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tv   News  RT  August 11, 2018 11:00am-11:31am EDT

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if she can hold her own on the court for the l.a. lakers she looked for years i bet you can do it a vulnerable senate dems says i'm fine with more money for the border wall you thought congressional democrats and republicans were enemies but democrats are actually passive aggressive wives. honey i'm sorry i broke the healthcare are you upset. when i threw out these taxes for the rich. i did on you with the tea party candidate. just pick up your dirty socks and in other news d.c. is under siege by once a premises for a unite the right rally and yet think they're trying to protest their twenty three and me results. in other news the most liberal city in america is having a midlife crisis the new york city school system is the most segregated in the country and the city is under fire for hiding a study that the bunks
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a plan to desegregate elite high schools new york city would really do anything to avoid real integration the chancellor even suggested that students of different socio economic backgrounds become pen pals. and. it was a loan dance the chicken nuggets was. again in. this program already exists in chicago and even though every credible study shows that real desegregation leaves to academic success these studies fail to account for the fact that new york city has a lot of rich and angry parents that's all for now but if you're in the d.c. area this weekend nazis are planning a friendly day in the park so consider this your official invitation to my nurse
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and bird themed ball for dr tonight will be obnoxious we know we will be back the week after that and this coming week levy will have a brand new redacted v.i.p. so don't miss that youtube dot com slash for adapted tonight until next time goodnight and keep on fighting. when lawmakers manufacture consensus instead of public wealth. when the running closest project themselves. with the famous merry go round lifts and be the one person. doing all middle of the room sit. in the real news is.
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first. of all the. ga shows don't get also documented on the first takes. us to any length to tell you. the first. eight today to leave it to most digit does. some shooting but as the senior girl. was on i thought. it was a bit surreal. but they were. fortunate in that one of the most of those in the
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us to whom you've heard. this morning smile at. virtually never great is founded on the rape and murder. nothing changed so we said in. response to these situations that we're dealing with. people here is sad every day she is just sad people kill each other blacks are killing children. so it was just no way that people are going to just sit back and allow children to be shot down law enforcement. this
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country doesn't work for us it doesn't function for. this this can't be happening in america we call from the streets we've got to deal with why this is the reason i have to rat like this is the reason. we have no idea what's safe he's doing on the vacation but she will be back on air in september. two palestinians are killed and over two hundred are injured and the latest on rest on the israeli gaza border. also this hour
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a senator from florida says russia has penetrated the u.s. state's voter registration system head of the midterm elections but state authorities say there's zero evidence to support that claim. and an empty passenger plane crashes in washington state in the u.s. after being stolen by an airline employee who was reportedly suicidal. this is our change our national coming to life from the russian capital welcome to the program. two palestinians have been killed in over two hundred injured in the latest violence at the israeli gaza border the protest erupted after a cease fire deal between hamas militants and israel came into effect on thursday that agreement meant ending all rocket fire on israel in airstrikes on the gaza strip journalist who. was at the latest protest.
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a little bit meters away from chanting slogans like i was ready. to i was. right and they're letting the roadsides. it's right if i says i didn't do frightening. the scene in protesters. the policy protesters have been burning tires to alert the bridgend of they certainly snipers that the israeli forces continue to use live ammunition or scores of the kids have been injured at least five are in severe critical condition i thought into what i saw today and according to all of the injuries. i have to tell you that to you guys that are being thrown today is
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a new complication on the palestinians listing is not complete is of katyn summing up the twentieth friday of the great march of return a palestinian prime minister was killed while one hundred ten were injured forty the french yuri's were treated in the medical point seventy were treated in and the hospitals and transferred directly to the hospitals where their injuries were not to easy five permit explore in jordan palestinian journalist was also injured and the number states and show would dedicate how the put the israeli forces continue their violence i got the palestinians for the twentieth friday live ammunition and tear gas have been filling the place as sense the pa the sense the beginning of the protest protest would continue and the israeli today also used tank shelling on the protestors. what's been happening at the border began almost five months ago since
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then over one hundred sixty posting means have been killed and thousands more injured mass protests dubbed the march a return are largely supported by the hamas group but thousand to protest the israeli occupation of palestinian territory. the israeli military says its soldiers opened fire in self-defense acting in accordance with standard procedures they claim protesters threw explosives and entered israeli territory. a democratic senator from florida hoping for reelection in the upcoming midterm vote so as russia has hacked the state's voter registration system authorities there say there's no information to support that claim killed off and reports. bill nelson democratic senator from florida has some alarming news he says that russia has hacked its way into the state's voter registration records they have already penetrated certain counties in the state and they now have free rein to move the boat well time demand the battle stations this is big news except for some reason
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no one in florida has ever heard about it there are revelle from the florida department of state says that no law enforcement is aware of anything of this nature she says they have received zero information from nelson about his claim and that the f.b.i. the d.h.s.s. and all the florida law enforcement have is observed nothing of the kind the department of homeland security in washington d.c. has now confirmed that they've never heard about it spokesperson sarah sendek says that it didn't happen to she says we have not heard any news of compromises by russian actors of the election infrastructure build nelson however says he has obsessional inside information about russian hackers in florida but he can't tell us the details because it's classified he can't tell us which counties have been hacked because it's classified and he can't tell us who told him this you guessed it it's classified nobody in florida has heard of it the department of homeland
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security has not heard about it but let's take bill nelson at his word let's say the russians actually have hacked into the voting records don't you think that bill ought to be giving whatever information he has to the d.h.s.s. and to florida officials shouldn't he be telling them before he tells the media if they haven't heard about it yet shouldn't they have heard about it now and shouldn't they now take that information and stop the breach why is bill not swing into action getting all the local and federal officials involved well that's classified so classified that bill is holding all the cards and leaving the rest of america in the dark talk of russia is certainly a headline grabber but this time no one is rushing in to see. they have the unnamed counties in florida and that's what makes it a bit too fishy it sounds a bit like somebody isn't telling the truth and that somebody is a lot closer to miami than the moscow. passenger
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plane has crashed after being stolen from seattle tacoma international airport in the u.s. it was taken by an employee who was reportedly suicidal but no passengers were on board at the time video of the plane flying low over residential areas has been posted online. this is going to be like. what you know. what is happening right now. my phone you got it yes last the airline's q four hundred what the busy doing over here. i don't know really should never be that low
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over here. the plane came down on a small sparsely populated island resulting in a fire witnesses reported seeing military fighter jets chasing the aircraft now it's believed that the suspect died in the crash though nobody has yet been recovered authorities say there is nothing to indicate it was terror related. there's no indication that this was an attack of any kind or a terrorist act of any kind it apparently was somebody who did something wrong did something foolish and may well have paid with his life exactly the circumstances of why this person was flying a small promotional plane with props i have no idea. the stolen plane was an alaska airlines bombardier q four hundred capable of carrying up to seventy six passengers an independent aviation expert we spoke to believes that employees of air companies should be vetted more thoroughly. the report says that
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he's an employee so he already has access airside this is what we call an in an inside the risk is being highlighted over the past several years by various sources including i.r. . you know with all the security measures that we have around with because the passengers it has been warned that we need to start looking into employees but unfortunately it's not a very popular subject within the industry people need to realize that look flying an aircraft is not flying it correctly is the heart so i understand that there's a ton of you know there's astonishment by people how could this go on by the aircraft but this is not the first time. in the sixty's we had a u.s. u.s. air force mechanic stealing a u.s. air force transport aircraft and ending up crashing so this is you know this is nothing new to the industry. spain has become southern europe's biggest hotspot for
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migrant arrivals with almost thirty thousand people arriving so far this year on thursday eighty seven asylum seekers docked in the southern spanish port of all just serious but the local mayor claims that the city doesn't have the resources to cope with them we were not informed of anything as mayor i have to ensure citizens interests and i don't want social imbalance here the spanish have big hearts yes run this issue we have to use our heads because there is not enough money over twenty three thousand refugees came to spain by sea alone in two thousand and eighteen and the massive inflow has sparked concern among people in the spanish capital as well. they go after i don't know we need to take more measures to help this migrants in their countries of origin race but is that one but is comfy do with such grandstanding the law is partly it's all about paul.


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