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he was in the life i was initially it was real say i have seen fires and also people are constantly running up the fences and those kind of protests are organized by hamas that is what israel say. well organized by a lot of busting in factions all of palestinian factions and it is representing the palestinian will go to the borders and to to clean the right of return back to their homes which was a land which was taken from them in one hundred forty. other hand is a bit of students have nothing what do you mean by guides israeli have if sixteen and thirty five and they have tanks they have. everything and they have kites this is absolutely unmanned. russian mole inside the u.s. embassy in moscow it is a sole aisha's accusation and britain's guardian newspaper has been reveling in its scoop but all is not as it seems as artie's it was done of. everybody loves
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a spy drama mystery suspense and a russian fan for time. the name of the stabling song my name is evident then you are a russian spy. this guardian story had every ingredient for a thriller recipe the u.s. secret service as quite clearly stems from the very name is one of the most enigmatic agencies of the u.s. government its main function is to protect the lives of u.s. presidents ministers the top political brass and that is where the russians according to the guardian planted a mall the russian spy had been working under texted in the heart of the american embassy in moscow for more than a decade she had plenty of time to gather intelligence without supervision bissell
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said the guardian's head of investigations claims she was operational for a whole decade in that time through the agency's internet in e-mail systems she had access to all kinds of highly classified stuff including the shared jewels of the president and vice president all of that according to the guardian the woman fed to the office be russia's security agency before being let go last year over security concerns they had lined the narrative the details looked spectacular in the scoop which was even projected to link to a spy ploy in washington d.c. itself her activities of stealing and sharing information could shed more light on how the russians were able to hack the twenty sixteen presidential election office of the d.n.c. except the secret service was. unimpressed by the reporting and not out of shame or embarrassment but because of the facts according to the media release within the
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agency the woman in question held the position of a foreign service national these employees have their duties outlined very strictly as by default the secret service views every one of them surprises as potential spies the woman's responsibilities were limited to things like translation cultural guidance but ministries of support and i don't mean to offend anybody here but this . sounds more like the job description of a tourist guide rather than a spy a material employee and i wish i could say the guardian did not know all these things when publishing the article but they did prior to the guardian publishing their article the u.s. secret service provided they are editor in their official statement clearly refuting in found information despite all this the article was published as is after all everybody loves this spy drama but some plots a better be saved hollywood script. journalist john white believes many media
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outlets over reliance on unnamed sources is eroding the audience's trust or this is very short the reporting in this is the epitome of fake news because without naming sources then they can make anything up they want and expect people to believe them and this is a narrative has been spun over the last few years when it comes to russia they are forced to rely on unnamed sources because that is no to placing proper investigative journalism and this is just part of a downward spiral and it will only feed the growing distrust in the group growing this juncture between what people who are supposed to be reading the guardian and no longer are believe is going on a world of what the guardian is tell them is going on it's a really big problem for the mainstream and the west. friday was the day for of the trial of donald trump's former campaign chairman paul metaphor it is the first trial to result from the mall investigations probe into supposed collusion between
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the u.s. president's campaign and russia and yet the charges brought against metaphor have nothing to do with russia or the campaign instead they're related to alleged tax fraud. big day for the bush investigation and the. center once the center rather sums presidential campaign gets a call it's called man a ford is on trial today and it's already moving at lightning speed it could also create the squeeze on metaphor to cooperate with miller on the broader investigation into russian collusion with the from the campaign. to. be honed to fifteen thousand austria man of her body with an international why he transferred the current interim mans clear who testified today government exhibit
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it's not about cool i mean if you're going to jail in part over a cold. call that at least if i spend one million and suits me fifteen thousand on it jack and only to come out looking like manna ford i would say. this is an enormous waste of money in my view it is a gross miscarriage of justice it's setting for a lot of bad precedents and so it must be corrected i think in the end this this trial judge judge ellis is a remarkable individual he's being very tough on both sides with particularly on mahler i think the metaphor is likely to skate here i think that the special
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counsel is likely to be told to stand down and then i think there's going to be a wholesale housecleaning of that i was hopeful anyway the wholesale house cleaning of the partment just this was a house cleaning of the iris elsewhere and that will give us the real investigations into who was conspiring to rig the primaries and rig the general election two thousand and sixteen. the f.b.i. has released seventy one pages of alleged correspondence between the bureau and christopher steele the former british spy who authored a dossier alleging collusion between donald trump and russia the records show f.b.i. payments to steal as a confidential human source over an unknown period they also show that steele told the f.b.i. he had informed a third party he was acting as a source for the bureau however the document is mostly empty with important information removed so much so that it almost looks like a blank form it follows the f.b.i.'s release of documents on former top adviser carter page with most of the text heavily redacted in that document as well.
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investigative journalist max blumenthal thinks that despite of the redactions the documents prove trump's narrative about f.b.i. clinton during the two thousand and sixteen campaign these documents aren't heavily redacted they are completely whited out it's a literal whitewash i mean in this seventy one page file there's more white than at a coldplay concert or the republican national convention it is all white it's a it's shocking really despite that complete redaction it it does confirm part of trump's narrative that the f.b.i. was colluding with the clinton campaign because we also know that christopher steele had been employed through fusion g.p.s. the opposition research firm in the contract was taken out by perkins koyo which was the law firm of hillary clinton's campaign. the scandal has erupted over a new york times editors a racist tweets dating back years of details on that story much more coming up you are watching our two international stay with us.
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disinflation very little inflation for decades interest rates have gone down for thirty years markets a rally for thirty years now the whole thing is reversing interest rates are going up so is inflation so we'll see how that plays out if wages rise faster than inflation. as such then trying to wonder if wages don't rise as fast as this neo inflation then we have trouble. would. be put themselves on the line. to get except the reject. so when you want to be president and you. want. to go on to be
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pros this is what before three of them or can't be good. i'm interested always in the water out. the back this is our team international controversy has broken out over a new tech editor hired by the new york times as it turns out. has a record of racist tweets dating back several years though she has since deleted some of them the revelation has caused an uproar on social media some have even accused the newspaper of double standards.
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oh man it is kind of sick how much joy i get out of being cruel to old white man. he must be so boring to be white council white people. democrats have refined racism precisely so people like sarah jones can say racist things and still get jobs at the new york times would the new york times be so forgiving if white was replaced with black new york times i am an older white guy and you find it ok with sarah jong inflammatory racist comments to be just fine shame on your double standard. sour understands that this type of french rick is not acceptable of the times and we are confident that she will be an important for us for the editorial board moving forward.
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its rector of the blockbuster guardians of the galaxy movies james dunn was just fired after offensive tweets dating from two thousand and eight i guess. today a.b.c. stepped up did the right thing canceling the hit reboot of roseanne after the star of the show roseanne barr doing something so abort i wish i didn't have to repeat it. all you have to do is take these tweets that she said and change it to tino change it to black or even just say when men in the place of whites and people would have burned the new york. times down all over the fact that they were defending her behavior of course there's a double standard what i'm asking for is not that we burn any buildings down not
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that we fire every one but that we come to terms with a neutral standard that everyone can adhere to and that everyone can comply with what she said should be allowed merely because the targeted group is the racial majority we should never be encouraging people and certainly not at the wall at the new york times to use racial categorizations as a basis for casting aspersions we should never do that black white or brown. china says it will impose retaliatory tariffs on us imports of washington goes ahead with a threat to ramp up duties on chinese goods threaten to tariffs mark the second round of the ongoing trade dispute between the two countries the customs tour of
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commission of the state council decided to slap an additional tariff of fifteen or twenty five percent on one hundred twenty eight items of products imported from the u.s. from april second two thousand and eighteen chinese forced to take contra measures if the u.s. site persists in putin instead of measures into effect beijing said it would impose tariffs on sixty billion dollars worth of u.s. goods including coffee tea and industrial chemicals the statement came after washington stated it was considering new duties on two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese goods the list of products to be targeted by the u.s. tariffs is extensive but mostly focuses on chinese produced telephones t.v.'s and other high end technology items jeffrey albert tucker editorial director of the american institute for economic research believes there can be no winners in a trade war. well i'd like it to end today and in fact it never should have begun because the only victims here are american consumers american producers chinese
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consumers chinese producers there's nobody who wins from a trade war and there doesn't seem to be any end to it and i think there won't be any end to it for a very long time as a matter of fact you know if you look back to to march peter navarro the trade advisor at the white house said that no countries would dare retaliate against us tariffs so i have the sense that maybe there is a certain level of naivety operating in the middle of all the white house and the trade advisories and trump in particular that they really believe that this is just going to be just massive assertion of american power that hasn't turned out that way. in terms of the rest of the world other people do resent.


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