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am not. good at it go ahead i know i've always gotten out of him by. going. yeah yeah. yeah i gave. the story joya i don't know. why did you try to be are you. going to. get anything that is. going to be the last it's. cave dwellers until missionaries are in the one nine hundred seventy s.
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most rituals are now forgotten or performed only for tourists so have been consumed by civilization quickly down the. valley. but it one of the old model. by the nine year old and an open on that he will. not be in. a. bottle without a couple of thousand of them. in the. morning instead of for them but other than the. money it's not on me and i. mean the. strain on the.
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join me every day on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to us from the world of politics. i'm sure i'll see that. this is says harlan kentucky. we've all in this movie the boy says it was very funny. a ko money since he was almost no coal mines left. the jobs are gone all the pay was just. that i was alive to see these people the survivors of
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a world disappearing before their eyes. i remember thinking when i was younger that is anything ever happened to the coal mines here that it would become a ghost town but i never thought in the million years i would see that and it's how it's happened. in florida but i'm going to. vote on it but i'm going to. wimbledon it with. the public. but.
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hours of confiscated chainsaws have become the hallmark of the pm and i environments organization but as strange as that may seem pinoy doesn't just catch poachers it also represents them in courts and i say shin says the rural poor are forced to cut down rain forests trees as fictitious of the corporations and corrupt politicians as our governor. current aid there before. he wanted projects crossing forests it's an old world part of their meaning four of them by the light in his third. it doesn't matter there are a lot of developments to development in terms of the invasion. of the area as are the ones that are forest. and now. these are completion.
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they use indigenous people as you know way that. in the. trees. clearing the area in favor of their. pains they indigenous peoples bird as a bird to hide trees every week there is a report on illegal logging activities after cutting trees when the areas being cleared already that's where the companies go in have their own tragics but then usually the ones who are being caught are the beasts or the poor farmers. all. so. you. hold.
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your buddies having them an honor every couple know we heard him are locked the door for you is. not wholly on him pretty much i'm simply going and much of the language. in there now only the. minute somebody's gonna come on here and i got fifty. dollars is for me she likes him very much like me. ma going and. going the whole field. done well to answer. that will. add up on. the one month some one are in limbo at the start we have for the money because the format and some of them are out there. we can't remember. what the will of god of anything is them up because you need to speak for all based
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on how even you will. stand on. it and we're going to get these things that are go. to some of the most of what. i'm on the second reading on plus some think a. lot of the poachers become gods they often end up so i didn't get the call of just offering information about illegal logging but back in two fatal. the philippines the second only to brazil in the world for deaths among environmental activists. here and by law and it is very risky last year we have our environment that he was
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shot on up in asia on the same year we have all sort of the indigenous peoples leader who are also shot there and on the previous years also. well when we thought happened i was down here turning my fact is invested in a minute in and out of a sudden a man just found and told me that jerry was shot in my mind i was thinking no need to be so gay probably just a minor minor one. when i run the area where he was shot i saw him on the ground. in the medical field and somehow know that he's a goner and i cannot cry it was. the spirit with me and then he for failing to be strong he has exposed a lot of things specially against government activities government our politicians . do a lot of corruption and the biggest exposure was that. by
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a money which was not utilized properly for the people. and by politicians and and specially the one who is now suspected or alleged mastermind you. i don't believe then maybe it's before him then when. he was supposed to come the money and then half an hour and a nice wife called me up she was guy said why are you crying gerry you were shot i said what i just talked to him brought the lie he wanted to start a. signature campaign to stop the mining and we did it. by your expose i don't know if he's there. because he had this radio show and he kept on hitting the politicians primarily joy when i think of these documents. i cannot say that he does regret the world.
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that he did what he did because somebody had to do it and also i believe in what he said. and after he died i took over the committee be sustainable tourism projects and i told the people not to be worried because we have to. give them important information about how important the environment is to their lives their sustainability their survival. i mean my mouth that i'm down on my body nine you're. happier. than one added on why not go along i'm going to learn to deal with it don't go to. talking about. you too much. too big now i mean we.
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can begin to. live and i mean. on our own mission. you know me. you know. now i mean. you. you've been up. you. know on. the link below one we're not. going to vote but our typical. report you don't want to be able. to call those you
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know. where you are wearing a really. long reach shore. they did it in. their living in. the real hour here. in. jena lopez lost her job as the environmental secretary because of her uncompromising position on illegal mining the situation is like the philippines it's so blessed with the you would be with gore and at the same time. also a lot of men are out. there right choice has to be me the areas which have my like but they're. real too but they have two minds there it's already one of the best minds in the country and they've built the whole down there based on their mining thousands of people just based on their mining so it seems good. it
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seems good but the economic growth is negative zero. and i talked to people that they're living near by the silt he's already got into their families and this number they cannot be not before i see the fight ninety five percent of them i may be earning goes out of the not going to go on to me so that's why the people did mean war and by law when there should be zero poverty very deep. siegel to not begin the mind of mine you know fired up and i'm not going to say oh no no me. not going to. lead on what i'm out front. on this in the body and be good in its socket. and on the equipment and you know. the secret and then i'm in a. good one of them has a gun on me and they gonna put a bong fill up
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a little i want to move. on you don't. want to let me. tell you some of. the farmers reported to me that they started cutting the trees and when i went there together with our policemen and they did not allow me to enter so i think for three times i went there and i was not allowed to enter it and the guards are our arm so i had most of trade to go there. just me and by the guys. on the fourth time. i said i will enter it even if they will not allow me. even if they will shoot me i was soloing my. life but they have seen. or heard.
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and together with the farmers and begin. people we knew where to get these sides and saw that the investigation. quests close to the forest is so close so putin called for but with a vague idea was wearing first the area. and then after that. time remaining troops. however even if they helped. and more than and have been here there's one day how the thought on the number of priests on that day on that there is. a balcony is more than twenty six thousand trees so if you would include the small trees i said it's more than one hundred thousand.
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but that knocking. and i had at that i learned. from the spirit of them i want to find out for months. but also you know. maybe. eighty. eight you know not for you know eighty. one of them but it's going. to take a look. back with me on. growing my own oh sure. what album of the scores my dad to pick to get well this was. a guy you know. i know who was from my dad dean martin real quickly do i mean i did you know to
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know the place without me about real but i. would do i will be my number one i'll be your album your second. you know that little i did on . american leon sigal. checkered flag. but i did good mother bonds yes. that's right more down to earth better seven percent i think that the somebody at the marketplace put it working and i might be initially up on. the bill but i'm going to have to be idle cargo like you got quite a life. for you back. i could live. for you but i'm a bit i don't actually have because we're going to have to move to political bank. i'm going to. the senate you're going to get your punishment.
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leaving your. ear. this is. the church secret indeed just like priests accused of sexually abusing children can get away with it quite literally i like to call this the do graphic solution so what the bishop needs to do then he finds out that the priest is is a perpetrator is simply moves him to a different spot were the previous standards not the highest ranks of the catholic church help conceal the accused priests from the police and justice system to that
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end of that's known as the end and then i conclude that it used to stay out until. the stuff. gets fed through. their. backs geysers financial survival guide. housing bubble. oh you mean there's a downside to artificial mortgage through dr carried away that's cause report. most of the people in. various of that bombing we were in number one in this. all day experience it's all just a little slow muscle growth. and. you would not outsource that.
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an independent investigation. traces weapons found in former islamist strongholds in syria by western manufacturers. so ahead on the program this hour it is revealed by manchester irene a bomber who was rescued from war stricken libya by the british navy in twenty four three years before he killed twenty two in the atrocity. plane adult virgin sea measures to control the flow of refugees into europe while a charity in italy claims migrant children are being sexually abused. the man offered to help and said he would shelter in exchange for sexual services been alone with my father's brand before continuing the journey subjective need to reach
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you and abuse me. also this hour a special report from japan the korean community there where the rise of the far right. to the skies their culture and sympathy for the reclusive north. twenty four seven news live from moscow this is r.t. international my names you know neil welcome to the program our top story of weapons discovered in the former terrorist stronghold of eastern aleppo in syria have been traced to western manufacturers renowned war correspondent robert fisk identify their origins through their serial numbers and then tried to find out how those weapons ended up in the islamist rebels from kill up and.
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a weapons factory located in bosnia most likely you have never heard of it but it's here that the weapons were manufactured for one of the bloodiest battles in syria lots of homes were destroyed and lots of civilians were killed in western aleppo by those questionable rebels. we got it almost exactly eight o'clock in the morning and it happened at the worst possible time just as thousands of children would go into school the first shell actually came in between these buildings you know then the children were on their way to school when a mortar shell landed at the end by a few of them were killed near them they went to mar school thirteen year old lost her foot in a rebel shelling three weeks ago and never did this does. the
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rebels launch the rocket and it's ten o'clock in the morning seconds later a tate the national school of aleppo three of the children died on the spot so the rebels and now pushing closer and closer. we're in the al assad. and the rebels are pushing into aleppo again. by sunset nine dead over one hundred civilians injured. now most of those rebels are tied to the al qaeda linked al nusra a terrorist group but let's focus on those weapons that they used robert fisk an investigative reporter was able to trace those weapons back to that very factory in bosnia he was able to get a hold of the factories logbook and getting in touch with the former weapons
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control director the director recognized his signature in the logbook and from there was able to determine who the buyer was it's a warranty for the hundred twenty millimeter shell this is standard it went to saudi arabia it was posts of a supply of five hundred moves as i remember the saudi shipment well the saudis came to a factory to inspect the weapons at the beginning of the. twenty sixteen but the response from saudi officials was pretty much a denial they said that the investigation was vague and undefined however their response seemed pretty vague as well saudi arabia is a leading voice within the international community in support of a diplomatic solution to the conflict in syria while at the same time working with our neighbors and allies to counter the growth of forces of extremism but it's not just saudi arabia the former weapons director says that nato and the united states pretty much run the show at the weapons making facility when the saudis came to our
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factory to inspect at the beginning of twenty sixteen there was a saudi minister and some saudi officers who was they came to inspect the weapons before receiving them the offices will civilian clothes the minister was in a robe or low production off to the bulls and war is under the control of the americans and nato who are always coming here and they know each and every piece of weaponry that leaves off factory. we also asked nato for a response but they didn't have any details to share even though the weapons were actually made to the nato standards need to doesn't transfer arms or i mean nation for and for the questions we would refer you to national authorities now another trace from the basement of this former terrorist base in aleppo is the markings on the casing of a missile now if you take a look the first number here this represents the type of missile the second number however is the stock number you'll notice that it contains the figure zero one now
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that's the nato code representing the united states it turns out that this t.-o. w. anti-tank missile was manufactured at a facility in the united states by the raytheon systems company this missile would have been manufactured and sold by huge raytheon absolutely legally to a nato nato or friendly on the pro-american power government defense ministry you name it and they will exist for it's an end use this it if you get an e.u. see a document of impeccable provenance which will be signed by the bias in this case by the chaps who purchased the tao missiles in very large numbers stating that they own the final recipients of the weapons this is not the first time this has happened syria is actually littered with weapons that are made to nato standards and some of which have actually been manufactured in the united states the question now is how much do washington and nato know about their weapons falling into the
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hands of the very terrorists they claim to be fighting there is a deafening silence a purposeful lack of interest a purposeful apathy and the reason for this is simple the us government and the military industrial complex and the corporate owned media that functions as an echo chamber for the military industrial complex actually does not care the us gov. prosecute those who they say aid and abet terrorism well guess what american war contractors are aiding and abetting terrorism but the u.s. judicial system the justice department the long arm of american law enforcement will not be used against these same military corporations which in fact they're subsidized receive a form of welfare from american taxpayers every year. so another headline stories this hour u.k. media are reporting that the munch estra rain
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a bomber was rescued from war torn libya by the british navy in twenty fourteen three years before he carried out a terror attack on a ariana grande a pop concert the atrocity left twenty two people dead including ten on the age of twenty police reports. well according to media reports here in the u.k. three years before that deadly attack in manchester someone a baby had been rescued by the british government from libya it was part of an operation to rescue british citizens he was taken aboard a royal navy ship and taken from where he reportedly then got a flight back to the u.k. and he'd been rescued by the british government even though he had been under the surveillance of the domestic intelligence agency head that's m i five now in terms of a baby's background he was born in the u.k.
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but a libyan parent so he was a british citizen but in two thousand and eleven a baby's parents moved to join the uprising against the government of gadhafi and his father was thought to have been fighting in a terrorist group called the ally f.g. the libyan islamic fighting group and a baby was thought to sort of shuttled back and forth between the u.k. and libya for a number of years but he was thought to have been in libya in the summer of two thousand and fourteen and at that point the civil war had got increasingly violent and so british officials made this offer to evacuate british nationals from the country that's how a baby ended up being rescued and by the time of his rescue emery five had stopped monitoring him and the implication therefore is that he was simply considered safe to return back to the u.k.
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that was reiterated to us by the today in a statement they told us that the sort of the government inquiry into what led up to the manchester attack it found that the decision to start monitoring a baby in two thousand and fourteen found on the basis of. information available at the time and although they didn't mention a bady by name in this statement to us they did confirm that the operation to rescue british citizens from libya in two thousand and fourteen took place during very teary rates in the security situation in libya in two thousand and fourteen with the force officials were deployed to assist with the regulation of british nationals and their dependents and i think what the government has been keen to point out is that that decision to close the case and invade in two thousand and fourteen based on the information they had at the time the point they're making.


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