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tv   Redacted Tonight  RT  August 11, 2018 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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manufacturer of subsists and under the tongue spray containing the powerful baton and only meant for breakthrough pain in cancer patients but while substance is only f.d.a. approved for cancer patients insists thought why should cancer patients be the only people to experience pain relief from subsystem. and that not so legal shift which led several former insistent lawyers the file whistleblower lawsuits alleging that the addictive drug was marketed to patients who suffered from all kinds of pain not just cancer patients with breakthrough pain and detailing dubious sales tactics like taking doctors to strip clubs paying kickbacks for more prescriptions and posing as doctors representatives and where to get insurance to cover the drug according to two different complaints sales reps were trained to tell doctors and patients that the initial one hundred microgram dose was ineffective for all but
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four percent of patients and to convince physicians to double the entry dose so that patients could prevail the drug working remember that better known as fifty times stronger than heroin that's not saying to someone who found eating pop rocks to mild hey have you tried a. god help you if you still mix soda with fact. but insists top brass wanted sales reps that go above and beyond in convincing doctors to prescribe more in order to boost her sales one sales rep said her manager advice through the behaved more sexually toward pain management positions to stroke their hands while literally begging for prescriptions and to ask for the prescriptions as a favor asking the person to basically kill someone isn't a favor favors or asking your friend for a ride to the airport or asking all of your friends the form of privacy circle
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around you so you could be at an outdoor concert. even if they are drunk and forgot they're supposed to look the other way and says took it a step further since insurers need proof from a doctor that their patient meets the criteria for taking subsists says created its own unit called the innocence reimbursement center which would present sure of the pressure of the drug by falsely claiming that they were employed by the doctor prescribing substance or falsifying patient diagnoses and if insurers still sol through that. then insist still could create a loyal base of substance users by providing the drug for free and instant savings on free units of subsidy well. i guess if you're going to die prematurely it might as well be for a discount. that's what i tell myself when i see coupons for k.f.c.
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family meals or skydiving honestly or. accidentally overdosed rather than be crushed in a hand i'm skydived by a man whose tattoo could have used the spell check. so americans that should've never been prescribed substance were hooked and sales reps made sure they were hooked because according to one of the complaints and says sales rep breaking in the box resided this philosophy pain is pain it does not matter whether it is back pain or migraine pages of pain and subsystem treats pain and of that philosophy sounds familiar to you it's exactly how pharma one of the biggest manufacturers of oxycontin operate and they made billions by rebranding pain relief as a god given right and turning pharmacy own internal documents a produce ambition was to attach an emotional aspect to non-cancer pain so that
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doctors would feel pressure to treat it more seriously and aggressively it was produced marketing that spurred an early prices for to kills one hundred fifteen people every day now it's finally no secret that this crisis cares more families apart than having one parent who went to michigan and the other who went to ohio state but where is produce exactly have gone off without any jail time there still could be time served for instance higher ups seven and says top executives including its c.e.o. john kapoor were indicted on fraud and conspiracy charges and face trial and twenty nineteen but as long as a profit motive exists to push these drugs the names subsists will be defined as yet another opioid that got the fenceless americans hooked. and it will never live up to its true potential as the name of the toxic bread vapor and every subway
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restaurant seriously what the fuck is that smell and why is it in every location. reporting from and says headquarters that only may kill redacted tonight so you heard it here subway sandwiches not only make you perverts but can also kill you in other news there is a march every goddamn day and d.c. i've supported several causes just by leaving my apartment to walk my dog i swear i am not at all associated with the movement to abolish the nineteenth amendment door is princess cocoa in the next segment john of a down tells us the protest we should all be attending. everybody. are we still resisting troll prism in all this evil as vile back to the
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ages with everything we've got. how about also reviving decades dormant yet crucial strong and clear weapons movement so we can you know keep the world from being open. that's not good at all there is not been a mass social movement against nuclear weapons since the nineteen eighty s. this is not to say that answer nuclear activism has gone away but public consciousness about nuclear weapons has dissipated and the as a nuclear movement has struggled for visibility and engagement yeah the current and say nuclear movement is kind of like the hair metal band twisted sister. they were
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huge in the eighty's but these days i just saw them perform in front of twelve chubby disinterested baby boomers at the sheboygan wisconsin county fair rumor has it they were paid in funnel cakes. a fierce resistance to nuclear weapons means disrupting the dominant narratives about nuclear weapons as tools of safety and security and peace these are all well and descriptions of the most terrific weapon ever invented need to be challenge and dismantled through conversation academic literature op beds and letters to the editor and public debate. i agree but i'm not sure who views nukes is tools of safety security and peace especially with this guy running the show as part of our trench we must modernize and rebuild our nuclear arsenal i
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hope. that you see the looks on the phases of all the generals every else was blindly clapping but they were like oh my god this madman is going to make this new your up we just know it great we're going to go down as being the generals who follow the order to take out the f. of italy we are so in the history books presidents clinton and obama both made deals to invest billions in a nuclear weapon complex in exchange for the ratification. of treaties that were supposed to limit the testing and deployment of u.s. nuclear weapons swiller alert the united states didn't ratify the test ban yeah not cool in fact obama won a nobel peace prize his first year in office basically for not being vickery i but also largely because of his speech in prague about a nuclear weapons free world i state clearly and with conviction america's
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commitment to seek the peace and security of a world without nuclear weapons. powerful stuff now cut to his last year in office although president obama began his administration with a dramatic public commitment to build a nuclear weapons free world that commitment has long ago dwindled and died it has been replaced by an administration plan to build a new generation of u.s. nuclear weapons estimated cost one trillion dollars that is not peace prize material that is deaf and destruction prize material which should not be rewarded and it doesn't just stop with the u.s. in july of twenty seventeen at the u.n. one hundred twenty two nations voted to adopt the treaty on the prohibition of nuclear weapons that's huge but guess which countries didn't sign off on the treaty
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all of the no nuclear powers the nine countries generally recognized as possessing nuclear weapons the u.s. russia britain china france india pakistan north korea and israel were noticeably absent from the negotiations noticeably absent i'd say so. i mean i get it if you've got a super soaker while pretty much everybody else just says crummy little plastic water pistols you're not going to want to give. it up but it's still. ok bad example it was like really enjoyable watching that child cry but you know what i mean so who has been standing up against nuclear weapons among others i can well not i can well i can and i should
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but i can't it's an it's an acronym it stands for the international campaign to abolish nuclear weapons they were instrumental in developing that twenty seven team prohibition treaty and they currently have multiple initiatives in the works including don't bank on the bomb where they provide information about financial institutions that invest in the nuclear weapons complex in order to urge divestment we should all get involved with i can however we can. that acronym is really threw me off did i mention i can deservedly won the nobel peace prize last year and according to these rallies go as trumps and add. the hit that's very nice thank you. actually it was. hey there resistance how would you feel
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about trump getting the nobel. i couldn't have screamed it better myself reporting from washington john a photo redacted next that segment was brought to you by hall's keeping your throat moist after a long day of shouting we have to go to a quick break but you don't you can check out all of our videos at youtube dot com slash redacted tonight and follow us on twitter at redacted tonight we'll be right back.
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we have no idea what's a fuse doing on vacation but she will be back on air in september. i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter the u.s. has over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten by color timestamping each day . eighty five percent of global wealth he longs to be ultra rich eight point six percent market saw thirty percent rise last year some with four hundred to five hundred three per second per second and bitcoin rose to twenty thousand dollars. china's building two point one billion dollars a i industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only number you need to remember is one in one business shows you can't afford to miss the one and only.
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see a good buy. and it is a. church secret indeed catholic priests accused of sexually abusing children can get away with it quite literally i like to call this the geographic solution so what the bishop needs to do then he finds out that the priest is is a perpetrator is simply moves him to a different spot where the previous standard is not known the highest ranks of the catholic church help conceal the accused priests from the police and justice system to that end of that's known as the end and then i conclude that it is this is out in. the south. you know world big part of the law and conspiracy it's time to wake up
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to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the. showing the past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. welcome back in all their new. finds hundreds of uncounted votes in an already too close to call special election in response to the lost votes ohio does not know what happened last night texas had a bachelor party and it's possible that an entire columbus suburbs ballots are in a g.'s string in a san antonio strip club this comes as no surprise because ohio state was just a few months ago for purging voters the supreme court didn't stop ohio from purging
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so i guess this is a step in the right direction now they let people per ten vote. no. look at you voting who are you voting for elmo. the next segment my friends will be really moving award worthy some might say it's a breakthrough in journalism i present to you a survey of recent supreme court decisions. hello. i was just studying the wall book so i can report on the recent supreme court decisions and understand what experts mean when they say this application and
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a mistake. unfortunately there were no pictures. but what i understand there were serious losses for civil liberties workers rights and takes with tuxedoes on them we have to admit that two men can be very threatening but when this. course. now i will be your guide to arguably the most powerful branch of government the supreme court. now i will be your guide to arguably the most powerful branch of government the supreme. now i will be your god. the supreme court seriously that was not there before the court will soon have
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a replacement for justice kennedy who finally retired from what i thought was a retirement home while people live in fear of what nominee kavanagh might do once the fix was the result on his face they forget to look at the damage the supreme. court has already done for one the court ruled in favor of the masterpiece cake shop owner jack phillips who refused service to a same sex couple citing his first amendment rights and he was worried the cake would come out of the oven. but masterpiece bakery won the battle but lost the war jed at least. the bigger hitter won because a colorado official said one inappropriate word about refusing service it is one of the most despicable pieces of rhetoric that people can use to use their religion to use despicable that's not even something you can bleep that's really disappointing
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but despicable showed anti-religious hostility or in other words religious animus taint it's very surprising they found the taint in an otherwise perfectly legal statement the court didn't deny that gay couples rights were violated but instead declared that the state of colorado was mean to jack phillips so the struggle for the rights continues the next front i sing a south carolina supermarket refused to honor a graduating student in the last debate omitted the middle. it was replaced with hyphen experience was kind of frustrating humiliating because i had to explain to my friends and family like what that meant and they were giggling uncontrollably at least my friends were humiliating well imagine the trouble i faced with the honors i received from my school. according to the a.c.l.u.
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there was a pattern to the court's decisions the supreme court does care about religious animist taint except when it doesn't the courts ruled in favor of the president from field y. and upheld the order because it was plausibly related to national security the taint is hard to find anatomically and legally speaking but he calls it a moslem brand you can see the taint. do you find this disheartening well it's not as bad as a far right german candidate promising to get rid of arabic numerals at least numbers are safe in america but i'm not sure the count tosses a green card vaughan is for first amendment that doesn't apply to me and other non christians. as well fourteen. civil rights did when one round this extremely slow tournament police now need a search warrant to obtain
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a person's historical cellphone location data from their cellular service provider thank incredible one for privacy and incredible loss for the cops who will have to wait on hold for an a.t.m. to representative to get the suspects information thank you for your patience your call is very important to us. the main menu here is still very important to us sorry so this decision has implications for protection of the contents of our emails google searches alexa's google homes and our news reading habits which can easily be surveilled well the government will never know my bias because i found this news tracking website and i just stare at it all day long.
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so you know by the supreme court applies the first amendment to some but not to others another case still to float of public sector unions and the right of an employee to collective bargaining unions are our last line of the defense and an exploitative system where the law always favors the employer over the employee in her dissent justice kagan through some serious. saying the first amendment had been weaponized the first amendment a weapon how can we live in a country where we can no longer count on the principle of sticks and stones nursery rhymes will have to be rewritten to may break my bones but words can hurt me sometimes especially in the fine print of a yearly contract that deprives me of the benefits that since the one nine hundred thirty s. have been guaranteed to american workers. in other news we are still following the
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miss mary mack story and have no updates at the moment in two giant leaps backwards cases for voting rights were lost by the. hamilton county ohio purge thirty thousand minorities veterans and disabled people even though they were registered and eligible because they hadn't voted in two elections the court ruled ohio's use it or lose it policy what's constitutional because purged voters had responded to a postcard asking them to confirm their address i think we should have a paper list post which said you have cordially been invited to be disenfranchised to me that i bring up plus one you can bring up was ten in another case the court ruled that the texas g.o.p. was within its rights to redraw districts along graceful lines in obvious
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gerrymandering taint justice alito dismissed those accusations by declaring. district thing is never easy all these lawmakers just need to be understood and encouraged and then maybe one of these students of drawing districts could be a regular caso overall twenty seventeen terms big wins for big business and big losses for the little people watching this supreme court term was basically like being a brazil friend twenty fourteen but we shouldn't cry it's just our civil liberties not some. twenty teens docket hosts landmark cases on immigrant detention and the death penalty for now though we'll just have to keep on exposing the. recording room like. this caravan
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the day. before i let you go there's been so much important news that we have to cover including a petition saying that the divorce should be replaced by will bron james as education secretary betsy will be faced with a totally fair and objective test to see if she can hold her own on the court for the l.a. lakers she looked for years i bet you can do it a vulnerable senate dems says i know friday with more money for the border wall you thought congressional democrats and republicans were enemies but democrats are actually passive aggressive wives. honey i'm sorry i broke the healthcare are you upset. i threw out these taxes for the rich. i did on you with the tea party candidate. just pick up your dirty socks and in other news d.c.
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is under siege by once a premises for a unite the right rally i'm just sitting there trying to protest their twenty three and me results. in other news the most liberal city in america is having a midlife crisis the new york city school system is the most segregated in the country and the city is under fire for hiding a study that deep bunks a plan to desegregation elite high schools new york city would really do anything to avoid real integration the chancellor even suggested that students of different socio economic backgrounds become pen pals. and. it was a long dance the chicken nuggets was soggy. pants again. this program already exists in chicago and even though every credible study shows that real desegregation leaves to academic success these
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studies fail to account for the fact that new york city has a lot of rich and angry parents that's all for now but if you're in the d.c. area this weekend nazis are planning a friendly day in the park so consider this your official invitation to my no room bird themed ball for a doctor tonight will be off next week but we will be back the week after that and this coming week levy will have a brand new redacted v.i.p. so don't miss that youtube dot com slash for back to tonight until next time goodnight and keep on fighting.
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last time we chased. each one a little carrying twenty kilos of drugs to this first offense. blues that. is the three we have made the money. they have this is the this is for. me. i don't see a porno don't get a make or. break. apart. from out war.
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this is my love hate relationship with the united kingdom. and the love it because it's shambolic and fraudulent. and i buy the cow to hate it because thousands tens of thousands of people have the lives destroyed by r.b.s. .
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turkey moves to ditch the dollar in trade with the partners including russia and china as a feud with washington. chemical giant monsanto has ordered to pay nearly three hundred million dollars to a former groundskeeper in the u.s. over claims that its best selling weed killer causes cancer. under senator in florida accuses russia hacking at the state's voting system ahead of the midterm elections but state authorities say that there's no evidence to support that claim.


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