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tv   Politicking  RT  August 3, 2018 2:30am-3:01am EDT

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nuclear threat to the united states was clearly wrong and that's why it's taken so many people aback and it was after that tweet that you had a number of leaks about north korea's production of fissile material and all the rest of this word showed that that north korea was just continuing along its path of building up its arsenal so clearly the president was wrong in that and i think that's almost a universal assessment from people not only in the intelligence community but analysts everywhere because north korea still is a threat how does the intelligence community stay balanced through all of this where one government we two governments. well larry you know you have to look over the last six or seven weeks and you've got to say this there's there's the president and his secretary of state and on the other hand you have people leaking like crazy and the other interesting thing larry is that you have john bolton the national security advisor who is very quiet he is known to have
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a very skeptical attitude about the north koreans i'm sure he doesn't like the president's positions and so clearly you might even have three governments at this particular time knowing john bolton the i think he might quit i know john but i don't know him well enough to really answer that question i think bolton believes that in the long term he will be able to influence policy in a good direction so i suspect that he is going to stay there he's a very tough bureaucratic infighter and if i were secretary of state pompei oh i'd be very concerned if i had to say all these optimistic things in public because i'm sure that somebody in the west wing there is actually writing all this stuff down and memorizing it said bring it out at a later date gone we always love talking with you thank you so much for your time today thank you larry. a large part of the coverage of donald trump's tuesday rally
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in temple beyond what the president said about his plans and policies was the hostile reaction to members of the press by mr trump's supporters for his part the president doesn't seem to be tempering his anti media rhetoric is this part of the trump show or is this something much darker happening here let's talk with someone who's covered d.c. for several decades an old friend bill press progressive commentator author host of the bill press show on the young turks network his latest book is from the left of life in the crossfire he's in washington bill i want to c.n.n. for twelve was twenty six years you were there for a lot of those years. i've had donald trump on all way over ten fifteen times he always liked c.n.n. we always had good times together i never heard of anything what's going on and at
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that rally in temple those people with courage signs and what the hell is going on . you know it's very troubling larry and you know we've got to be careful it's not that we take this personally or we can't take any criticism we in the media i mean but i think this goes as you say this goes beyond just not liking what a particular anchor reporter might have might have to say. but let me just say also getting into this i have to just it may be an aside but what's most ironic about this is that of all people out there today donald trump is a creation of the media or his entire business career he made a point of being in the tabloids talking to the people being on your show being you know on how he stern show every morning or not every morning as often as he could his it's a television show he wouldn't be president today without the media that television
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show and then during the campaign he got ten twenty times more coverage than any other republican candidate did c.n.n. all the cables would carry his networks live so really he owes his job to the media today but he started this in the campaign it is grown it is not given up and now i mean i'm really worried that this is going to turn into some physical violence at these rallies and what the president i believe ought to do look he saw again his present he's been president for eighteen months he just sort of say hey folks come on you know we got the first amendment they've got their job i'm doing my job we're doing our job and we respect the members of the media he'll never do that because he thought he throws that red meat to the base but it is getting to the point where it's dangerous what's changed i've been in the media sixty one years proud of it and i have never in radio on television network radio c.n.n. i've never had anyone in the media say before going on the air boy am i going to
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get this guy today or we're going to show this in this way we're going to fake this and never seen that sixty one years. what changed has c.n.n. jane what's changed i think what's changed is you've got a president of the united states today who is making that his rallying call who is making that his signature message at every rally and you know let's say his followers are loyal to him they support him they love him and they'll basically do whatever he says again if he would only give the notion that we have to respect any different just respect the job of the media and the freedom of the press all the way back to george washington thomas jefferson dealing with that it could make a difference but he whips it up he purposely whips it up because he knows his base loves it and they love him and he's not going to change he says he's going to do
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a lot more rallies like the one in tampa leading up to the midterms are going to help or hurt republicans. i think that's yet to be seen look his record has been so good so far we remember alabama famously where he intervened in a primary there with four in behalf of the strange he lost that then he supported roy moore so he wants to turn that around that's why he's involved in a primary in for in florida on four on behalf of or on the census for governor against another republican down there adam putman he is involved in the governor's race in the primary in georgia and he's putting it all on the line i think in some cases he will help he certainly help around the census already in others i think some republicans will say please mr president stay home. but do you make. your stance that he'll stay three twenty twenty. you know that saddens me i got
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a lot of respect for john kelly but i think he made a mistake in taking that job the word in washington and around the white house you talk to i'm not talking the reporters you talk to senior staff at the white house they'll tell us as they told me that john kelly basically is chief of staff in name only nobody takes him seriously the president doesn't consult and the president doesn't include him in a lot of meetings i think of john kelly again whom i admire had any of self-respect he would step down he's been there a year now instead he accepted this step reportedly and he told the staff that the president asked him to stay through two thousand and twenty and he said he would do it i don't know why because he is impotent right now in the job of chief of staff donald trump is his own chief of staff and he's his own communications director what bill is the democratic party's message going into the
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meds minturn this i think is twofold message one is you can't help but the message be if you're not don't like what donald trump is doing put us in charge of the house or put us in charge of the senate but the other thing i think the democratic party is saying we'll deliver on some of the things that donald trump promised but didn't will deliver on a on an infrastructure bill to create a lot of new jobs in this country will deliver on higher wages which have not come yet after the tax cuts will deliver on some security at the border been doing so in a humane and humane way. and so across the board you know will deliver where he has it for the poor the middle class americans never seen anything like it fills your idea will continue politicking with our political panel right after the break.
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this is says harlan kentucky. all of this movement boy says it was very fanny's. a coma any city with almost no coal mines left. the jobs are gone all the coal was a said i'd. love to see these people the survivors of a world disappearing before their eyes. i remember thinking when i was younger that if anything ever happened to the coal mines here that it would become a ghost town but i never thought in a million years i would see that and it's happened it's happened.
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welcome back to politicking bill press is still with us from washington d.c. progressive commentator and author host of the build pressure on the young turks network and we. turn once g.o.p. strategist former spokesperson for the california republican party jen joins us from new york all right general what do you make of what's going on at these rallies to see people cursing and screaming and giving the finger to the media jen what's going on. well i hate to say it larry because i love you and i like bill press an awful lot but the democrats started this let's remember it was rahm emanuel top adviser to barack obama who talked about bringing a gun to a knife fight and that's how he wins political battles all of this lip service that michelle obama gave us about we go high they go low it's actually the opposite
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because democrats are the chieftains of deflecting and they always want to make it look like republicans are the agitators here look no further larry than the twitter feed this morning of the politico reporter for this state of florida he was the one who who commented on trump's supporters he said yeah in the whole entire room last night at the rally you might have one entire mouth full of teeth suggesting that trump supporters have no teeth they're a bunch of hicks from the sticks i'm thankful for twitter here's the thing a lot of conservatives say gosh we don't like twitter we don't like some of the social media platforms i for one larry i'm very thankful for it because in those twitter feeds we can actually see how these liberal reporters think they're exposing themselves on a daily basis on the social media platforms and look i think every news editor and every news room across america needs to be combing through the twitter feeds of
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their non opinion reporters to see the opinionated filth that's coming out of the mouth of you should hold it hold just have you seen a c.n.n. journalist. laurie. well i have not but look we do know according to media surveys that have been done in these are self disclose media surveys where reporter some answers these questions we know that some eighty five percent of reporters voted for bill burton i have nice. i have not and i don't i don't know but i do know that there is an extreme bias that exists in the press coverage you look at the reporters ninety five percent every porters self admitted that they voted for barack obama in both elections i think there is a very clear bias in the media and that's what people are frustrated about now look we in los angeles and new york might not be that frustrated by it but you look in some of these states like oklahoma some of the heartland states they see the bias
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very clearly and that's why you see this angsty when they get out in public and they get to co-mingle with a person like jim acosta and by the way i've been around the white house and have seen jim acosta he loves this attention don't let him fool you he loves being center stage he was actually quite disappointed last year larry when they they took those press briefings off camera for a while because he wasn't going to be on camera as the chief ad here or there c.n.n. well larry. may i call me as i can number one jim acosta is a god good reporter he does his job he was not frustrated be personally because the briefings were not on camera he was frustrated because the american people have a right to see our government in action they've got a right to see the briefings and in the beginning understand spicer and i have publicly credited sarah huckabee sanders for bring in the back on camera sean
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spicer shut them down that was not jim cost cost a person that was the entire white house press corps of which i am a member number two this this file and start we're talking about violence at the relish you take you take me back to two thousand and seven two thousand and eight this never happened to hillary clinton rally at a george w. bush rally at a john mccain rally at a bernie sanders well it started with donald trump and he egged it on we remember he actually said you. you punch him out all pay your legal fees i wish i could go down there i remember the day when you could just punch people in the face he's stirred up this violence and he is still doing that you just cannot blame it on anybody else other than well first all the people in the rally you go along with it but donald trump who is begging again them on so let's keep the focus on third point is you know i don't know how these people voted before as a lot of reporters i know don't even vote because i don't think they should i think
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they're wrong the question is not how they vote the question it is what they write and what they produce on the air and i think you've got to say it is real if they call out donald trump for not telling the truth well that's the that's the way the game is played that's their duty to do so that doesn't mean they hate donald trump it just means their job is to tell the truth and i just want to point out it was just reported before i came in here according to the washington post over the last five hundred fifty eight days donald trump has sold five thousand two hundred and twenty nine untruths or you can call them lies that's seven and a half a day so let's not talk about the media lying let's focus where it is president trump jen well that was that was probably done by paletta fact which is also a bias organization but but since don't draw that people on let's talk about the actual egging that was done against the trump supporters in san jose which by the way larry the ninth circuit just ruled in their favor in favor of the trump supporters the attorney in that case just so happens to be
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a client of mine and look for the ninth circuit to actually rule against liberals and against government and in favor of trump supporters shows you how vitriolic and how hateful and how violent this really is that was that protest last year in san jose where trump supporters were egged in the face beaten up and chased off the premises while the police in san diego did nothing to stop these people from being bloodied and beaten up so my responsibility lies on both sides. here if i may it's a larry just quickly i remember that scene i condemned it as being wrong at the time i went to fire you jen to name one democrat who stood up and defended those people name one jerry brown nancy pelosi bernie sanders elizabeth warren name one and yet donald trump defends an exile on the violence at his rallies he didn't condemn any what happened last night he did condemn the violence in the primaries now there's a big difference one example and then probably one hundred rallies where they're
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going after the media come on let's get real here well they're going to the homes of cabinet members there they're going to the homes standing in the cul de sacs of cabinet members and congressman you know there's about a half dozen g.o.p. congressmen who decided not to run this year because their wives were so concerned about the children's public safety and the personal safety of their families that's why they're not running all of this is being funded by george soros and democrat office slush fund monies and by the way that is never said on civility does exist jerry brown and those guys don't have to comment on it because i know it's going on i think of your accuse people of you should you should be ready to defend yourself in court if you're going to accuse people of threatening the lives of others and if i were mr soros i'd be looking into that that is absolutely not true there is zero evidence for you to make a charge like that on any program i think is totally irresponsible look i make a living i did
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a i think i know i mean one is off i may finish if i'm if it is i make a living debating the political issues i never attack personally i wouldn't accuse anybody of what you just accuse them of and shame on you i didn't bill to be clear i said the congressman wives are concerned for their public safety prove it and their fruits to the cabinet members that if their rights their cabinet members have been caught on tape you look at elaine chao senate majority leader mitch mcconnell betsy device and the list goes on and on and on they're coming not to these people's office play. says they're coming to their homes it's democrats here who've made it personal this started with cindy sheehan hand back going to the crawford ranch of george w. bush the democrat started it are here and i'll find i that have charged for us once according to that and it baby part ready pardon me cindy sheehan you know larry i love the fact that you do lead people to get the facts out there so i will point out a fact cindy sheehan was not allowed anywhere near the bush ranch she was like five miles away from the bush perhaps i know because i interviewed her there from the
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time she went where the secret service told her she could go and she at the time her son killed in iraq she had every right to be up there against the iraq war and to let the american people know she didn't agree she thought she didn't agree with us that our son had died for you know for a good cause she didn't think we should be in that war in the first way but the idea that she was threatening george bush at the ranch again is just not true. all right guys we're going to discuss a lot of things rooms of time. jen are you concerned about the man and for trial. well personally i'm not concerned i'm concerned for paul man afford himself look if you look at these cases when they are brought to trial on a federal case of this magnitude the prosecution rate is quite high it's somewhere in the ninety seven percent range i think paul man of four is in a heap of trouble but i think what's at stake here i think this special counsel's
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office really did hope that there would be some sort of courthouse steps plea deal where a man of court would say ok ok uncle i give in i'll tell you that trump was colluding with the russians and i think with the evidence has shown us after two years of the special investigation is that there will be no courthouse steps plea because there is no russian collusion as hard as that is for a liberal systemic so i think here you see paul man of fort did apparently some very nasty things was hiding money was involved in bank fraud allegedly and tax evasion allegedly and i think he could go to jail for a very very long time in this but i don't think that neither of the american people nor the special counsel's office are going to see what they thought they might see here which was some evidence coming to light under pressure from paul van a fourth that there was any russian collusion. first of all this is a very serious trial for both for everybody involved i would just say neither paul maddow fortan or robert muller can afford to lose this trial paul not afford can't
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because if he does as john just pointed out he's going to be spending maybe decades of he's got that many left in jail in federal prison and robert muller can't afford to lose it because his reputation even though the russian collusion thing is not part of this trial his reputation his reputation the reputation i think for the whole investigation hinges on his scoring a first victory here so there is a lot at stake and remember there's a second paul manner for a trial that's supposed to start i think it's september seventeenth and if we see any plea deal as gens suggested what i lawyers tell me if it happens it will happen but if not afford loses a first trial makes it more likely he'll enter a plea bargain before he goes to the second trial but at this point who knows jan is rudy giuliani a help or hurt. well i think rudy giuliani is doing exactly what they would like rudy giuliani to do and i think he's tried it out there to to float some test
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theories and to talk to the american people about what's going on with the special counsel's office so i think rudy giuliani as doing exactly what he's being paid to do you know bill just said there that donald trump is his own communications director i think to some extent that is true and i think rudy giuliani on some days this is press secretary as odd as that may sound but i think rudy is doing exactly what president trump likes for him to do which is go out and talk to the american people about some of these other theories and i think they test those i do think their message test those and go back and work on their communication strategies. you know you know i could always in on the giuliani a moderate republican one time. he's got a different choir. if i were donald trump i'd like i get my money back the group is helping him out all you know donald trump and i think
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successfully the sold the story that he didn't know anything about money paid to stormy daniels he didn't know michael michael calling him paid him that money and he certainly never paid him back it was a story from the white house until rudy giuliani went on television and said oh yeah he knew about it and he reimbursed michael cohen and not only that he probably paid off a lot of other women if he was my attorney i don't think i want that guy representing those jen thank you so much we'll have you both back to this has been very lively. larry thanks john and thank you the audience for joining me on this edition of politicking remember you can join the conversation on my facebook page or tweet me at kings things don't forget to use the politics he has tagged and that's all for this edition of politicking.
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long. lead. time for something going on.
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in the. trees. mostly you can say that only behind the other kids. and all of a sudden the man just runs told me there's a job with. i said i when entering it's given me a minute alone. in your clothes shoot me. in it on the market now you. could be chubby and you don't want to go your man on man got a fight i mean it'll be like i'm in the country are you. live . in kentucky. with all the boys it was very funny.
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a coma any city with almost no coal mines left. the jobs are gone all the coal miners are fed i'd. love to see these people the survivors of o'boyle disappearing before their eyes. i remember thinking when i was younger that if anything ever happened to the coal mines here that it would become a ghost town but i never thought in a million years i would see that and it's how it's happened. you see and. this is. the church secret indeed catholic priests accused of sexually abusing children can get away with it quite literally i like to call this the do graphic solution so
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what the bishop needs to do then he finds out that the priest is is a perpetrator is simply moves him to a different spot were the previous standards not known the highest ranks of the catholic church conceal the accused priests from the police and justice system to that end of that's known as the i and then i can flip out at tuesday's out in the. south. this. case both. but. i.
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our democracy itself is in the crosshairs threat is not going away the russians try to get into and steal information u.s. national security and intelligence. of possible foreign interference is ahead of those upcoming midterm elections to congress with still providing any specific evidence we'll bring you the latest this friday morning. other stories are covering two controversial comes to process asylum seekers known as. the bills in germany the move comes after for negotiations between germany's ruling coalition over it. national geographic admits it went too far with a caption on a photo of a dying polar bear the blamed climate change in london what they thought about this
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