the u.s. government does and it is during the two red scares how many journalists were jailed so this this is not unprecedented and i know this this leads me to in my next kind of question is how vital is julian assange has freedom in the fate of wiki leaks four of the sanctity of the euro of our u.s. constitution is first amendment and the future of whistleblowers at the end of the day if he goes down if wiki leaks is taken down you know about that's a big problem it's a huge terrible message about the state of the first amendment it's a huge that's
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a fatal blow to the first amendment because if they can find a way to get him they can find a way to get anybody so this is a dire warning to people out there who have not been in support fully in support of julian assigns you better get on board because we're all in the same boat if you're a journalist you'll be next there and maybe tabitha being next who knows maybe even shut tot go get him you know what i don't know and when you grow there on that slope you never know and one of the things that's really kind of nerve to makes me think that this could happen this extradition of the you know whatever they're going to charge him with and all i could have was a you know we're doing what trumps people which might pump a zero called wiki leaks what was it a spate of hostile news agency or something like that i mean it's ridiculous these guys yes right a non-state hostile agency something like that. but him and you've got jeff
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sessions you have a neo con cabinet look america and richard nixon said that. american america's business is business what it should have said was america's business is war that's what america's business is and so these people their business is war join the signs puts a mirror to war crimes to torture acquisitions it invasions all of this they don't want that stuff to get out there because it's their business and people who are connected to it you see it on television you see these guys you know a clapper and brennan in a word and have that into t.v. then you have you have these reporters like delaine ian and chuck todd and the two guys kyoto and the cost they're pushing for basically having a war you know what do they want a war for and so and so they're going at the response they have been his friend
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they've been attacking him so like i said these guys have an interest out there we want to continue look at adam schiff in congress he gets money from this russian not russian but a ukrainian arms dealer by the name of igor pasternak a lot of money and forty percent of is donors are from the military industrial complex they have a vested interest all of these people most of them were moved over and assad's poses a threat sons and whistleblowers pose a threat to those interests and that's why we need to i said circle the wagons around julian assad's this could be the most important case and a century in this country but. what are they you know what do you think because they've been you know we haven't seen the new york times we haven't seen the washington post who are so out a man about press three am and so adamant about our amendments and upholding all of
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our civil liberties at least their own do you believe that any of those corporate out will at some point come. jillian's defense in this time i do that i really do think so i think like i said right there is a was a small drink now it's a growing international movement and supporter julian assigns i've never seen anything like this take hold it really is big there's a demonstration in front of the ecuadoran embassy in san francisco this wednesday every single day in london people are organizing and the press at the end of the day has got to be fearful if they were to drag this man who has committed no crime at all it's like a guy who's been in prison for twenty years and he gets out on d.n.a. well the d.n.a. here is called the first amendment that's the d.n.a. that should clear him of any wrongdoing he has been one hundred percent accurate has not even made one mistake as a journalists he set the high bar for and
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a lot of journalists are embarrass those who have sold out their embarrass joining us on to set such a high bar an example that they can't even touch they've gone for the easy money and the stardom but they too could be very possible could be victims of this war on the press is just a first person. you know it you know what's also interesting true is that when you look at the media is how much money they've made off of what drew what wiki leaks has provided to them to remember the element to be an enemy but they're always willing to take and so right now you know you know exactly if they don't we don't like them but please feed us more thank you leaks you know so i think about also plays a big deal in the house so i think at the end of the day is that i think they will come around i think the those hugs i think immediate will prevail they're still going to be a lot of detractors but i'm hoping that those have to do with the prevailing and said no this is a first amendment issue this isn't
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a joint massage issue do you think that when our salute both of you actually were quick as i want to know do you feel like it because. this is this there's a certain amount of political pandering going on here obviously do you think that if julian it's time to relieve donald trump of tax returns. do you think valley would be a moment where suddenly they would be like you think you're oh yes i did it right there it is really and louis is doing it are not what he's doing it through who are you doing it out of and who he's doing it for that's a very good point if i have a few minutes to address that because i thought he had i had this car week we had this conversation i told him about a lie to love joy i said you're like a wiser lovejoy who was a a real strong anti-slavery abolitionist publisher eight hundred thirty seven slave power sent somebody up into illinois dragged him into the missouri river and destroyed his printing press and then killed him but that didn't stop the press from continuing and i said that's what you are julie got to put yourself in it and
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let's sell that he says wait a second it's a lot worse for me because i have angered everybody he angered these neo cons and republicans back in two thousand and ten with the afghan and afghan iraq war logs he pissed those people off excuse the language and then the liberals or the moderates in the democratic party when he released the possessed the e-mails so he's got everybody because he doesn't take sides he's a publisher he got both sides upset with him so i'm sure if he were to put out trumps any try to get them that's the irony right. you know he tried to get trump's taxes he tried to get it from the guy put him out online so does what a publisher does he publishes interesting information important information and we never got that we did get think goodness we got the stuff on hillary clinton and we
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exposed we exposed to corruption in the democratic party the democratic party is the one that coded in this election the d.n.c. coded and helping donald trump where if it weren't for them if it weren't for they have a word for the shenanigans in the machinations of the democratic party this would have never happened. as of july thirty first there were at least four major active wildfires in the state of california covering over a quarter of a million acres and most of those fires are currently only between ten and thirty percent contained but while some fires are proving a worthy photo the pasqual fire near san diego was no match for the best of the best firefighters the fire started on friday near the san diego zoo safari park and blistered three hundred sixty five acres coming very close to homes as you can see in this video from ramona california resident brant allen stevens his farm is less than two miles from the evacuation zone thanks to the brilliant flying of these pilots and these specially converted commercial wide body jet air tankers that drop
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water and the pink guide fire retardant on the ridge near his home in the farms animals and homes in the area of the valley were saved to the folks out there fighting the california wildfires all of you thank you for your service that's the way i never see the commercial jetliner get led back close to like a farmhouse that's incredible through the crimea thing fiat is really good why are they out of everyone in this world you're told you're in love with tell you all i love you i am tired old winter and i have a people watching those arks another great day and night everybody. is a. secret indeed just as the priests accused of sexually abusing
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children can get away with it literally i like to call this the do graphic solution so what the bishop needs to do then he finds out that the priest is is a perpetrator is simply moved to a different spot where the previous standard was not the highest ranks of the catholic church conceal the accused priests. from the police and justice system to that is as old as the unemployment the i included tuesday's out until. it still. seems wrong when all rolls just don't hold. any news yet to shape out just because the ticket and in detroit equals betrayal.
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when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. zia's says harlan kentucky. boy says if you're going to st families are you. a comin he says he will snow cone mines left. the jobs are gone all the coal miners the said. that it was love to see these people the survivors of disappearing before their eyes. i remember thinking when i was younger that is anything ever happened to the coal mines here that it would become a ghost town but i never thought in a million years i would see that and it's how it's happened.
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weapons used by rebels and terrorists in syria are traced back to some western countries including the us an independent investigation tracked the serial numbers on the missing. us authorities have been secretly following american travelers even though it's not under investigation with official saying it's common practice
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we brought the issue up for debate this is not mess it's hysteria and so we have every getting to fly all the privilege if you don't want to get every call you don't want to. really don't why don't float. over to europe's migrant crisis spain takes new emergency measures to control the flow of refugees and in italy a charity organization claims that migrant children are being sexually abused. the man offered to help and said he would shelter me in exchange for sexual services been alone with my father's friend who before continuing to journey subjected me to reach you and abuse me. also this hour a special report from japan and the korean community there the rise of the far right has driven people to disguise their culture and sympathy for the reclusive north.
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a very warm welcome to the program from all of us here at r.t. h.q. in moscow thanks for tuning in this hour. a large batch of weapons discovered informally terrorist controlled areas of eastern alot though in syria came from the west that's according to an investigation by war correspondent property fisk he tracked serial numbers on the missile casings and try to find out how those weapons then ended up in the terrorists' hands often looks more closely at the results of the probe this is a weapons factory located in bosnia most likely you have never heard of it but it's here that the weapons were manufactured for one of the bloodiest battles in syria lots of homes were destroyed and lots of civilians were killed in western aleppo by those questionable rebels. we got it almost exactly eight o'clock in the morning and it happened at the worst possible time just as thousands of children would go into school the first shell
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actually came in between these buildings you know that then the children were on their way to school when a mortar shell landed at the end by a few of them were killed i knew them they went to mar screw a thirteen year old lost her foot in a rebel shelling three weeks ago and it was good this does. the rebels launch the rocket it's ten o'clock in the morning seconds later it tate the national school of aleppo three of the children died on the spot so the rebels and now pushing closer and closer. we're in the al assad. and the rebels are pushing into aleppo again.
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by sunset nine dead over one hundred civilians injured. now most of those rebels are tied to the al qaeda linked al nusra a terrorist group but let's focus on those weapons that they used robert fisk an investigative reporter was able to trace those weapons back to that very factory in bosnia he was able to get a hold of the factories logbook and getting in touch with the former weapons control director the director recognized his signature in the logbook and from there was able to determine who the buyer was it's a warranty for the hundred twenty millimeter shell this is standard it went to saudi arabia it was posts of a supply of five hundred more i remember the saudi shipment well the saudis came to a factory to inspect the weapons at the beginning of the. twenty sixteen the response from saudi officials was pretty much a denial they said that the investigation was vague and undefined however their
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response seemed pretty vague as well saudi arabia is a leading voice within the international community in support of a diplomatic solution to the conflict in syria while at the same time working with our neighbors and allies to counter the growth of forces of extremism but it's not just saudi arabia the former weapons director says that nato and the united states pretty much run the show at the weapons making the syllabi when the saudis came to our factory to inspect at the beginning of twenty sixteen there was a saudi minister and some saudi officers who the came to inspect the weapons before receiving them the offices will civilian clothes the minister was in a robe or low production off to the bulls and war is under the control of the americans and nato who are always coming here and they know each and every piece of weaponry that leaves off factory. we also asked nato for a response but they didn't have any details to share even though the weapons were
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actually made to the nato standards need to doesn't transfer arms or i mean nation for and for the questions we would refer you to national authorities now another trace from the basement of this former terrorist base in aleppo is the markings on the casing of a missile now if you take a look the first number here this represents the type of missile the second number however is the stock number you'll notice that it contains the figure zero one now that's the nato code representing the united states it turns out that this t o w anti-tank missile was manufactured at a facility in the united states by the raytheon systems company this missile would have been manufactured and sold by huge raytheon absolutely legally to a nato nato or friendly on the pro-american power government defense ministry you name it and they will exist for it's an end use this is to forget it and e.u.
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see the documents of impeccable provenance which will be signed by the bias in this case by the chaps who purchased the town missiles in very large numbers stating that they own the final recipients of the weapons this is not the first time this has happened syria is actually littered with weapons that are made to nato standards and some of which have actually been manufactured in the united states the question now is how much do washington and nato know about their weapons falling into the hands of the very terrorists they claim to be fighting there is a deafening silence a purposeful lack of interest a purposeful apathy and the reason for this is simple the us government and the military industrial complex and the corporate owned media that functions as an echo chamber for the military industrial complex actually does not care the us gov. prosecute those who they say aid and abet terrorism well guess what american war
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contractors are aiding and abetting terrorism but the u.s. judicial system the justice department the long arm of american law enforcement will not be used against these same military corporations which in fact they're subsidized receive a form of welfare from american taxpayers every year. staying in syria the battle against militants and rebels is still ongoing in the northwestern and live province which has become their last bastion in the country but civilians are now able to leave the conflicts on via humanitarian corridors. the minute on super and toss they demanded six million liras they to call it two songs when we reached the checkpoint they threatened us and who had to turn back
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now we're going home where from up while the who. she was. the device helps to detect explosives and weapons we press the button and scan the object it has a special indicator this call is one hundred percent clean but we've seen calls with weaponry be full. up with the majority of people come with skin and breathing problems all children and the mothers have been checked over so they were given recommendations and medicine to start treatment because it's
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a good idea weapon used. but. it's been revealed that u.s. authorities have been secretly tracking american travelers under a surveillance program called quiet skies the move targets people who haven't been investigated by any u.s. agency but still may pose a risk says this. suspicious behavior defined as things like struggle body odor irregular sleeping patterns and changing hairstyle or clothes could flag up someone for surveillance the unit then compiles individual daily reports after the story broke the t.s.a. issued a statement claiming it's standard procedure for me deeply on flights in furtherance of the t.s.a. mission to ensure the safety and see.


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