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officer who says whistleblowers in the us are not receiving fair treatment i think we have to await the outcome of his trial of his case just to see what the actual facts might be however it does raise some interesting concerns one of course the over reliance of the us intelligence agencies on contracting out their work and the huge amounts of money that are there by paid to contractors usually friends of whatever administration is in power secondly of course we have to think about what actually happens to whistleblowers in the us because they've had a really rough time those coming out of the intelligence agencies over the last decade and the americans say they have this procedure where whistleblowers can can raise their concerns and they will be properly addressed and yet we see time and time again that they're not so i think her we need also to consider what might be the best path for whistleblowers to have confidence that if they have concerns about crime or about corruption they will be heard. the investigation will occur those who might be needed to be held to account will be held to account but the
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whistleblower will not be penalized and it appears from this case the whistleblower yet again has been penalized. russia is at it again now as they claim in a new article in the u.s. magazine the atlantic is says the kremlin has satisfied family on meddling in the upcoming midterm elections. the russian government has one overriding objective with the united states to weaken america so that it loses its will and ability to counter russian objectives the article goes on to explain mattias three steps to break american democracy first take russian hackers and get them to interfere secondly by corrupt us politicians and support those who think favorably of putin that long to believe this very channel helps undermine democracy by inviting on guests who death to be different they name brand i'm struck her as an example he's the founder of the movement's encouraging democrats to walk away from the party
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that they had long take a pass to forgets we are the only one he talks to well i i myself was a lifelong liberal democratic voter i would say kind of a democrat by default because i'm a gay man and i think that the expectation for a lot of minority groups is that we are supposed to vote democrat and that we are supposed to be liberals or industry because spent years as a liberal he now says he's concerned by what the west has become well before the election i was already starting to feel uncomfortable with where we were headed in terms of identity politics and p.c. culture. political commentator lionel told us what he thinks is driving such anti rush articles. nobody ever calls these people to task they are paid for by volume or how many likes to do you get how many clicks hey that was a great article factually incorrect. factually
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a baseless and also the mentality just feeding frenzy of this this monster this mob this monster that you must feed constantly with us no rush no nato no bad guy no boogey man so there's many reasons why the book he made the strawman the specter the evil image of russia must be maintained because it fills because somebody talked about the time the power of nightmares was a wonderful b.b.c. documentary and you need something to fear you need something and historically in this post in the cold war a red baiting this russo phobic hysteria feeds into this is well and there's an audience for. the protests have erupted in the gaza strip with palestinian demonstrators to mounting a ten of what they call the hay mountain israel the crowds can be seen despite a large amount of smoke fake ass the great march for ten on the israeli gaza border
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starting back in march and ups are hundred seventeen civilians have since been killed gaza based reporter hans qatari has the details. on our list in years continue to protest for the twenty first friday that israelis can seen you do prior to your gas canisters and live ammunition on the palestinian protesters. the situation now is the escalating as the palestinian protesters are trying to bring you to bring some tires to bear the vision of those ready snipers that israeli forces continue to fire more to gas canisters on the palestinian protesters to disperse them and to keep them away from their friends at least two palestinians injured never. are you very critical condition as you see palestinians are are bracing the palestinian flag. throwing stones on by israeli snipers and this is how the palestinians have been constant in their days right the snipers and the israeli
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forces oh my god like many in this unit you guys come to search are being fired that gun on the palestinian protesters and as you see it's going to be fired on the part of student protesters where your gas canisters are being fired from was directions as you see the place is filled with lysol everyone is suffocating from what you're just wired this is also one of the injuries are from the tear gas fired just right now. no plans for the first time i see this there is no fence where the palestinian protesters hide that but if you do break the fence was probably just sort of hardship. as that palestinian town that believes to break up fence dies or a voice was right in the shooting live ammunition on the part of protesters
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everyone is going back. meanwhile the israeli defense forces say the response of the troops to palestinians trying to break through the fence was in accordance with standard operating procedures another protest was held in the west bank this friday where people marched peacefully against the demolition of a local village. side that's released. and had to lend support to the people of the hope that people come from all rushed to stand with them so we can this time around in our lounge. palestinian activist or head to mimi joins the protest and. the seventeen year old girl was recently released from jail after serving an eight month prison sentence for slapping an israeli soldier in december of last year the protesters condemned israel's decision to demolish the village israel claims that it was built illegally and has on the locals relocation to a neighboring. meanwhile the palestinian journalist has been arrested by the
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israel defense forces for filming soldiers and allegedly inciting violence. live streamed to videos on facebook of israeli soldiers operating in ramallah filming i.d.f. soldiers is illegal in israel and filming an officer with intent to undermine the spirit of the army is punishable by up to five years in jail in a statement the i.d.f. said the man they arrested was inciting violence against the state of israel the man filmed and edited videos of ideas troops during the course of their operational activities while encouraging violence towards them and incited attacks directed at the state of israel and i.d.f. troops. when we were sleeping when we heard a knock at the door in the middle of the night we woke up and opened the door they told us their soldiers they asked me whose house is it i said it's muhammad ali's
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then they asked to lives upstairs i said it's. so they went upstairs and arrested him he told me mom don't be afraid i hope i won't stay there for a long she's not guilty i'm sure he's not we went to the court and they told us they were prolonging his detention staying in the region palestinian rap mc girls or has risen to fame after filming the music video during the great march of he dedicated the song to his friend journalist killed during that march. i want to send a message like all of us here that we all are. going to. go back and i. just want to. just want to go we just leave a little you might want to. get out
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a little yourself because i almost was just my own stuff maybe he just seemed like they wanted to stuff my music here to put on do with it so it was the easy for them. young girl from he was reportedly reprimanded for nailing during the pledge of allegiance has won the support of hillary clinton the former presidential candidate's way to bat it takes courage to express disagreement with injustice and have a near old marianna taylor hopes more people will join her it's important to stand up the little bit by jove throughout the kind of bridge fire the that you that you went by that people should make you feel it makes them. mariana said she was inspired by an american football quarterback who nelse during the national anthem before a game in two thousand and sixteen he says it was against racial inequality and
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place brutality his silent protest soon spreads among other athletes that provoked a fiery political debate which reached all the way to the white house. but you love to see one of these in a phone. when somebody disrespects our flag to say get the old right off the old rock star that was not against our anthem or our flag that was actually kneeling is a reference position responding to the girl's me for the american civil rights union edged all maryland schools to guarantee students the freedom of speech without punishment meanwhile the girl's school has issued a statement saying it's not aware of any students being disciplined for such behavior but marianna says her teachers shouted at her and she left the classroom in tears well we discussed the issue with the former mystery republican and richard goodstein a former adviser to the hillary clinton presidential campaign. football is about
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football schools about school and if you have a protest protest in a constructive way this girl can write letters to the editor she can arrange a little march but protesting in your classroom to irritate your classmate mates and virtue signal and that's what she's being taught mom's teaching her mom is so proud you're taking to the streets is that bothersome to people is that annoying to people when you get when you get arrested disproportionately when you get shot disproportionately when you get put in jail just proportionally that's not just annoying that's totally ruining your life so the fact you're taking to the streets is not merely disruptive you're trying to make a point in less you have a goal and something that you actually have a path to accomplish then you're just disrupting you're just being an antagonist to your fellow athletes or the fans or in this case to her classmates what does she want what's going to make her stand peace on earth and you know will we ever get to
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the point where there's no discrimination no there are bigoted people let's stipulate that there are people who are bigoted they will be bigoted forever donald trump is giving them a voice but the fact of the matter is it's not to say it's wrong for them to basically stand up for what they believe in that's what this little girl was doing that's all the democratic party the united states gets her power on dividing people and separating us versus them there's class warfare gender warfare they want to show that everybody's got a reason for injustice and they need to vote democrat to war in order to fix it and that's all this is it's just it's pure politics and hillary hillary clinton got millions more votes than donald trump did and her campaign theme was being together not dividing people she wasn't mocking handicapped people she wasn't telling punch him in the jaw and i'll pay your legal bills that's not what her team was searching was about bringing people together. the one thing that the country's
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foreign minister wouldn't normally generate many headlines but it seems that's not the case if i say it's and that's a man who turns on the gas mask that's precisely what's happening in australia saturday and not everyone's happy about it as. all of our house movies have. president vladimir putin will be the guest of honor at the wedding of austrian foreign minister. and businessman wolfgang milingo at the luxury venue that they'll be getting married up just to the south of in austria president putin is expected to arrive by plane early morning on saturday he'll be then traveling by helicopter to the place where the wedding is taking place there is talk of a carriage ride also going on and i think that might be more for the happy couple and not something that mr putin will be taking part in from the austrian side they've confirmed that the usual security protocol will be in place for the arrival of a guest or a visitor of the stature of the russian president but it his arrival and his saying is acceptance of the invitation has provoked
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a controversial reaction lot of the press across austria and across europe saying what does this mean of to me of putin's extended an invitation to the wedding of a cabinet member of an e.u. nation well what we've seen for in reaction terms is from the head chef of the place where the events taking place well he says he wants a selfie with the russian president however we've also heard is from a green party m.e.p. in austria saying that the fact that mrs mills can i sell invited vladimir putin in the first place means that she needs to step down from her position in the foreign ministry for mr nigel bears responsibility for this and should he order to avert any bad consequences for austria immediately resign if she does not do so voluntarily chancellor because should today suggest to the president that he sack been confirmed that the invite was extended back in june while vladimir putin was on a visit to vienna he's making this is part of
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a stop off on route here to lynn for an important meeting with german chancellor angela merkel rest social appearance though from vladimir putin in western europe in recent times since twenty. fourteen and since relations between the west and russia took a downturn over the ongoing situation in ukraine we haven't seen much of them coming to places like austria germany in fact on social visits but the austrian foreign ministry of said that this is clearly a private visit that they'll be you know journalists in attendance that they'll be no politics discussed that's sometimes easier said than done especially when austrian chancellor. is also on the invite list almost certainly he will meet with vladimir putin at some point during the wedding it's unknown of course what they will be discussing there but when it comes to roulette the relationship between austria and russia it's certainly been far warmer than most other western
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european nations in fact if you look at the script power poisoning case just recently vienna was one of the few russian capitals not to expel any russian diplomats over that but while it's certainly a private affair while vladimir putin is in austria at this wedding it's very much a business affair later in the day for him it's unlikely we're going to see any pictures from that wedding of lot of media putin on the dance floor beginning into the night because around six pm he's due to be here in berlin where he'll be meeting with german chancellor angela merkel and. a simple mistake in a news report has caused uproar on twitter while covering an opposition rally in nicaragua where c.n.n. wrongly accused a photo of a pro-government demonstration and that sparked a big reaction online some users noticed a flag in the background belonged to the country's ruling party moreover the
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demonstrators actually holding portraits of place officers allegedly killed by the opposition some of the people in the photo even chimed then saying that it was a pro-government rally against terrorism. it's all began in april with demonstrations in several cities against cuts to the social security system the protesters demanded the president's resignation and election at the same time there were ways government marches demanded action against those disturbing the peace over three hundred people have died in the unrest since then because it turns out this isn't the first time mainstream media has made such a mistake. she said to. the russian story that georgian security forces are. to prevent people going back it's a goal that so much good should widespread reports of ballot stuffing and irregularities in the vote count in sunday's parliamentary election this ruling united russia party lost the war. well nick correct you were based also steve
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incest and told us such blunders by western media typically go unnoticed. you know publishing that fake shit to claiming that it's actually an opposition demonstration on it constitutes a massive insult to the. victims of the opposition and to the families of those victims they don't care if they get shot or not to be completely without credibility because the only damn mass audience. isn't going to take it you know if they make that any correction will barely registered with the mass audiences c.n.n. . ok and it's the same with the new york times or the washington post or the guardian or the b.b.c. or any of the. western media very very influential western media still then continue to report downright lies as if nothing has happened in western
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corporate media they portray everything back to front so what you want you have is a kind of alice in wonderland kind of through the looking glass. coverage in the media in the western media. now it's been twenty is since the russian economy was hit by one of the west's crises in its history it came on the heels of a financial crisis in east asia the previous year and declining all prices at the height of the troubles the federal budget deficit reached more than one hundred eighty billion rubles and inflation in the country soared dramatically the government's devalued the national currency defaulted on domestic debts and declared a moratorium on foreign debt as a result the market collapsed and many banks and businesses have to close the form ahead of russia central sygate to being and told us about the challenges faced in overcoming the crisis. when it does go to the problems began much earlier to speak
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frankly the default could have been declared for the same reasons in november december one thousand nine hundred seven when the oil price dropped the crisis in asia caused capital outflows from the russian market and most importantly it highlighted the weak spot in the russian financial system the breakdown of the budgetary system the government was resolving short term issues most of them frankly speaking i cannot understand why businessmen didn't have a sense of self security because it was obvious that it was a serious crisis that could destroy the market economy and the political system everybody tried to survive on his own and as you understand if you manage to do it many businesses fail just after the crisis some later it was a difficult challenge it was negative but the market mechanisms were able to cope with it and it worked we believed in it but nobody was one hundred percent sure the positive aspect was that russian business was ready to work in the crisis and people to work for free but it is nisus didn't shut down but they declared they
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couldn't pay and cooperation between people developed but that wasn't the decision of the government and it was a positive factor the market economy started working again otherwise in a year we wouldn't have overcome the crisis of course the recovery began later under high oil prices but anyway the market economy showed its viability sustainability and the possibility of stabilizing in a crisis or. the now you're up to date with the latest headlines then r.t. dot com is a new click away for more details on any of us stories kept at this hour.
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welcome to sophie shevardnadze haiti better by natural disasters is reeling from a scandal around the revelations of abuse by international aid workers how will it affect the humanitarian efforts of n.g.o.s and the u.n. in the country well i ask. human rights lawyer.
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a country that is still recovering from earthquakes and hurricanes while coping with rampant poverty and a drastic lack of infrastructure destroyed sympathy from across the globe with n.g.o.s and u.n. agencies rushing to help the better nation but with revelations of corruption and abuse by u.n. and aid workers has the image of the charitable organizations been tainted for good . government expelled the good from the country altogether and turning around those problems all alone is only down to haitian human rights lawyer welcome it's really great to have you on our program lots to talk about now the latest scandal in haiti's over oxon employees saying aging sexual exploitation is in the country the haitian government has suspended the work of the u.k. charity also. i'm has apologized started investigation and fired those responsible are responsible what more could they do right now well. i think
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oxfam is just sort of the symptom of the problem because haiti's under occupation and these n.g.o.s are there masturbating on this pain that has been imposed upon us because of imperialism what else could they do they could actually leave haiti ok we're going to go actually case by case but because some is the latest case i'd like to focus on that in the beginning i mean totally takes one scandal to ruin the reputation of a charity accusation stake and people start thinking that the whole organization is one after the scandal broke out some c.e.o. said that everything they're going to zation try to say or do just fuel the fire of public opinion it's like no matter what they say it won't come out right do they really deserve to be battered further well yes we're talking about children we're talking about post earthquake i mean look at the situation sophie we're talking
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about two thousand and ten the catastrophic politike earthquake that killed over three hundred and ten thousand haitians that made over two million haitians homeless and then you have this army of n.g.o.s coming in and that's where oxfam comes in with a director who has been recycled in different other n.g.o.s. as a sexual immoral person and he's actually. he was in liberia and fired by a british in geo in liberia in two thousand and four this role in person. and then he was recently and he was recruited by. and he had what they say i mean it's so nasty what he was doing callignee less sex that's beastie ality that's orgies with people who have lost
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everything and are looking at these charitable organizations as. their savior come to help give. their savior is yes and this is not just oxfam we have the un doing the same thing so you have to talk a lot of enters coming in and we'll talk about the u.n. further down in our interview so only the u.k. division of oxfam has been banned other oxfam workers are still in haiti does that mean that the country actually needs ochs i'm here or just found a temporary scapegoat in the u.k. division we haitians have not been heard this is not about oxfam this is about the underage children who were you by this in geo who are now being blared about in headlines as prostitutes what happens when you're fifteen years old and your mother just died five of your brothers just died. instead of
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helping you with the donation dollars that's paying this man salary that's been given by citizens of the world who care about what happened this crisis this me and held. orgy sex with animals with these children what can happen to them i'm a human rights lawyer who spent the last twenty four years of my life since one thousand nine hundred ninety four exposing that the charitable industrial complex and the military industrial complex are about colonialism that there in haiti as a smokescreen wildly western corporatocracy takes our resources out so you know if you're talking to a haitian would. and you have talked in tongues i know i know and it's very emotional i mean i do realize that but me as a journalist i need to make sure that i cover all sides so bear with me because i'm
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going to have to ask you this question but i need your answers guardian wrote that sure pay more money to sex workers a lot more than the locals i know it sounds gross but in some way could there could these encounters have been voluntary so locals may have a role in this too not just oxfam could that be a possibility as well while. oxfam is in geo which is a non-governmental organization which is given its accreditation by the united nations the united nation has a policy against having sex with your beneficiaries so does oxfam and so we're talking about a situation where you're asking me. who is it you know is the victim and we talk about under-age soaks here this man that we're talking about roland has a history of having sex in place is
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paid by donation dollars as the ox you know he started out in liberia and he was dismissed for having sex with local people including under-age children and you know as a lawyer as a human rights lawyer i'm actually concerned sex with underage children is pedophilia it's a crime we're not talking about. anything else. yes there is prostitution but as you know whenever a military comes into a space the level of sexual abuse and prostitution goes up at least fifteen percent is that really what the u.n. and the ngos are supposed to be doing in haiti aren't they supposed to be a fiduciary that are given this position as philanthropists and human human me manage tarion to choose not to bring up the level of prostitutions in haiti but to
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to to to help haiti developed to provide help at a time of crisis i mean and africa lifted crisis when everything has fallen down so so no i reject the idea that the the haitian women and men who were victims of oxfam. are to blame for any of what happened with regards to that because you're talking about a differential in power and we're talking about underage girls and we talking about underage girls or underage boys we're talking about a crime that age in haiti is eighteen for maturity so although the media waltzes wants to make these under-age children prostitutes who really is the whore here who really is the criminal here so haitian parliament has learned that they mature.


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