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tv   News  RT  August 16, 2018 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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with parliamentary elections looming sweden is rocked by a string of. the country prompting intense speculation over who started the fires which are thought to have been a coordinated. says former cia director john brennan exhibits erratic behavior and revoke his security clearance threatening a number of other officials with the very same measure. currencies around the world take a pounding as the economic standoff between turkey and the us. is
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the sixteenth just off to eleven am here in moscow welcome to the program international. a string of attacks has rocked sweden to three weeks ahead of september elections now three suspects have been arrested one of them in turkey it's widely thought the timing of the fires which appear to have been coordinated was not accidental speculation is rife as to who carried out the attacks and what impact they might have on the electoral roll race. reports. it's not even dark people look out their windows and see this. the first train a staunch locals are just completely baffled and can't squeeze out a word a few moments later they erupt in sheer fury and they scream. pass
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. their next thought is it even safe to leave their homes now the hooded thugs smash the wall but in the burn mostly cars they know what they're doing when they know how to do it the our team in the last few days there were almost identical scenes everywhere you see a flame i can swedish media say at least about one hundred cars are now burnt out piece of metal police have made a number of arrests but basically the country still in the dark about who's behind the man it's the most the most road for it. you can see. it from there. in about three weeks swedes will be voting for their new parliament well now politicians there have more things to worry about than stuff like their
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election from. before but most of the custom have the question has to be asked of those people that if there's one of the fact who are you doing for you who do you think you are born if you destroy the whole area or the neighbors for the children on their way to preschool you have to see burns out because if we're going to go there must be a hard response from sides to any of us somewhat strong words but not as emotional as society which clearly wants the ones in charge to get it sorted. such neighborhood disasters don't come out of nowhere when it comes to all kinds of street crime lately swedens been getting less and less say what i was attacked by my people and they took fire all by. told that there is increased number of shootings has gotten worse in every way police man said that he had never
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experienced anything like this for a chance to practice. it is not a sweetheart and when the years of ignoring the trends backfired literally with flames some of the swedish elite chose not to talk about the state rather they came up with conspiracies or in other words pointed the finger. stream some quote unquote dark forces. they want the elections to be about arsons they want to fuel discussed and fear i hope the whole thing is not orchestrated by the dark forces to threaten our democracy and our independence. last night's events with my mom flat before the election while well organized would not surprise me if the extreme right were involved in some way a false flag by the extreme right version is popular among some journalists to. sweden democrats sympathises of running around in the suburbs burning cars in
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a coordinated action to direct criticism of the suburbs population in the hope of favoring s.d. . to make sure sweden can dodge any russian there for its to screw up its election stockholm has even splashed down on the media so that they could wipe out the neverending fake news that was only to be hit by a wave of homegrown conspiracies before the police had at least something solid for the public ilya betraying co r.t.e. . swedish police know that similar attacks have happened in several swedish towns in previous years but on a far smaller scale and we spoke to swedish democratic m.p. . whose party has sparked controversy over its and team aggression stance he says people are starting to realize that sweden is not as safe as they thought. the situation in sweden has started to seep out in the international arena when people
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suddenly realize whoops sweden is not a nice little country thought it was but now realize what the hell happened to sweden and so this has been on for a long time we have made your our things and while you have many years back i just saw some statistics that. are still. in cars with intent. has gone up from twelve to thirty percent from nine hundred sixty seven to one thousand five hundred cases a year or something and i mean it's been going up in actual numbers to. revoke the security clearance so former cia director john brennan lashing out at him saying he exhibits erratic conduct and behavior stuart brennan is only the first in a line of officials who will suffer the same fate as american investigates. exercised my constitutional authority to deny mr brennan access to classified
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information sara sander spoke to press and she said the decision to revoke his clearance was based on his erratic conduct and behavior of defending the move as an effort to secure classified info from someone who has helped foment division in the past and career lee has very partisan leanings the most divisive president an individual who basically pre-treat his nation routinely lies betray the women of the f.b.i. he deceived and betrayed the american public and he misrepresents the facts and reality is a betrayal of the nation but this is not abnormal president john brennan himself has already chimed in blasting the move as part of a bid to suppress free speech and punish critics but for some context john brennan left his position as director of the cia back in january twenty seventeen and he now serves as m s n b c's senior national security and intelligence analyst but this whole debate. aapl began last month when senator rand paul called brennan's motives into question asking if he had been profiting off of this clearance by
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divulging secrets to the mainstream media his exact words he even met with trump asking him to revoke the clearances of not only brennan but i feel other prominent political figures i'm evaluating action with respect to the following individuals james clapper james comey michael hayden sally ates susan rice and german cave appear sure lisa page and bruce or security clearances for those who still have them may be revoked the president is doing the right thing rebooking the clearances of people who aren't contributing anything learn lee a lot of them were higher ups in the f.b.i. and also it is. certainly i mean i believe these people are all involved in this rush we gave every patient of it in manipulating information and data for the public consumption to confuse and. you know create all kinds of uncertainty in the government the government business that's that's what the that's why they should never have a clearance meanwhile washington has
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a tradition of allowing former presidents and senior intelligence officials to still get the morning intel briefings each and every day even when they are retired now the president did wake of cutting off breton's top level security access donald trump says this is not political he would have done the same to any republican he deemed incompetent. the u.s. remains in the grip of a wave of protests as both far right and left wing groups rallied to denounce each other after some of the demos turn violent c.n.n. present to chris cuomo made a controversial claim that violence coming from the anti for movement in america is more morally justified than violence which comes from the far right. all punches are not equal drawing a moral equivalency between those espousing hate and those fighting it because they both resort to violence emboldens hate legitimizes hateful belief
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and elevates what should be stamped out by. my colleague on her family of reaction both for and against chris cuomo scully's. every time i see them on television they seem to be getting some kind of fight some kind of altercation it always seems to come from them and as a matter if they're fighting hey or whatever they claim you can't put your hands on somebody and then hide behind some kind of moral high ground don't touch people if you don't want to be chased is really just as simple as day it doesn't matter what political affiliation the other person is violence even if it's the most justified and righteous violence that you can have it still creates negative karma it is
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still very problematic seemed to be. something that should be diverted to only when it's absolutely necessary these people really are what they purport and so's to be against they're talking about being an anti-fascist but a lot of their action mirrors that of what was on the mussolini's time with the whole black church situation it seems like they're doing the same thing i'm not saying that there's actually to same as what was going on back then in italy but a lot of their tactics seem to mirror what they were doing and that is an ideal or a long i'll hold on hold on wait wait wait wait just because somebody is hateful in your eyes does not mean that it's ok or somehow justified at all to hurt then you can say violence or maybe justify it no it's not if somebody does not put their hands on you you cannot put your hands on them is very simple if you put your hands on somebody then that person has a right to defend themselves you know you talk about don't put your hands on somebody will you know that he had hired somebody that as
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a yes there's somebody that wears a mask attacks dangerous people without personal provocation puts their hands on them you know who it is it's batman this type of behavior is justified in our society violence can be used to prevent greater violence it's a boils down to no it doesn't it is against the law to commit violence against another individual yeah of course the law does not dictate or al of the law is just the law many people talking about oh well it's morally acceptable to hurt those who are talking about hate. what about the innocent people who actually members of the media get attacked by and used to you school teachers being nice to me is also an attack by the hand isn't played it wait wait well wait hold on hold on i'm not the initial you see people today are people of color as the left likes to call them being attacked by these individuals because if their political opinions so i don't really understand this whole thing about well it's ok if somehow justify for the values that it does because most of the time when i see jimmy gaijin news about
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news is against those who just have different points of view you know i'd have to see it see the statistics on that. you know we have seen a outbreak in street fighting between fascists and anti-fascists that absolutely has happened these people are just afraid they're cowards and they're acting in a way that is totally irrational because of their fear. a group calling itself new greatness is on trial for extremism here in russia for allegedly plotting a rebellion out of those arrested have asked to be placed under house arrest instead of the tension with a decision on this expected today sounds a bit complicated i did a quarter of a investigates the members of the new greatness movement are accused of organizing an extremist again and calling for a constitutional revolution the investigation claims this young man was its leader and here's how he described its purpose. was to establish
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a new rules on russian territory put the ruling elites on trial and repeal repressive laws in the constitution. the idea of the movement grew out of private chats on social media platforms here's an extract again the revolutionary fire is starting everywhere but we can't do anything like this here in our country that said it all began when a few young people from moscow on its regions started to share their political views with each other online later they began meeting in person mostly in mcdonalds cafes to pardon some political rallies handed out political leaflets and made a few trips outside the city to learn how to use firearms they even wrote a manifesto in case of an uprising or revolutionary activities that receive broad public support the organization aims to take part in those actions to the extent of its resources in march ten members of the organization were arrested their defense
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team claims the idea to create a fool scale movement with its own office program and even a noun blam belongs to an athame speech agent who under the name roussillon d. and filtrated the group of the youngsters and courage their ideas and effectively create as a reason for their arrest the detainees. say that he was the one who paid most of the money to rent a place where they gathered and plan to buy firearms another two alleged members one of them an acting policeman claimed they only joined the group in order to turn them over to the authorities all of them are witnesses for the prosecution and the case is good for that outside of a bit of the law which you regulates intelligence gathering activities in russia forbids pleas from provoking someone to commit a crime the person under the name is a provocateur he carried out a provocation against children he did what he could to create this organization and make sure it looked the way he wanted. this is an un sanctioned so-called mothers
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march which hit the streets of the russian capital on wednesday people gathered to demand to the authorities transfer of the detainees to house arrest considering their young ages one of the detainees was just seventeen at the time of her arrest and the group's online chats she wrote that she was interested to learn how to throw molotov cocktails and claim to have known someone who could supply weapons guys i've remembered some connections there's a dude in a desk who trades weapons in ukraine i want to get in touch with him it's a sure thing he knows people from my down maybe they can buy something what do you think since being jailed and as hal has reportedly worsened she cries throughout the court hearings which was being driven in a cold prison van for hours it was minus eleven outside she was interrogated for many hours with no psychologist own lawyer present she was treated like
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a seasoned criminal they made her cry how can a seventeen year old withstand this. if found guilty they face up to ten years and present my dinner question r.t. moscow. up next the spiraling trade war between the u.s. and turkey it's only getting worse like every day tells of just. you know world is a big part of the law and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to get the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the
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troops the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks. the u.s. says economic sanctions against turkey will remain in place even if i'm correct releases an american pastor whom it arrested on suspicion of ties to terror that's
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off to both sides imposed further tariffs against each other and concerns over whether the situation has escalated too much were raised at the u.s. state department. fortan this this one american to put global financial stability at risk. put u.s. base presence in turkey at risk put a nato ally in line for the nato partner at risk for one american who's being put through the circus just so you're saying this is our faults and this situation is our fault why escalate it to that level or or for a single american i believe it is not been torture or treat this i think that is what i would take issue with the premise of your question turkey is a financial situation has been in the works for quite some time and it dates prior to the imposition of sanctions on august i believe was august the first so this has been in train for quite some time and you cannot blame the us government for that.
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and to help boost turkey is a commie qatar has approved fifteen billion dollars in aid or some more puerto rico to buying some financial markets for now though don quarter takes a look at how the decades old alliance between the u.s. and turkey spiraled to this point. she was built the entire entire roof so no leading goes to great tree deals as opposed to the horrible food trade deals the rowing heritage as your president of the country should not be allowed to come in and steal the wealth of all great you any longer what countries could be meaner stealing could be turkey the country's lira shed a quarter of its value against the dollar in just one week after trump's tweet about doubling existing tariffs investors are running away screaming inflation surging and turkey's leadership is bracing for an all out trade war the reason for such a calamity against an old nato friend was ankara's refusal to release an american
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pastor accused of both terrorism and espionage it's punishment time for a rebellious ally that tariffs that are in place on steel would not be removed with the release of castor brunson and president heard a wand lashed out in defiance calling the u.s. move an attempt to force turkey to surrender and make them a slave to the greenback this is come through of doing things. to come more. and they want to use this for political purposes but turkey is just one example of how the trumpet ministration treats longtime allies in fact many of america's friends have already been forced into the fray in a war of tariffs and sanctions canada had heavy steel and aluminum tariffs imposed earlier this year and trump perhaps thought the stars and stripes needed some
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protection from its northern neighbor who didn't take too kindly to it that it's kind of insult to move forward with retaliatory measures on july first applying equivalent tariffs as if that wasn't bad enough the us president went and slapped tariffs on europe today i'm defending america's national security. by placing tariffs on foreign imports of steel and aluminum brussels tried to hit back with restrictions of its own tried to appeal to the transatlantic solidarity special relations bonds of friendship but to no avail and it begs the question with such a long list of enemies the us is currently fighting from iran to north korea russia china why can't your allies i think this has become a real tit for tat thing and i do not for a new york minute think that the pastor is really what is going on here now of course are washington with that group been strained for some time ever since the
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coup attempt against terror go on i suspect there's something going on with regional politics maybe with regard to syria that is really the reason behind competitors like beijing and moscow attempting to pack as much heat as the u.s. these days sanctioning and scaring everyone in view may be the only way for the u.s. to impose its will on friend and foe alike donald quarter r.t. . so it's a program here on r.t. international a military intelligence compound has been attacked in the afghan capital local security officials say the number of gunmen known the area has been cordoned off by soldiers witnesses report gunfire and at least one explosion we understand the fighting is ongoing we'll bring you the updates as soon as we get them. the attack comes as the country's security services struggle to deal with a spike in terror a suicide bombing on
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a school in the afghan capital on wednesday killed forty eight according to local health officials with death toll is likely to rise now the taliban has denied it had any involvement in that household and for no other group for the meantime has claimed responsibility one of the victims described how it all happened. which. my friends and i were sitting in the exam in clones. first period finished and we went out full time afterwards the students return to class just two minutes later suddenly went off when i heard the sound i couldn't feel anything. and on friday the taliban launched an offensive in the city of gascony at the battle raged for several days prompting many to flee a political analyst jamal wakim says the u.s. is exhausting its ability to provide stability in the country the united states is being involved in too many crisis the resources are being drained and at the same
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time it's antagonizing russia china. iran even pakistan india and other countries and their attempt to maintain its hegemony over global affairs but this is exhausting the united states and i believe that it's leading it to overextension the way. they did. by the korean war of kennedy in his famous book the rise and fall of great empires so i believe that the united states is being overstretched and it might lead to a big crisis within this country and of course it's wrong worldwide your program continues at the top of the hour.
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america was never great to spend it on the rape and murder. and nothing changed so we said in. response to these situations that we're dealing with. people get sad every day she is just sad people kill each other blood for killing children. there was just no way that people are going to just sit back and allow children to be shot down by law enforcement. this country doesn't work for us it doesn't function for us. this this can't be happening in america we call from the streets we've got to deal with why this is the reason i have to ride like this is the reason.
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what holds his hands to. put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. or some want to listen. to going to be press dislikable for three in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters in the house. question. welcome to worlds apart sending humans into space has long required
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a national and even international effort to provide all the necessary financing and technology but space access recent successes in hauling freight into orbit claim to challenge these paradigms against privatized space services make space exploration cheaper and easier well to discuss that i'm now joined by geoffrey hofmann an american astronaut and currently a professor of aeronautics and astronautics at the massachusetts institute of technology and dr hoffman it's so great to talk to you thank you very much for your time. pleasure to be here now the world is still mass mara's by space-x. recent falcon have a launch it was certainly very spectacular after some people compare it to the launch of sputnik or the landing on the moon i want it all as an engineer do you think that was really such a major technological breakthrough a major milestone in the history of space exploration. no i mean it is
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evolutionary but what space x. as a whole is trying to accomplish i do think is revolutionary. the idea of strapping together three first stages to make a more powerful rocket is not new the the u.s. has the delta heavy rocket which has been flying for many years now. so that technology is not revolutionary however what space x. has accomplished is to make it a lot more affordable. the rough cost of a delta heavy. it's hard to know exactly but it's in the order of two hundred fifty million dollars the falcon nine the falcon heavy can carry. twice the payload of the delta heavy for about one hundred million
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dollars and so it really is changing the paradigm of how much it costs to get into space and and that's the revolutionary aspect i think of what space x. is doing but dr hoffman i wonder if it's perhaps too early to say that because i think the same arguments were made about the shuttle program that it's a reusable that it's going to be so much cheaper than let's say the soviet comparison but dan i got from your own lecture is the shuttles turned out to be much more expensive because all the ground operations and how they were service perhaps not very efficiently i understand that this is a house basics markets it's technology at this point of time but can we really rely on those figures to be proven in time well. you're absolutely correct that people are waiting to see and spain.


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