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tv   Keiser Report  RT  August 18, 2018 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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readline that israel and saudi arabia want regime change in iran and if he goes down that road it's the end of its predecessor presidency he needs to understand that he ends up as george w. bush if he goes down that road may be a lot worse i frankly don't think he's going to do that but he's certainly got a lot of people both foreign and domestic pushing him in that direction and right now he's indulging them the question is whether he will follow through with that i hope he doesn't you know peter one of the things i've noticed that is unique about this presidency a tall tweeting a sign is that i think serious people and not just pundits that are partisan one way or another i mean i listen to trump speeches particularly when he goes to the base and there's just a heck of a lot of hyperbole and it's kind of baked in for me ok i'm trying to understand the basis of what he's saying because well most of what he talks about is themself ok that's the trump way but i just have to wonder when you look at his foreign policy views i see that
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a lot of it is bluster because and i'm kind of agreeing with james here in the bark is really there but there's not always the follow up i mean with syria. we really don't know what's going on there they're not really saying very much because i think there's going to be a withdrawal but i mean could we look at the bluster towards iran is this kind of bluster to keep the saudis and the israelis happy go ahead peter. yes i think it's primarily to keep the lead and the israeli lobby in the us happy because look at it this way trump has already got a lot of enemies back home that's what you're new theat. he's got the securities they are on his back he got everybody on his back he cannot afford all of the israel lobby on his back so this combined with the fact that he has family links with israel push to thim in the direction of being an iran hawk.
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now this is scary and if he gets dragged down that path we may be in for a very bumpy ride indeed. but i heard that his heart is in it. opportunistic and dictated by his standing domestically in the u.s. he can't have too many enemies at the same time rich or reflective i think that's quite fascinating because i'm really you know you could have all the bluster you want against iran but it does keep the israelis and the saudis happy and it's one it's one issue he doesn't really want to deal with right now because of the litany of trade issues nato north korea meeting with putin it's on the back burner for him policy wise not rhetorical what do you think richard. because it's not on the back burner he's he's got to keep on the situation in the southwest
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part of syria where the heat is high the rain ians have been maneuvering around too near to the golan heights for israeli comfort and that that could trigger a fight in a broader conflict which none of us needs richard who. would be that which country would be the trigger was the proactive it character the you're referring to well. real has been striking using air power against what it is it is raining in targets in israel and syria in syria that's where it could go bad but ok you write in syria gentlemen i'm going to jump in here we're going to go to a short break it's a hard break i have to go there after a short break we'll continue our discussion on trump's foreign policy stay with our .
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all right so if. you have to fight to google for them. it's one of. them and. they would have been. you don't. you know i don't. see it in the journal of the digital budgets but in the good. old.
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you don't think about these. three it's like. you know the. welcome back to cross talk where all things are considered i'm peter and we're discussing transform policy. ok james let me go back to you in washington right before i went to the right richard pointed out a possible floss point a flashpoint in syria. and the go on we have to remind our viewers of the golan heights is illegally occupied by israel and it's not israeli territory ok it's actually part of syria and the international community recognizes that but i'm glad
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that richard brought that up james i mean again you know if you look at kind of the proactive and i don't want to use the word aggressive but proactive stance that trump has taken on so many positions around the globe again we go back to the middle east where he seems to be reactive i mean is israel determining what the united states might or might not do in the region syria is a very good example go ahead. well i think richard is right to point out southwest syria as the real most important dangerous flashpoint here and that's where it really comes down to mr trump and mr putin can they work out something that defuses that in the abbey in the aftermath of the american failure and syria that really has been a failure that we're not really in a position to broker any kind of deescalation and that area hopefully the russians can you know that you know this points to a serious paradox in american policy we have these so-called neo conservatives here
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who are the most militant interventionist especially in the middle east they're also the most militant li anti russian and are just in a complete meltdown now over the prospect of this summit coming up what's ought of course is that israel and mr netanyahu have a very good relationship with russia and mr putin so there i think there are things that can be done on the ground there for a mosque that the people here just are getting the belt out of the picture that's a really good point let me go to peter on that i mean this is a it's widely speculated i know that the nato allies are terrified of. meeting with putin because he might make a deal over their heads ok all right fine that's a topic for another day but i mean the issue of syria is very interesting and and what james says i think makes a lot of sense of something could be an arrangement let's put it that way to deal with syria but why peter would let me or putin trust donald trump after everything that has been said and done i mean ash carter remember when there was a cease fire agreement everybody was on board and all this all we accidentally
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attacked the syrian army opes we didn't mean it wow i mean that didn't cut any ice with me or anyone else that i know so peter even if some kind of arrangement could be made to deescalate in syria could the russians trust the americans to come through and we have to remember that trump is under a lot of enormous pressure at home because even talking to vladimir putin in the eyes of the neoconservatives is treason go ahead peter. well i think the americans don't have much to negotiate with in syria. the boots on the ground very limited in numbers effectively they're just. the pro u.s. forces in the south are in the process of being rolled up that only leaves the north the ad lib area to dominate it in terms of external support by turkey
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not be us and i think we're also in danger of looking at the wrong flashpoint is not the goal and the goal then the approaching toward the goal and i believe it a done deal read the smoke signals coming or not coming out to jerusalem you can see that the israelis will acquiesce in a return to the status quo ante and the iranians will not move up close to the goal and there's no reason why they should they should want it to. be the real potential flashpoint is the return to the duma type situation remember just back in april we came close to world war three you know we were talking in those terms and the thame scenario could be reproduced at any moment but most likely it will be reproduced
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when the moment comes for the feature of lip which is some months down the track but perfectly for theobald the same conditions will be produced and i believe there will be another fake chemical attack which will trigger a real really dangerous crisis you know all that day when we go to richard and people that do that are actually desperate that's when people that do that kind of thing they're on the losing side that's why they do it i want to stay with. the. trump putin meeting and let's talk about syria is there is there a possible in your mind where some kind of rough outline could be agreed to where everybody could be seen as the winner without getting giving away anything i don't know if that's possible here but i think that that's something that trump would like to say look we're quickly resolving the issue in syria he likes to win that's how he'll look at it and of course that would be a segue to somehow start starting the russia u.s.
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bilateral relationship again because it pretty much been deep sixed what do you think about that richard. interests or peril to american in the sense that he doesn't want to go really. quick sounds like a very very shy gree. so that gives something to work with the really world curtiz the rain ians and there is no unquestionably strong almost for that of a goal of color for level element and that sees its mission is spreading with already its influence over syria lebanon yemen to some extent and that i don't know what who. can agree on ok well james i mean this is the guy ongoing argument i've had with richard i mean again if that fanatical element and
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to around i mean they're only fueled by foreign policy mistakes by the former colonial powers in the united states they're the ones that help spread real or imagined iranian influence throughout the region i mean look for example the horrendous shameful. activity that's happening in yemen and the whole world watches this it's a disgrace to humanity and that's all blamed on a rant more rand wasn't there until it all started happening but timelines don't matter to these people go ahead james. you know i guess i would disagree a bit with richard although i defer to his superior knowledge in this area it just seems to me that in a world and islamic world it's thirteen percent shiite that any fanaticism from tehran would be a self correcting problem that they simply don't have that throw weight to really have that kind of dominance in the region as far as mr trump and mr putin go i
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think mr putin is well aware that donald trump does not control the apparatus of his own government whereas putin is master of his house trump really is not and he has to proceed much more carefully and can he give orders that he knows will be obeyed and lastly as far as the allies go i think the one who has the most to fear is theresa may here's somebody who's going to dissolving out from under her we've got their fingerprints on not only on the white helmets and the tackle false flag like like peter was referring to the scriptural thing and also the steel dossier let's not forget that i hope mr putin hands mr trump a real dossier about what they've been overt up to over there and the united kingdom to try to subvert american interests but you know peter one of the things i've done in number of programs on this but you know i've had experts on talking about the interests of this country versus the interests of this one and geopolitics and sometimes it just gets down to trump having a memory i remember how you supported hillary clinton i remember the donna ca i remember m i six involved in meddling in the election not the russians you know
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it's really and then those ukrainian oligarchy that gave money to the clinton foundation i mean you could say that's a layer that that's how donald trump sees fulcrum policy that you get when he's slighted he's got it written down in a back of an envelope check that person's done that person's done i'm to i'm i'm making light of this a little bit but obviously there's personal issues that. views the world here go ahead peter. young i think. keys to understanding trump one is called isolationism ornately the. other is. not always the redeeming feature. depart from the or the orthodox washington and. then constant conflict like a goalie who is pinned down by the washington consensus by these myriad
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little advisors around him the only time he's really free are in the middle of the night three am when he can tweet and nobody can stop him. when he's in a thumb it when he's going to come in again one on one specially when they keep advisors out of the chamber these are the times when he can be donald i think donald should be more donald if anything in it you know richard it's already been brought up in this program and i think it's an important question is that you know when. the nato confound there and then when he meets with putin here i mean nato is doesn't like the public browbeating that trump is given them over spending this spending issues been on the table for a long time it's nothing really new and with that with the trump. putin meeting i mean when they look at it again i want to go back to the rhetorical just more words
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because you know they're going to think that you know this summit will pass go back to work they'll be at the summit with putin and then. trump goes back on the campaign trail going to his rallies i mean is it just more for photo ops and just bluster because i can't see that he has really the power to make a deal with putin for example. well the service he's showing he has to interests in the middle east the. so-called peace process doing something to get the biggest deal in history between israelis and palestinians and then the process of oil so those those two issues do capture his attention what where he's going he has unfortunately weakened confidence in american leadership in the middle east problem. by withdrawing from the you agreement the. agreed. he's playing with the weaker hand the nuclear agreement with their own you
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know ok one thing is very and i'm glad we're going to wrap it up here i'm glad that richard brought up oil prices the way it's going gentlemen donald trump trying to lower oil prices he's been actually helping them to increase and the saudis how he treats them so well the saudis have not returned the favor to try to equalize the price we'll see where this is going to go here that's all the time we have gentlemen many thanks to my guests and watched in new york and in london and thanks to our viewers for watching us here at r.t.c. a next time and remember crosstalk.
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we have no idea what say he is doing on vacation but she will be back on air in september.
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a new stage appeared on the world map in two thousand and eleven south sudan. gets separated from its neighbor sudan after an independence referendum. since then between government and insurgent troops has never stopped it is in fact a continuation of a much older struggle between different tribal factions. yeah . ok we go.
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ok it was gunshots one time to men from fifteen match so many fresh. broken so the one is going to directly to the left doesn't go to the chest and gesture was. lost on me and he's going about ok we go. to move on trying to do opposites but he just. blushed going in which meant get that out so you know your minutes we will see. the real issues. discussed so. they could meet. tree. into a. department maternity everything is put together i mean in discovery the.
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queen there's no infection you see the face you still. only feel for the same people second degree on the face. i think you seem to grow up thinking you're going to be needed i think because you see that only the start here you see this and i think in them days you could make out everything except the b. to b. to b. . just. to go. this is a group that. mr bush mutimer across and when you were all under one stroke want to show you can you for the port au. prince . because from the inside and from outside so it's really humid and it was a big big one to completion. from the from the chain was like a human body. you get the patients you know that kind of all the patients
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some of them not to be injured during the war duties you don't think about these you know the soldier on you that's three it's like a and the other and the other patients. and i think. this is the city of good luck just twenty kilometers from the frontline. it's under the control of opposition troops consisting mostly of members of the chinook tribe .
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the red cross hospital here is now the only facility in the hole up in the area of the country still able to provide medical aid. you cannot. get a good. job. out of it. i think you know looking at it like. i'm just off. the top. i. said. a little differently this is actually as you say it's. just that fast to me it's about him. saying let's not say.
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that only some of. the it's only he's going to. be since i'm just saying is not a good idea to be patient with these three old sunday and it will be too much and they fighting us because we have done it was it was just a stunt then one night leave me out expecting to me. was just totally i did it was much. it was. going. to. be a decision pretty good. you. know. i'm not the sort of like michael sentiment that i knew not a good use of will slip through. nick's going you know if you don't you feel you're going to have to conclude it can sustain a convert. any major injuries to the shore spinning fork with greasy truth i was
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the only two. peas in that i mean if someone. getting stupid off from watching your movements for luke. i'll. ask you two more than. ever before you got. to. tell them to.
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thank you. so much these. were. from one thousand nine hundred ninety and i'm a surgeon and. there was just like. fighting with the day. you know i didn't want to go and all of the things and then we got to the integration but missing something about i don't like to speak much too much about these. maybe some some missions since syria i've been getting on in freetown i mean . that's not going to probably and then finally if i do stuff with the i.c.r.c. dealing with that when the patients.
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think this but. if you don't. despite the conflict going to go to this position two games here. between two. small. business loans that are you going to push that i'm just going to give you a little bit. more. surreality pain just don't get someone. just function it's become very nice but you can tell i'm going to get. out. of here i mean that more and i don't want to move and.
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kept on saying i can't say often oh no no no it's afghanistan that in this month i got twice like this situation it's seventeen fifteen patients you know and you know one hour a week at the three of them and then most of them are injured so they'd need surgery in two days. so we had the troops. in the show looking. our land. was given by some book at least we see pull the call didn't cut open them then. dug cause of the water with the goods of troops and those didn't just so innocent to sit in the forum between to provide.
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zoro sources including we're going to fire the shuttle. not his old kiss. and we're going to demanding the dollar lunch must be given back to us. like barry that you've seen it maybe heads here in quite a lot and working with all of you you have to actually i love you you're so mean anything you have a strength that i've never seen anywhere else. and i would also like to welcome back to you who is the new head of office in qatar. thank you so much for the welcome you so very welcome the royal welcome i actually . cannot promise to be as a great leader. but as
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a kid she was spoken for was bill do my best. to serve notice you really want to try to put this to the list and ok good let me show you how i'm going there are you got to have been there not a little bit on but this one. is going to. be with you today. and i'm going to. you're going this is so won't you as my mom my mom you know. you are going to be.


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