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well according to media reports here in the u.k. three years before that deadly attack in manchester salman a baby had been rescued by the british government from libya it was part of an operation to rescue british citizens he was taken aboard a royal navy ship called the h.m.s. enterprise and taken from the libyan coast over to molt from where he reportedly then got a flight back to the u.k. and he'd been rescued by the british government even though he had been under the surveillance of the domestic intelligence agency head that m i five he was a so-called subject of interest for them now in terms of a baby's background he was born in the u.k. but to libyan parents so he did have a british passport he was a british citizen but in two thousand and eleven a baby's parents moved to join the uprising against the government of
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gadhafi and his father was thought to have been fighting in a terrorist group called the l.-i f.g. the libyan islamic fighting group has been designated a terrorist group here in the u.k. since two thousand and five and baby was thought to sort of shuttled back and forth between the u.k. and libya for a number of years but he was thought to have been in libya in the summer of two thousand and fourteen and at that point the civil war had got increasingly violent it had intensified and so british officials made this offer to evacuate british nationals from the country that's how a baby ended up being rescued and by the time of his rescue m i five had stopped monitoring him his fate his case had officially been closed and the implication therefore is that he was simply considered safe. return back to the
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u.k. that was reiterated to us by the and today in a statement they told us that sort of the government inquiry into what led up to the manchester attack it's called the andersen review found that the decision to stop monitoring a bady and closed his case as a subject of interest in two thousand and fourteen was sound on the basis of the information available at the time and although they didn't mention a baby by name in this statement to us they did that the operation to rescue british citizens from libya in two thousand and fourteen took place to take a lesson. during the deteriorating security situation in libya in two thousand and fourteen with the force officials were deployed with the british nationals and their dependents. and i think what the government has been keen to point out is that that decision to close the case and abate in two thousand and fourteen based
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on the information they had a time the point they're making there is that no one could have known back then that upon his return to the u.k. after being saved by the british government from the violence in libya he would go on to start this sort of downward spiral of radicalization that would culminate with that horrific attack the area on the ground in manchester arena last may. or to spoil a book or reporting live from london thank you. to establish a special centers to identify migrants it's part of an emergency plan after a jump in the number of new arrivals this video was posted online recently showing a boat landing on the beach in the southern city of could do the migrants then run off in different directions after making a life threatening journey across the mediterranean. the number of illegal migrants
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arriving by boat in spain in the last six months almost equals the entire amount seen in two thousand and seventeen other countries are also under pressure italy comes a close second and numbers are not predicted to ease up anytime soon even some of those who successfully make the perilous journey face further dangers in europe a charity and italy says refugee children are being sexually abused when they arrive in the country adding that youngsters are being exploited in return for basic food and shelter reroute at the last italian station we realized that we cannot get on the train to germany because it's guarded by police check not only tickets but also the documents for all travelers not knowing what to do we asked for help from a compassionate at the station waiting for another nigerian girl the man offered to help and said he would shelter me in exchange for sexual services. during the trip i was kidnapped my brother was killed in the attempt to free me it was horrible says that i have been alone with my father's friend who before continuing the
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journey subjected need to move and abuse me i was not even eighteen but when we arrived neatly this man made me declare i was natural and his wife after escaping from my father's friend he began abusing me these of tara what i did nothing but think how to survive. according to save the children almost two thousand girls have been sexually abused in italy since two thousand and seventeen one hundred sixty of them are children while others have either pretended to be older or had recently turned eighteen political analysts rain or ruthless says that europe is incapable of solving the ongoing migrant crisis. i think in such a chaotic situation. when you have to handle many incoming refugees it's hard to turn in. actually what is the present age what is the real nature of the migrant the whole migrant system and the way how the authorities take care of the
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rebel migrants all girls. under age eighteen it's very alarming. really for them at great risk. to come to europe this whole situation shows that the migration to europe human tragedy policymakers in the european union and the national states they are largely failing to solve this problem. the french president emanuel mccrum is facing two votes of no confidence over his handling of a major scandal involving his former bodyguard who was filmed attacking a demonstrator during may day protests charlotte events he joins us live with the details that charlotte bring us up to speed on the latest. well this is the biggest political crisis that emanuel macron has faced since he became president around him year and
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a half ago politicians from the left on the right side of the spectrum have joined together to table not one but two motions of no confidence at the center of this nation's of no confidence is one man alexander he used to be a security aide to president michael and now he was filmed during the may day protests violently aggressing some of the protesters and as a result of that and the scandal that's ensued politicians are serious with the actions of emanuel much corn and his office well we now know that an investigation is already. taking place into what happened back on those may day riots but now a new video has emerged and there is a new investigation into that video that video which was obtained by little ass on which is a paper here in france appears to show its claim shows. a different point in the protests and it's alleged he went on to violently aggress two individuals.
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well you can see at the point that the video goes dark and the reason that the person says the video goes dark is because the men you saw originally had tried to stop her from filming they tried to take her phone away and two individuals say that alexander the rebel is one of the individuals that they oppress the during that protest and is now subject to a new investigation will this we've heard from but now on this particular subject he says it's not him in the video he also denies that during this may day protests that he was wearing a police cap or police insignia and he said that he is willing to appear before the parliamentary inquiries into his actions on may day well what happened on that may
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day well as we saw from the video was originally released about two weeks ago we see him individually charging a woman down the street and then later we see him hitting a man on the top of the head very aggressively and then little he has to be him stamping that man in the stomach as he falls to the ground and there was a massive controversy when this review emerged because many people were saying why was he not sacked when the elisei palace knew about this happened at the may day protests we know. he was suspended for two weeks but he was not initially sacked when he has been sacked since in this huge media with so many people unhappy about his actions on that may day president not going hasn't spoken must be on the subject but he has said that the actions of the no was seen as a betrayal and he feels that he's sucking was sanctioned. and proud of having
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hired alexander the knowledge you can see that he made a mistake a real serious one that felt like a betrayal but told him so everybody makes mistakes so the response must be. well many people are questioning why i. didn't have the know us sacked at a time why it took this media frenzy to whip up this storm why it was that which was the point at which he was sacked and as a result of that is why we're seeing seeing these two motions no confidence in president and in the french government over this entire affair and given a sense to give you a sense of how serious this is it's the first time that we have seen a double censure take place since around nineteen eighty people here in front of serious about these actions. are to charlotte thank you for bringing us that report . coming up in the program senior republicans in the u.s. are demanding the f.b.i.
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comes clean on its tracking of one of donald trump's election campaign team details when we come back. i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter the u.s. has over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crimes happen each day. eighty five percent of the global wealth he longs to be all for the rich eight point six percent market saw thirty percent just last year some with four hundred to five hundred trade per second per second and bitcoin rose to twenty thousand dollars. china's building two point one billion dollars a i industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only numbers you need to remember is one one business show you can't afford to miss the one and only boom but.
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they gave us national camera. roughly once they showed some leave for them to. her . own cool videos and sell them with a roughly string attached. line down more on string i don't rightly don't t.v. . welcome back to the program with us mid-term elections on the horizon top republicans are calling for the release of more information about the f.b.i. surveillance of a former aide to donald trump's presidential campaign they say they're concerned that the whole issue might be buried so america explains. here's the feis application that allowed the f.b.i. to spy on former trump campaign advisor carter page republican say that it was a political operation against then candidate trump but the document could contain
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some interesting information but it's hard to tell because hundreds of pages were redacted now devin nunez chairman of the house intel committee thinks that the public might never find out what really happened there's a stall game going on at d.o.j. and f.b.i. they're trying to stall as much as they can hoping and betting that republicans would lose the house in the fall so transparency in this particular case will only happen if republicans stay in power after the midterm elections in fact calls for transparency in washington seem to work on a partisan basis just this month the democrats called for transparency after trump met with vladimir putin in finland some even asked for transcripts to be released and the interpreter to be questioned we want the interpreter to come before the committee we want to see the notes we we want so we're going to have a massive effort to try to get to what happened but guess what even that wasn't enough after house don't you think americans deserve to know what's in president
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tax returns and business interests that are intertwined with russia and let's remember this document it's a memo released to counter claims of bias against president trump and the f.b.i. and the justice department it was the democratic party's effort to convince the public that the f.b.i. could be trusted but that can't be but it was redacted too and in this case as you can guess there was no right just anger over that from the republicans apparently some redactions or more problematic than others usually when a republican is talking about transparency they want the democrats to be transparent democrats and republicans tend to bring up popular issues like transparency near an election but the fact is when it matters they have nothing to say about transparency. and the us has a major history of major transparency blunders if republicans were serious about transparency they would start with themselves but the simple fact is the republican
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party and the democratic party have pushed a lack of transparency in such extreme ways one simple and basic example is the ways in which they have restricted freedom of press for the military actions that have now been going on for nearly seventeen years they have are of keeping the press out there preventing proper reporting and what this is doing is preventing the american people from actually knowing what's going on in these areas. portraits of north korean leaders and open pride at being successful missile launches probably not what you expect to see in japan but that's just what you'll find in one small community of ethnic koreans now they fear the growing tired of the far right in japan after becoming the focus of the nationalist anger investigative journalist group redfish has been looking into the growing animosity. the. man was.
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this is a song from the d.p. r. k. along with a few other relics mr pic keeps this is one of the ways he keeps up his connection to his home life. this is me so you always listen to this every day. mr peck's life has not been easy year and for younger koreans it's not getting easier japan is experiencing a resurgence of the extreme right foreigners known as guy jing and japanese are increasingly frowned upon but it's choice and koreans or those who identify with it . who are in the most danger. of. pupils are too afraid to even wear their traditional korean uniforms called gori to school here they are wearing japanese uniform and here now their safety
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through the school gates changed into their eyes and let somebody know they have to think it's a. it's us at the hands of the tell me that i think about that you can see that you need a modern japanese racism as an extra two in japan was foremost imperial power until it was defeated alongside nazi germany at the end of world war two during that time hundreds of thousands of koreans were forced to work in steve like conditions and japanese mines and factories as the country industrialized at breakneck speed the even have to change their names japanese ones while their newspapers and schools were shut down so kids were unable to learn korean but they were taught on terms of nazi germany and japanese schools. whole. and this. house in the year was. good poker you want your choice in general q no. need to cue must go to the wall so
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all. so she move media that you don't like a book. i got the hockey quote i still acuity in the wilderness a. sucker i is a poster boy of the japanese far right taking his cues from donald trump sucker i launched the japan first party in two thousand and sixteen and quickly became infamous for the center for the q. and a scapegoating of japan's ethnic korean minority and the larger onto korean voices get the closer the chunk of your community comes together. the. sort of the body. didn't. want to move. in the woods or to move beyond that.
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wasn't the. only one. of the day's headlines for now but don't forget you can always head to our website r.t. dot com for the details on all those stories and more. of the people in the last month. that. we were in number one in this. all day it's clearly insists all of those. massive than. growth. and the us something you would not or soon.
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this is boom bust broadcasting around the world today we're coming to you from new york city for a jam packed show which includes professor of economics americas at university of massachusetts amherst richard wolfe plus we look again at hacking and from an interesting angle with r.t. correspondent trinity charges plus we're also joined by the c.e.o. of kony says limited tom kaufman to find out about a new crypto currency and monetary system all that ahead but with so much we get right to it. to help get an economist perspective on some of the issues of the day
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we are once again pleased to be joined by professor of economics of marriages that university massachusetts amherst richard well professor thank you so much for being with us again and it's good to be with you in person to be here so you know you talk about trade all the time and we're in the middle of all these trade wars and we get all caught up in sort of the issues of the day and what did the president tweet and who to offend this day or the next but give us a little perspective sort of a primer on trade over the years and the use of tariffs well basically a tariff is a tax and it's the government deciding to put a tax on something and parentheses it kind of interesting that republicans would normally tell us that they're against taxes are now busily pushing taxes it's just a tax that's designed to shape the trade so for example if you tax. good coming in from another country that has
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a particular name called the tower of things just the name of that kind of tax so why do you do that to protect the american company producing that good inside the united states from the competition abroad if the people abroad can make the quality better or the price lower that americans will buy that good and to protect the businesses here who might be producing something not so good at the high price you put it tower of because it it doesn't level the playing field it tilts it but of course it's never admitted that way it's always said as the president is doing that the field was already tilted and by my doing it i'm bringing it back into balance in order to know whether he's telling the truth or not you would really have to know the details which are not public about how this is done what it costs to produce them over there and what it costs here so it's a murky area but the bottom line is it's a tax meant to manipulate the conditions under which goods are sold across
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countries boundaries you know it's very interesting when you talk about well republicans of traditional you know they're against taxes and and i guess that's been at least a montra but they're also in favor of free markets and you know they're not free when you have protectionist policies like this so it's a directly at odds with you know the values that they espouse let's talk about one particular area and this is been in the news lately the auto industry which frankly of all the folks out there they've really been frontal in opposition to wall street journal had a full page ad last week and they say we appreciate your efforts but you really are wrong on this that it's going to cost jobs not just in the short term but the longer term and car prices are going to go up but these haven't worked out over the past tariffs on autos give us some history on that yes the united states was a leader in the automobile industry so in the early years when it was really develop. being that we had
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a better built out automobile production system we were in favor of free trade because we wanted the world to be the market for what americans were good at producing but as always happens after a while other countries wanted to get in on this japanese companies german companies they wanted also to get the profits of a world that was becoming more and more dependent on automobiles so they did what countries have always done in that circumstance they protected their little market from the american onslaught because we were the most efficient producing the lowest price for the ford motor company famous in that and the best quality but they caught up by putting a tariff by the way the united states caught up to britain after we thought being a colony of theirs by putting tower of in this country so we could build up it's in economics it's called the infant industry or so it was so what so what we left we left england because of tariffs and then we after a while said you know what we'll have some of our own absolutely to protect us in
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the one nine hundred seventy s. the japanese and the germans became better at producing cars there's no nice way to say it otherwise that's the truth that's what americans discovered we were very good at producing boats with four wheels yes they were but they were better the japanese primarily producing efficient effective cars as you say at a cheaper price are a cheaper price same thing with the germans with v.w. and so on so what happened the one nine hundred seventy s. was suddenly the american automobile industry had real competitors and they didn't want to face them because they would lose profits in the free market so suddenly their commitment to free market order that various dinners when they get up and give a speech flew out the window and they got what's called quotas in the one nine hundred seventy s. the united states threatened tariffs on the japanese particularly and in exchange for not getting the tower put on them the japanese. agreed to what's called
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a quota system they would not send more than a certain number of japanese vehicles to the united states in any given year people may remember there were times when if you wanted to buy a honda you went to your hundred dealer and you signed up on a waiting list because you had to wait for the company the next year to get it where they had the quotas are all that a quota is is an alternative to a tariff that has the same purpose of protecting now here's the most important story about cars back in the one nine hundred sixty s. the united states which was having a fight with europe about protecting each other's industries decided to levy a tariff on trucks ok that tariff twenty five percent would talk and a big tax on any truck made outside the united states that they bring in that made trucks in this country wildly profitable because it meant that ford g.m. chrysler could jack up the price of their trucks because they didn't have to face
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competition since the book person outside bring it in would have to lop another twenty five percent on ok that's been in effect for the last half a century the notion of the united states as some innocent that is suffering from the tower of of others is a pretense again the only reason from can get away with it is people don't know and the mainstream media have a hard time confronting granted he says so many things i know it's difficult but nonetheless here is an example of a really gross situation americans didn't fall in love with a truck. americans love their trucks because it's very profitable to produce a truck the most profitable product the g.m. and ford have but they don't have it because they're good at trucks they have it because there's a protective tower of that has been imposed that prevents japanese and german and italian and other companies from bringing the trucks in here so there's a little bit of fakery here a theater of even steven but it isn't the truth at all
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a little bit maybe an understatement before we go to another subject i do want to get to another one but where do you see this ending all these trade wars or and as you say the theater surrounding it i think it's going to be a sad situation for mr trump because i think it's a hopeless quest let me explain it this way mr trump is trying to position himself as the champion make america great again by leveling the playing field he's basically saying i want to be able to sell goods in your country while i don't do allow you to do it here i want the terms improved for us at your expense now what other leader can do that if the recent may in england or mccraw in france or mrs merkel and in a germany if they went along with this if they caved in their own people would throw them out because they would be looked at as having given away the conditions for their working people to enable mr trump to have an easier time politically in
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his country this is a not big i'm not going to work that out they'll be lots of verbiage and lots of cover to make it look like i've gotten concessions i notice he already began that talk today but the truth of it is this can go this cannot work because the pressure inside these countries to get protection for an economy in trouble is too strong and the ability to force your trading partner to absorb all your costs that won't work either so i think he's going to be badly disappointed and it'll be a little bit like the affordable care act a big f. . heard lots of noise in verbiage but not much to show my last question is you know that he really mr trump built a coalition which is a tried and true coalition and that as you know business interests the large banks and others and fortune five hundred company executives on the one hand and also the political support the money and then you know conservative americans and nothing wrong with that but that does seem to be sort of falling apart why we mention the
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auto industry but there's a lot other business leaders do you think this is sustainable from a political perspective i know that's not exactly your area expertise but i imagine you have an opinion on it absolutely look the one concrete achievement put aside all the verbiage the one thing he did was the december two thousand and seventeen tax cut an enormous gift to the business community in this country and you're quite right that solidified their support they have no reason to be critical of him he delivered a bigger tax cut than they could have reasonably expected so he did that but in the meanwhile the mass of the people whose votes he needs let's call them the older whiter traditional american working class they're still waiting for the big delivery of jobs of incomes of a great america again that's real or make believe we'll never know they haven't gotten their goodies so where is he going to get it for them all right he was.


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