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not to bring up the level of prostitutions in haiti but to to help haiti developed to provide help at a time of crisis i mean and africa lifted crisis when everything has fallen down so so no i reject the idea that the the haitian women and men who were victims of oxfam. are to blame for any of what happened with regards to that because you're talking about a differential in power and we're talking about underage girls and we're talking about underage girls or underage boys we're talking about a crime. age in haiti is eighteen for maturity so although the media waltzes wants to make these under-age children prostitutes who really is the whore here who really is the criminal here so haitian parliament has learned that the majority of abuse cases don't get reported oxfam actually has the reporting
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requirements in place their stats are transparent other agencies don't have those requirements so do you have any information about their transgressions you know i head the free haiti movement which i founded in two thousand and four when the united nations lent its uniforms to this occupation. where it's this humanitarian front is covering up the corporate plunder of haiti's riches i had something called the haitian lawyers leadership network which i founded in one nine hundred ninety four twenty four years ago and the purpose was to institutionalize the rule of law and to protect and defend the cultural human economic rights of haitians living at home you know broad now the question you're asking me is. is there reporting requirement with regards to the n.g.o.s and what they're doing in haiti the ngos do whatever they want in haiti
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remember there's a level of racism and a level of when you're under occupation and these n.g.o.s come in they're making so much more money than let's say a haitian lawyer in haiti a native haitian lawyer in haiti who is going to fight on behalf of let's say the victims. so you're talking about a disparity of power you're talking about this idea that these these white folks like oxfam's director who was who was. fired and the other i think they fired oxfam fired three executive and another for. me they let them resigned they let three resign and then they fired for gross misconduct three so but they never reported to the haitian government that says it's a crime to. have sex with minors they never reported that so they concealed it and
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they continued to conceal what was going on up until now eight years later we hear about it. going to take short break right now and when we're back we'll continue talking to. human rights lawyer discussing the humanitarian missions in haiti and the opera they have been causing stay with us. going and. what politicians do something good. to put themselves on the laws. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to express interest more some want to breast.
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cancer like to be prosperous like a flag tree in the morning can't be good. i'm interested all those in the waters of college. just sit. crazy conspiracy they're there they're all were there drum under the bus forget about the back of the buses run them over because we want to rush limbaugh and wonder bread and. to die. and we're back with a.z.t. don't owe haitian human rights lawyer we're discussing the controversy around eight
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missions in haiti so now the haitian president after an investigation is calling they ox them affair the tip of the iceberg but on the other hand count the haitian government really afford to poke into other aid groups besides oxfam president mention investigated mid-song from jaf and other n.g.o.s what if more organizations are suspended can they manage without them can haiti do without n.g.o.s altogether you know i want your audience to hear me when i say this you can't develop a country which charity you cannot. the charities are there in haiti. to assist with the symptoms of the problem not the root of the problem of haiti and that symptoms like when you have no clean water no health care no infrastructure those are all symptoms of
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a greater problem in haiti and that greater problem is imperialism that greater problem is debt dependency and domination that haiti has had to deal with sense it became the first. free republic ruled by black people since eighteen zero four so we've had to deal with this. imperialism that comes in and takes out haiti's resources so here is the answer the answer for your audience to understand is not charity it's not these n.g.o.s it's not oxfam you can't you take someone's agency away when you bring in foreigners and you have those foreigners give you public services like clean water like health care they're not accountable that's why you have the problem of oxfam that's why you have the larger problem of the un troops and their sex rings and and their cholera has gotten to
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haiti and all of the travesties that we've had to suffer directly since two thousand and four when the un came in and they came in the u.n. came in after the united nations just made the united states france and canada and the western powers out through or we bush regime change in two thousand and four the democratically elected president of haiti which i used to represent so we're talking about the you win and the charitable workers who come in. to cover that this is an occupation because if it was acknowledged openly that this is a humanitarian front to occupation then the public of these various nations would oppose it but if you say haiti needs charity and look at these haitians and all their problems and you say these things all the time and this is
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what they say about haiti we are the poorest on trial where his cries am out i don't understand it's not like they're there by force right someone is certainly inviting them why can't you just be like we don't need you by what is a problem as i said the u.n. came in in two thousand and four after the united nations shows me the united states france and canada in their deep state cia agents helped take down the democratically elected president what we have in haiti right now is an occupation a military occupation with the u.n. serving as proxy military are you saying your government is in conspiracy with the united nations because no organization including that salute including the united nations can be on a territory of a country without a consensus of the government of that country after the earthquake we had bill and hillary clinton essentially take over haiti and take over the aid to haiti they
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were i do think there was no interest in haiti what what why such interest on behalf of the clintons and your country why. i am so happy you asked because haiti lies between two nations that do united states want to become client states that they dislike that has not fall in into a the line with manifest destiny and the one road doctrine and so on that's cuba and venezuela we are right in between we are that weakest link in their horseshoe also so so they unite this is what we say at the haitian lawyers leadership which i lead we say that the moon i did nation forces in haiti are the africa calm of the western hemisphere they are the u.s. western military army training latin american instrumental american soldiers. for on behalf of the western powers and they use haiti as
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a training ground that's number one number two haiti has massive oil the head of venezuelans oil is in haiti's waters number in terms of riches haiti has they say now twenty billion in gold. haitian geologist says it's one hundred billion in gold doing the earthquake. bill and hillary clinton put in through fake elections and you can see this just google it michel martelly who is a former carnival singer if you look at the e-mails from the hillary and bill clinton they show you that they created this this fake election and now in two thousand and sixteen we have should be two thousand and seventeen we have this new president job mel movies no more yes was handpicked by michel martelly who was put into office by bill and hillary clinton under the obama administration
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really and now the aid groups and you and agencies they always stress that they're doing a lot of good. do outstrip the bat that happens but good rarely makes for a hard news story that always goes unnoticed so all the good work they could be doing because i'm sure they are doing something good emergency aid medication shelter supplies etc will that always be outweighed by the bad behavior by the by the scandals by the overall problem of the occupation that you're you're talking about yes ok so so no matter what they do even if sometimes they're really actually reaching out to housing people and that that is also an undeniable fact. well as i said before sophie no matter how how well intentioned some of these n.g.o.s are and some of them some of the charitable industrial complex folks. are not predators no matter what their
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intentions are we're talking about an occupation we're talking about imperialism we talk about the people of haiti being disenfranchised by fake elections run by the un right now on behalf of the united nations says me of the united states and it's and it's and it's you know european allies but i just want to ask you about the technicality does the humanitarian aid that they bring in to your country actually reach people on the ground those who really need it do they get it i think the figures were. thirteen point three billion dollars that was raised after the earthquake. and i think they said that less than one percent of that went to the haitian government most of that money went back to the donors to their hands most of it stayed in the donor hands to to to to what to bring
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employment to their people to make money off of it is that what you're saying to bring employment to people like the world lim hamann whatever his name is yeah head of the oxfam person yeah are you going to by the way i asked you i knew already i think you know that foreign foreign aid cripples most african nations i think you already know that the stis district say that the world bank puts out a lot alone but the corporate plunder. is greater than the aid they ever a give to the black nations or to the global self i want to be able those if i have as you spoke to afghanistan's former president and he thinks the same way too he feels like the foreign aid in the long run is ruining his country because it never comes with no strings attached. so you know this rapper i'm sure you know because he ran for your country's president. he's charities reported to have spent twenty
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five percent of money donated on expenses like travel conferences accommodation salaries how can people who want to help donate be sure that their money goes where it has to because you don't necessarily need to be a part of u.n. or i'm it's awesome. or other n.g.o.s who want to help right there are a lot of philanthropist who want to help you know you're sitting in your house you are sure it is an earthquake you want to donate money how do you make sure that it gets where it has to be very well you see i'm still thinking that we're having the wrong conversation here charity cannot develop a nation it can't give it infrastructure health care it can only allow for dependency and you mentioned one charity which which is why clip shot. you know i could show is like a tiny little bit of so small compared to the clinton global
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initiative. and the big n.g.o.s and what they're doing in haiti the red cross the red cross raised half a billion dollars in haiti after the earthquake and only built seven homes and left no infrastructure and we need. clean water just basically water they could have given us with the thirteen point three billion dollars that was raised because the u.n. in two thousand and ten as you know brought us cholera which has killed over ten thousand haitians and made sick more than they say a million i say three million haitians so we don't even have clean water so what do these forty two thousand n.g.o.s have to show except the fact that they are used as a smokescreen i was immediately ferrying to a whole race now i was just talking about people who want to help do i understand you correctly that your message to my audience is that anyone who is watching t.v.
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and there are calls to help haiti they shouldn't. is that what you're saying haiti yes what i'm saying is if you hate haiti cannot be developed by charity if if anyone wants to help haiti you need to help us get rid of the u.s. occupation hidden by a u.n. mercenary guns fake a fake election fake a charity that's what we want as haitians and for instance after the earthquake we started my organization the network because we were not getting help because the people were being given dirty water by the n.g.o.s we started a program xeni blow which gives clean water it's a very tiny project but it is to haiti lead haiti one and a transfer skills to haitian without a middleman those a type of projects that people who are interested in helping haiti can do assist
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and ended digit is haiti led haiti capacity building organization not an organization that's that's that's building up the capacity of the ngos all right it was really interesting insights to hear from you as really actually thanks for this interview i have never heard someone speak so passionately about the country and speak the way you speak about the country i wish you all the vast in your future endeavors as a leader until we were talking to you the haitian human rights lawyer about the u.n. and other groups humanitarian efforts in haiti and why they have drawn so much criticism that's it for this edition of sophie and co i will see you next time. thank you.
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it's a very rough terrain you sort of climates and you have to find to be able to the flank. it was gunshots on top of him and so many friends he would have been you know have men need not. apply i don't think any of back up. you know i don't want. to see it but a body in this room is ready to participate in the good. old to new book to meet him and if. you don't think about these you know these soldiers who don't know you got through it's like and you know i do and other patients.
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america was never great was founded on the rape in the murder. nothing changed so we said all response to these situations that we're dealing with. people here is sad every ill that day she is just sad people kill each other blood through killing children. so it was just no way that people are going to just sit back and allow children to see shot down law enforcement. this country doesn't work for us it doesn't function for us. this this can't be happening in america we call from the streets we've got to deal with why this is
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the reason i have to ride like this is the reason. household stories the government of syria continues a massive reconstruction effort with the vast majority of the country's territory now liberated from islamic states. oh my god let me just give you the time to start on fire on the part of you. also a protest in the gaza strip sees palestinians attempting to break through the border fence israeli soldiers respond with tear gas meanwhile the small protests erupt on the border a rap artists is shown to fame after filming a video of the demonstrations. no no. no plan to. control the sea ignites in the u.s.
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off the hillary clinton packs a young girl who knelt during the pledge of allegiance in a protest against social injustice low girl needs to spend more time in a constructive manner trying to get what she wants it's not to say it's wrong for them to basically stand up for what they believe in that's what this little girl was doing that's all. you can check out from all of the latest headlines just ahead this a new episode of the big picture. on this week's show your money is under attack and the f.b.i. says the attack is eminent what you need to know about the impending worldwide a.t.m. . but first second thoughts about florida's controversial stand your ground law
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holland cook in washington this is the big picture on our t.v. america. as black entertainment television presents a docu series about the life and legacy of trayvon martin comes another deadly shooting recently in florida where a county sheriff there deemed the use of deadly force permissible under the state's controversial stand your ground law tallahassee mayor andrew gillum a candidate in the democratic primary for florida governor has called on sitting governor rick scott to suspend the stand your ground law which would be permissible under the governor's emergency management powers he says we found a way at least until the legislature convenes and deals with these conflicts of interpretation and of law to ensure the safety of every day people until we get
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greater clarity should the governor let's ask criminal defense attorney mark o'mara best known for representing george zimmerman in the trayvon martin trial he's a popular speaker and he advocates for changing laws that over prosecute those charge mark founded the nonprofit justice outreach which seeks to address problems with the justice system particularly in juvenile justice marc welcome welcome great to be here i suspect that more viewers have heard of the stand your ground law than may understand what it is and what it isn't and what is that castle doctrine could translate legal leads to english for us yeah give it a shot. for. centuries we've had the right to protect ourselves nobody tries to take that away that is true self-defense and what it really said was if i'm not the door of my castle in my home then i don't have to back up into my house to protect myself or my family at the door that's the castle doctrine what the stand your
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ground statues did was take that castle doctrine agreement that i do not have to back up that no duty to retreat agreement and move it out to the street so if i'm on the street corner and you come to me. and threaten violence if i'm in reasonable belief of great bodily injury from you in imminent great folly injury i don't have to back up i don't have to retreat if in fact there is a bulletproof wall right next to me i don't have to walk behind it to get away from you before i can use self-defense and up to deadly force that is great legal ease the anguish very helpful now as for mayor guillen's appeal to the governor what harm could come from suspending stand your ground well you know what honestly even though there are some concerns in the application of stand your ground here's the reality of it we know the society is tilted a certain way the harvard by implicit bias study tells us that all of us whites and
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blacks look at the black community members of it with a bias so that exist in society so if you look at it also exist in the criminal justice system and if you look at it exist in the stand your ground statute but there's nothing in the stand your ground statute that's racially inappropriate it's just that the system and the way it views the black population is biased so the idea that we do away with the stand your ground law is as good an argument to do away with the burglary statute the battery statute or many other statutes i would. well you there with governor scott position on stand your ground in the past he is certainly not going to use his emergency powers to do away with a statute that the legislature just we passed this past year gun laws vary from state to state what is required for concealed carry there in florida and do more
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people carry since stand your ground became a law well here's what happened before two thousand and five when the statute was actually changed to make florida stand your ground state nobody knew what stand your ground was and quite honestly nobody knew what stand your ground was until of zimmerman case because it was that case that really brought it out into the forefront i would tell you i train lawyers on how to apply the stand your ground statute and how to act or how to defend someone in self-defense and lawyers don't fully get it so yes people now believe that stand your ground says i can and will defend myself if i'm in fear. that's an oversimplification. since his acquittal in the trayvon martin case george zimmerman hit a couple of bumps how's he doing now. i think he's doing ok i think he's trying to stay out of the public eye little bit but he even has a matter pending right now if in seminole county needs to get past big news story
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lately is this matter of internet downloads that enable three d. printers to make plastic guns and this raises both first and second amendment issues are yoweri. i'm very concerned you know the first amendment lets me put stuff out there in the public view and i get that my i'm very concerned and i think all legitimate legal gun owners and i carry i've got a permit i own weapons i'm very concerned that these guns can get into the hands of felons they get hands is anybody that is not regulated whatsoever i know the n.r.a. is very concerned about going to regulation but my concern is that if we allow the dissemination of these type of guns with no restrictions whatsoever they are going to get in the hands of people who will do very bad things with them and we're going to have to deal with it so my suggestion is we deal with it preemptively let guns
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only be sold with registration numbers on them by legitimate gun sellers to legitimate gun purchases thank you attorney mark o'mara of the amero law group. joining us now from minneapolis is attorney professor activist minister and former minneapolis n.w. c p president nick kimmel levy pones mckim a welcome back to the big picture thanks for having me in july thirty one year old thurman blevins of black man was fatally shot by white police officers after a foot chase through a residential neighborhood on the city's north side five weeks later police released the body cam video police are seen chasing blevins whom the video appears to show with a gun in his hand shortly before the officers opened fire after another recent police shooting in chicago the chief there made a point to release the video quickly in the interest of transparency there in
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minneapolis the mayor who himself had seen the video the night of the shooting told reporters we need to act with full transparency and making sure we're honest even if the truth is difficult in the chemo why did it take minneapolis police five weeks for this video to be released you know that's a good question first of ol it typically takes even longer than five weeks for a body camera footage to be released advocates and family members of their member leavens had to push the mayor to have the body cam released what then that five week period of time but it raises the question of why does the bureau of criminal apprehension need that much time before releasing the information to the public we have concerns about the way in which the video was analyze to make their member leavens appear as if he deserved to be shot and killed by police officers now the bureau of criminal apprehension argues that it takes a while to release the footage because they don't want to contaminate the potential
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testimony of witnesses however under minnesota state law police officers have the ability to review body camera footage before they give. statement to the bureau of criminal apprehension and so we have a lopsided law in place that gives away too much discretion to police officers and those who are investigating police as to when and where their body camera footage will be released ahead of time well in another incident in chicago the police did just the opposite the chief deliberately got the video out quicker because there was concern and the problem in waiting five weeks is that the community festers right absolutely the community festers there are also lots of rumors that come to the surface the media has a chance to shape the narrative according to whatever perspective the media decides to put out and also people become upset.


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