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you know rich or reflective i think that's quite fascinating because we're really you know you could have all the bluster you want against iran but it does keep the israelis and the saudis happy and it's one it's one issue he does that really want to deal with right now because of the litany of trade issues nato north korea meeting with putin it's on the backburner for him policy wise not rhetorical what do you think richard. because it's not on the back burner he's he's going to keep on the situation in the southwest part of syria where the heat is high. radians have been maneuvering around to near to the golan heights for israeli comfort and that that could trigger a fight in a broader conflict which none of us needs richard who would be which country would
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be that which country would be the trigger who is the proactive it character you're referring to well. as real has been striking using air power or against what it. is raining in targets in israel. syria and syria that's where it could cope. ok and you write in syria gentlemen i'm going to jump in here we're going to go to a short break it's a hard break i have to go there after a short break we'll continue our discussion on trump's foreign policy stay with our . backstabbers financial survival guide. housing bubble.
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oh you mean there's a downside to artificially low mortgage rates don't get carried away that's cause report. i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter the us is over twenty trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crimes happen each day. eighty five percent of the global wealth you longs to be ultra rich eight point six percent market saw a thirty percent rise last year some with four hundred to five hundred trees per second per second and bitcoin rose to twenty thousand dollars. china is building two point one billion dollars a i industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only numbers you need to remember one one business shows you can't afford to miss the one and only boom but.
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america was never great was founded on the rapes in the murder. nothing changed so we send all response to these situations that we deal with. people get shot every other day she is just sad people kill each other blood for killing children. there was just no way that people are going to just sit back and allow children to be shot down by law enforcement. this country doesn't work for us it doesn't function for us. this is can't be happening in america we call from the streets we've got to deal with why this is the reason i have to rat like this is a reason. welcome
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back to crossfire for all things considered i'm peter we're discussing transform policy. ok james let me go back to you in washington right before i went to the right richard pointed out a possible floss point a flashpoint in syria the iranians and the go on we have to remind our viewers that go on hikes as you legally or illegally occupied by israel and it's not israeli territory ok it's actually part of syria and the international community recognizes that but i'm glad that that richard brought that up james i mean again you know if you look at kind of the proactive and i don't want to use the word aggressive but proactive stance that trump has taken on so many positions around the globe again
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we go back to the middle east where he seems to be reactive i mean is israel determining what the united states might or might not do in the region syria is a very good example go ahead. well i think richard is right to point out southwest syria as the real most important dangerous flashpoint here and that's where it really comes down to mr trump and mr putin can they work out something that defuses that in the abbey in the aftermath of the american failure and syria that really has been a failure that we're not really in a position to broker any kind of deescalation and that area hopefully the russians can you know that you know this points to a serious paradox in american policy we have these so-called neo conservatives here who are the most militant interventionist especially in the middle east they're also the most militant li anti russian and are just in a complete meltdown now over the prospect of this summit coming up what's ought of
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course is that israel and mr netanyahu have a very good relationship with russia and mr putin so there i think there are things that could be it on the ground there for a mosque that the people here just are getting the belt out of the picture that's a really good point let me go to peter on that i mean this is a it's widely speculated i know that the nato allies are terrified of meeting with putin because he might make a deal over their heads ok all right fine that's a topic for another day but i mean the issue of syria is very interesting and and what cheney says i think makes a lot of sense of something could be an arrangement let's put it that way to deal with syria but why peter would let me or putin trust donald trump after everything that has been said and done i mean ash carter remember when there was a cease fire agreement everybody was on board and all this all we accidentally attacked the syrian army opes we didn't mean it wow i mean that didn't cut any ice with me or anyone else that i know so peter even if some kind of arrangement could
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be made to deescalate in syria could the russians trust the americans to come through and we have to remember that trump is under a lot of enormous pressure at home because even talking to vladimir putin in the eyes of the neoconservatives is treason go ahead peter. well i think the americans don't have much to negotiate with in syria. the boots on the ground very limited in numbers effectively they're just. the pro u.s. forces in the south are in the process of being rolled up that only leaves the north the ad lib area to dominate it in turn to the external support by turkey not the us and i think we're also in danger of looking at the wrong flashpoint is not the goal and the goal then the approaching towards the goal and i believe
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is a done deal read the smoke signals coming or not coming out to jerusalem you can see that the israelis will acquiesce in a return to the status quo ante and the iranians will not move up close to the goal and there's no reason why they should they should want it to. be the real potential flashpoint is the return to a duma type situation remember just back in april we came close to world war three you know we were talking in those terms and the same scenario could be reproduced at any moment but most likely it will be reproduced when the moment comes for the feature of lip which is some months down the track but perfectly for theobald the same conditions will be produced and i believe there will be another
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fake chemical attack which will trigger. a real really dangerous crisis you know all that and we go to richard and people that do that are actually desperate that's when people that do that kind of thing they're on the losing side that's why they do it i want to stay with it. the trump putin meeting and let's talk about syria is there is there a possible in your mind where some kind of rough outline could be agreed to where everybody could be seen as the winner without getting giving away anything i don't know if that's possible here but i think that that's something that trump would like to say look we're quickly resolving the issue in syria he likes to win that's how he'll look at it and of course that would be a segue because somehow start starting the russia u.s. bilateral relationship again because it pretty much deep sixed what do you think about that richard. interests or peril to
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american in the sense that he doesn't want to go really. quick sounds like you've already said i agree. so you have something to work with the really world curtiz the uranium and there is no unquestionably strong almost for love of coal of color for the overkill element and that sees its mission is spreading with already its influence over syria lebanon yemen to some extent and that i don't know what who. can agree on ok well james i mean this is the guy ongoing argument i've had with richard i mean again if that fanatical element and to around i mean they're only fueled by foreign policy mistakes by the former colonial powers in the united states they're the ones that help spread real or imagined iranian influence throughout the region i mean look
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for example the horrendous shameful. activity that's happening in yemen and the whole world watches this it's a disgrace to humanity and that's all blamed on a rant more rand wasn't there until it all started happening but timelines don't matter to these people go ahead james. you know i guess i would disagree a bit with richard although i defer to his superior knowledge in this area it just seems to me that in a world and islamic world it's thirteen percent shiite that any fanaticism from tehran would be a self correcting problem that they simply don't have that throw weight to really have that kind of dominance in the region as far as mr trump and mr putin go i think mr putin is well aware that donald trump does not control the apparatus of his own government whereas putin is master of his house trump really is not and he has to proceed much more carefully and can he give orders that he knows will be
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obeyed and lastly as far as the allies go i think the one who has the most to fear is theresa may here's somebody who's going to dissolving out from under her we've got their fingerprints on not only on the white helmets and the tackle false flag like like peter was referring to the scriptural thing and also the steel dossier let's not forget that i hope mr putin hands mr trump a real dossier about what they've been overt up to over there and the united kingdom to try to subvert american interests but you know peter one of the things i've done in number of programs on this but you know i've had experts on talking about the interests of this country versus the interests of this one and geopolitics and sometimes it just gets down to trump having a memory i remember how you supported hillary clinton i remember the donna ca i remember him isaacson book meddling in the election not the russians you know it's really and then those ukrainian oligarchy that gave money to the clinton foundation i mean you could say that's a layer that that's how donald trump sees fulcrum policy that you get when he's
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slighted he's got it written down in a back of an envelope check that person's done that person's done i'm to i'm i'm making light of this a little bit but obviously there's personal issues that. views the world here go ahead peter. young think two keys to understanding trump one is the so called isolationism ornately the. other is. not going away is the redeeming feature. depart from the or the orthodox washington and. then constant conflict like a goalie who is pinned down by the washington consensus by these myriad little advisers around him the only time he's really free are in the middle of the night three am when he can tweet and nobody can stop him. when he's in
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a thumb it when he's going to come in again one on one specially when they keep advisors out of the chamber these are the times when he can be donald i think donald should be more donald if anything in it you know richard it's already been brought up in this program and i think it's an important question is that you know when. the nato confound there and then when he meets with putin here i mean nato is doesn't like the public browbeating that trump has given them over spending this spending issues been on the table for a long time it's nothing really new and with that with the trump. putin meeting i mean when they look at trump again i want to go back to the rhetorical scene just more words because you know they're going to think that you know this summit will pass go back to work they'll be at the summit with putin and then. trump goes back on the campaign trail going to his rallies i mean is it just more for photo ops and
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just bluster because i can't see that he has really the power to make a deal with putin for example. well the service he's showing here is to interests in the middle east the. so-called peace process doing something to get the biggest deal in history between israelis and palestinians and then the price of oil so those those two issues do capture his attention what where he's going he has unfortunately weakened confidence in american leadership in the middle east problem. by withdrawing from the agreement the juicy people we've agreed agreed. he's playing with the weaker hand the nuclear agreement with iran you know ok one thing is very and i'm glad we're going to wrap it up here i'm glad that richard brought up oil prices the way it's going gentlemen
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donald trump trying to lower oil prices he's been actually helping them to increase and the saudis how he treats them so well the saudis have not returned the favor to try to equalize the price we'll see where this is going to go here that's all the time we have gentlemen many thanks to my guests and watched in new york and in london and thanks to our viewers for watching us here at r.t.c. a next time and remember crosstalk. that's a very rough furthur a new story it's profitable and you have to fight to be able to them if. it was gunshots on top of them and still very fresh he would have been winning and
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i've been even up i'll. go with me having will back up. you know i don't want to see it but a body in the children is ready to participate in the good. old to me a good wouldn't. you don't think about these these so go on no you got three teams play here and you know i do and the other patients. the way to the united states is dangerous for most of the illegal immigrants. crossing the most just as they would a simple they want to become lost and enter and i want to ask some just about what if many of them look for refuge in the so-called sentry sides of the refuse to share information about undocumented migrants with federal authorities are the best
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person to ask banco mom. i see them or don't have a i have my son i get them in a lot of class and i want to that. they have that water they all choose to stay in the country with donald trump in the white house all over for the gravels. also feel good with the who can beat out the deal with the old i said sit double the many couples won't. kill the chance of putting food impulse response both both up for a few up of up to the bulk of the. semifinals not women also defended ever and now hansei but i live on thousand people point out . finally if he would be would it be that easy to find a ten got out and me. plus is that going to get the money to people. i thought it might have been
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my little bit of a wonder about a little bit i'll accept that out of money coming no doubt much of the way for the mob to get a grip but a. good one to life. somebody is a. receipt . you can be. the taste is good. natural food is good.
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healthy lifestyle is good. good food russia sharing goodness. stories here when we travel to syria to witness reconstruction the country rebuilds vital facilities. for for the u.s. president among black americans. a palestinian journalist was arrested by israeli soldiers for filming. and ahead of friday's protest we speak to him. with a video preview. and
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hillary clinton expressed support for a young girl who. protested social injustice and we discussed the whole need. to spend more time in a constructive manner trying to get what she wants it's not to say it's wrong for them to basically stand up for what they believe in that's what this little girl was doing that's all. day here in moscow on this friday you're watching. we do start the program with syria where people are getting their lives back in order day by day you war against militants. a huge amounts of key infrastructure obliterated including important
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factories on hospitals rebuilding is getting away so we visit some of these sites to see how the job is going. if damascus is serious about to accepting millions of its refugees back home it has some serious rebuilding to do barros villages in small towns like the one over there in the province of holmes have been completely raised from the face of the earth by the war. that's why factories like this one are crucial most syrian cities have to survive amid a chaotic and unstable power supply we've been told that when anti assad fighters captured this facility they looted it clean for equipment and left it badly damaged it's fully operational now but lack of power of course isn't the worst that syrians have had to endure lie i swear we were dying of hunger one kilo of bread for one
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thousand lire you have to eat otherwise you starve to death. only rice and vulgar nothing that. we were living in hunger and poverty we would wake up in the morning not knowing how to manage to get our daily food children suffered malnutrition the ten year old girl looked like a two year old. throughout the war some parts of syria have seen well reflect famine but it would have been much much worse if it wasn't for the incredibly fertile soil and that's why you hear some branches of the trees actually broken under the weight of peaches advanced agriculture and international aid is helping to put food back on people's plates so now with the fighting contained to small pockets syrians can treat themselves to something nice this ice cream plant has even had
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a go at its own interpretation of the oreo recipe yet all of this is great on paper but doesn't he. delivery trucks have no routes to drive on. this just over forty kilometers between the cities of holmes and hama a trip that should have taken somewhat thirty minutes would stretch up to six hours see with this bridge destroyed of commuters had to gamble with their lives taking long detours through jihads territories this newly paved highway has brought the drive back to well under an hour this market in homes. it has seen many things in this civil war the worst of those it has survived through and it is hoped that the rest of the country will follow its model. of reporting from syria see.
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amid the mass reconstruction efforts there is also room for artistic work these artists once lived in a refugee camp near damascus but had to flee when it came under attack when the area now back under government control they have returned to depict the aftermath of the fighting they say they want to leave a record for future generations of what happened at the camp and what they went through. a scandal over donald trump's alleged use of a racial slur in a hail of accusations of racism slung at the u.s. president a former aide claims she has a recording of the u.s. president saying a racial slur though this recording has yet to emerge that has not stopped the media from rounding on trial for alleged racism. at the end of the day we don't need a tape to know that donald trump is racist i was at the unite the white rally in washington d.c. on sunday i didn't hear anybody say the n.
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word but i'm pretty sure those guys were still racist we were curious about what she could possibly say that might dispel some of the animosity the black community has toward her after all of these years of her being complicit in trump's clearly racist policies and actions however amid the scandal a new poll shows that support for the u.s. president among the black community has almost doubled since last year most american picks up the story pointing to this poll trump has more support among african-americans than republican candidates of the past but african-americans are still the most politically modest voting bloc consistently voting for democrats robert kanye west who's recently made headlines over his support for trump says that going against this trend makes you a pariah in the community everyone around me tried to pick my candidate for me and then told me every time i said i like trump that i couldn't say it out loud or my career would be over i get kicked out the black community because blacks are
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we're supposed have a monolithic we can only like we can only be democrats though it's unclear whether such statements from black celebrities have a positive effect on donald trump's popularity a leading civil rights group says trump trotting out his black surrogates to woo voters has a little impact as the majority of african-americans disapprove of trump trump strategy of trotting out black people to support him is not working if it is intended to inspire african-american support for him or his policies a majority of black voters say these celebrities have no impact before trump set off on the campaign trail in twenty fifteen black rappers and hip hop artists felt a little differently about in the ninety's they often mention trump in their music boasting of his wealth. around. if you just know we have to address so much for people to feel good is donald trump
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going for money you know. telling him. so why are african-american starting to think this way we asked around to find out do you think african-americans support but you want to guess a percentage. going to say that not a lot of them support him thirty are you kidding thirty six thirty six. not even close to what i thought about six percent. actually thirty six percent for him are you surprised by that at all. why is that come out on a on a black trump supporters why do you think some african-americans support by some i mean one third i'm going to say probably because they thought that he was the best chance for our economy as sort of thinking about where we are socially there is a chance to be heard which hasn't been there before i think those that do probably are looking for from an economic perspective he's
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a businessman right so more americans including black americans are finding job opportunities and by that i mean it's not just you must take the one job you find you're seeing that there are multiple opportunities people are now getting to buy a car for themselves or truck for themselves for the first time in say you know and a long time last summer we set a record among americans including black americans who went on vacation for the first time and it looks like we're gonna see another record breaking activity with that in that regard a lot of black americans are experiencing this and it's no surprise that they understand it's the policies of president donald trump. that they accept that they acknowledge and that they are very appreciative of. a young girl from maryland who was allegedly reprimanded for kneeling in class during the national anthem has won
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the support of hillary clinton the former presidential candidate tweeted that it takes courage to express disagreement with injustice and. hopes that more people will join her course. she was inspired by an american football quarterback during the national anthem before a game in twenty six to protest racial inequality and police brutality is silent protest soon spread among other athletes and this provoked a fiery political debate reaching all the way to the white house but you love to see one of these. when somebody disrespect. to say get that son of the field right now.


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