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it's safe to return back to the u.k. that was reiterated to us by the today in a statement they told us that the sort of the government inquiry into what led up to the manchester attack it found that the decision to start monitoring a baby in two thousand and fourteen found on the basis of the information available at the time and although they didn't mention a baby by name in this statement to us they did confirm that the operation to rescue british citizens from libya in two thousand and fourteen took place during that era roots in security situation in libya in two thousand and fourteen with the force officials were deployed with the british nationals and their dependents and i think what the government has been keen to point out is that that decision to close the case and invaded in two thousand and fourteen based on the information they had at the time the point they're making there is that no one could have known back
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then that upon his return to the u.k. he would go on to start this sort of downward spiral of radicalization that word culminate with that horrific attack at the area on the ground descant in manchester arena last may. more against donald trump divisive immigration policy are expected across the u.s. later some previous protests have turned ugly with government staff tasked with finding and deporting illegal immigrants facing threats and violence in one city police even refused to help let's get more details now from assume you're a can hire assume you're a taurus what happened in oregon. so let's put it into perspective so imagine if you were just going about your day trying to do your job and you were confronted by a group of protesters that appeared to be threatening what would you do you call
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the police but what if you were ignored because of the reputation of the agency that you work for well if you're a u.s. citizen this could be claimed as a violation of the constitution and apparently this is what's happening to immigration and customs enforcement or ice employees in portland oregon the agency that's tasked with cracking down on illegal immigration has accused the mayor of portland of violating the constitution by not allowing police to interfere with an occupy protest being held against ice now for about a month until july twenty fifth occupy protesters were preventing ice employees from going in and out of the building protesting against the trumpet ministrations controversial policies towards illegal immigrants let's take a quick look. i say is the modern day american guess. we cannot stand by it more or it just agencies.
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that. when ice called the portland police stop the department mayor ted wheeler who's also police commissioner refused saying his officers would not bail out ice here's how he explained his stance. in this case i have consistently stated that i do not want the portland police bureau in gauged in securing federal property that houses a federal agency with its own federal police force. ice accuse the mayor of creating quote. terror and lawlessness but this conflict between wheeler and the trumpet ministration has been going on for months in january attorney general jeff sessions ordered sanctuary cities like los angeles chicago portland to comply with immigration enforcement efforts those cities refused with the were calling it quote one of the most disappointing actions he's seen from the white house in his
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lifetime now to put that into perspective demonstrations against ice have taken a place of cost the country and the american people's frustration has a trickle up to affect members of the trumpet ministration even our white house press secretary sarah sanders and secretary of homeland security pearson nielsen. anybody now have heard that i was asked to leave the restaurant this weekend where i attempted to have dinner with my family my husband and i politely left and went home i was asked to leave because i work for president trump. ok you. know. i think. this latest case shows that the us is growing more and more polarized and it's not just limited to protesters we're now seeing a division grow between the federal government and the state government which could have a severe repercussions. ok sara keep us right up to date on those protests if you
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will this miracle on live from washington d.c. . spain is to establish special centers to identify migrants it's part of an emergency plan after a jump in the number of new arrivals this video was posted online showing a boat landing at a beach in the southern city of d.s. the migrants then run off in different directions after making a life threatening journey across the mediterranean. well the number of illegal migrants arriving by boat in spain in the past six months almost equals the entire amount seen in twenty seventeen other countries are also on their pressure comes a close second and numbers are not predicted to ease up any time soon even some of those who successfully make the perlis journey face further dangers in europe a charity in italy say yes refugee children are being sexually abused when they arrive in the country i think that youngsters are being exploited in return for
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basic food and shelter we arrived at the last italian station we realize that we cannot get on the train to germany because it's guarded by police they check not only tickets but also the documents for all travelers not knowing what to do we asked for help from a compassionate at the station waiting for another nigerian girl the man offered to help and said he would child to me in exchange for sexual services during the trip i was kidnapped my brother was killed in the attempt to free me it was horrible since then i have been alone with my father's friend who before continuing the journey subjected me to. and abused me i was not even eighteen but when we arrived neatly this man made me declare i was now and his wife after escaping from my father's friend they began abusing me these of tara when i did nothing but think how to survive. according to save the children almost two thousand girls have been sexually abused in italy since twenty seventeen one hundred sixty of them are
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children while others either pretended to be older or had recently just turned eighteen q political analysts run a rough guess that europe is incapable of solving the ongoing migration crisis i think in such a chaotic situation. when you have to handle many incoming refugees it's hard to determine. actually what is the present age what is the real age of the migrant the whole migrant system and the way how the authorities take care of those vulnerable migrants all girls. under age of eighteen is very alarming. relieved great risk to come to europe this whole situation shows that the migration to europe is a human tragedy policymakers in the european union and the national states
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they are largely failing to solve this problem. the russian foreign ministry has confirmed that three russian journalists have been killed in the central african republic correspondent is with me now in the studio with the details maria nice to see you again so what we were hoping wasn't going to be confirmed. again there are still more questions and answers in this story but what we hear from russia's foreign ministry right now that they confirm that three russian citizens are hundreds. of were killed in central african republic they were journalists people we also earlier contacted the u.n. mission on the ground why because it was reported initially that dead bodies were discovered by u.n.
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personnel in central african republic and we've conflict at the un peacekeeping mission the country and they have confirmed that initially they received information about deadly attack from local sources unspecified what kind of sources after that they sent a patrol to the scene and they indeed to scarborough dead bodies of three foreigners and abandoned vehicle and multiple gunshots were like the saying. it was an attack unclear what was behind this attack what was the reason so the question to be. so is will we know well the group that was there doing what we do know that there were three russian journalists there why were they there in the central african republic again there are so reports and many of them cannot be independently verified so far but they say that the crew who was on the ground working on the documentary about their work all of that wore
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a contract to read the group known as particularly the group known as wagner the presence of this group in central african republic has now been confirmed reportedly had links to russia again. unconfirmed so this is what we hear from from reports. but i think still. there are more questions than answers. i know that all along with his colleagues went to the central african republic to prepare a report on private military companies that's all i know yesterday evening my friend talked with all one on the internet yesterday he was alive today we're alive and tomorrow we unfortunately this information is most likely true or was my closest friend yeah there was the close friend of one of those three russian citizens killed in central african republic one hundred mile and we also heard from
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his ex-wife that he also confirmed that he was killed. in that country is just terrible awaiting that call isn't it for a family in another country thank you very much for that riff and. the french president among your own is facing two votes of no confidence over his handling of a major scandal involving his former bodyguard who was filmed attacking a demonstrator during may day protests with the reporter charlotte dubinsky. well this is the biggest political crisis that emanuel much corn has faced since he became president around a year and a half ago politicians from the left on the right side of the spectrum have joined together to table not one but two motions of no confidence at the center of those motions of no confidence is one man alexander pope and he used to
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be a security aide to president might call and now he was filmed during the may day protests violently aggressing some of the protestors and as a result of that of the scandal that's ensued politicians all serious with the actions of emanuel my corn and his office well we now know that an investigation is already taking place into what happened on the east may day right now a new video has emerged and there is a new investigation into that video that video which is obtained by little last year which is a paper here in france appears to show woods' claim shows. a different point in the protests and it's alleged he went on to violently aggress two individuals. you. know on this particular subject
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he says it's not him in the video he also denies that during this meeting a protest that he was wearing a police cap or police insignia and he said that he is willing to appear before the parliamentary inquiries into his actions on may day well what happened on mount may day well as we saw from the video was originally released about two weeks ago we see him individually charging a woman down the street and then later we see him hitting a man on the top of the head very aggressive. and then what appears to be him stamping that man in the stomach as he falls to the ground and there was a massive controversy when this president hasn't spoken massively on the subject but he has said that the actions of the no was seen as a betrayal and he feels that his sacking was sanctioned. proud of having hired
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alexander the knowledge that he made a mistake a real one a serious one that felt like a betrayal but told him so everybody makes mistakes so the response must be in proportion with it well many people are questioning why one didn't have to know us sacked at a time why it took this media frenzy to with this storm why it was that which was the point at which he was sacked and as a result of that that is why we are seeing seeing these two motions of no confidence in president and in the french government over this entire affair and even since to give you a sense of how serious this is it's the first time that we have seen a double censure take place since around nineteen eighty. the portraits of north korean leaders and open pride at pyongyang successful mistrial launches probably not what you expect to see in japan but that's what you
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find there in one small community of ethnic koreans. the fear the growing tide of the far right in the country after becoming the focus of nationalists ungar investigative journalist group redfish has been looking into big growing on the mossy. ah this is a song from the king along with a few other relics mr pic keeps this is one of the ways he keeps up his connection to his home life. this is always listen to this every day. mr peck's life has not been easy year and for younger koreans it's not getting easier japan is experiencing a resurgence of the extreme right foreigners known as guy jing and japanese are
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increasingly frowned upon but it's koreans or those who identify with it. who are in the most danger. pupils are too afraid to even wear their traditional korean uniforms called gory to school here they are wearing japanese uniform and here now their safety through the school gates changed into their eyes and so ready to think that some of them it's us at the hands of the so many that i think if they get in the see that. modern japanese racism as an extra could be tied to in japan was foremost imperial power until it was defeated germany at the end of world war two during that time hundreds of thousands of koreans were forced to work in slave like conditions and japanese mines and factories is the country industrialized at breakneck speed the even had to change their names japanese ones while their newspapers and schools
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were shut down so kids were unable to learn korean but they were taught on terms of nazi germany and japanese schools. whole. popular you want your choice in general q no. you must get it at home so all. the media that you don't use i stuck it. out i got the hockey quote i saw acuity in the wilderness of. soccer i is a poster boy of the japanese far right taking his cues from donald trump sucker i launched the japan first party in two thousand and sixteen and quickly became infamous for the center for the q. and a scapegoat thing of japan's ethnic korean minority the larger anti korean voices get the closer the chunkier community comes together.
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the. community. didn't. want to move. to normal have been there. wasn't. anyone. even. to a quite extraordinary tale a russian climber has been rescued after spending nearly a week stranded on a mountain in pakistan he survived without food for several days while ensuring
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treacherous weather conditions. thank you for the mood. how are you feeling now. better than even morning. you. cared about me but i was thinking about you learn to. live closer to. mother in law.
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and. he i really just miraculous that he survived at all this and that ok that is the news for now i join me again in half an hour's time but we're back in moments watching those hawks again stay with us. greetings salutation. to not reverse or change the direction of momentum or movement do not touch your face or rapidly blink your eyes or keep them wide open
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and stare at things do not grip your bags tied to. not show any exaggerated emotion or no emotions at all. and make sure make sure. you do not smell if you can avoid doing any of these things and a host of others than you might hawk watchers can fly the friendly skies of the united states of america without fear of being place placed under a newly discovered t.s.a. domestic surveillance program titled quiet skies yes our good friends at the transportation security administration are at it again the boston globe reports that federal air marshals have begun following ordinary u.s. citizens not suspected of a crime or on any terrorist watch list and collecting extensive information about their movements and behavior and then according to a march t.s.a. bulletin the quiet skies program specifically targets travelers who are not under
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investigation by any agency in are not in the terrorist screening database in fact the globe goes on to report that all u.s. citizens who enter the country from abroad are automatically screened for possible inclusion in the quiet skies program and if you are if you are lucky enough to make it on the t.s.a. is magical new list a host of undercover air marshals will be placed on your next flight to take notes on your every action and movement now naturally this kind of surveillance on u.s. citizens is more than just a wee bit unconstitutional george washington university law professor jonathan turley told the globe that quote if this was about foreign citizens the government would have considerable power but if it's u.s. citizens u.s. citizens don't lose their rights simply because they're in an airplane at thirty thousand feet. you know it's easy to forget in these times of political theater tricks peer propaganda and surveillance state bootlicking that yes we do still have
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a fundamental right to privacy and due process regardless of what the t.s.a. the cia and any other agencies like them would have you believe. and this is why we must always be watching the hawks. to wonder what. it looks like. it's what. the bottom. like you but i got. this. welcome i'm on the watch of the harks i am i wrote them and i'm top of the law and let's just say it's out of the good i think it's jonathan turley the george
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washington university law professor saying that you're right so go at thirty thousand feet i feel like maybe he hasn't traveled lately yeah because you don't have free speech. you don't have freedom of movement you're not allowed to ask questions no father was not allowed to mouth was bigger than this right side small time you know talking now moving and now apparently you know coughing or sneezing know all the listening brightening we. can track of whether or not you shaved or not in between flights they keep track of whether or not you do you grip your luggage too tight i mean it's really ridiculous at the end of the day and this is affecting a lot of people now they haven't gotten a full list of like how many they know that it's you know quite a few potentially and it's all over the country. look allegedly quiet skies as they subject the thousands of unsuspecting americans to this target at the airport and in flight surveillance in the airports and what we're talking not just any
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airports you look at the map you've got you know philadelphia minneapolis chicago miami beach harrisburg lost bag a san francisco i mean that's all over the country. you know mr hobbs and the major hubs are sort of catching people at these international crossroads in the united states put it where borders even though it's these are international airports are these places where a lot of international traffic happens that's not what they're looking at they're not looking at foreign nationals or foreign citizens traveling in and out in the process this kind of area so according to the agency. that the documents that were released all u.s. citizens who enter the country are automatically screen for inclusion and quiet so their travel patterns as you said affiliations are checked and their names are run against the terrorist watchlist and any other databases that sort of cover of that kind of thing wow so once the list once the list travelers once the list travelers
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are you know are then surveilled on the airports on plates as you said by these undercover air marshals documenting like you said at the how many times you go to the bathroom on a flight who you talk to you know if your items apple move to that's literally one of them with their items up or flaps too much you know. it's i feel so much the same or already thank god somebody is counting how many times somebody out of that and this is a flake you like is that if you fly that turkey i mean that they they they like they've gone after a lot of different people for those some really weird places the t.s.a. what's great is their response look the t.s.a. responded saying that when asked you know what legal basis are they using for this program what kind of you know what allows them to do this to u.s. citizens want to choose of any crime or do you think that they told the boston globe that the t.s.a. in its safety efforts maintains a robust
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a robust and gauge mn with congressional committees to ensure maximum support and awareness. also remove that c.s.a. neither confirmed nor denied that this existed in the first place the actual quiet skies program i'm just because they can do that in talking about it or their procedures or if it actually exists or what they do. could make or our how effective it is could make passengers less safe so ok so here's a look at it don't talk about it judge it because if you're doing that you're letting everyone less safe bet old excuse right to the thing that you see in that that air marshalls are actually pushing back on this thank you so in interviews and . interviews shared with the globe sky marshals say the program of shadowing travelers who appear to have posed no threat whatsoever. a good one which is so business woman in half of their travel through turkey
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a southwest airlines flight attendant and a federal fellow federal law enforcement officers so in their statement. john cowles ready the president of the air marshals the c.h.p. to clear the air marshals association believes that missions based on recognized intelligence or in support of ongoing federal investigations is the proper criteria for flight scheduling currently the quiet skies program does not meet the criteria we find acceptable so the t.s.a. is sort of the new kids on the block as far as this goes because they haven't been around as long as like the air marshals and that but every other agency in the inflight is saying no this doesn't work i don't know why you're doing. income inequality in the united states continues to surge a study published by the economic policy institute found that income inequality cross america grew fastest between two thousand and nine and twenty fifteen the latest year with recorded data by the i.r.s.
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sarah monta oka has more. the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting for at least that's the case across america today the economic policy institute found that rising inequality is not just a problem major cities but a trend that has been rising for decades across all fifty states america hasn't seen this level of income inequality since one nine hundred twenty eight just after world war one following the great depression one income for both the lower and upper class through at the same pace the study examine the income of families across the u.s. affecting both the middle and lower classes the top five were states when it comes to income inequality for new york at number one followed by florida connecticut. nevada and wyoming this means the one percent have exceeded one nine hundred twenty eight twenty three point nine percent share of income this also means the top one percent of families took home an average of twenty six point three times as much
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income as the bottom ninety nine percent which increased from twenty five point three in two thousand and thirteen to be in the one percent nationally in two thousand and fifteen the family needed to make an income of just over four hundred thousand dollars before tax and according to the study nine states have income inequality gaps wider than the national gap labor economist at the keystone research center who coauthored the study mark price said the top one percent is capturing a bigger and bigger share of income that raises questions were voices often determined by access to money our concern is that a healthier economy is one where incomes are growing much faster at the bottom than they are and with president trump's recent tax cut bill giving breaks to all americans may not be enough to close the ever increasing wealth inequality between the rich and the poor inequality has reached new levels of absurdity there are some towns in the city of miami.


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