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tv   Keiser Report  RT  August 16, 2018 3:30pm-4:01pm EDT

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that capsule space capsule there are there going to be launching nasa astronauts and there of course nasa will determine the safety. conditions that have to be met and i think for as far as flying the general public if nasa decides that these vehicles are safe enough to fly nasa astronauts then probably the federal aviation administration which frankly doesn't have a lot of expertise in human spaceflight will say well if it's if it's good enough for nasa then it's good enough for us and and then they'll give approval to fly other members of the public you know we talk maybe about the birth of a space tourism industry still early days we don't know if it's all going to happen if it's going to be successful but this is the long vision that a lot of these companies have you know bob bigalow will put a space hotel up there and space x. will launch paying tourists to go up and it won't be inexpensive especially at
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first but there's plenty of people who would love to go into space and they may have a chance in the next generation they want to go into space even if that represents a certain risk to their lives i want to ask you specifically about calculating those human risks because i heard from a number of facts press. especially after day they have the loss of the shuttle columbia. has become more risk averse than before but on the other hand i've also heard many american astronauts and russian cosmonauts say that they i'm just found out space exploration is this is an inherently dangerous time to taking and they are ready to take certain calculated risks for the sake of common good do you think the agency especially in the united states is balanced enough bit to been you know protecting people and providing a certain a space for. exploration beach is always beach always contain
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a certain degree of france where we would we would like the next generation of human space vehicles to be safer than the shuttle in the one one big thing there is that they will have a launch escape system which the shuttle did not have so had there been a launch escape system the challenger astronauts would have survived even though their shuttle was destroyed when the shuttle was designed it was designed with so much redundancy that people managed to convince themselves that it would be safe no matter what happened and therefore since you could always get the shuttle back the crew would be safe as well well that turned out not to be the case and i don't think we'll ever make that mistake again. when it comes to the question of will tourists be able to take those risks well you know tourists pay seventy five thousand dollars to get a guided climb up mount everest and people have died you know tourists have died on
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on mount everest. so i think it's clear at least a certain subset of wealthy. people who are looking for new experiences are willing to take a certain level of risk and there will continue to be a certain level of risk in spaceflight. it's not yet as safe as flying in an airplane but you know in the early days of aviation there were a lot more crashes it was a lot less safe than it is now i suspect the time will come i don't know how long it will be in the future when we don't think it's any more dangerous to get in iraq at than to get in an airplane but that time is not now and i don't know when that's going to happen so there were there will be a risk in spaceflight but i think there are people who are willing to take those risks while i you're certainly one of them dr hoffman we have to leave it there but
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i really really appreciate your being with us today and sharing your thoughts and your expertise your experience and job viewers please keep the conversation going and our social media pages as for me hope to see you again same place same time here and will to part. of. it. to. you. the way to the united states is dangerous for most of the illegal immigrants.
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from most. sympathetic i want to. throw another one the last some just about what if many of them look for refuge in the so-called sentry sites the draft used to share information about undocumented migrants with federal authorities the best person to ask than. most you know know how to read up on i guess i'm in a lot of class and they want that. they can watch as they all choose to stay in the country with donald trump in the white house all over for the gravels. both of you what if you could be about to be. able to have many couples won't. deal with the push to put impulse response both of you up with approval from the.
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i. sound like you will be treated like. the headlines in r.t. a wave of fire bombings sweden just weeks before parliamentary elections prompting intense speculation started the well organized attacks also to come this hour donald trump says former cia director john brennan exhibits erratic conduct and behavior and revoke his security clearance threatening a number of other officials too with the same measure. gunmen stormed a military intelligence center in kabul with the city still mourning thirty four people killed in wednesday suicide bombing at a school by islamic state plus also to come as the economic standoff between ankara
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and washington gets worse to expend their anger by smashing up their i thought. the welcome you're watching r.t. international where it's just gone ten pm here in moscow now top story this hour more than one hundred cars have been set ablaze across sweden three weeks ahead of the september elections it's believed the fire bombings were coordinated illegal trying to takes a look now at the timing of the arson attacks and how they are staking tensions ahead of the electoral race. it's not even dark people look out their windows and see this. the first train of thought the locals are just completely baffled and can't squeeze
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out a word a few moments later they erupt in sheer fury and they scream. thanks . there next thought is it even safe to leave their homes now the hooded thugs smash up and burn mostly cars they know what they're doing they know how to do it the our team in the last few days there were almost identical scenes everywhere you see a flame i can swedish media say at least about one hundred cars are now burnt out pieces of metal police have made a number of arrests but basically the country still in the dark about who's behind the menace who was overthrown for it. do you think. it through. in about three weeks swedes will be voting for their new parliament
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well now politicians there have more things to worry about than stuff like their election promos before the most any custom have the question has to be asked of those people what the heck were you doing want to figure out how do you think you are born if you destroyed the whole area of the neighbors for the children on their way to a free school we have to see turns out because we're going to be hard response from society any other social somewhat strong words but not as emotional as society which clearly wants the ones in charge to get it sorted. such neighborhood disasters don't come out of nowhere when it comes to all kinds of street crime lately sweden's been getting less and less safe because it was attacked by my people and they took my old bike home and there are increased number
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of shootings has gotten worse in every way the police man said that he had never experienced anything like the course changed. it is not the sweetest and when the years of ignoring the trends backfired literally with flames some of the swedish elite chose not to talk about mistakes rather they came up with conspiracies or in other words pointed the finger at right wing extremists some quote unquote dark forces. they want the elections to be about arsons they want to fuel discussed and fear i hope the whole thing is not orchestrated by the dark forces that threaten our democracy and our independence. last night's events with my mom fled before the election while well organized would not surprise me if the extreme right were involved in some way a false flag by the extreme right version is popular among some journalists to.
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visit inside desperate kiruv east to explain the attacks including blaming them on questions trying to ferment invest before the election. sweden democrats sympathises of running around in the suburbs burning cars in a coordinated action to direct criticism of the suburbs population in the hope of favoring s.d. to make sure sweden can dodge any russian efforts to screw up its election stockholm has even splashed out on the media so that they could wipe out the neverending fake news that was only to be hit by a wave of homegrown conspiracies before the police had at least something solid for the public ilya betraying r.t.e. . well swedish police things say that similar attacks have happened in several towns in previous years but on a far smaller scale we spoke to the swedish democratic camp a canned ecker office party has sparked controversy with his anti immigration
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stance and he says that people are starting to realize that their country is not as safe as they thought the situation in sweden i started to strip out in the international arena when people suddenly realize words sweden is not a nice little country thought it was but now realize what the hell happened to sweden and so this has been on for a long time and we have made your arsons and wired many years i just saw signs of just thinks that. arson. in cars with intent. has gone up from twelve to thirty percent from nine hundred sixty seven to one thousand five hundred cases a year or something and i mean it's been going up in actual numbers to. know the former cia chief john brennan has hit back after donald trump revoked his security clearance brennan claims that the president simply can't take criticism that's why
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the president revoked my security clearance to try to silence anyone who would challenge him mr trump's claims of no collusion are in a word hogwash and it's thought too that brennan is the first of many officials who will suffer the same fate with the details his smear account. exercised my constitutional authority to deny mr brennan access to classified information sarah sandor spoke to press and she said the decision to revoke his clearance was based on his erratic conduct and behavior of defending the move as an effort to secure classified info from someone who has helped foment division in the past and clearly has a very partisan leanings the most divisive president an individual who basically portrayed his nation he routinely lies betray the women of the f.b.i. he deceived and betrayed the american public and he misrepresents the facts and reality is a betrayal of the nation but this is an abnormal president john brennan left his
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position as director of the cia back in january twenty seventeen and he now serves as m s n b c's senior national security and intelligence analyst but this whole debacle began last month when senator rand paul called brennan's motives into question asking if he had been profiting off of his clearance by divulging secrets to the mainstream media his exact words he even met with trump asking him to revoke the clearances of not only brennan but a few other prominent political figures i'm evaluating action with respect to the following individuals james clapper james comey michael hayden sally aids susan rice and german cave peter sure lisa page and bruce or security clearances for those who still have them may be revoked the most important things that have happened in u.s. politics in recent years is there's been a realisation that everything is political in other words that the federal bureau of investigation the cia the n.s.a. all of these u.s.
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agencies are not about politics it's very apparent when you have figures like brennan and komi intervening in the public debate that these organizations and individuals operate with very considerable politics they are clearly very trump has been. along were when they were in office and continue to be now and i think that's very problematic for the united states because what it means is that. these these institutions that were once seen as being the ferret just arbiters of the law being questioned i think it's a good thing that they're being questioned because they haven't been fair and just but it's also very disruptive to the american system as. a military intelligence.


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