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tv   News  RT  August 3, 2018 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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in the shooting let's cross live now to investigative journalist mark blumenthal for his take on the show why is the f.b.i. releasing these documents so heavily redacted what's the point in the. yeah i mean it's not these documents aren't heavily redacted they are completely whited out it's a literal whitewash i mean in this seventy one page file there's more white than at a coldplay concert or the republican national convention it is all white it's a it's shocking really the one the two things they acknowledge the f.b.i. acknowledges is that it was paying christopher steele in till november first twenty sixteen so first of all james komi who is the director of the f.b.i. at the time has feigned ignorance about who is paying christopher steele so that's interesting and number two it acknowledges that steele's contract was terminated because he had been the source for an article by michael isikoff which was
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specifically designed to get the word out about this deal dossier so it could be dropped after trump's election apology so many people of color who are cold cliff of course how do you expect tell me the president trying to react to this release he's been claiming this was a political hit job against his come pain from day one. yeah i mean this is. well despite the complete redaction it it does confirm part of trump's narrative that the f.b.i. was colluding with the clinton campaign because we also know that christopher steele had been employed through fusion g.p.s. the opposition research firm in the contract was taken out by perkins koyo which was the law firm of hillary clinton's campaign so this shows a clear case of collusion between the f.b.i. directed by james komi and the clinton campaign and another thing we know is that christopher steele continued supplying information to the f.b.i. after his contract with the f.b.i. was terminated through bruce or an f.b.i.
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official who is married to a staffer at fusion g.p.s. it's very embarrassing for. people who are trying to prove trumped russia collusion much just to pick up on something he said there why does the f.b.i. actually need to hire a third party to investigate whether trump colluded with russia or not doesn't have its own specialist i would have thought it seems to me that there were partisan officials inside the f.b.i. who have gone on record saying that they feared trump selection and that they were trying to establish plausible deniability working through a third party that was also funded by the clinton campaign you know i'm not a trump supporter not on the record really liking donald trump very much but it seems slightly disturbing to me that the f.b.i. was investigating a political campaign and so far seems to have not turned up anything to enforce the collusion narrative and then we also have the fact that a confidential operative stephanie stephon helper was planted inside the trump
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campaign as well that's been completely forgotten about thanks for taking us through that as you say a very very much reductive form investigative journalist blumenthal on the program . the news continues.
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disinflation very little inflation for decades interest rates have gone down for thirty years markets have rallied for thirty years now the whole thing is reversing interest rates are going up so is inflation so we'll see how that plays out if wages rise faster than inflation. as such then trying to wonder if wages don't rise as fast as this neo inflation then we got trouble. just coming up to twenty two minutes into the program welcome back china say it will impose retaliate. on u.s. imports if washington goes ahead with threats to ramp up duties on chinese goods
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the threatened tariffs mark the second round of the ongoing trade dispute between the two nations. the customs tour of commission of the state council decided to slap an additional tariff of fifteen or twenty five percent on one hundred twenty eight items of products imported from the u.s. from april second two thousand and eighteen chinese forced to take control of the u.s. side persists in putin instead of measures into effect. yeah let's just dig into the details here china said it would impose tariffs on sixty billion dollars worth of u.s. goods including coffee honey and industrial chemicals the statement came after washington stated it was considering new duties on two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese goods and a list of products to be targeted by the u.s. target is extensive but mostly focuses on chinese produced telephones t.v.'s other high end technology items well i'm very happy to say that we've got live on the
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president going through this with jeffrey albert executive director of lassez faire boots on the thing wished fellow of the foundation for economic education good to have you back china has again decided to respond to the threatened u.s. tariffs with tara of their own how much longer jeffrey could this tit for tat go on . well i'd like it to end today and in fact it never should have begun because the only victims here or american consumers american producers chinese consumers chinese producers there's nobody who wins from a trade war unfortunately what happened. starting last year we got a president who was just absolutely determined to start a trade war and now we have these retaliatory measures happening as a matter of national pride and there doesn't seem to be any end to it and i think there won't be any end to it for a very long time as
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a matter of fact you know if you look back to march peter navarro the trade advisor at the white house said. no countries would dare retaliate against us tariffs so i have the sense that maybe there was a certain level of naivety operate in that the level of the white house and the trade advisors and trump in particular that they really believe that this is just going to be this massive assertion of american power that hasn't turned out that way. in terms of the rest of the world other people do resent this and are fighting back and the remarkable thing about this is of course this is coming back to american consumers in the form of higher prices on consumer products and inputs that are very fact in themselves and higher prices for everything and that's going to inevitably result in job losses talking a fight the u.s.
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no trade disputes i'm just going through the list i've been reading them here in progress with canada mexico and the european union in addition to china of course not can donald trump win in all these fronts at once or not as he bit off more than he can chew here. well you know that's a good way to put it i mean is that going to weigh in on any one of these fronts in fact there is no way i mean that trade. despite what he claims i think it's interesting that since all this nonsense began which really dates from the beginning of two thousand and eighteen the only the only point at which he pulled back was the current war with with europe we recall. and this was because the car manufacturers and united states said this is absurd we will not tolerate this this is and this is a disaster for our business and only that managed to prevail against this this economic nationalist ideology that seems to be the predominant thing operating in
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terms of american policy just really really. yeah yeah you know we're just out of time there would have liked to delve a little deeper it's always great to have you on the program there though geoffrey albert executive editor of lousy for books thank you sir. my pleasure. a suicide bombing has hit a mosque in eastern afghanistan during friday prayers officials there are now being quoted as saying that at least thirty nine people are dead more than eighty others wounded here's local journalists. the casualties and fatalities could be much higher the attack took place during the friday prayer when the. mosque was busy hosting a big number of worshippers in the provincial capital of card is the capsule of paktia province in southeastern afghanistan the shias in afghanistan are extremely
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vulnerable especially when it comes to places of worship islamic state of attack them now that part of the country on the border with pakistan was a. region in the corum agency is where militant pakistani groups are also operating like. in different capacities as well as the pakistan based militant network their company network so we'll have to really see who was behind this attack but what is an extremely dangerous trend now in afghanistan is that the afghan government and its international allies continue to fail to protect lives in afghanistan and when you have such a big number of casualties in fatalities you are actually thinking about the destroyed society almost you're talking about families losing their breadwinners people are losing their lives their aspirations their dreams in this friend six really dangerous prend actually continues in most major cities across afghanistan
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and so the question is what if any. security strategy is in place to prevent these sort of attacks in the future or great programs right ahead and then sean thomas is here in just over a half an hour's time with all of the global news headlines stay with us. when lawmakers manufactured consent instinctive public wells. when the ruling classes project themselves. in the primary go around the lives only the one percent told. to ignore middle of the room signal. to. relieve his.
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child's seemed wrong wrong why don't we all just don't know all. the world is yet to shape our disdain comes to educate and in gaining strength because betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground the.
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