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tv   News  RT  August 3, 2018 9:00pm-9:30pm EDT

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and whenever they want we need one standard it to me is unfortunate that these comments have still yet to be repudiated by miss young it would appear to me that the new york times is trying to take the responsibility for distancing themselves from these comments but i'd like to hear from her having her apologize and acknowledge these comments are totally unacceptable so some critics say that if a white person had tweeted something comparable with what sarah john did they would have been fired immediately is there a double standard when it comes to racism. where. racism specifically against whites is acceptable. all you have to do is take these tweets that she said and change it to tino change it to black or even just say women in the place of whites and people would have
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burned the new york times down over the fact that they were defending her behavior of course there's a double standard what i'm asking for is not that we burn any buildings down not that we fire every one but that we come to terms with a neutral standard that everyone can adhere to and that everyone can comply with what she said shouldn't be allowed merely because the targeted group is the racial majority we should never be encouraging people and certainly not at the wall at the new york times to use racial categorizations as a basis for casting aspersions we should never do that black white or brown so briefly why do you think the new york times decided not to fire junk despite the public
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outcry. it appears and that's why i said i'd love to hear from ms york john herself it appears that the target of her comments it was ok because they were white americans only thing i know is that she says these were just jokes i don't believe that you could use those same comments and joke about women or joke about blacks or joke about any other group and have it be seen as ok because you're just joking we shouldn being gauging in rhetoric where you cast aspersions or you group people according to race that shouldn't happen the new york times ought to be trying to set an example when daniela bloomberg blumberg wrote a piece for the business insider defending the right of
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a straight actress to play a transgendered person she was actually fired her piece was removed and she was encouraged to find new employment for her insensitivity there was no insensitivity demonstrated she was just giving an opinion this young is giving a is making a statement that is not true there should never be a statement where you cast all whites or all blacks in any grouping and target them and treat them as if they're all one in the same we're all individuals and we should act that way same in the new york times certainly have value and point horoscope are very interesting to talk to you like to have you on again at some point time to discuss this further unfortunately we're out of time now adjunct fellow with the national center for public policy research and also a legal commentator very interesting to have you with us here on art international . switching gears now china says it will
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impose retaliatory tariffs on u.s. imports if washington goes ahead with threats to ramp up duties on chinese goods and threaten tariffs mark the second round of the ongoing trade dispute between the two countries the customs tour of commission of the state council decided to slap an additional tariff of fifteen or twenty five percent on one hundred twenty eight items of products imported from the u.s. from april second two thousand and eighteen chinese forced to take control of the u.s. site persists in putting its tariff measures into effect. or beijing said it would impose tariffs on sixty billion dollars worth of u.s. goods including coffee honey and industrial chemicals the statement came after washington stated it was considering new duties on two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese goods the list of products to be targeted by the u.s. tariffs is extensive but mostly focuses on chinese produced telephones t.v.'s and
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other high end technology items jeffrey albert tucker and a director of the american institute for economic research believes trump's trade policy is aimed at crafting an image as a strong leader. trump is a businessman and he's engaged in world trade all of his life and it's a very difficult thing to explain why he believes in economic nationalism but i would just make really two points why i mean is that protectionist ideology is a philosophical approach position that's a difficult nut to crack once it gets into the head you know where you think that if you want jobs for americans you have to have production for by and for americans this is what he believes the second thing is that by rally americans around the economic nationalism they grant him the appearance of having more more power more authority and allows them to exercise a kind of control over over the population and i hate to say it very
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reluctant to say it but i think that maybe the fundamental motivation namely politics and rallying his base behind him. thousands of yemenis have turned out in the capitol in protest. ongoing saudi led coalition strikes it was prompted by a deadly raid which killed dozens in the main port city of the data saudi arabia denies carrying out air strikes in the area at the time instead blaming the attack on the rebels please be well and some of the video that you're about to see contains some graphic images and yemeni officials say twenty eight people were killed and around seventy injured a local t.v. station has reported that fifty two are dead and at least one hundred wounded area near the city's main hospital yemen's health ministry is clear on who it thinks is to blame. the health ministry strongly condemns the
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crime of targeting the hospital in the fishermen's market in the. united states bears full responsibility the united nations and its organizations and the international community every. main silent in the freeze of the gratian from the american army the coalition and its allies and their crimes for more than two thousand two hundred and twenty years ago and. that the saudi led coalition has been at war with hooty rebels since march two thousand and fifteen when it sided with the government and joined a civil conflict since that intervention the un says the situation in yemen has become the world's worst humanitarian crisis and it organizations are struggling. to reach it and this is very good it could be described as consistent i think as. a policeman. in terms of health.
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and sanitation in terms of. all the you and the international community if they don't. see that in many. they were interested. in those schools who are. next to him who are you that's really the duty should you're going to use to reach in. saudi arabia the u.s. have enjoyed wide military cooperation both under the trump and obama administrations washington provides riyadh with billions of dollars worth of planes tanks and other military equipment but now the united states u.n. ambassador seems to perceive the latest attack on civilians as a new development despite the same scenario have been played out for years. we had that a saudi led coalition had airstrikes today against a fish market and
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a hospital in who data that may have caused dozens of casualties we've hit a new day now in yemen. and we've had a new sense of urgency and even. if this is what started to happen civilians aren't risk infrastructure is at risk for nikki haley had just occurred today which is unfortunate because the united states is actually supplying a lot of the logistics and the intelligence for the saudis and you don't hear too much criticism she should have been out there months ago condemning what the the humanitarian catastrophe that's occurring in yemen is just you just you just cannot be nice about this any longer or or just overlook it because it's gone on for too long and too many people have been have been killed and you wonder and you have to
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ask yourself the question what's the point well that does it for me i will be back will that same thirty one minutes of the full of what you know if you are watching our international stage. when gold make its manufacture consent instead of public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. in the final larry go around the lives and be the one percent. we can all middle of the road signal. to leave the room getting real needs for the world.
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and what politicians to do something to. put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure. more some want to be preached. to the right to be for us to see what the forecast for you in the morning can't be good that i'm interested always in the waters of my colleagues. question. hello and welcome to crossfire for all things considered i'm peter lavelle to the corporate mainstream media fuel america's cultural wars do they magnify political
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differences it would seem so how else could it be if the only topic that is discussed and argued over is donald trump or journalist infected with trump arrangement syndrome. cross talking trumped arrangement syndrome i'm joined by my guest rob talbot new york he's a political pundit and journalist contributing to the huffington post also in new york we have lionel he's a legal analyst and a news decoder at lionel media dot com and in plymouth we cross to patrick and he is a journalist and writer and founder of the news website twenty first century wire dot com all right gentlemen crosstalk rolls in effect means you can jump in anytime you want lionel let me go to you you're also referred to on this program as fella my first question is here does the do the corporate mainstream you remember that program did that do they do the corporate mainstream media. do they contribute to the cultural wars it is divided and is everything is contentious as it really is or
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are they just magnify it for their own political purposes go ahead lionel yes no yes no and sometimes that corporate first of all correction my dear friend it is not the mainstream media used to be that mainstream media used to be mainstream they're not this is the mainstream media social media different platforms that's mainstream they are eggs. this stencil fight for their life so within the particular parameters of their working environment yes they mix it up and people describe me does the rest of the country mainstream heartland mainstream america care oh there you go so ok but ok but rob i mean i get we all can't lionel's point but they still think of themselves as the mainstream and representing. the population what they really do is represent power particularly on the left i would
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say but i want to stay with this magnification here because if you look if you watch c n n n m s n b c and then you watch fox on the same evening you'd think you'd be parallel universes i mean you really would have a sense that both are in some kind of never never land and having nothing to do with the world outside go ahead rob i was one of the token liberals on fox and at one point i think i made over two hundred. ten appearances on there over the course of a couple of years. there they were pursuing back then i think more of a fair and balanced attitude but now well i was always like the washington generals the team the never beaten the harlem globetrotters you know i was going in the know the five other people were going to beat up on me but i was allowed to voice my opinion i don't really get that sense anymore i sense that the people that they
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picked to to give a liberal perspective are speaking of outrageous claims and comments and policies and they're taking an extreme so they can say look at this kooky liberal he is just like bernie sanders but but we also have a divisive president who has reared acrimony throughout the country and we have politicians on both sides that are taking more extreme points of view and you're going to have news shows and stations that are going to be. and today of of those those policies and beliefs and then those that those bases are going to go and watch those particular stations and channels ok lionel doesn't agree but i'm going to go to patrick first here i mean rob brings up a really good point.


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