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tv   Going Underground  RT  August 15, 2018 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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you know we want to talk to them and understand whether the talking under the pressure or not and this is written in the vienna convention and the convention is signed by the united kingdom so they have two full few its international obligations ok it's true that there's no. conclusive evidence the british ambassador to the u n karen pierre said your country has the means and the motive that seem to be critical and the foreign office say that when you when you when you speak against these an allegation you are engaging in denial distraction and disinformation. i think this is according misleading statement because for example i want to quote the president of czech republic who said there are certain amount of so-called novi joke was produced in czech republic and if you read the german press you will find that most of the lips in europe
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a capable of producing chemical weapons in the small quantities so basically the major argument of the british government that only russia is capable of producing this kind of poisons is. simply is not correct but you would see we have a drug here in britain because otherwise we wouldn't have it retested again it's true that's exactly what we're talking you know concerning in connection with the porton lab but they're denying that right but porton down in fairness to the laboratory said they're continuing to refuse to blame russia former foreign secretary strong tonight if you promise over that what about the amount of a drug that you have in russia because there's a deadline now the united states can impose even more sanctions if you missed this deadline on the o p c w being allowed to come to moscow to investigate your chemical weapons program stated officially to the foreign office and person of the boris johnson. that russia never produced movie choke and never developed in the
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joke and for the times it was in the soviet union no it's in the soviet union but russia is the continuing state that's why we took all the big asians of the soviet union on us i mean international obligations and russia. eliminated all the chemical weapons in october last year after the all the procedures and by the way the united states the still possess the chemical weapons and they are delaying and delaying the elimination of the chemical weapons now it looks like that they are planning to do this twenty twenty two maybe later you see britain is now saying our defense minister gave a williamson says your response of regression if you're in the atlantic there's been significant increase in russian submarine activity the royal navy has had to respond to russian warships approaching territorial waters that he three times twenty seventeen you're not frightened of our defense secretary when he says to you
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to shut up and go away well actually. i would suggest to compare the military budget of the u.k. and russia. under the figures you know on the report of the international is to go through the studies in london the budget the military budget year of the united kingdom is fifty six billion dollars and the russian through budget is only forty six and who is aggressive what do you make then of when the british government says international leaders agree there is no plausible alternative explanation it is highly likely russia was responsible for this attack well we prefer you know to do with effect for example if somebody comes to the british court you know he has to present the case. in the in the situation with the souls very nothing was presented we look really now would be mostly would be leaks in the newspapers there are no official statements. and there are no proofs and to do
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the foreign office is not answering to our diplomatic notes with all the questions with almost sixty diplomatic notes still no answers so we don't have evidence and the british government is not ready to present anything to us and to the world community perhaps they aren't producing the evidence but according and i have to say going to media reports media is a big part of this story extradition what did your embassy in london how did it react when on the front pages of britain's newspapers it talked about an extradition formally being made for russian suspects over the script well first of all we don't know what we're talking about because you know there were no official statements there were leaks in the press and they were talking about the two people allegedly suspicions but we didn't get any official requests and. we will be here to cooperate with the british side but we want to see the evidence
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and we want to see the proofs and we want to see something that will support the british position you have had no extradition request formally from the british government from the russian national we don't know even the names whom they're want whom they want to extradite well certainly no. leaks were admitted by the british press the press reports at the sources of the sources of course but nothing is based sources like that well we had of course the pulitzer prize winning expose or the my lai massacre. he said that people at the pentagon knew that this was nothing to do with the russian federation say. if it's not your government how do we know it's still not under the aegis of your government and it's the russian mafia the people who got rich off in the is very simple first of all five months since the time of the accident in seoul's gori and we opened
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a criminal case in russia and we offered the corporation for the british to the british just understand maybe together what happened there but so far we cannot talk to these groups we cannot talk to the doctors we cannot talk to the people who are in saw in the souls very i mean in general one way or another engaged in the police appear ration and of course nobody is rated to talk to us in the porton down of course in this circumstance it's very difficult to understand what's going on here there are widely reported and stories by mainstream reporters who who may be better connected than i am with the british secret service who say that surrogate script would never want to come to russia because he was frightened of the russian state and now we hear that see may have contributed to the famous steel dossier which donald trump has been fighting against and it's been
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discredited you know anything about gay script was cooperating with the former my six agent via or his business intelligence which was. commissioned by fusion g.p.s. . i really have no idea because. no i'm following but since i mean since the fourth of march we counted almost a hundred different versions in the media what could happen what we know. that he was a double agent and he was sentence. for c. years for six years and he stayed in prison in the russian prison he was poured. and he decided to choose britain to leave so basically that that's the factual story and he became the british citizen but he didn't refuse from the russian citizenship because it could be done only on the good will so basically he's
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so-called he has the double citizenship so that was hugh's choice and this is where we are as far as the different stories in the media i'll tell you it's so difficult to follow because the british media very is very good on the on the different stories now ok with what would you expect the russian security operators to to monitor vaguely people that have. been given a defacto asylum i mean they said alexander litvinenko is no he doesn't he doesn't have any problems with the russian law because you know he spent in prison for almost seventy years and then he left for britain you know why we should have any problems we have to say within the context of britain now considering spending three billion pounds on these new p.c. eight a war planes to fight russian submarine activity. how do how do you view
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these remarks then which get wide currency here in the british political establishment that well i'll tell you it's just. it's it's certain military strategy as i said fifty six billion dollars will be spent and we see the british airplanes you know in the black sea which is quite far from britain and from my point of view it's the wrong policy or wrong military doctrine instead of developing relations britain is going to spend more and more money on so-called deterrence of russia so this is the wrong way of doing things were you surprised by . the attempt and successful attempt by the british government to get a un resolution about the fact that the o.p.c. w. should now find who committed chemical warfare. convention contraventions well first of all i want to see the opposite posted because we
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believe that it doesn't reflect the substance of the convention and it's not only russia it's almost half of the countries of the. signatories of the convention is it not fair to find out who committed a by lation of the chemical weapons it's a fair story but this is the prerogative of the un security council and it's the switching this. video from the un security council. this which to be or p c w it's wrong movement because this will undermine the activity over the very technical organisation which is supposed to call the samples you know to make certain conclusions but the political decision who is guilty is the prerogative of the un security council and we believe that the united kingdom like a permanent member of the security council should council should work in support of the un security activity not by undermining its activities i should just very
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briefly mention of course the allegations of collusion as regards our breaks it referendum. any new allegations against your country that you are now making moral wary of your continual defense as an ambassador for your interference in outbreaks of different this is the favorite subject of the most of the newspapers and i just want to stay this for the record that russia has nothing to do with the choice of the british people but i was always joking that if you read the british press when a good company would have boris johnson unless you're going to go just up is there more from russia's ambassador to london after the break as well as raul you meditate abdel-bari atwan on some stories making headlines around the world. i am.
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the one almost seemed wrong. wrong just don't call. me. to ship out to stay active. engagement because betrayal. when something find themselves worlds apart. she still looks for common ground. you know world big partisan mob and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smart we need to stop slamming the door on the shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for
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the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. welcome back we're still with russia's ambassador to the u.k. and eggs on the advent of ambassador the. story of syria seems to have left the headlines in britain britain not planning but not in the world. planning to bomb syria in the near future pretty good will be no second duma where britain violated the international law with respect to water with respect to the statements that there were some kind of using that the syrian government use the chemical weapon and that's why britain together with the united states and france the duma and that wasn't supported by a b. or b. c w and all the parishioner was staged by the white helmets and it was documented and the people who were part of this staging they made
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a press conference in hog which wasn't reported in the united kingdom but it was well reported in the world all right of the white helmets was on this program told me it is the russian warplanes that are killing civilians to resume says that britain is the second biggest humanitarian aid donor in syria of course some of that money going to the white helmets and of course the way helmets claimed continued russian atrocities throughout this i think this is a very misleading statement first of all it's very interesting that the white helmets only in the areas where the territory was held. in the isis they never ought to read it in the areas where there was the moderate opposition or the government forces of that's where the aid was needed to protect people from those islam is forces will from the least of these forces because you know in the left syria together we did you just wanted to stay no one to help the. syrian government they say they had a choice because they were afraid of reprisals by the syrian government is not true
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the the let's see the the ideas you know lay down their weapons they're not afraid in the wild him and say freed i think this is some kind of a contradiction in this well i understand that obviously your boss the foreign minister lavrov he was in turkey to discuss syria so there's going to be a summit evolving russia turkey german front germany france. where is britain in all of this was a big a donor i know you're alleging there's a good question for the new foreign secretary because the the the position of britain is a little bit different from the position of the world community so we want to bring all the refugees back to syria and start the normal life in this country so what the british government is saying that first we should start the political process and then bring the refugees back to syria but the political process already started
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and that's exactly what we're doing. in a some other place including the geneva so basically the british go in with a little bit late with this activity on bringing the refugee hine journey in for us of course by the way fronts but dissipated in the humanitarian operation together with us just a few weeks ago to bring you a humanitarian aid to syria and they were when i asked my colleagues in the foreign office whether they are ready to join russia and france on this humanitarian. mission i didn't get their answer. well i mean i guess new realities sorry about that well the u.s. certainly did come up to scratch in supporting britain over the script of putting on harsher sanctions than britain without any evidence by the way when the minister consul was summoned to the state department and ask you know could you could you support let's see you thesis was something tangible with some kind of evidence and
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they told us they can and support and they still does this is the matter of the national security. ok secret secret secrecy but we don't know whether we discussed with the britain or sanctions to and we don't know whether any of that was discussed between the trial tell you can you read you know something that you're hiding from the world i mean if you have something in the hands you have to prove it or you have to present it and almost five months we have all these conversations hundreds of leaks and nothing in their hands well given the relations between london and moscow are so poor we have to rely maybe on drum putin talks and presumably have to rely on international law. and war. trump or certainly overseeing this increase in sanctions. when it comes to turkey obviously british jets of launched bombing missions or into like air base what is russia as they say which made stream media here or american media playing at your four
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hundred missile defense is a terrifying to think tanks within a mile of this studio and monsieur de one no saying this is i mean we have medvedev the russian prime minister saying there's economic war coming from the sanctions which you heard about in turkey saying we may start looking for a new friends and allies and a lot of horror here about a poll in the past twelve months seventy percent of turkish citizens favorable to political economic and security alliances with russia are you actively trying to turn turkey from being a stable good nato ally of britain's into course not of course not first of all turkey is. in the fighting of the terrorists in syria and i think they took you made a great contribution you know just to eliminate the judges from syria ninety six percent of the territory is free today this is first as far as the. systems see four hundred they're simply better than the american system and one
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ought to choose the best. way. well i'm just telling you it's. just so you will see that but of course britain is a contributor to the bank it gave fifty million dollars which may right raise some eyebrows because i think you can buy talk about the agent being. the bricks. system as it were that is emerging a country like turkey it's going to go to washington still rather than brics bank be china because it's china and russia the debate in the newspapers is a big. scary enemy to two western edge of morning. do you think or do you think brics an a b. really have a chance in the short term of being a force in this world well i was always against the politicizing the economic relations unfortunately this is the first of the effect of today but speaking about
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the financial capabilities of the brics countries it's more than half of the world and of course the economy of germany's bigger now than the economy of the united states if we're talking about in the purchasing power and by the way you know that most of the. projects that were. launched by russia in the european bank for reconstruction and developing which is in london most of them i mean all of them were stopped and going from london and it's moving from london and so all these projects moved to the brics bank so basically we want to finance our activity now in these are not in europe so this is just a fact of life and this choice was it was for everybody and any country could deploy we're now supplying you know with the money f. rekha asia some other countries so why because these bank is not politicized i must
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thank you. now to go through some of the papers. no barrier to one editor in chief of rye aluminum thanks so much of the hour for being a season finale show no time to talk about some here i mean the greatest gyptian intellectual of us today on sunday let's go straight to this tweet which has dominated the news coverage in this country arguably the legal but he thought by germany call been on the graves of the terrorist who perpetrated the munich massacre and his comparison of israel to the nazi deserves unequivocal can diminish in from everyone it is outrageous to be honest i was there when yasser arafat hid kocher in tunisia was bombed by the israelis and many people were massacred because of this sweet and gibby called been was there. just to
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commemorate those martyrs killed by the israelis so they were not terrorists so why all these campaign against him we should actually condemn their aid itself the people that this is their aided leadership which sent the the warplanes to try to assassinate arafat who just left beirut according to the international agreement and who was you know stayed in tunisia he was in a hotel by the beach and the israeli warplanes bombed him and killed those people so why the diversion from that story which is there is a massacre of other fat people in that part of the world this is this is the this is the question were made to me germans obviously try to conflated with a completely separate incident involving the munich olympics now a car crash will arguably have taken some of the shine of this story let's go to our next story which which was going on while this corbin business was bubbling in the newspapers this from a strong incorporation yemen bear is children killed by strike insist that
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legitimate in the beginning they said it was legitimate and it was according to the international look fifty children were massacred by this read by the saudi f. sixteen warplanes that's that's that's it's outrageous you know those most of them under the age of fourteen and they were in a school trip we did the interview on this and obviously the saudi press agency sources were telling us that using human shields and this was before they announced the probe human shield the no comment from the prime minister is ok of course britain but him achieve the bus school bus taking those people to you know the to celebrate the summer holiday and also. surprised tourism is made no comment given the britain is of course saudi arabia well you know it should be a shame to be honest you know to send arms to severely been ordered to be used. to kill children in one of the poorest country in the world so i think this how they
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are shooting himself in the foot well that's going to the next story from the murdoch wall street journal journal which is echoing across the city of london because of huge your funds and their need to itself need to should give turkey the boot helped by china and russia and vandalizing interests after i'm surprised actually you note. i'm shocked techie a member of nato. since nineteen fifty two and the gave a lot of service to need to you know turkey participated in actually putting the foundation stone of need to nine hundred fifty two and it was criticized by many people in the middle east as a muslim country to parts of the need to and. there he suffered a lot because of this membership now when turkey actually wanted the need to stand
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by them when they should down israeli war russian warplane they said no it's not our business you know you have to deal with it and they never intervene so this is the problem so turkey was extremely i mean president. was very bitter of this but now turkey is suffering because of the war the economy war against their currency believe it or they want actually to destroy the. exit of a dog which is that economy growth now he is the trouble in the city of helping turkey as a member of the need to you know there are work trying to keep the out to put it out completely from me to is this actually a need to which you can't rely on are those of our allies which you can actually rely on and you think they will come to help you when you are in trouble they are trying to sink you not actually to help you and that's that's that's extremely bad
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thing in the region is going to mainstream could be backed agency door because there was talk about the joining me to have a look at the what about the who's the prime minister of iraq about the iraq will continue to do business with iran but not in u.s. dollars when he was the first. to say that we will actually stop all kind of business with you know export equal to six billion dollar of goods to. half of the electricity of iraq is coming from iran iran actually sided by the by iraq to defeat islamic state. and kick it out from mosul and other now it's bagging drug sanctions now you know he is or no it isn't i don't know this one is they said you know in the beginning he said he will respect the sanctions and he will stop business with iran and win the emmy and he's supposed to
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visit when there is if you are not will come we don't want to have to come you'll betrayed us you betrayed your people so now he changed his point of view saying that ok we will continue business week we'll continue to read with but i believe he is completely finished and if we hit he was a struggling tool for the second term i believe he lost his chances completely and he actually you know made many people upset in and the whole region not only in iraq and i'm sorry i would thank you. that's over the show the last show of the season will be replaying your favorite shows and this is from saturday beginning with award winning journalist and filmmaker john pilger keep in touch with us about social media season.
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the way to the united states is dangerous for most of the illegal immigrants. costume dramas tell us that's a lot of sympathy i want to become lost and i won the last post on this but i think many of them look for refuge in the so-called sentry sides of the draft used to share information about undocumented migrants with federal authorities. first class than. most you know know. that. they had a lot of the options to stay in the country with donald trump in the white house. with the who can be brought to the. us if it. won't. kill the chance of putting food impulse response both of you up of up to the bulk of the.
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ballot. the taste is good. natural food is good. healthy lifestyle is good.
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good food russia sharing goodness. u.n. peacekeepers are set to return to the disputed golan heights off the militants were repelled from the region of syria and israel have been fighting over the resource rich area for. more social media says with facebook removing latin american news china from its platform on twitter shutting down the right wing group proud boys on the programme all guests debate whether this amounts to a sense. of one thing could be hate speech here but it's not hate speech over here it does. anything to fight hate speech why is it i write write about the i can't fight racism yeah the only way and what are you. on the new political
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