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that the masons and other illuminati they have pyramid as their you know primary symbol to connect all of these thoughts into one hyperbolic apocalyptic narcissistic doomsday scenario and it drives in many cases technology but my point is that it's all for naught because they earned itself gaia mother earth is shrinking to support life on this planet human life in particular so of the seven billion that inhabit planet earth there's only real room on spaceship earth for very few going forward so that's the apocalypse and. the only way to kind of deal with that is it would be the opposite of the kind of scenario you're talking about there there should be an outreach program you know to get to know your neighbor better because when the life supporting systems like water air etc start food collapse you're going to need to rely on one another not shoot
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one another anyway so back to this story of what i'm saying what i see with stacy herbert sitting here in new york city when i turn on m.s.n. b.c. and i see them having a breakdown. they are hanging out with the same billionaires this guy did they are having the same mental breakdown and who are those billionaires who are the one percent remember reached all mad i was making thirty million a year all those guys you see on the news are making twenty thirty forty million dollars a year they're all making that sort of money they are the same sort of people that are sitting there asking how are they going to protect themselves from you you're the viewer the view they got the person the opioid addict that rachel maddow is selling stool softener to she's afraid of that person and she's afraid of how how to get away from that person so when they're talking about why we need more war they're basically i think genetically you talked about you know cairo in egypt and . pyramids and stuff like that like i think our d.n.a.
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no it's like we're at a tipping point and that something's going to come all the d.n.a. always right to collective unconscious yeah read your. you know who dove deeper into the sub conscious and unconscious than freud was able to do and discovered the foundation of our collective unconscious and our connection to cosmic consciousness you know that we understand this on a on a particle on atomic level on a d.n.a. level and so gaia which is part of our common experience is rebelling and so it manifests itself differently as you know we've witnessed in mexico they are there with plaques post life. reality as a series of reflections of the dead body going down the stairs into the afterlife and seeing themselves in reality of who they are in their post life experience in the case of rachel maddow she sees herself as
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a screaming ugly warmongering. you know i could go on but i'll be kind. it was offered or you know in the case of donald trump pc's i'm soft as a piece broker and as a global deal maker you know when there's somebody else wrote that book for him the art of the deal in a peaceful way pieces and so people are now genuinely coming to conscious terms with their genuine selves as we now are slipping over into the into the event horizon of the singularity so we becoming who we genuinely are in real time and again that's what the block chain does because the block chain on it's everything every ten minutes or so is completely in sync every ten minutes everything is audited all information there's no arbitrage there's no slippage there's no subjectivity it's completely objective now god is here and god is the toshi every ten minutes there is a complete auditing of all knowledge that's then. bushed and then upload it as
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a singularity approaches that's why these the fifty one percent hash attack will never succeed anyway well got more on this discussion some are hallucinations right after this break don't go away something about a stool softener i believe ok stay right there. exists is hotter than kentucky. with all of the poison people very fine using. a co money since it was almost no coal mines left. the jobs are gone all the coal
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was said. that it was love to see these people the survivors of disappearing before their eyes. i remember thinking when i was younger that if anything ever happened to the coal mines here that it would become a ghost town but i never thought in a million years i would see that and it's happened it's happened. most of the people in my experience of that. we were. all day experiences all of this. group. that.
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welcome back to the report summer elucidation on the road stacy herbert we are diving deep into cosmic consciousness and the gaia as it was taught to me by teddy goldsmith the brother of sir james goldsmith own goal of a good friend of ours we don't talk to much anymore ben goldsmith's brother i forget his name zack all to say ok let's go on to the show so we're talking about summer solutions and we're talking about the upcoming twenty eighteen mid-term elections and why we might be in for yet another shock we don't know but we do know that wealth and income gap is soaring in america we know that as salon dot com felt compelled to ask psychologist why rich people feel like the apocalypse is
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coming all the people you see on the corporate media are making twenty thirty forty million dollars a year being corporate spokespersons for stool softeners as i mentioned in the first half if you're outside america this is because the reason why we have so much still so often are here is because opioids you know all the oxycontin is giving. us a patient and so it's a big product here to sell soon still softener but nevertheless they always also all of the streets of san francisco everything is softened up so we're going to look at what might confront the media when they sit here in new york city and they never leave new york city by the way you hardly ever see them leave new york city and everything here is so rich and expensive and lovely and all and all the new york fed gives them free money everything is free right everything seems great so what's going on outside of the rest america member i talked about that first headline the national insecurity state and the united states of inequality the more
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on equal we become the more in secure and the red and red alerts and yellow alerts and be careful you know. something going on but yes i can in no wealth can exacerbate. trends a psychological trends if you're a smiley paranoid as a poor person or a medium income person you can become extremely paranoid as a rich person is like throwing gasoline on character problems and psychoses in the rosies of wealth just makes it worse so some people adapt to walls quite well many people don't and a wealth of self is not a panacea it doesn't cure stuff for people it can cause as many or more problems then not having wealth i mean that's something that is not well understood but nevertheless in the first article i was talking about there the united states of inequality what they found was that savings aren't isn't much help to the average american a third of americans have no savings at all and another third have less than one
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thousand dollars in the bank little wonder that family struggling to cover the cost of food alone increased from eleven percent in two thousand and seven to fourteen percent or forty eight million americans and twenty fourteen with that you see forty eight million americans. forty eight million have a problem putting food on the table this is a big headline i think will have an impact on twenty eighteen and certainly twenty twenty jeff bezos becomes the richest man in modern history topping one hundred fifty billion dollars the amazon dot com founders net worth cracked one hundred fifty billion dollars two weeks ago or a week ago in new york on monday according to bloomberg billionaires index that's about fifty five billion dollars more than microsoft co-founder bill gates the world's second richest man he added fifty two billion dollars just since january first of twenty eight hundred fifty two billion dollars works out to two hundred
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and seventy five million dollars a day he earned this year i mean you see the result on the main street in america shops are closing so jobs are disappearing you know there's an onion which is a humor magazine made a reference recently that bezos rolled out a new business model and then had to cancel it because he realized it was slavery slavery is illegal yeah but. this is a concentration of wealth that is unprecedented and it does create a society that is going down two very separate tracks there's no common ground jeff bezos you know he builds rocket ships and wants to space tourism two hundred thousand dollars a pop for people to go for joyrides and they'll be a lot of people lining up for that opportunity you know like they used to line up at the plane land to go on a roller coaster for a buck a lot of people for that you know two hundred thousand dollars is chump change to go up in a spaceship but jeff bezos that's great then you've got this forty seven million
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dollars you can put for people that can't put food on the table they've got one hundred twenty million of americans are below the poverty line so you've got this huge split now. reminds me of the essay that we talked about on this show called the collapse of the gap by to. all off who said in one thousand nine hundred ninety when the soviet union collapsed that america collapsed at the same time but it would take twenty twenty five years for it to to that to manifest itself and i think does what we're seeing we're seeing a collapse whereas the soviet union is now gone through the collapse of russia is inching its way forward you know well back to the story so i want to say you know looking at twenty eighteen looking at twenty twenty the reasons why i think this will play into it is jeff bezos on the washington post which trample all fake news and whole point out here here's a good deal in for him to point to is the guy has one hundred fifty billion dollars so point that out but we did talk in the first half about the rich the ultra rich
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and certainly this guy is the richest person in modern history so they're afraid of the apocalypse could this be why he's trying to get to mars or moon or whatever beyond that he's trying to escape but i do believe that there is you know they're there they're going to try to protect themselves in some way and throughout history they've provided you know the wealthy or the oligarchs or the lords and stuff would often provide housing or food for the peasants i think that might be a trend you probably see by two thousand and twenty jeff bezos you know amazon dot com emblazoned sort of housing for people be so you know here have this house don't kill me in fact on one day the day before this. amazon prime sales day last week well on that one day he earned that much in stock gains to buy every single house available for sale in seattle right well amazon prime could be turned into a universal basic income so you go to your app and it'll flood you with money that you can then use that amazon to buy food now is
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a different than the fed flooding money into the economy to stoke demand to get the economy going it's not based on savings or capitalism it's based on money what amazon dot com with can easily come up with their own amazon coin i think they will just for safety and security i thought. but i said on the first half there is so extreme that these billionaires are afraid of being attacked by the peasants that i think that there will be and a case where they're starting to is an amazon that was like paving the roads like at the potholes because the taxpayer and the municipalities are so bankrupt from austerity and the financial crisis still so many of those billion potholes in the branding yeah the bottles as a marketing think as their company was filling them in with this is saying is like i do believe you're already starting to see that in silicon valley for example i do believe the major giant monopolies of the internet are providing housing for their workers at first but it might be a case where they start having to provide it i think there was one billionaire who
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said he was going to provide some housing for all the homeless people so i think there this is something that we're going to start to see because it always happens through these sort of without any given point billions and billions of dollars you know most of the channel of the game that is like that's like red cross right with what i would say is osama's on offering to the world my own suggestion of what i think is going to happen you're going to see things like marie on twenty that sort of days they're going to come up with neo feudal ideas just if we're neo feudalism we're going to see similar ideas that we had in the past where they took care of the peasants where they housed and fed the peasants where they did things like that so i think we're going to see modern equivalent and might be more flashy and look different but it's going to be the same one called us to casino good luck you know people live in a gulag a socially and they get a chance to win a few bucks playing games online but you know jeff bezos understates earnings
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because he doesn't like play taxes if you were turned earning spigot on for real you know he would not be worth one hundred fifty billion dollars he would be worth three hundred fifty billion dollars which is the same net worth adjusted for inflation as the rothschilds which are the second richest entity ever in the history of the glow actually he is about to be. the number one wealthiest family in america is the walton family and they are worth one hundred fifty one point two billion so he's only worth as much as they hire all turns on their earnings for good for real you know the amazon is now worth two to three trillion dollars he's worth three hundred billion dollars i'm just saying that through the app on the i phone you could easily feed five or six hundred dollars a month to people that they would spend that at amazon dot com and he would not it would be a creative it would be earnings boost in earnings he wouldn't lose any money doing that well but max you're you're suggesting we have time to do that as i said in the first bit those billionaires who this guy went to their party this media theorist went to their party and heard them speaking they were concerned they weren't going
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to have time to protect themselves so whether or not there's time to do that or whether or not you know i think donald trump like we've talked over and over he's a kick the teeth he's a guy who was promised to destroy the system breaks it was a promise to destroy the system to destroy the elite to destroy that system that enabled them to lord it over you and that why you are a peasant with no teeth on stool softener this is like them being able to kick them in the teeth and whether or not the media is in the position to understand the world around them when they themselves are thirty forty fifty million dollars a year some of them earning that amount and they're the they're supposed to be the people that are in charge they're the walter cronkite who are supposed to explain to you what the world around you is like how can they possibly know that i got to run for directing a film called game show you know twenty years ago now talking about news especially became fake news when they move from publicly owned airwaves to corporate own
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airwaves this is going on for twenty twenty five years in america it's just gone to absurd levels of hyper extension hyper normalisation with like rachel maddow now becoming rich alex jones you know in a skirt but. the fact is that at the same time you have the ability through technology to address the problem you're talking about which is an uprising in the streets of some nature a revolution to be appeased with cash nobody is going to storm the gates if they get a free five bucks from amazon to get some deal on a stool softener down there at whole foods they're just not going to they're going to be like i'd go do the revolution tomorrow because i just got five dollars sent to me from jeff bezos who is what king my god and he's my potentate and he's taking over the world and it's a new world's amazon world this is right there in the logo amazon a to z. it is everything from aig to see he's got all this isn't an ad for amazon what i'm
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saying is that this is a situation we're looking forward into twenty eighteen and twenty twenty because watching i only watch the cable news when i'm here in new york city and in a hotel room and i can watch it and they have no idea what is out there they have no idea what is coming or perhaps like these other billionaires who are like afraid of an apocalypse what you i think what you're seeing from the rachel maddow is she's she's you know she's embodying that apocalypse that fear of the apocalypse that something's coming and they're coming for my class of people my my people so there's i don't think they understand what the voter is feeling and i don't understand i think they i think it's going to be another stalling thing just where they don't hear since the election of twenty sixteen there's a certain group in the media they keep asking the question how did this happen why did this happen how is this continuing to happen how do they are totally disconnected from the average person that's the question and to your point is because they live in a bubble they are overpaid they never leave new york city and so they don't know
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what's happening in the rest of country anyway we got to go it's time to say goodbye and that's going to do it for this edition of the kaiser report with me max kaiser stacy her privilege thing i guess stacy herbert you know we just on twitter is because reports are like somebody you know. join me every thursday on the alec simon show and i'll be speaking to guest in the world of politics school business i'm showbusiness i'll see you then. flying from the bottom i know. i'm going to. the let me. go to something to. do i.
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but i know. how i. feel. an independent investigation traces weapons following. strongholds in syria to western. borders police in the u.s. state of oregon refused to respond to emergency calls from immigration agents being harassed by protesters against the president from. the program this hour it is revealed. a rescued from war stricken by the british navy and twenty fourteen. killed twenty two people in the atrocity.
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from spain a new emergency measures to control the flow of refugees into europe. claims migrant children are being sexually abused. the man offered to help. in exchange for sexual services been alone with my father's friend continue the journey subjected me to. and abuse me. i run the clock across the world this. is your r t international from the team and myself you know neil welcome to the program boxes of weapons discovered in the former terrorist stronghold of syria's eastern aleppo being traced to western manufacturers and war correspondent robert fisk identified their origins through serial numbers and then tried to find out how the weapons had ended up in the hands
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of islamist rebels let's get more on the story from kill up and this is a weapons factory located in bosnia most likely you have never heard of it but it's here that the weapons were manufactured for one of the bloodiest battles in syria lots of homes were destroyed and lots of civilians were killed in western aleppo by those questionable rebels. we got it almost exactly eight o'clock in the morning and it happened at the worst possible time just as thousands of children would go into school the first shell actually came in between these buildings you know that then the children were on their way to school when a mortar shell landed nearby a few of them were killed i knew them they went to maher screw a thirteen year old lost her foot in a rebel shelling three weeks ago and it was good this does is that.
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the rebels launched the rocket and it's ten o'clock in the morning seconds later it hit the national school of aleppo three of the children died on the spot so the rebels and now pushing closer and closer. we're in the al assad. and the rebels are pushing into aleppo again. by sunset nine dead over one hundred civilians injured. now most of those rebels are tied to the al qaeda linked al nusra a terrorist group but let's focus on those weapons that they used robert fisk an investigative reporter was able to trace those weapons back to that very factory in
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bosnia he was able to get a hold of the factories logbook and getting in touch with the former weapons control director the director recognized his signature in the logbook and from there was able to determine who the buyer was it's a warranty for the hundred twenty millimeter mortar launch all this is standard it went to saudi arabia it was posts of a supply of five hundred mortars i remember the saudi shipment well the saudis came to a factory to inspect the weapons at the beginning of. twenty sixteen the response from saudi officials was pretty much a denial they said that the investigation was vague and undefined however their response seemed pretty vague as well saudi arabia is a leading voice within the international community in support of a diplomatic solution to the conflict in syria while at the same time working with our neighbors and allies to counter the growth of forces of extremism but it's not just saudi arabia the former weapons director says that nato and the united states
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pretty much run the show at the weapons making the syllabi when the saudis came to our factory to inspect at the beginning of twenty sixteen there was a saudi minister and some saudi officers who was the came to inspect the weapons before receiving them the offices will civilian clothes the minister was in a robe or low production off to the bulls and war is under the control of the americans and nato who are always coming here and they know each and every piece of weaponry that leaves off factory. we also asked nato for a response but they didn't have any details to share even though the weapons were actually made to the nato standards need to doesn't transfer arms or i mean nation for and for the questions we would refer you to national authorities now another trace from the basement of this former terrorist base in aleppo is the markings on the casing of a missile now if you take a look the first number here this represents the type of missile the second number
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however is the stock number you'll notice that it contains the figure zero one now that's the nato code representing the united states it turns out that this t o w anti-tank missile was manufactured at a facility in the united states by the raytheon systems company this missile would have been manufactured and sold by huge raytheon absolutely legally to a nato or friendly on the pro american power government defense ministry you name it and they will exist for it's an end use this is to forget it and e.u. see a document of impeccable provenance which will be signed by the bias in this case by the chaps who purchased the town missiles in very large numbers stating that they own the final recipients of the weapons this is not the first time this has happened syria is actually littered with weapons that are made to nato standards and some of which have actually been manufactured in the united states the question
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now is how much do washington and nato know about their weapons falling into the hands of the very terrorists they claim to be fighting there is a deafening silence a purposeful lack of interest a purposeful apathy and the reason for this is simple the us government and the military industrial complex and the corporate owned media that functions as an echo chamber for the military industrial complex actually does not care the us gov. prosecute those who they say aid and abet terrorism well guess what american war contractors are aiding and abetting terrorism but the u.s. judicial system the justice department the long arm of american law enforcement will not be used against these same military corporations which in fact they're subsidized receive a form of welfare from american taxpayers every year. so another
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headline stories this hour u.k. media are reporting that the munch esther arena bomber was rescued from war torn libya by the british navy in twenty fourteen that was three years before he carried out a terror attack at an ariana grande a pop concert the atrocity left twenty two dead the youngest an eight year old girl polly boy killed reports. well according to media reports here in the u.k. three years before that deadly attack in manchester someone the baby had been rescued by the british government from libya it was part of an operation to rescue british citizens he was taken aboard a royal navy ship and taken to molt from where he reportedly then got a flight back to the u.k. and he'd been rescued by the british government even though he had been under the surveillance of the domestic intelligence agency head that's m i five now in terms
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of a baby's background he was born in the u.k. but a libyan parent so he was a british citizen but in two thousand and eleven a baby's parents moved to join the uprising against the government of gadhafi and his father was thought to have been fighting in a terrorist group called the ally f.g. the libyan islamic fighting group and a baby was thought to sort of shuttled back and forth between the u.k. and libya for a number of years but he was thought to have been in libya in the summer of two thousand and fourteen and at that point the civil war had got increasingly violent and so british officials made this offer to evacuate british nationals from the country that's how a baby ended up being rescued and by the time of his rescue m i five
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had stopped monitoring him and the implication therefore is that he was simply considered safe to return back to the u.k. that was reiterated to us by the today in a statement they told us that sort of the government inquiry into what led up to the manchester attack it found that the decision to start monitoring a baby in two thousand and fourteen was found on the basis of. the information available at that time and although they didn't mention a bady by name in this statement to us they did confirm that the operation to rescue british citizens from libya in two thousand and fourteen took place during that era rates in security situation in libya in two thousand and fourteen but the force officials were deployed to ceased with the regulation of british nationals and their dependents and i think what the government has been keen to point out is that that decision.


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