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tv   Redacted Tonight  RT  August 18, 2018 2:30am-3:00am EDT

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as whistle blowers in the us a not receiving fair treatment i think we have to await the outcome of his trial of his case just to see what the actual facts might be however it does raise some interesting concerns one of course the overreliance of the us intelligence agencies on contracting out their work and the huge amounts of money that are there by paid to contractors usually friends of whatever administration is in power secondly of course we have to think about what actually happens to whistleblowers in the us because they've had a really rough time those coming out of the intelligence agencies over the last decade and the americans say they have this procedure where whistleblowers can can raise their concerns and they will be properly addressed and yet we see time and time again that they're not so i think a we need also to consider what might be the best path for whistleblowers to have confidence that if they have concerns about crime or about corruption they will be hurt. the investigation will occur those who might be needed to be held to account will be held to account but the whistleblower will not be penalized and it appears
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from this case the whistleblower yet again has been penalized. russia is at it again that's the claim in a new article in the u.s. magazine the atlantic is says the kremlin has set its sights firmly on meddling in the upcoming midterm elections. the russian government has one overriding objective with regards to the united states to weaken america so that it loses its will and ability to counter russian objectives the article goes on to explain russia's three step plan to make to break american democracy take russian hackers and get them to fear seconds by corrupt us politicians and support those who think favorably of peace and they long to believe this very channel helps undermine democracy by inviting on gassed to death to be different they name brandon straka as an example he's the founder of a movement encouraging democrats to walk away from their party but their land take
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a pay as to forget we on the only one he talks to well i i myself was a lifelong liberal democratic voter i would say kind of a democrat by default because i'm a gay man and i think that the expectation for a lot of minority groups is that we are supposed to vote democrat and that we are supposed to be liberals or industry because spent years as a liberal he now says he's concerned by what the west has become well before the election i was already starting to feel uncomfortable with where we were headed in terms of identity politics and p.c. culture. this cool commentator lionel told us what he thinks is driving such anti russia tickles. nobody ever calls these people to task they are paid for by volume or how many likes to do you get how many clicks hey that was a great article factually incorrect. factually a baseless and also the mentality just feeding frenzy of this this monster
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dysmorphia this monster that you must feed constantly with us no rush no nato no bad guy no boogie man so there's many reasons why the boogie man the strawman the specter the evil image of russia must be maintained because it fills because somebody talked about the time the power of nightmares was a little b.b.c. documentary and you need something to fear you need something and historically in this post in the cold war a red baiting this russo phobic hysteria feeds into this is well and there's an audience for it. now fair the protests have erupted in the gaza strip with palestinian demonstrators demanding a return of what they call their homeland in israel the crowds can be seen despite a large amount of smoke and tear gas the great much of return on the israeli gaza
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border started back in march one hundred seventeen civilians have civilians since being held gaza based reporter hans could already half the details are listed new is going to need to approach has for the twenty first friday that israelis can seen you do prior to your gas canisters and live ammunition on the palestinian protesters. the situation now is as good a thing as the palestinian protesters are trying to bring you to bring some tires to blur the vision of those already snipers there israeli forces continue to fire mortar gas canisters on the palestinian protesters to disperse them and to keep them away from the front at least two palestinians. injured in the very very critical condition as you see palestinians are are bracing the palestinian flag. throwing stones on the israeli snipers and this is how the palestinians have been constant in their days right the snipers and the israeli forces oh my god like many
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in this unit you guys come to search are being fired that gun on the palestinian protesters and as you see it had to be fired on the part of student protesters where your gas canisters are being fired from was directions as you see the place is filled with white small everyone is suffocating from a tear gas fired this is also one of the injuries are from the tear gas fired just right now. no funds for the first time i see this there is no fence where the palestinian protesters hide that but if you do break the funds was probably just our hearts. and. eyes that palestinians have that ability to break up fronts dietary forces are right in the shooting live ammunition on the part of protesters that for one is going back. meanwhile the israeli defense forces say the response of their troops
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to palestinians trying to break through the fence was in accordance with some that operates operating procedures and of the protest was held in the west bank this friday where people marched peacefully against the demolition of a local village. and had to lend support to the people of that i hope that people come from all rushed to stand with them so again this time around. palestinian activist to head to mimi join the protest in qana aqua the seventeen year old girl was recently released from jail off to. serving an eight month prison sentence the slapping this really felt in this december of last year the protestors condemned israel's decision to demolish the village israel claims that it was built illegally and has offered locals relocation to a neighboring site. meanwhile
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a palestinian journalist has been arrested by the israel defense forces for filming soldiers and allegedly inciting violence. live streams two videos on facebook of israeli soldiers operating in ramallah filming i.d.f. soldier this is a legal in israel and filming an officer with intent to undermine the spirit of the army is punishable by up to five years in jail in a statesman's the i.d.f. said the man they arrested was inciting violence against the state of israel the man filmed and edited videos of ideas troops during the course of their operational activities while encouraging violence towards them and incited attacks directed at the state of israel and i.d.f. troops. when we were sleeping when we heard a knock at the door in the middle of the night we woke up and opened the door they told us their soldiers they asked me whose house is it i said it's muhammad ali's then they asked to lives upstairs i said it's. so they went upstairs and arrested
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him he told me mom don't be afraid i hope i won't stay there for long she's not guilty i'm sure he's not we went to the court and they told us they were prolonging his detention. staying in the region palestinian rap and see gaza has risen to fame after filming a music video during the great march of he dedicated the song to his friend journalist killed during that march. i will send a message like. we owe. them . no but. just want. to go we just were a little emo. because
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almost was just might. get me just to see like a one it's still my music here because i'm doing it so it was the easy for them. to get on to the u.s. where a young girl from maryland who was reportedly reprimanded for a new leg during the pledge of allegiance has won the support of hillary clinton the former presidential candidate has tweeted that it takes courage to express disagreements with injustice and have a near old marianna taylor hopes more people will join her. it's important to stand up the little. bit by jove. the kind of spirit fire the british if you want other people just making sure it makes. mariana said she was in spies by an american football quarterback who knelt during the national anthem before a game in two thousand and sixteen he said it was against racial inequality and
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place brutality his silent protest soon spread among other athletes that provoked a fiery political debates which reached all the way to the white house but you love to see one of these n.f.l. owners when somebody disrespects our flag to say get that son of a up the field right out the star that was not against our anthem or our flag that was actually kneeling is a reference position. responding to the goals me for the american civil rights union schools to guarantee students the freedom of speech without punishments meanwhile the girl's school has issued a statement saying it's not aware of any students being disciplined for such behavior but marianna says had teachers shouted at her and she left the classroom and ten as well as we discuss the issue with john leighton format mystery republican and richard goodstein former advisor to the hillary clinton presidential
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campaign. football is about football schools about school and if you have a protest protest in a constructive way this girl can write letters to the editor she can arrange a little march but protesting in your classroom to irritate your classmate mates and virtue signal and that's what she's being taught mom's teaching her mom is so proud you're taking to the streets is that bothersome to people is that annoying to people when you get when you get arrested disproportionately when you get shot disproportionately when you get put in jail just proportionally that's not just annoying that's totally ruining your life so the fact you're taking to the streets is not merely disruptive you're trying to make a point and lets you have a goal and something that you actually have a path to accomplish then you're just disrupting you're just being an antagonist to your fellow athletes or the fans or in this case to her classmates what does she want what's going to make her stand peace on earth and you know will we ever get to
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the point where there's no discrimination no there are bigoted people let's stipulate that there are people who are bigoted they will be bigoted forever donald trump is giving them a voice but the fact of the matter is it's not to say it's wrong for them to basically stand up for what they believe in that's what this little girl was doing that's all the democratic party the united states gets her power on dividing people and separating us versus them there is class warfare gender warfare they want to show that everybody's got a reason for injustice and they need to vote democrat to war in order to fix it and that's all this is it's just it's pure politics and hillary hillary clinton got millions more votes than donald trump did and her campaign theme was being together not dividing people she wasn't mocking handicapped people she wasn't telling punch him in the jaw and i'll pay your legal bills that's not what her theme was thirteen was about bringing people together. a simple mistake
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a nice reporter's coolth. twitter while covering an opposition rally in caracas c.n.n. wrongly used a photo of a pro-government demonstration and that sparks a big reaction online some users noticed a flag in the background belonged to the country's ruling party moreover the demonstrators actually holding portrays of police offices allegedly killed by the opposition some of the people in the photo even chimed in saying that it was a pro-government rally against terrorism it all began in april with demonstrations in several cities against cost to the social security system the protesters demanded the president's resignation and an early election at the same time a wave of pro-government marches demanded action against those disturbing the peace over three hundred people have died in the unrest since then but as it turns out this isn't the first time mainstream media has made such a mistake. she said you can read the russian story that georgian security forces
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are. to prevent people going back. so i. could show you why from our irregularities in the vote count in sunday's parliamentary election his ruling united russia party lost a large. knicker i q a baseball says stephen sassed and told us such blunders by western media typically go unnoticed. c n n a publishing that fake show two claiming that it's actually an opposition demonstration on it constitutes a massive insult to the. victims of the opposition could and to the families of those victims didn't they don't care if they get shown up to be completely without credibility because only then a mass audience. isn't going to take it you know if they make that any correction will daily register with the mass audience of c.n.n. . ok and it's the same with the new york times or the washington post or the
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guardian or the b.b.c. or any of the. western media very very influential western media still don't continue to report downright lies as if nothing has happened in western corporate media they portray everything back to front so what you want you have is a kind of alice in wonderland kind of through the looking glass. coverage in the media in the western media. the wedding of a country's foreign minister i wouldn't normally generate many headlines but it seems that's not the case if i say it and that's a mere pittance on the gas left that's precisely what's happening in australia in fact today and not everybody is happy about it. all of us has more details. president vladimir putin will be the guest of honor at the wedding of austrian foreign minister nice and businessman. and the luxury that
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they'll be getting married out just to the south of in austria president putin is expected to arrive by plane early morning on saturday he'll be then traveling by helicopter to the place where the wedding is taking place there is talk of a carriage ride also going on and i think that might be more for the happy couple and not something that mr putin will be taking part in from the austrian side they've confirmed that the usual security protocol will be in place for the arrival of a guest or a visitor of the stature of the russian president but it his arrival and his saying is acceptance of the invitation has provoked a controversial reaction lot of the press across austria and across europe saying what does this mean if putin's extended an invitation to the wedding of a cabinet member of an e.u. nation well what we've seen for in reaction terms is from the head chef of the place where the events taking place well he says he wants a selfie with the russian president however we've also heard is from
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a green party m.e.p. in austria saying that the fact that mrs can i sell invited vladimir putin in the first place means that she needs to step down from her position in the foreign ministry for mr nigel bears responsibility for this and should in order to avert any bad consequences for austria immediately resign if she does not do so voluntarily chancellor because should today suggest to the president that he sack been confirmed that the invite was extended back in june while vladimir putin was on a visit to vienna he's making this is part of a stop off on route here to lynn for an important meeting with german chancellor angela merkel rest social appearance though from vladimir putin in western europe in recent times since twenty. fourteen and since relations between the west and russia took a downturn over the ongoing situation in ukraine we haven't seen much of them coming to places like austria like germany in fact on social visits but the
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austrian foreign ministry it says that this is clearly private visit. you know journalists in attendance that will be no politics discussed that's sometimes easier said than done especially when austrian chancellor. is also on the invite list almost certainly he will meet with vladimir putin at some point during the wedding it's unknown of course what they will be discussing there but when it comes to relate the relationship between austria and russia it's certainly been far warmer than most other western european nations in fact if we look at the script power poisoning case just recently vienna was one of the few russian capitals not to expel any russian diplomats over that but while it's certainly a private affair while vladimir putin is in austria at this wedding it's very much a business affair later in the day for him it's unlikely we're going to see any
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pictures from that wedding of lot of me appeared on the dance floor beginning into the night because around six pm he's due to be here in berlin where he'll be meeting with german chancellor angela merkel and. that label news that tape from a tower i'll be back with the latest headlines in just save half an hour. take a snapshot camera. roughly once the show and some will leave for the. cool video this summer with the eastern. down on string and don't roughly don't t.v. crazy conspiracy that there were. under the bus forget about the back of the buses
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. because we want to rush. wonder bread and fake news to you that. your thank you. doesn't care if they're going to marry their comedy show where americans in america covering american news are first some reason called foreign agents imagine imagine this headline armed gunmen at airports secretly follow around peaceful americans who are not accused or suspected of any crime and who aren't listed on any terrorism watch list i think a proper response if you were to read the headline to seeing that revelation would be so why bother god to germany shocked. when instead that headline
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could have been in our american newspapers this week a new t.s.a. program has been revealed called quiet skies it's existed since twenty ten and in it or federal air marshals follow ordinary american citizens collecting information about their movements and behavior well you know like where's the line in the sand when you go oh oh we're inside like one of those this topi in milot. very state of horror shows. because for me personally like when i go to a quiet place and i really think about it and i really just take a minute i think about it that line is is when armed gunmen are following around peaceful unaware americans who haven't been accused of crimes like dad. the lot like you right over that and you and you step over and over just hope in military
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say oh oh oh oh no. three great here why is guys threw a significantly targets travelers who are not under investigation by any agency and are not on the terrorist screening database. this means you are right this is you i'm talking to you guy at home sitting on their own even if they don't mean me i haven't done anything wrong here i'm talking to you that you like wipe the idea of wrong out of your head do you have any idea how many people who haven't done anything wrong or in our jails our prisons our court systems millions millions here is some of these suspicious activities that the documents show air marshals are looking for when observing someone subject was abnormally aware of their surroundings observing the boarding gate area from
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a far excessive fidgeting excessive perspiration rapid eye blinking rubbing wringing of hands strong body odor sweaty palms using the bathroom a lot. using the bathroom have you seen airplane food all right we're. where all of us using the bathroom walk even in the airport even in the airport if you want to score like a piece of fresh broccoli you have to like meet a guy in a dark corner but between a brookstone and mcdonnell's or he opens up his code to reveal like a vegetable of some so origin then once you agree on a price he puts it inside a toblerone box just so the world just just so the world doesn't find out that there's a black market leafy greens loose in the airport. to toblerone the choc'late no one once in less it's duty for
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a year. and then it's worth its weight in gold. and excess in fidgeting they literally sell devices at airport kiosks just for fishing. i could therefore. even the airborne. no this is utter horse in late may an air marshal complained to colleagues about having just surveilled a working southwest airlines flight attendant as part of a quiet skies mission subject wearing too much make up she's clearly hiding something all right so subject passing out cans of liquid to passengers could be toxic fluid all right subjects' stayed on flight for multiple trips from back and forth from chicago to new york and i thought suspicious i don't know what is subject seems too concerned about whether people's feet are in feet or in the aisles so you know one could say it borders on obsessive compulsive tendencies take her down to go down. these with hundreds who train how to
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shoot things in a plane like this this is a real image of the trip i mean completely unrealistic this is the fraud that the mannequin would be currently. got who are feet by state. and secondly you look at that leg room are you kidding. all you know. is that seat reserved for the queen of england mother because. i mean the u.k. to get your gun out when your knees against your chats and off. anyway these douchebags also find it suspicious when his target has a cold penetrating stay there or wide open staring on his why the open staring eyes that's interesting because a few weeks ago and i am not making this up i happen to be on
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a flight with congressman adam schiff. now is that guy's not a terrorist i don't know what one is. but don't worry don't worry though nancy pelosi has her eye on it all right. she is monitoring the situation something else these gunmen are looking for is a telltale sign that you're getting ready to blow up fellow human beings exaggerated emotions and exaggerated emotions well i'm sure our mass media hacks and con artists have something to say about that babies and other young children. we are. living in the one nine hundred thirty s. all over again.
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folks in a very dramatic development. we're. i did a lot of duvall i. don't love it could. go viral. but i will say this c.n.n. and the other networks did cover this story about quiet skies they did not fail to reveal this insane invasion of privacy during the quick march toward a totalitarian state take a look there's absolutely no intention to surveil ordinary americans instead its purpose is to ensure passengers and flight crew are protected during air travel no different than putting a police officer on have beat or intelligence and information presents a need for increased watch and deterrent no different than putting a police officer on a beat yeah yeah it is cobb's don't follow random people around who aren't
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suspected of a crime and see if they're blinking all right. i'm not saying no cop has ever beaten someone for going to my door for using the bathroom too much but they're not tasked with taking notes about bathroom habits d.s.t.v. difference i mean it's tough to overstate this are two men who literally follow us around to make sure we behave ourselves it sure is a free country and this is the airport i'm free to use the bathroom no more than once. i've read to have body odor if it's the appropriate amount i'm freed to be aware of my surroundings to a certain extent. i believe it was founding father patrick henry who said give me liberty within reason and. the words of washington university law professor john turley had this to say there
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may be indeed constitutional issues here. depending on how restrictive or intrusive these measures are intrusive all right we we've got not so bright guys with guns ready to fire at a moment's notice because i happen to look a bit fidgety yeah maybe i am fidgety all right because maybe i'm going on two hours of sleep and maybe i've already had three cocktails and maybe i was at airport security all right. so. god got into exchanging names with me i mean i don't care if the mother is an intrusive i don't want him following me well despite all my anger about this you may feel differently once you hear how impressively effective the program has been requested by congress to twenty seventeen report noted that the agency which spent eight hundred million dollars and twenty fifteen has no information on its
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effectiveness in determining a tax wow. who could argue with those got a result. all eight hundred million dollars for a veritable. no information. could all agree that's a bargain according to the government's own department of justice standards there is no cause to be conducting these secret missions well at the conclusion of that c.n.n. segment that i just heard after bringing on the former inspector general for the department of transportation who seemed downright excited about the whole thing i'm sure the c.n.n. anchor will point out this is a horrific abuse of law enforcement it makes a mockery of our freedom and it puts us firmly in the category of military surveillance state take us home so you know i will say that in time anyone talks about rap and i.


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