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in iran and at the same time if they're follow their dictate from washington the potential of those companies being penalized in the european union so it puts these companies in a very difficult situation but this i think is only applicable to the very large multinational corporation is that have exposure to different regions perhaps the as amy sector the slump is a small to medium enterprises that are operating in the european union they may want to do trade with iran and because they have no exposure possibly with their u.s. market therefore they'd be able to stand up and continue doing business with iran. took over the streets of chicago this weekend with numerous bystanders caught up in the crossfire twelve people were killed and sixty six others injured including several children but they say the gangsters in the city simply don't fear the law.
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the being killed in chicago is an imbecile combo locals have taken to calling their hometown shy rat. one of the biggest street gangs selling drugs with my only option so bad for my child at the time. how easy is it going to go there is a reward. we need to create a culture of accountability picking up a gun and using it. local politicians are now appearing to the president to intervene directly even though
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the city's mayor was declared chicago a trump freeserve and i think what he's doing is wrong for the direction the city i think is not how i wanted the election to turn out and so we've declared chicago's going to try to be a trump free zone we have to make sure that prison from recognize that not everyone believes that chicago is a trump free zone yet these series about helping the people and chicago is close on the west side of chicago except hisself. well the gang violence took place right off a street protest on a people claim the bloodshed has been caused by official corruption in the city respect to gregory livingston who organized the demonstration. congo was intentionally segregated segregated in terms of geography so segregated in terms of educational assets health care assets capital investment funds it's been secretary to for quite a long time matter of fact we martin king said all throughout the softie had march
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but chicago was the most segregated city he had ever been in and we're still facing the the the byproduct of this legacy because when you segregate the city you insulate one part of the city it's such a way in comfort and you ostracize the other and a lack of a lack of assets poverty challenge of disadvantage which generate a certain level of violence. and other headlines american soldiers have been banned from using fitness tracker apps we'll have more on that story and others just after this short break. seems wrong. to see.
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just. how to. find themselves will supply. just of the common ground. what politicians to do something to. put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. or somehow want to listen. to the right to be for us this is what i'm up for three more can't be good. i'm interested always in the water using my. back question.
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welcome back to out international chemical weapons experts heading to being a start of a spring next week to probe the nerve agent poisoning in a town which left one person that a lot of severely ill. the experts from the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons returned to the u.k. to continue their work to independently confirm the identity of the nerve agent which resulted in the death of one british national in amesbury and left another seriously ill presumably they're going to be able to try to help move the investigation forward we do know that they will be collecting further sound balls they will be sending those back to o.p.c. w. labs and then reporting back to the u.k. and of course this comes as investigators continue to try to piece together what it is exactly that unraveled on june thirtieth and amesbury one two british citizens were taken to a hospital and treated on suspicions of novacek poisoning and of course one of
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those people died and what it is that happened on march fourth when former double agent sergei script hall and his daughter yulia were poisoned leading to a major international scandal because still as we speak right now today both of these cases continue to be plagued really with the lack of any tangible findings some of the latest details circulating here in the british press have included cleans citing sources close to the investigation that police had reportedly identified two suspects in the poisoning claiming that they were russians those reports even suggested that british authorities are getting ready to ask for those people to be extradited however those are very quickly played down in russia of course said that they've received no such request and have talked about the number of speculations that have been flying around involving these cases says the salzburg incident there have been no less than one hundred reports based on leaks and unnamed sources that's why we shouldn't rely on this information we don't trust
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unconfirmed reports in the media hopefully with this latest upcoming o.p.c. w. visit more information will be shed on those two cases security analyst charles troubridge says it could get even harder for the british government and media to stand by their story. the question of course is that he's been asked is whether it's going to be the same batch what it's going to be actually linked this new finding of novacek if it turns out that they weren't linked that of course would stretch the level of for imagination coincidence really to incredibly incredibly in a way because that would suggest that there were two separate proxy or perhaps two sources of novacek and therefore i think even the british government you've already alluded in your report to the various different leaks and different stories that have come out in the british media i think even the british media and british government would be hard pressed to explain that particular coincidence but we
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factually got it from the u.k. authorities is a media blackout that media blackout has lasted now for more than five months there have been you can count on one hand the number of times police have made a statement about this cripple case or the end of a case combined most of those are literally public information around public safety issues very unusually for such an intensive investigation such a high profile high profile investigation. in other news the son of a jailed bahraini opposition figures going on hunger strike over his father's alleged mistreatment in prison. is protesting outside the country's london embassy he spoke to r.t. .
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my father was seventy years or serving life in prison and behind bars they thought chilling in the military and they are really in denial from medical treatment there for me to visit the x. is the book even what i thought i. spied my father the court for robbing the decatur of regime in my country i'm talking not about the basic rights which is medical treatment to man who is seventy years old. i'm calling for family visitation because he couldn't i mean see my family and me to form a team if you must what is the reason for denying medical people for seventy years one man there is not nor a possibility there is not
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a support reason. he continues to receive medical attention along with these prescribed medications and the special diet a spiral of his medical regime i wrote a letter to a movie and for human rights organization about my father situation because nothing changed and they've been my father is dying biscotti. we asked the bahraini foreign ministry to comment on the claims of prisoner abuse were waiting to receive their response. the pentagon has banned the use of your location tracking applications by its soldiers saying they can put missions at risk if we do immediately defense department personal approval to add from using jewel occasion features and functionality on government and non-government issued device these applications and services. needed as operational areas
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a memo comes after revelations earlier this year that secret american bases could be found when searching for jogging tracks on the global map of the fitness platform started in two thousand and seven strother has more than one billion jogging and cycle routes logged by users around the world close analysis that revealed concentrated patterns in remote areas in northern syria and afghanistan which it's claimed is likely to be troops keeping fit strivers defended its data saying all users have to opt in to be shown on the map. and we just spoke to retired u.s. army major general paul valery he told us such restrictions will only increase in the future. you can take your i phone your other so phones know and others can track you family members and so on but when it comes to operational areas there are troops are fighting in or operating and we certainly don't want anybody especially the enemy to be able to track their location target them you have to keep in mind
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many of your soldiers have their own private cell phones that they use for personnel matters to family also you have government issued so phone satellite phones that are given to the troops in the field to use cell phones have to be restricted only from the standpoint. there are communicating with family and other members i think it's going to be even more restrictive in the future because of where technology is today did twenty eight thing and the ability for others to tap into your phone conversations or actually through social media or facebook or whatever may be. thousands of syrian refugees returning home as the government forces drive out the last pockets of minutes of resistance it's a long awaited homecoming for many families some news outlets they want to see the situation slightly differently as ati's he goes off explains. a brutal despot a mass murderer a children gassing animal the nicknames the international media tag the syrian
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president bashar assad with self-explanatory as to why seven million syrians had fled the country since two thousand and eleven pundits prophesies the dictatorship must come down before anyone would dare to go home when we asked them about president bashar al assad they said they don't want he dead because that would be too easy is the syrian government in fact more than isis that has ruined their lives and led to so much of the refugee crisis they escape with their children and if you possessions but as they cross the border to safety many also bring their hatred of the man they blame for leaving them homeless come twenty team the syrian army is one by one retaking new areas from opposing factions and he assad forces once in charge of the larger part of syria are reduced to two small pockets of land
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and what's that a tide of refugees is coming home we want to go back we want to return to our beloved syria i want my daughter to have a future she doesn't have it here and then we want to go back to syria return to our home alicia said as for why i am going back there is no place like home we were not happy here thank god safety and security of back in syria and danny now we are hopefully returning home it's not a case of a few mad men who are for some twisted reason seeking to return under the regime of a tyrant according to the russian defense ministry out of those seven million that escape the conflict more than one and a half are seeking to come back to syria now there's more the path has already been paved for them the u.n. recorded more than seven hundred thousand series. who returned last year and began rebuilding their lives. we opened
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a shop here thank god electricity is back and life went back to normal again i want to fix my home leave here and sleep with peace of mind of course there are millions who are still too afraid to go back for many it is indeed the dread of us stopping them but those who did are returning may very well inspire hundreds of thousands more to go back to their roots. from human rights watch told us the people returning home need additional assistance it's difficult to keep track of all the numbers of people that are going back but we do know that some individuals have returned to government territory and the territory that it's been held now by democratic forces the u.s. forces does include displaced from other parts of the country as well as. the richmond area so some syrians are electing to return home others continue to
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remain in countries and other countries for fear that they would be caught out in the conflict or in person persecution by the syrian government there is a construct that the russian government and other governments playing and ensuring that conditions do develop so that more syrians have confidence in return even. though the headline some twenty ultra-orthodox jews have been arrested after clashing with israeli police at a rally against on the conscription. i believe i i that i i was when i heard hundreds of believers block traffic on the streets of the city have been
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a brac they oppose the arrest the religious student who failed to report to military illicit office police used water cannon as they try to break up a city a limited number of religious students in israel are exempt from military service only though if they report your thirty's and prove their status are just as are also furious at a new bill cutting funding for religious colleges that fail to meet their enlistment quotas i that's it for this hour for myself and the team at r.t. here join us in thirty five minutes for the latest global news headlines. live. this is. a church secret indeed just like priests accused of sexually
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abusing children can get away with it literally i like to call this the do graphic solution so what the bishop needs to do then he finds out that the priest is is a perpetrator is simply moves him to a different spot were the previous standards not the highest ranks of the catholic church conceal the accused priests from the police and justice system to that end of the sun as the i and then i conclude that it used these out and. it is felt. that the way to the united states is dangerous for most of the illegal immigrants.
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fortunately most of us thought they would be simple but i want to become lost and i want the last one just about what if many of them look for refuge in the so-called sentry sides the refuse to share information about undocumented migrants with federal authorities the best person to ask than call mom. was you know you know how they are the best i get them out on a quest and what that. they can't what are their options to stay in the country with donald trump in the white house all over for the gravels. also if you hit the if you beat out the deal. i said fitzgerald of many couples won't. kill the chance up or to put impulse response both of you are putting a few of them off the bat. hello
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and welcome to cross talk where all things considered i'm peter lavelle after three years of conflict it has been estimated that out of a population of twenty seven point four million twenty two point two million people in yemen are in need of humanitarian assistance four point five million children and women are suffering malnutrition while two point nine million people are internally displaced this is a humanitarian catastrophe by any measure so why are the u.s. and u.k. so committed to the saudi u.a.e. war on yemen. crosstalk in the tragedy known as yemen i'm joined by my guest well hominum randy into and he's a professor at the university of for them in london we have charles bridge he is
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a security analyst and a former u.k. army and counter terrorism intelligence officer and in brighton we cross to catherine shocked and she is a senior analyst with center all right crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want i always appreciated let me go to charles first. this war has been going on for three years i gave some of the stats encourage our viewers to go to doctors without frontiers and look at their side on yemen the much more detailed much more gruesome i would even say what is the u.k. u.s. interest in this war against the country the poorest country in the middle east what is the thinking behind british foreign policy supporting saudi arabia and the emirates against yemen. i suspect on the one hand you've got u.k. and the u.s. seeing that to some degree and we can come on to that later on their national
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interests are aligned with saudi arabia particularly against iran of course in yemen elsewhere and again you have to question and i'm hoping hopefully later in a poem we will do that in more detail as to why the u.k. and u.s. always seem to see their interests as being in conflict with iran in most instances but also there's got to be a aspect of this which is based on commercial interests of course britain and america supply vast amounts of weaponry and other equipment to saudi arabia the relationship with saudi arabia particularly it's not just saudi arabia involved here is one of course other gulf states as well all of which have very lucrative. commercial contacts with britain and the united states and indeed france and there has been certainly of the last few years a tendency for particularly united kingdom that anything that is saudi arabia supports pretty much britain and america are going to support also we have to
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remember just really how important this relationship particularly saudi arabia is if we think about trump we think about. other government ministers the united states and united kingdom their first port of ports of call when they've been put into office isn't their allies in europe or the states often it's usually going off to see two players both of whom are vitally important to british and particular interests one of those is israel and the other one always saudi arabia and so really i think this war is becoming increasingly and embarrassment not just war but the blockade and everything else that goes with it is becoming embarrassment to western leaders as invariably parts of it creep into media coverage because there's been a look at all account as yet the last three creep creep but also if they will they will continue to support it catherine let me go to you in brighton ok so we've got a little bit of the background the reason why. if we can use that term for the british and the americans so what does fifty three me. for the saudis in the us the
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genocide i mean what what do they hope to what is the end goal here go ahead but the end goal was basically this iteration of the have would have cried to two thousand and eleven when the people decided to to rise up against the then you know regime where the us i would europe that was in control of yemen and yemen's political future as well as economical future and i think that this is what they're trying to do trying to revert back to you know the situation that we had you know treaties other than f. and that is not going to happen because people have learned that they have a right to but it tickles that determination and they understand you know the majority of yemeni youngest and that's why i would your advice is not that to promote a greater yemen or even to promote a greater future for yemen but rather you know you have yet another country a client state that would remain forever tied up to yemen. i mean just very quickly when we talk about you know british and the u.s. siding with saudi arabia because of the fear and animosity that i have to would see
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iran we need to be very careful here to understand that yemen is a proxy only in the eyes of britain and the u.s. because they reason the iranian influence in yemen represents your graphically an advantage and it's sitting on very important waterways needed to really it of course because of all routes which is why britain and the u.s. all are interested in yemen in the first place it has nothing to do with the fact that you want to have the na in yemen but rather because of the geography and where yemenis is situated in relation to iran and the rest of the country and i think it's an important point because we need to stop this narrative that iran you know has an interest in trying to promote unrest in yemen that's not the case if anything iran need stability in the region to be able to itself you know you know stabilize its own borders and everything else that goes with it i think that's really glad you brought that up because there is a. and determination issue in yemen that is never brought up in the mainstream media and charles already brought up the issue that is always mentioned i'm going
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to go to mohammed now into rant it's all iran's fault as usual i mean you pick the day of the week it's russia's fault or rand's fault here now i'm willing to agree that iran may have some kind of involvement on some level now but not in two thousand and eleven that was what how this was sold so do you intervention in the first place here but it's always a rance fold it's a proxy war it's far more than a proxy war as catherine has pointed out go ahead mohamad into around this is one of the excuses that western countries in the western media use in order to justify the crimes being committed by their governments the canadian government american and british and french governments are involved in crimes against humanity and they are just as guilty as mohamed been solomon and the saudi regime and all this without them he couldn't be carrying out these crimes the americans are providing all sort of source of the just simple support so they need to justify it somehow
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obviously for anyone to know for who knows anything about what's going on the yemenis do not have the ability to have any meaningful contact with iran there's no way that the iranians can help them in a meaningful way because they're completely surrounded the americans and the saudis and others have laid siege on the country they're preventing food from getting in there and forcing starbase starvation they've been doing this for years now and the western media they call it a proxy war or they try to somehow blame the victims in gaza in order to again justify their policies but it's obvious that this country is surrounded the overwhelming majority of the population is living in the areas controlled by. the law and their allies the popular committees and so on after all these years after over three and a half years with all the internal foreign support american support european
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support mercenaries from from different countries blackwater and an american and french official military presence on the ground sudanese mercenaries after all you know with all the money that the saudis and their marti's are spending if they cannot capture the capital of the country that shows that it is the will of the people of yemen that prevents them from doing so that shows that the resistance against the saudis and the americans is in the gentleman and popular resistance but that's something that they don't want to see because that makes c.n.n. that makes the new york times the guardian the b.b.c. all of them run against their own government if they point these out that humiliates their own government position charles i have noticed that what scant coverage there is on the cable stations the iran card is always almost always
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played first ok and there is not the not not there isn't a willingness to admit that are serious war crimes are being committed and i'd like to point out the the who these also have been accused of that in all fairness but this is a very tragic conflict. again you know what is the endgame here because i mean what just reading the stats i mean this is a country humanitarian situation that is winding down very whiney out of control in a very serious way i mean cholera i mean something that is virtually wiped out in the world this comeback in the benjamin's there and there seems to be no cry whatsoever from the media i mean it makes them culpable go ahead charles. oh if there is outcry as you've already kind of hinted at it's a humanitarian situation that seems to have risen out of nothing but this is a famine that there are hundreds of thousands of children not in education but
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there is as you say for the second year running now the danger of a cholera epidemic breaking out as if this is got nothing to do with the fact that this war has been visited upon this people by saudi arabia and its allies but particularly of course what's missing from the western media coverage is that they see war this assault on this country as you point out one of the poorest countries on earth and facing terrible predicament for its people that this assault on this country is enabled totally by britain america and france particular britain and america in supplying the weapons that are being used against the yemeni people and of course study after study from independent organizations from monitoring groups human rights groups as well as the u.n. itself have shown repeatedly that there has been almost no care taken to prevent civilian casualties we're talking about the humanitarian situation that is largely been caused by the.


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