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station in order to refute the facts regarding what we offer to the united nations community concerning the violations that have been committed by the syrian regime against the civilians which includes the use of chemical weapons as well as the violations that have been committed by the russian army during their operations in syria tell me about doc in each the boy whose photos were awards he was covered in dust and the white helmets bordley saved his life. the truth is as you know i'm run doesn't he she is home was bombed and he was extracted by our teams from under the rubble we did not photograph in the source of the photograph that was published was not to the white helmets but a journalistic reporter we saved him and his brother who stayed in hospital for several months until he recovered we were surprised at the way he was used and exploited by the russian government to speak in the media. on that me she's father been given the safety and been taken to a safe place he would have spoken differently than he did under the threats of the
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syrian regime he knows well that's we saved his son and his brother who stayed in hospital for several months until his full recovery because mohamed. told us actually the photograph was used to exploit him with regard to the white helmets they primarily work with the press it's a professional tool they are using we had a pulitzer prize winning journalist seymour hersh on the program telling us the way to hell that's your propaganda organization in truth a man's father is obliged to speak in that way and he's not in total safety under the regime that has announced the assassination of eleven thousand convicts in the prisons over the last few weeks alone he is obliged to speak that way and i understand his position however we know that we have fulfilled our duty when we rescued his two sons from under the rubble after they were bombed by the syrian regime this is our duty and we do not expect thanks from anybody for fulfilling our duty towards our own people in syria as for the other journalists i don't know who they are the journalist. you are referring to those who have come up with such talk
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unless they are part of those journalists that create propaganda against the white helmets which have become known by the name we do not feel the need to respond to them because they are aware of the fact that they are lying and we know that they are lines were in any way helmets also evacuated to a deliberate this year as part of the evacuation plan to northern syria you know yes the evacuation of some of them yes the volunteers have been evacuated with their families to the city of italy what was it like for them traveling in the russian buses i understand with isis and al qaeda linked groups communion they want transported in russian buses the buses were sponsored by the evacuation process was sponsored by the red presents and there was a deal between the opposition parties and russia however when they were moved to italy they did so on the names that were different from their real names and they didn't explain that they were volunteers with the white helmets by fear of the revenge that they could have been subjected to they were afraid and worried we were
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in direct communication with them throughout their journey and they were afraid during their journey until they reached a safe place which was the point where they were receiving the syrian government says it's just plating. linked groups and al qaeda linked groups british government in a freedom of information request said that you document war crimes for the british government is that would you send the british government gotten out of the city in truth the syrian war is a global issue it's no longer the issue of the syrian regime alone we know that the party that negotiates in syria in support of the syrian regime is russia and the parties that negotiate in other areas are other countries this issue is no longer syrian in syria the issue is also an international one and it now needs an international trial and an international court in order to hold accountable those who have committed violations in syria from all sides as everybody knows this the regime has used chemical weapons in syria on the fourth of april twenty seventh seen. as that is according to the report that was produced by the. joint
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investigation committee wherein constituted by the decision of the security council had stated in its report dated on the twenty eighth of october twenty seventh seen that the syrian regime has used sarin gas in a home and resulted in ninety one dead and five hundred thirty nine wounded because of this we are in need of an international trial for the judgment of those who have committed violations in syria in order to reach peace and stability in syria yes the o.p.c. w. hasn't said whether it was the way helmets the syrian government the russians the british who used the chemical weapons and i didn't say that the o.p.c. w is the one that made the statement i said the joint investigation committee which is constituted by the decision of the security council in twenty fifteen is the one that produced the report on the twenty eighth of october twenty seventh and said that the syrian regime is the party that stands behind the attacks that took place on the fourth of april twenty seventh you can refer to the report it's available in the security council website and it was published on the twenty eighth of october twenty seventh seen ok just finally about documenting war crimes the journalist
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vanessa believes the daughter of a former senior british diplomat who are attention to the beheading of a twelve year old abilities neural sinking in july twenty sixth abducted near a white helmet base in ireland sorry why is there no white helmet documentation of the killing of this boy. first of all vanessa billie's not a journalist that makes reliable reports because she knows that she is not truthful and she does not work in an unbiased way when russia stop the o.p.c. double teams from going to do much to check the place for the use of chlorine gases in the last few bombings vanessa beatty was present there herself the russians allowed her to access that particular place when they did not allow the international teams to do the same for this reason we cannot confirm any news that have come from vanessa dealey we did not know about that place we did not know about that issue we only heard about it through social media and we deny the story
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we did not see that event to publish or announce its we have denied that incident and it does not abide by the international humanitarian content rules and regulations and certainly if in these aren't. thank you. thank you very much. coming up in part two of going underground we speak to journalist who has been on the ground in syria really a longtime critic of the white helmets to listen more coming up about two of going underground. join me every thursday on the alex simon sure and i'll be speaking to us from the world of politics sport i'm showbusiness i'll see you then.
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welcome back in the first half of today's going underground we talked to the head of the british backed white helmet organization. well i'm joined now by a journalist referred to by riot and has been on the ground in syria during the war her accounts of different widely from those of the white helmets and she joins me now by skype from bordeaux in france for that's a thanks for going back on the show this goes straight to what bridles others said about you he said you were biased and truthful and that while the o.p.c. w. were not allowed into the site of a chemical attack in do were you were allowed in protected by the russians that's an interesting theory i mean that this russian agent many men is now wearing a little bit then i'd like to make the point that the white helmets were actually being investigated as far back as two thousand and fourteen by researchers like corey morningstar and starting in two thousand and fifteen or so before russia team before any russian media channels got involved in two thousand and sixteen and i'd also like to point out that i didn't actually and to do him until after the o.p.c.
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w team had been allowed to grow in the syrian government and the russian reconciliation teams expedited the entry of the i.p.c. w. team into syria but it was deemed dangerous by by the syrian arab republic and by the russian military police and by the un department for safety and security for them to go into dhimmitude quickly because it's the risk of i e d's booby traps mines sleeper cells and in fact when they did try to enter one point i think it was on the eighteenth of april they were fired upon and they had to withdraw very quickly at that point there were two fatalities and i think at least one injured so to claim that the syrian government or that the russian reconciliation teams were not enabling the entry at the a.p.c. ws rubbish i answered as part of a media trip over. nice by the ministry of information and like any other media
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outlet that goes into syria in fact on the team that i went in with were i.t.v. dan rivers and a number of other mainstream media channels so i'm quite sure that i t v would not like to be described as having had their entry facilitated by russia. and as i said at the time that we entered i p c w or actually working. they alleged attack site now the question i would like to raise in return is now that they have p c w interim report has been published and it is clear that no sarin was used they only chlorinated elements could quite easily have come from tap water in the area and something is monday is that who were the white helmet working with to stage this provocation because clearly the white home it reports were fake news because the i.p.c.c. doubly report has now discredited their video footage so i would like to ask in return who brought those bodies that were found by the white helmets and other
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organizations what was done to those bodies to prepare them as if it had been a chemical attack why were those bodies rearranged just picked up even by b.b.c. journalist on twitter i should say that obviously the o.p.c. w. did say that sarin was used in country goon and the other incident and as regards what you seem to be implying a fake videos and photos he's as other organizations seeking to discredit the spread fake videos and photos online not them not them that's very interesting because the majority of the evidence against the white helmets actually comes from groups that are affiliated with the word home as i the euphemistically called rebel groups or moderates and also many of the accusations come from syrian civilians themselves. who are there allegedly to document what crimes against all sides will be discrediting the evidence. given i think an stammen against the armed militant
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groups funded and backed by the west as fake news or as evidence that is being promulgated to discredit the word how much they appeared to do a very good job of that. the the freedom of information request that you go from british authorities said that british funding of the white helmets it's not just a one way deal they have to document war crimes he claims you know nothing about the twelve year old daughter who you've written about being a abducted near a white helmet central and sorry and then being beheaded. yeah absolutely i went to the alan sorry center. down here eons this year and i visited the white helmet center that which was again next door to a new store front center next door to the terrorist media center there were isis like i was painted on the walls of the buildings next door to the white home and center arms and weapons were found inside the alan sorry what helmet center in bahrain line they sent
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a feature in the last man and i love the second oscar nominated movie pretty star on the white home ice by affiliates of the white house and that's. very much promoted which in fact was very much a revisionist project erasing the existence of mr fronts and other splinter groups terrorist groups extremist groups sectarian groups that were operating in a celeb or in carrying out a trustee's against the syrian civilians i walked from the island sorry center to serco which is where our abilities are a twelve year old palestinian child was tortured and publicly the had it despite pleading to be allowed to be killed humanely now is right solid trying to tell me that one of the main white home it sent is that feature as in one of their major promotional vehicles last men and i've heard that there were no white helmet present at the center during that execution or if they were not present there
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during the execution why did they not at least document that crime which was i mean that was not only documented on social media it was documented across mainstream media because it was so hard to ignore and it raised questions about the us funding of the great northern sinky who were ahead as an executed. you don't see it as possible that white helmets did indeed have to flee. in a while and sorry because they are solid just told us that they have to flee areas sometimes i don't know maybe because the russians are in asterix and their equipment is used by other group. again that discredits them in the eyes of journalists like you i'm not sure what he means by their equipment is used by other groups but if he's suggesting that i their material was planted to discredit them at those various what he said they leave and right then that doesn't explain the mountain of civilian testimony that i gathered burthen east
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a lebanese group. that fundamentally accused the white how much of crimes against the syrian people of participating in a number of crimes committed by you know sort of front and other extremist factions against the syrian people and those include of course summary execution of civilians excuse by james limousin army and they m i five creator of the white house and that's as being committed under sharia law so he's basically indorsing our hobby doctrine and east elaborate but they were also involved in the kidnapping of children according to syrian somebody in testimony which i believe should be addressed as a crime let's get to testimony because i raise the subject of all miranda commish the famous boy who was photographed covered in dust the white helmet. leader rather as i said he was never filmed by the white helmet the boy was saved by the white elephant as it was a brother and his father's interview on this job amongst other outlets was under
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duress from the syrian authorities he would never say the guy did things that he said to r.t. that if the syrian authorities were not forcing him to again a very interesting and sperry but unfortunately full of holes and i actually met with around that nation his family and his father mohamed that me and last year as did eva but let another independent journalist who has worked extensively on the ground inside syria and the story that we were told of course is that the image of on the ground was exploited. if not specifically by the white helmet certainly by the entire p.r. team that manufactures the image of the white home it's including kenneth roth including the syria campaign and in fact it was used extensively to promote their nomination for the nobel peace prize in two thousand and sixteen by as i say a number of their p.r. agencies so while they may claim that they didn't directly use or exploit the image
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of armor on the clear exploitation of the tragedy of. plight to promote war which will effectively kill more children was carried out by the what how much and their handlers and however when i went to the area and i met by some around and his family it was in the attack was in the hell category area so i went and met other families from that area and what they told me was that it was not a syrian government asteroid or a russian as strike it was shelling from the terrorist factions because that area was not going to be inhabited by those who were loyal to the syrian regime and in fact through the syrian government and in fact throughout the occupation of a celebrity that area had been targeted various houses had been detonated destroyed and members of families had been kidnapped and tortured and then executed purely because they were considered to be loyal to the syrian government so the entire but
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granted the amount story that of course is being revealed after the liberation of eastern operate from the terrorist groups and the white house let's reveals the fact that actually right salary is not very clear in his facts and ok well one thing he was very clear about was the fact that the white helmet is currently work with the free syria police the closest mainstream media in this country got to talking about rebel involvement in al-qaeda linked groups was a b.b.c. better on the programme surprised that he admitted working with the free syrian police which the b.b.c. . linked to al qaeda is java the list of yeah i am surprised and perhaps it it explains the extent to which your it demonstrates the extent to which they screw up and its members and its leaders consider them to be protected by the intelligence agencies who are behind the funding of them in the u.k. and the us and the e.u. member states in qatar cetera. and the very fact that the
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free syrian police i believe in the panorama program the b.b.c. stated that these operations could not could not work without the control or without the permission of news for front and various other extremist groups now the british government is behind the funding of the free syrian place the local councils and the what home that all three of those organizations have been demonstrated through mine vest occasions with the help ticket have khaled escaped a local journalist in east in aleppo who worked with me independently on the documentation that we found in there is what homemade centers but all of those three organizations are are led by and managed by members of extremist groups such as for example abdul aziz martyr b. who was actually president of the local council in two thousand and thirteen but also founded the what how much group in a celebrity i was a member of news were from and was also associated where katty babu
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a mother who with the extremely brutal security group that worked with her front well the white home is can claim affiliation to these terrorist groups and they will claim that there are a few bad apples if there are a few bad apples committing the atrocities that the white how much have been showing to be committing and participating in among the syrian arab red crescent for example or in the red cross that would be international outrage instead what we see is a complete blanket protectionism can't. laine waged by western media western governments think tanks institutions including the un should protect this group and that's a really thank you and no doubt james the missouri the u.n. and the u.k. department for international development would deny allegations against them we hope to put specific other allegations right outside all of the white helmets next time he's on the show but that's if it is going on the road will be back on monday to investigate alleged u.k. police corruption with former metropolitan police chief inspector rod charles until
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then people judge of us via social media will be on monday fifty eight years to the day cuba formally nationalized all u.s. and foreign owned property on the island its finance minister che guevara would be assassinated by cia backed forces seven years later. disinflation very little inflation for decades the interest rates have gone down for thirty years on markets and rally for thirty years now the whole thing is reversing interest rates are going up so is inflation so we'll see how that plays
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out if wages rise faster than inflation. as such then trying to wonder if wages don't rise as fast as this neo inflation then we got trouble. over the got lucky on the. muscle we're going to see i know you'll feel it's going to money. he got one michael. shared. the one most believe he himself is not only behind but we are in games.
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a very. little to do with. i'm young boy i wish i could but i don't know not at all i don't know. if i'm not too slow to school. harmful cumple formal. role model can come out for. coming for coming on my office come on. i've got about. one. mile on my money by far above all. have been several attempts to strip the lawn of its biosphere reserve status a local ecologists have forms to pretend that you can see from them and from the
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right then lost among will work for certain projects that they started and. said that bob first only if there are still poor you know and it helps protect us from the good but again there are new system and plunderers to select for example of this is a good thing here because this is these are only guys and become known as among groups that's where sometimes they're. losing. one general the west. the high ranking general for. beauty or discuss the. when you know. ahead of the money that is the illegal things and you know they're trying to. piece the poor. little money. they will obey your order let them sign in
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a place. and they never thought that that he learns are only beginning taken out. for years. sometimes years by force should normally be the answer but then that some scientists. who have managed to do might do i remind you. you up on you know one in an. airport arms in a second planet who are enough. by the ground rid of their. own for you know for you from lamont i mean you know. there's no position i'm going you know i.
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don't know i mean don't back it going to go popular must have been know to do mining and indeed while. i'm cool with michael i figured it was i mean in. the knowledge that well i did. but i am going to bust out the number one are not going to go what. are you. going to. write i don't larking you began you lump it i write i don't know how long a million million indeed i'm just i'm not beyond india nominee we've been taught to be have been you don't quite know what you're doing and not one i've got back to you can you go ok i'm charming and you can. hear in groups point there i mean mining companies and the moralist see. problem they can have very now yes you can corporation before you can secure this act i think there should be a municipal indorsement there should be public consultation there was none. but he
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told me from the in our. fifty million faceless lists who are some of the officials in the in our story that i think we need to be sure. to. do as an alternative to poaching tribes people are recruited to work with tourists and. anybody but. on the.
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military in the gun. only. along. now only. i was not really going to run on it. but only in the. valley and on and on what i've been. moneymakers when i got into. the. illegal. syrian and. numbers you know know and enough and i want you to know. but much of it with. no effect on my memory
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in the lot to do it. might be going up on me. but i am on. the move back to the. shop and i want to get a much needed one hundred on it you bought one for your help on easy. and. others you know we. english and i'm making sure. he does that mean for you and are you. that is. what i know i know well i would. no longer be outdone by your dick an open mind. is a.


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